Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva Review: Breakdowns of All 9 Courses (Worthwhile Training?)

March 19, 2024

Invest Diva is an e-learning provider founded by Kiana Danial. The platform's courses teach people how to invest and build diversified portfolios, including ETFs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex. Invest Diva's programs improve financial literacy and share investment strategies aligned with students' risk tolerance. It also teaches students about picking the right assets (stocks, NFTs, cryptocurrencies) and growing them.

"64% of 18-29-year-old US women either invest already or plan to invest within the year." - Women and Finance: The 2022 Rich Thinking Quantitative Survey Findings. As more women are now active in investing, Invest Diva aims to help 1 million moms take control of their financial future by 2025. According to the company's LinkedIn profile, they want to "bring fun and femininity back to finance." But, Invest Diva is not limited to women entrepreneurs and investors. They have several male students as well. 

In this Invest Diva review, I will discuss Invest Diva products, the pros and cons, and the most recent student reviews. I also made a price list based on the different Invest Diva landing pages and their refund policy. You will learn more about Invest Diva CEO Kiana Danial and her notable works. Lastly, discover the top risks investors face before jumping into any investment.

Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva Review: Pros and Cons


Hands-on coaches and a supportive community. Most student reviews rave about how great the Invest Diva coaches are. They said coaches interact regularly with students to ensure they are on track.

Easy to understand concepts. Many students also commended the courses as easy to understand. They learn the concepts of technical analysis, trading strategies, and risk management even without being Math whiz. 

Empowering. Invest Diva students say they improved their confidence in trading with the help of the courses. 

Entertaining and enjoyable. Kiana Danial presents the course in a fun and engaging way. 

Risk disclaimer section. The Invest Diva website has a section clarifying that any information on their site is not investment advice, reminding users to be aware of the risks when making investments.  


Expensive courses. The prices for the Invest Diva training are costly. Some students say you can get free information from the courses online.

Too basic. Some students found the courses too basic and lacking in depth. 

Problematic Invest Diva refund policy. The Invest Diva refund policy is action-based and requires students to present proof that the modules did not work for them. Some students reported having problems with getting their refunds.

No cash refund. Based on their Terms of Use, the Invest Diva refund policy does not provide cash refunds. In addition, refunds are not given unless otherwise specified for their products. All sales for services excluding the Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse on, are final. To cancel subscriptions and payment plans, students must cancel before their next payment is due.

It requires practice and hard work. Understanding the charts and analyzing the market requires constant practice. Investing involves risk and requires hard work. Watching the free masterclass does not guarantee that you will become an instant millionaire.


Invest Diva products prices vary from $297 to $350,000.

Refund Policy

Invest Diva refund policy offers a 5-day and 7-day money-back guarantee for the two programs. However, Invest Diva’s refund policy provides that cash refunds are unavailable, and refunds are not given unless specified in writing for most of their courses.


January 1, 2012


Invest Diva-Kiana Danial's Facebook account has 14,000 followers. Meanwhile, Invest Diva CEO Kiana Danial has 200,000 followers on Instagram, 24,869 followers, over 500 connections on LinkedIn, and 9,354 followers on Twitter.

What Products Does Invest Diva Offer?

1. Free Diva Masterclass

The free Invest Diva Masterclass claims that students will learn the secrets to taking control of their money with “no-sweat,” “no-Math,” and “no-time” investing. 

2. 5-Day Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge

The Invest Diva Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge is Kiana Danial’s premier content that teaches students how to build a wealth ecosystem. It is a 5-day structured course where Kiana Danila shares the “exact framework” she used to achieve her $5,987,242.08 portfolio. Here’s what you will get from the Invest Diva Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge:


On the first day, students will learn how to choose the right path for their “Diva Wealth Ecosystem.” Invest Diva will teach about wealth's fundamental principles and lies and how to compound your wealth.


In this lecture, you will learn how to choose assets. You will learn how to classify and qualify your assets and how to protect your assets from recession.


The next day will tackle creating a passive cash flow. Invest Diva will discuss the laws related to income, “lies” about income, and ways to increase revenue.


The fourth day of the challenge will provide you with a guide on how to speed up building your portfolio and serve the people you care about. Invest Diva coaches will teach about the concept and principles of influence and how to magnify it.


On the last day, you will learn how to build a wealth ecosystem to help you achieve financial security and build generational wealth. 

