Taijaun Reshard’s Instagram Hacks University Review – Do Instagram Shoutout Pages work?

March 1, 2023

Instagram Hacks University is an online training by Taijaun Reshard that teaches you how to grow your business by paying Instagram shoutout pages a couple hundred dollars to promote your ad selling your digital products or services. An Instagram shoutout page is a page that has built up a large following by promoting other people's post on their stories and who continue to grow their influence. This promotion strategy will you boost your sales if what you are selling is of any value.

This Instagram Hacks University review will pull back the curtain on if hacking Instagram to generate more sales for your business will pay you a long-term passive income online. I'll also dive into how hacking Instagram compares to the local lead generation business model where you leverage Google to get local small business owners to pay you a recurring income each month.


Taijaun makes over 6-figures per month with his own promotional pages.

Though he manages his own promotional pages, and teaches thousands of students how to make money on Instagram, he is still in the game doing the work. 

They give you access to their exclusive mastermind chat on Slack. 

You get a list of the best Instagram pages to help you grow your business. 


Many shoutout pages take your money and don't provide you with any results in the form of likes and followers. 

You have no control over how many followers you get. Your brand success is in the hands of someone else. 


Instagram Hacks University costs $1,497.

Refund Policy

30-day, money-back guarantee and lifetime access


30 day bootcamp with over 5 hours of video training and you're provided with templates, documents and scripts you can implement immediately.


Instagram Hacks University has a private Facebook group for support. 


Taijaun turned his focus to Instagram while he was in high school. 


Taijaun has a good online reputation and his clients sing his praises for how good they think his training is.

Do Instagram Shoutout pages work?

Instagram Shoutout pages work because many were created with the goal of making money by promoting other people's posts on their Instagram story to their audience. Leveraging these types of pages is a genius way to promote your digital product, service, or course. You can even buy an influence page for a few thousand dollars and leverage it yourself. Eventually, people will start catching on to the trend and the market will get saturated, but for now, it's not as saturated as other online business models like Amazon FBA, dropshipping or affiliate marketing. It's even cheaper because your outreach is all organic.

Who is Taijaun Reshard?

Taijaun Reshard is a 21-year-old Instagram marketing coach and web design expert from Atlanta who was born in New York. Since the age of 10, his single mother raised him, his twin sister and his brother. At 15 years old, he worked at Kroger and had little money. He tried starting a clothing line, but that also failed. What he learned through this experience was how to create websites. Then he experimented with e-commerce stores, but those still weren't profitable. Taijaun loved playing basketball too, but they cut him from the local team. At 17, he realized he had more of a passion for web design than e-commerce and eventually made over $50K in revenue. 

Taijaun then came across paying Instagram pages to promote products and services. In time, he created his own promotional pages and, after building his brand, he was making 5 figures in pure profit per month to promote other people's brands. 

Today he teaches his Instagram growth secrets in the Instagram Hacks University where over 3,000 people have taken his course. On his Instagram channel, he has over 135K followers and often promotes his course.  

His Taijaun YouTube Channel only has over 1.64K subscribers, but he's posted nothing since his interview on the Million Dollars Worth of Game Podcast.

In that interview, Wallo and Gillie "The Kid" asked Taijaun where he came from and how he makes his money on Instagram. 

Taijaun Reshard Net Worth

Taijaun Reshard has an estimated net worth of between $500,000 and $4 million, taking into consideration how much money he makes with his own Instagram shoutout pages and the 3,000 students who paid him to coach them on his Instagram strategies. 

What's inside Instagram Hacks University?

Introduction to the 30 Day Bootcamp

In this section, Taijaun gives you an introduction to this course and uncovers what you can expect to learn. 

Week 1) Creating Your Irresistible Product/Service

In the first week of the course, Taijaun teaches you how to find and vet the product or services you're going to promote. You'll also learn how to create your pre-order offer. 

