Taijaun Reshard’s Instagram Hacks University Review – Do Instagram Shoutout Pages work?

July 18, 2024

Instagram Hacks University by Taijaun Reshard is an online training leveraging Instagram shoutout pages to grow your business. Shoutout pages build a large following and promote other people’s products and services. Taijaun teaches his students how to find and vet these pages to start and grow their businesses. 

Instagram Hacks University has mixed reviews online. They have a high 4.9 rating on Trustpilot but are rated F in BBB. Students said the strategies Taijaun are teaching are effective and actionable. Others mentioned how they can’t access the site and there is a lack of customer support. Instagram is the 3rd most used social media app, according to Statista. However, Statista also reported 5 out of 10 Instagram influencers commit fraud.

In this Instagram Hacks University review, we’ll go over what you get when you sign up and how it will help your business grow. We’ll also cover who is its creator and if Instagram shoutout pages in 2024 is a good idea. Lastly, we’ll introduce a better business idea that provides long-term benefits and leverages a more stable platform.

Instagram Hacks University: Pros and Cons


Taijaun Reshard makes over 6-figures per month with his own promotional pages.

Taijaun is still actively managing his promotional pages. Thus, he’s updated to any trend and change in the work.

They give you access to their exclusive mastermind chat on Slack.

You get a list of the best Instagram pages to help you grow your business.

One-time payment for a lifetime access.


Many shoutout pages take your money and don't provide you with any results in the form of likes and followers. 

You have no control over how many followers you get. Your brand success is in the hands of someone else. 


Instagram Hacks University costs $1,497.

Refund Policy

Instagram Hacks University doesn’t offer refunds.


Instagram Hacks University is a 30-day bootcamp. It has 5 hours of video training and you're provided with templates, documents and scripts.


Instagram Hacks University has a private Facebook group for support. 


Taijaun turned his focus to Instagram while he was in high school. 


Taijaun has a good online reputation. His clients sing his praises for how good they think his training is.

July 18, 2024

It was good but almost the same information from the free youtube vids


3.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

Do Instagram Shoutout Pages Work?

Instagram shoutout pages work because they’re not ads that customers can block. According to Backlinko, 42% of customers use ad blocking apps. Shoutout pages are legit Instagram accounts that aren’t blocked by these ads. Additionally, Instagram shoutout pages are created specifically to promote to their audience. The audience is aware of this and engages with the posts. It can also be cheaper compared to ads since the outreach is all organic. That said, it’s only profitable for now. People will start catching on this trend in time and saturate the market. 

What's Inside Instagram Hacks University?

Introduction to the 30 Day Bootcamp

In this section, Taijaun gives you an introduction to this course. He also sets up expectations for what you can learn in the bootcamp.

Week 1: Creating Your Irresistible Product/Service

The first week covers finding products and services you’ll promote. You’ll learn how to vet them. Instagram Hacks University's first week also covers how to create your pre-order offer.

Week 2: Setting Up Your Instagram to Get Sales

Week 2 is about structuring your social media and setting up automatic workflows. It also tackles how to create posts for engagement and attention-grabbing captions.

Week 3: Planning and Setting up Your Instagram Ads

In week 3, Taijaun teaches how to find big Instagram theme pages and determine when a page is good. You'll also be shown how to create posts that have a high probability of going viral. And how to get your first sale from a follower without even having your product made yet.

The Shade Room is an example of a shoutout page Taijaun uses to promote his digital products. 

Week 4: Scaling Your Ads to Generate More Sales

Taijaun shows you how to scale your ads to generate more sales in week 4.


The bonuses you get along with your purchase of this course are:

  • 1-hour strategy call with Taijaun and a 90-day custom plan
  • Instagram Reels Trends Database
  • Road to $10K Strategy Session

Students of Instagram Hacks University will get access to 5 hours of content and plug-and-play templates. They will also be part of the exclusive mastermind chat on Slack. The Instagram Hacks University also does monthly Q and A with Taijaun and his coaches.

Instagram Hacks University Reviews

There are mixed reviews on Instagram Hacks University. It has a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot with 1,531 reviews. And rated F in BBB with 4 unresolved complaints.

This student found success fast with Taijaun's Instagram Hack strategy. He was having a hard time trying to monetize his Instagram account before joining. He made over $2,000 in just one night off of one Instagram post using Taijaun's strategy. This student thanks Taijaun for helping him be profitable on Instagram.

Malcolm also made money after going through Taijaun's course. In under a year, he reached $20K in total revenue. Before joining this program, he said he never made $1,000 in one day. According to Malcolm, the methods in the Instagram Hacks University course work. And when applied consistently, they are highly profitable.