How Does the 5-Day Invest Diva Build More Wealth Challenge Work?

  • Watch the 5-day Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge pre-recorded workshop ‌of the day. 

  • Ensure you watch the Invest Diva video within the day because each video expires in 24 hours.

  • Complete the tasks within the deadline. 

  • Ask any questions on the Facebook group if you need to clarify anything.

Can You Get a Refund From Invest Diva Build More Wealth Challenge?

Yes. Invest Diva Build More Wealth Challenge offers a money-back guarantee within five days of purchase if you are unsatisfied with the challenge. 

3. INVEST DIVA’s Crypto Mastery™

The INVEST DIVA’s Crypto Mastery™ is a step-by-step guide to cryptocurrency investing. Here’s what you can get from Invest Diva’s Crypto Mastery™:

Crypto Mastery

You will understand what crypto is and how it works.

Crypto Risk Management Toolkit

This will teach you where to buy crypto and how to keep it safe. 

Crypto Exchange Training

This module teaches how to use secure cryptocurrency exchanges. You will also learn how to buy fractional crypto and set buy limit orders to help you manage your time better.

Crypto Wallet Training

Here, you will learn how to use secure cryptocurrency wallets

Crypto Identifier

Can You Get a Refund From Invest Diva’s Crypto Mastery™?

Yes. Invest Diva offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the Invest Diva Crypto Mastery + Risk Management Toolkit.

4. Premium Investing Group + High-Level Coaching

The Invest Diva Premium Investing Group has a private Facebook Group with 1,675 members. This program includes:

  • Access to Invest Diva’s team of coaches, who will help answer your questions and reach your goals
  • Real-time investment strategy sessions multiple times a week (in different time zones)
  • Invest Diva premium newsletter delivered to your house (or office) monthly
  • Access to Invest Diva Premium Community
  • Premium Investing Group strategies
  • Access to research platform

  • Kiana’s monthly must-have assets list
  • Topic-based live strategy sessions

Does the Invest Diva Pig + High-Level Coaching Have a Refund Policy?

No, Invest Diva PIG does not provide a refund policy, but they have a process for canceling Invest Diva PIG membership.

5. Zen Wealth Generator (Diamond with Kiana Danial)

This Zen Wealth Generator Diamond with Kiana Danial is the most expensive program of Invest Diva, and it costs $350,000 with a non-refundable $2,000 deposit. The Diamond with Kiana Danial includes:

  • Exclusive 2 VIP days with Kiana and her team on a private jet
  • One-year membership in Kiana Danial’s Million Dollar Family Accelerator
  • Personalized coaching from Kiana Danial’s marketing team
  • One-year direct access to Kiana Danial and her team

  • Exposure and interview with Kiana Danial on her social media channels
  • Visit Kiana Danial’s La Diva Palace (her home)

6. Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse 

This is an 8-week step-by-step course that will help you with financial literacy and understanding investing. Here’s what you can get from the Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse:

  • 28 modules with tons of videos, cheat sheets, templates, and more
  • Access to Premium Investing Group for 3 months
  • Access to Premium Coaching Community for 3 months
  • Volatility proofing hacks
  • Access to Kiana Danial’s step-by-step guide to Ichimoku, Fibonacci, and the IDDA investment system
  • Ultimate Investor’s Toolkit, including Kiana Danial’s Profitability Calculator, Risk Assessment Calculator, Investment indicators, Technical Analysis secrets, and Kiana Danial's top investing sites and resources
  • Tax reduction strategies
  • Kiana Danial’s Black Book of Investments
  • Mastermind with Rick Bensignor
  • 1-hour one-on-one session with Kiana Danial

Does Make Your Money Work for You Powercourse Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, they have a 30-day refund period for those viewing less than 35% of the course material. But you must submit proof that you did the coursework and did not work for you. Those who would choose to pay monthly must also submit a refund request.

7. EntreDiva™ Academy

EntreDiva Academy is a training program on business building that students can access for one year. It comes with a one-year free Premium Entrepreneurs Group (PEG) to work with coaches who can guide you in overcoming challenges. Here are the other features of EntreDiva Academy:

  • LIVE in-person event: Cash Flow Millionaire - This is an event with Kiana Danial and their Million Dollar Family Accelerators where you can learn more insights.
  • $1M/ Month Automated Income Secrets -  Kiana Danial’s step-by-step guide to automating your online business claims that it is the same guideline they use to make up to $1 million monthly.
  • Sell High Ticket Automation Through Live Events - Invest Diva will allow you to take two pages from their 5-Day Challenge module to sell high-ticket items to customers.
  • The Ultimate Affiliate Marketer’s Toolkit - You can become affiliates of other businesses that could give you another income stream.
  •  High Net Worth Tax Loopholes - These are strategies from Kiana Danial’s accountant to reduce tax payments.
  •  Private session with an EntreDiva coach.

