International Open Academy Review: Can This $10 Course Make You a Successful Airbnb Host?

July 31, 2023

Internation Open Academy is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses, which includes accredited TEFL certification and TESOL courses. IOA has over 250 courses on various topics across different industries that aim to help students grow in their personal life or develop a skill for career progression. The courses cover different industries, which include beauty and fashion, animal care, special needs, graphic design, home, photography, languages, interior design, and vacation rental hosting. 

Successful Airbnb Hosting is one course offered by International Open Academy. It aims to train and develop aspiring Airbnb entrepreneurs to become Superhosts in their locations. The course can be accessed for as low as $10 with the monthly plan. Successful Airbnb Hosting gives a comprehensive lesson on the Airbnb business, from the fundamentals to the must-dos and tips on becoming a Superhost. With all the teachings compressed in this course, it gives anyone a head start in this business. 

Learning Airbnb hosting with IOA is affordable, but all other aspects of the business are not. Airbnb start-up costs are high because you'll need to pay for renovation works, fees, and permits. If you don't have a big capital but still want to explore opportunities in the rental business, acquire and build digital real estate instead. With local lead generation, you can start with just $500. Compared to Airbnb hosting (which costs $6K on average, up-front), you'll have a higher net profit with local lead gen because overhead costs are lower. 

International Open Academy Pros and Cons

International Open Academy Pros

IOA is accredited by International Council for Online Educational Standards (ICOES). 

This online learning platform offers a convenient way for professionals to up-skill through a wide range of relevant courses and accredited certification programs. 

IOA's Successful Airbnb Hosting is a cheaper alternative to courses that usually costs $499 or more. 

Learning with IOA is self-paced so students can study the modules from anywhere.

IOA offers affordable subscription packages which make it accessible to anyone who wants to learn and up-skill. 

Students get an 80% discount on the membership plans. 

International Open Academy Cons

Some courses teach generic content. Some students say you'll get better information from blog sites and YouTube. 

This is a self-instructive course, so you will not get mentorship or coaching. 

Low-quality course content, some text-based materials have a few grammatical errors.

IOA representatives are hard to contact if you have concerns and inquiries. 

They'll spam you with upsells after sign-up. 


Membership plan with International Open Academy costs $9.99 for monthly access. Annual and lifetime membership plans are also available. 

Refund Policy

14-Day Full Refund 


Internation Open Academy is based in Ireland.


IOA has over 1.5 million members to date, and 7,641 students of the Successful Airbnb Hosting course. 

ICOES Accredited, and CPD Certified. A verified company in Trustpilot with a 4.2-star rating (1,062 total reviews). 

Can This $10 Course Make You a Successful Airbnb Host?

Yes, this $10 course can help you become a successful Airbnb host. It's comprehensive and covers all essential aspects that every new host needs to know. The course starts with the fundamentals of Airbnb, which will help property owners assess if this type of business is right for them. Successful Airbnb Hosting course also discusses crucial aspects of rental property hosting, such as matters on pricing, policies, profiles, schedules, fees, customer support, and ranking/visibility on Airbnb. 

What’s in the Successful Airbnb Hosting Course?

Successful Airbnb Hosting is a 6-module course that covers the introduction, characteristics of an excellent listing, property preparation, pricing, policies, maintaining quality guest stay, and the Airbnb Experience. This course teaches aspiring Airbnb hosts how to increase their visibility by offering valuable vacation home rental services that will help them rank as Superhost. The program aims to develop ideal Airbnb hosts who operate with optimal professionalism, whether they're new to Airbnb hosting or experienced hosts refreshing themselves with the fundamentals. 

Module 1: Introduction

Module 1 covers the basics of Airbnb hosting, starting with the Airbnb story. Topics discussed in this module are: choosing your listing type, safety and insurance, and permission and local regulations. It also answers common beginner questions like "Is this right for you?" and "Is your rental suitable?". 


Module 2: A Great Listing 

The course’s second module goes deeper into the specifics of a great Airbnb listing. In this module, students will learn strategies to identify target guests, what to include in the listing’s profiles and pictures, describing the property, maximizing discoverability, tourism, and local information, outranking competitors, advertising matters, and specifics of short and long-term bookings.


Module 3: Preparing Your Rental

Module 3 discusses the basics of a good rental property and what should be in it. In this module, students will learn about the musts of the living areas, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and extra touches that make the space feel special. Students of the course will also learn about access and entry matters, and tips on protecting items in the rental property.

Module 4: Pricing And Policy

The fourth chapter is all about the fundamentals of pricing and policy. Module four covers: pricing your rental, discounts and negotiations, and house rules. It also covers financial and tax considerations, income, and expenses for accounting. Airbnb policies on cancellations, last-minute bookings, and substitutions, flexible pricing policy, and additional Fees are also included in the module. 

Module 5: Your Guests’ Stay

Module five is all about the guest’s stay. This chapter includes accepting bookings, welcoming guests, chat support, housekeeping, cultural issues, managing guests’ problems, and getting positive Airbnb rating.

Module 6: Airbnb Experiences

The last module is all about Airbnb Experiences. It’s another way to make money on Airbnb if you don’t have a property to host. In this module, students will learn what the Airbnb experience is about, how to make the most of the city you live in, what offers you can give guests, and how to create a unique and extraordinary experience for tourists. 

Who is the Course Creator of Successful Airbnb Hosting? 