Week 2) Setting Up Your Instagram to Get Sales

Week 2 is all about how to:

  • Structure your social media account 
  • Setting up automatic workflows in your business account
  • How to post content that will generate a lot of engagement
  • How to create captions that create money

Week 3) Planning and Setting up Your Instagram Ads

In week 3, Taijaun uncovers how to find big Instagram theme pages and how to determine when a page is good. You'll also be shown how to create posts that have a high probability of going viral, and how to get your first sale from a follower without even having your product made yet.

The Shade Room is an example of a shoutout page Taijaun uses to promote his digital products.

Week 4) Scaling Your Ads to Generate More Sales

Taijaun shows you how to scale your ads to generate more sales in week 4. 


The bonuses you get along with your purchase of this course are:

  • Instagram Reels Trends Database
  • Best Instagram Theme Page List
  • Profit and Loss Tracker
  • Road to $10K Strategy Session

Is Instagram Hacks University legit?

Instagram Hacks University is legit because the strategy Taijaun teaches to grow your brand and following on Instagram has made him his thousands of students over $500,000 in revenue. His Instagram hack works to this day, and still few people are aware of this strategy for growing their Instagram account. The exclusive mastermind chat is a great resource because you have access to other entrepreneurs who are having massive success on Instagram and who share the newest insights on how to succeed. 

The templates, documents and scripts Taijaun provides you with will help you get a feel for how to reach out to shoutout pages hoping to do business.

How much do Instagram accounts charge for shoutouts?

Instagram account charge anywhere between $20 and $1,000 per shoutout or more depending on the influence and size of the shoutout page. 

Instagram Hacks University Reviews

This student found success fast with Taijaun's Instagram Hack strategy. He was having a hard time trying to monetize his Instagram account before joining. After joining Tai's 30 day bootcamp and implementing his strategy, he made over $2,000 in just one night off of one Instagram post. He thanks Taijaun for teaching his strategy and making him profitable on Instagram.

Malcolm also made money after going through Taijaun's course. In under a year, he reached $20K in total revenue. Before joining this program, he says never made $1,000 in one day. He said the methods he learned in the Instagram Hacks University course work and, when applied consistently, are highly profitable.

Are paid shoutouts worth it on Instagram in 2024?

Paid shoutouts are worth it on Instagram in 2024 because Shoutout pages have a large following of people who are aware of what is posted and who engage with the page. If you have a digital product or service to promote, you may turn some of those Instagram followers into customers. 

The danger with shoutout pages is that not all of them are trustworthy. Not all of them are going to follow through with growing the number of followers you have by promoting you on their Instagram stories, Instagram feed or posts. You may lose money and not get a refund. Amid all the legitimate shoutout pages, scam pages looking to take your money, exist and they have many fake followers. You must vet these accounts so you avoid dealing with a fake account. 

Hacking Instagram shoutout pages can make you money in the short term as it has for Taijaun, because the Instagram algorithm can't adjust for this and try to avoid you from making money. But hacking IG influence pages doesn't have the long-term benefits local lead generation has in terms of control, security, and profitability. 

Local lead generation is more profitable long-term than promoting on Instagram pages

Local lead generation allows you to build your own digital properties that offer a phone driven service, rank them on Google, and send the leads to local businesses who are looking for more work every month. You have all the control to decide how you're going to run your business. 

By optimizing your website to rank on Google and stick to the top of the search engines, you ensure your customer will continue paying you every month for the consistent, exclusive leads your lead generation site sends them. 

This tree care site I built over 7 years ago is still paying me $2,000 every month and I haven't had to pay for ads or pay to promote it on a social media platform. 

Local lead generation

This business model lets you make money for years on end with the same digital property. After you're ranked your sites, you don't have to continue changing too many things up or promoting the same site. With your site sitting at the top of the search engines in your market, the site promotes itself to people who are already looking for the service you're offering. 

You can just build more sites, rank and rent them, charge what you reasonably can and get paid on autopilot, leaving you with more time to focus on growing your business.

There are over 7400 students from around the world that are building out their digital properties to rent them out and earn a passive income.

To learn how to create your own sites that promote themselves and pay you long-term, check out the local lead generation training program.

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