8. Kiana’s $1M/Month Automated System Program

This step-by-step online training course will teach you how to create and launch a fully automated webinar to sell your products or services effectively. The $1M/Month Auto Webinar Secrets also promises to transform your auto webinar system. 

9. Invest Diva Diamond Analysis (IDDA) Through the Forex Coffee Break Course

This 30-day course requires only 15 minutes a day to watch a video. The course includes 100 videos in total and covers the following topics:

  • Beginner Guide to Wealth Management
  • What makes the markets move
  • Market sentiment and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to design your trading strategies
  • Beginner's Guide to Ichimoku Kynko Hyo
  • Fibonacci and how to use it in technical analysis
  • Market indicators, including MAs, RSI, MACD, and Bollinger Bands
  • How to use market sentiment indicators

Invest Diva Price List: How Much Does Invest Diva Cost?

Invest Diva costs $297 to $350,000. Here is a price list of Invest Diva products:


Invest Diva Masterclass

5-Day Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge

INVEST DIVA’s Crypto Mastery™

Premium Investing Group + High-Level Coaching

Diamond with Kiana Danial

Make Your Money Work for You PowerCourse

EntreDiva™ Academy

Kiana’s $1M/Month Automated System Program

Forex Coffee Break Course





$397 monthly



$18,000 or 3 payments of $7,000

No price posted


What Does Invest Diva Teach?

Invest Diva teaches students investment strategies fit for their risk tolerance and for business owners to better engage with their target market. They use relatable analogies to break down concepts such as technical analysis, stock trading, cryptocurrencies, and trading currencies, among others, into easier topics, making it easy for students to understand.

Is Invest Diva Updated?

Yes. Invest Diva home page is updated because you can see 2023 student reviews. However, there are landing pages that are not updated. In particular, their Terms of Use landing page includes refund policies for product names not found on the Shop page. These products are Kiana’s $1M/Month Automated System Program, the EntreDiva™ Academy, and  Forex Coffee Break Course. The landing page for the Make Your Money Work For You PowerCourse also shows that it comprises 28 modules. However, comparing it with the Terms of Use page, they say it has 24 modules. So, these discrepancies are confusing for students.

Who Is Invest Diva Course For?

Invest Diva is for those who want to take control of their finances and improve their financial situation. The Invest Diva products mainly target women, especially mothers. However, Invest Diva also has male ‌students. Invest Diva also offers products for new investors and entrepreneurs interested in investing. Invest Diva CEO Kiana Danial works with business owners, social media or digital marketing owners, and high-level business coaches.

Does Invest Diva Target Stay-At-Home Moms (SAHM)?

Yes. Stay-at-home moms are a target market of Invest Diva. In 2021, Invest Diva published an article titled “Suze Orman’s Ultimate Retirement Guide for Stay-At-Home Moms” on Invest Diva’s website. Susan Lynn “Suze” Orman is a personal finance expert who founded the Suze Orman Financial Group. They also have a blog article, titled “Investing For Women: Why is it Crucially Important,” where Kiana Danial talked with Nancy Tengler, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Laffer Tengler Investments. In these articles, Kiana Danial shares why women need to boost financial literacy,  become their own personal investment experts, build their investment portfolios, and secure their financial future. Kiana Danial has lost money in trading and she has learned that trusting her money to a manager is not the way to go. This is also what she teaches her students in the Invest Diva movement.

Are Students of Invest Diva Actually Making Money? (Plus 3 Things Students Love About Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva)

Yes, Invest Diva students say that they made money based on the posted reviews online. Many students online share positive reviews about the products of Invest Diva. Here are the top three things students loved about Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva power course: 

  • Great value
  • Informative
  • Easy-to-understand

Nick Gioia, a personal injury lawyer from Miami, Florida, shared that after attending the 5-day Invest Diva seminar, he believes he got 10x the value he paid for. “It was worth $3,000. It was probably worth more than that,” Nick said. 