Talia Chakraborty is the course creator of Successful Airbnb Hosting. What started as a hobby, vacationing in short-term rentals in her travels, inspired her to explore the Airbnb business. She is now a Superhost renting Airbnb spaces in the United States for over 18 months. Talia shares valuable insights in the Successful Airbnb Hosting course based on practical knowledge she acquired building her Airbnb business from scratch. She brings an authentic perspective to the course as an avid traveler herself. 

What Does the International Open Academy Provide to Learners?

The International Open Academy provides an online learning platform where anyone can learn a new skill, enhance existing skills, or learning a new hobby at their own pace. International Open Academy is ideal for students and professionals who want to increase their knowledge in specific areas, whether it’s for career advancement or personal growth. Getting a membership plan with IAO gives you access to a growing library of course material (currently at 250+) that you can revisit if you need to get a refresher. 

Is International Open Academy Good?

Yes, International Open Academy has a good online reputation with a 4.2-star rating and is a verified company on Trustpilot. IOA courses are legit and students have many good things to say about the company. Its programs also received various recommendations online. 

IOA offers courses on basic skills like baby care, housekeeping, cooking, home styling, and simple accounting. IOA courses also include lessons that develop special skills like bartending, dog training, foreign language, tailoring, metal detecting, British sign language, linguistics, and more. Soft skills short courses such as basic coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), online English teaching, Facebook marketing, and how to use Instagram for business are also offered in IAO. 

International Open Academy 5-Star reviews on Trustpilot 

International Open Academy 5-Star reviews on Reddit

Some courses in IOA earn CE (Continuing Education) or CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits. These CE/CPD points are recognized across the United States and internationally. The certificates of the courses will only be given after full module completion and compliance with all the online exams. Certificates are issued to those who make more than the 55% passing rate. 

International Open Academy  1-Star and 2-Star reviews on Trustpilot

Some blogs call IOA’s online TEFL course a rip-off, saying “you will learn nothing” and “with no real value”. 

International Open Academy Negative Reviews on Reddit 

To be fair, this Reddit commenter was called out by 6 others saying that they successfully claimed their certificates and it was accepted by their employers. 

Is International Open Academy Recognized?

Yes, International Open Academy is recognized. The online academy is ICOES-accredited and CPD certified. ICOES (the accrediting body) is a Dutch foundation that reviews and accredits online learning platforms. Their goal is to improve online education standards by setting apart excellent online programs from poor-quality ones. Upon checking on the ICOES website (, International Open Academy is still accredited by the organization as of writing.

Who Makes the Courses in International Open Academy?

In-house industry experts develop the course material in International Open Academy. The course instructors at IOA include big names such as Rich Ferguson from the Ellen DeGeneres Show, author and public speaker Gittemary Johansen, and celebrity barista Mikel Jasin. IOA continually develops its course offerings by hiring industry professionals to create the courses. To ensure the credibility of the course material, only experts with at least 10 years of experience in their field are commissioned for the classes.

How Does International Open Academy's Pricing Compare to Other Online Learning Sites?

International Open Academy’s prices are significantly lower than most online learning sites. For example, an Airbnb hosting course that costs at least $500 on other Airbnb coaching sites can be accessed with a one-month membership of €$9.99. However, depending on the course length and the student's learning pace, you may need to extend your subscription. Aside from IAO, MFRE Impact by 7-figure Airbnb host Justin Fontenelle also teaches how to make money online with Airbnb hosting. 

What Are the Membership Plans at the International Open Academy?

The membership plans at International Open Academy are $9.99 for monthly access, $75 for annual access (get 30% off the first subscription), and $175 for lifetime access (get 40% off on the first subscription). The lifetime membership plan requires a one-time payment and expires 10 years after the initial payment. Qualified students get an 80% discount on the membership plans. Membership plans give you unlimited access to a wide range of course content from different categories and industries. IOA subscriptions automatically renew unless it is canceled before the plan expires. 

Articles Related to Successful Airbnb Hosting

  • Airbnb Accelerator Program: An Airbnb arbitrage course by Humza Zafar that promises a 7-figure passive income without owning a real estate property. This course features a step-by-step guide on how to start, scale, and automate an Airbnb arbitrage system. 
  • BNB Standard Academy: This course by motivation speaker and coach Charbel Milan teaches a method of making passive income through the rental arbitrage business model. It's a beginner-friendly course that also offers free webinars.
  • BNB University: This course by real estate investor, Chi Ta teaches the rental arbitrage business model through a three-tier program. In this course, he will teach of method on how to rank higher on Airbnb.
  • Hosting Business Master Method: This membership program is for short-term rental Airbnb hosts. It offers community, coaching, courses, and resources to help hosts and stagers bring their business to the next level without compromising service quality.

Is Airbnb Hosting The Best Passive Business in 2023?

Even with 150+ million users, 4+ million active hosts, and presence in 191 countries, Airbnb hosting is still not the best passive business. To list your property, you'll need about $6K to cover the cost of appliances, furniture, renovation, supplies, and utility subscriptions. Unless you hire a property manager (at an additional cost) you'll manage the property yourself, which will consume time and effort. Operating expenses of an Airbnb listing are high, this include rental fees, Airbnb flat rates, and utility payments. After all the effort you put into the business, you'll only be left with a fraction, net of expenses.

Local lead generation is the best online business to start in 2023. You do not have to put up as much initial investment to start, and the operating expenses are low. But, to succeed in this business model, you need proper local lead gen training from experts. Once you understand how the business model works, you can start generating leads for small businesses and sell them at 85% to 90% profit margin. 

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