However, Jennelle Deschwanden from the US said on Trustpilot that the 5-star reviews are contrived. According to her, it is because of a contest to enter the mastermind for free. Supposedly, the best reviewer will win and get in for free. When they realize there is no announcement of winners, they update their reviews to 1-star.

A complaint in BBB said they paid and didn’t get access to the course. They didn’t get help setting up their accounts even though they reached out everywhere. They also pointed out Taijaun LLC’s unfinished website with few clickable links.

Is Instagram Hacks University legit?

Instagram Hacks University is legit because their strategy made Taijaun and his students over $500k in revenue. The Instagram hacks work to this day because it’s not yet saturated. It also has an exclusive mastermind chat which is a great resource. It grants you access to successful Instagram entrepreneurs to network and make partnerships. 

They also provide scripts, templates and how to vet shoutout pages for your business. Instagram accounts charge between $20 to $1,000 for shoutouts. Although the price also depends on the account’s influence and size.

Who is Taijaun Reshard?

Taijaun Reshard is an Instagram marketing coach and web designer. Taijaun is also known as the “Instagram Theme Page Guy.” He’s born in New York and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Taijaun graduated in Business Administration and Management in Georgia State University Perimeter College in 2023. 

Taijaun started working at 15 years old at Kroger. Then, he tried a clothing line business but failed. He also started doing e-commerce, but wasn’t profitable. However, through that Taijaun learned how to create websites. At 17, he realized he preferred doing web designs than e-commerce. And it made him over $50k in revenue. In 2019, Taijaun founded Solutified. It’s a website design and client acquisition company.

Taijaun then came across paying Instagram pages to promote products and services. He created his own promotional pages. After building his brand, he was making 5 figures per month to promote other people's brands. Today he teaches his Instagram growth secrets in the Instagram Hacks University. Over 3,000 people have taken Instagram Hacks University. On his Instagram channel, he has over 135K followers and often promotes his course. 

Taijaun’s YouTube channel only has over 3.9K subscribers. But he's posted nothing since his interview on the Million Dollars Worth of Game Podcast. In the interview, Wallo and Gillie "The Kid" asked Taijaun where he came from and how he makes his money on Instagram.

Taijaun Reshard has an estimated net worth of between $500,000 and $4 million. This takes into consideration his income from his own Instagram shoutout pages. And the 3,000 students who paid him to coach them on his Instagram strategies.

Are Paid Shoutouts Worth it on Instagram in 2024?

Paid shoutouts are worth it on Instagram in 2024 because shoutout pages have a large following. And people are aware of what is posted and engage with the page. If you have a digital product or service to promote, you may turn some of those Instagram followers into customers. 

The danger with shoutout pages is that not all of them are trustworthy. Not all of them are going to follow through and promote you on their Instagram stories or posts. You may lose money and not get a refund. Between legitimate shoutout pages, scam pages exist and they have many fake followers. You must vet these accounts so you avoid dealing with a fake account. 

Hacking Instagram shoutout pages can make you money in the short term as it has for Taijaun. It is because the Instagram algorithm can't adjust to this and try to avoid you from making money. But hacking IG influence pages doesn't have the long-term benefits. Coaches like Taijaun's are always saturating the market for making more competitors.

Is Instagram the Right Social Media Platform to Scale Your Business?

Instagram is the right social media platform to scale your business if your target customers are 16 to 45 years old. According to Statista, 85% of Instagram’s 2 billion active users are younger than 45 years old. Statista’s same study also revealed these users spend 12 hours on the app per month.

Instagram is also mainly used to find brands. According to GWI, 64% of its users follow and research brands on the platform. Instagram also reported customer and business DMs in the app have a 70% conversion rate. It’s a vital social media platform for every business.

However, Social Insider found there’s a 25% decline in Instagram reels engagement. And among all Instagram post types, reels is already its most engaging. Additionally, Instagram’s active users are just half of Facebook’s. Tiktok is also fast approaching behind Instagram with 1.04 billion active users as per Backlinko.

What is a Better Business Idea With Long-Term Benefits?

Local lead generation is a better business idea with long-term benefits than paid shoutouts on Instagram. Paid shoutouts on Instagram does not guarantee a growth in sales and following. There is also the risk of not fake shoutout pages with bot followers. This is not a problem with local lead generation because you’re creating websites. And these websites get organic traffic by ranking on search results.

Compared to Instagram with 2 billion users per month, Google handles 3.5 billion searches per day. And local lead generation leverages Google for traffic. The good thing is you’re not competing globally because you’ll be using local SEO. And when the website starts ranking, you can rent it out to local services. So it’s a more predictable income using a more stable platform in the long run.

Local lead generation is also highly scalable. You’re creating websites for local businesses and there are over 50+ niches to choose from. This business idea has a 90% profit margin. So all the local lead generation sites I own today earns me $52k per month. Local lead generation is the better option for a long-term business venture.

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