Rowel Ramos made $90,000 in one day in his first month of Invest Diva Million Dollar Accelerator. Rowel said “mimicking everything Kiana does” helped him learn much and profit from investing.

Monica Maya, a stay-at-home mom, said she took the 5-Day Build More Wealth: On-Demand Challenge. She bought the course on March 17 and earned her first dollar around April 20 (year not specified), earning $100. At first, she thought stocks were “all math,” but Kiana made the concept easy to understand.   

Here are more Invest Diva reviews from Kiana Danial’s students:

What is Invest Diva Reviews Reddit?

Invest Diva Reddit reviews show negative and positive reviews about the course. Some commenters say the course is "scammy," while others say they are not scammy. However, it's still not worth your money, they say. The Reddit thread was started by TrustMeImAnEngeneeer two years ago and had 57 comments. While the thread has been archived, you may still check the reviews on the course. 

Top Invest Diva Negative Reviews on Reddit

  • Expensive and scammy
  • Not a scam, but not worth your money
  • Too many gimmicks
  • Too many ads
  • Not updated

The user said Kiana Danial’s Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies book was “quite good and interesting.” However, they found it having too much advertising and described it as something that “scratches the edge of scam.” Here’s a screenshot of the Invest Diva review thread on Reddit:

Another user agreed and added that selling a course that people can Google and research is “on the scammy side.” 

A user named Intrepid_Board617 ended up canceling a credit card and said they realized that you can learn the courses for free if you are “willing to dig for it.”

On the other hand, a user named rose_pedal, who purchased the course, found that the course was “not updated” and “100% not worth it.”

Another commenter who bought the Invest Diva $2,000-course for only $50 said the course was “way too basic.” The commenter added that they ended up buying another course from Canadian trader Andrew Aziz.

Still, another commenter, Brilliant-Affect9778, said the course is not a scam. However, it is not worth buying. According to this user, they paid $2K for “a very basic course with no depth.” the user added that the videos in 2022 were from Kiana Danial’s “past videos 5 years ago.”

What Is the Invest Diva Review on Trustpilot?

Invest Diva is a verified company on Trustpilot with 322 reviews. Most reviews are positive, with 5-star ratings comprising 79% of the total Invest Diva reviews. Many students say that the Invest Diva power course improved their confidence in trading and that Kiana Danial’s team is very supportive. 

Top Invest Diva Negative Reviews on Trustpilot

  • The course can be condensed
  • Overpriced
  • Content needs to be updated
  • Refund policy problems

There are several 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star ratings, too. According to some students, the course needed to be condensed. Ruth Sanchez posted an Invest Diva review on March 31, 2023. She gave the Invest Diva course 3 stars after completing Module 1 and discouraged others not to invest with the platform. Another commenter said he would prefer to get more updated videos, and another comment said the course was overpriced.

Lastly, there were complaints about the Invest Diva refund policy. Some say that it was “misleading,” while another one describes it as "predatory."  

Who Is the CEO of Invest Diva?

Kiana Danial: Education, Experience, Works

Kiana Danial, an award-winning personal investing and wealth management expert, is the CEO of Invest Diva. She was born in Tehran, Iran, to a Jewish family. Before putting up the Invest Diva company, 39-year-old Kiana Danial was a former electrical engineer. 

She attended The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan, from 2007 to 2009 to get her MS in Electrical Engineering. Before that, Kiana Danial got a full scholarship in 2003, which led her to take up and finish a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Quantum Physics at the Gunma National College of Technology, Maebashi, Japan, where she attended from 2003 to 2007. Kiana Danial is also a certified financial planner from the NYU School of Professional Studies, which she attended from 2015 to 2016. Besides managing Invest Diva, Kiana Danial also serves as an adjunct professor of finance at Baruch College in New York.

What Is Kiana Danial Invest Diva’s Net Worth?

Invest Diva's net worth is over $2 million, according to an article by Dan Clarendon for Market Realist in 2021. Meanwhile, ‌reported that Kiana Danial’s net worth is roughly $2.5 million. Kiana Danial receives around $250,000 from her most prominent clients.

Kiana Danial: Founder of Invest Diva Movement 

Kiana Danial, a woman entrepreneur, is also recognized as the founder of the Invest Diva Movement, a community that helps women build generational wealth by giving them financial advice related to investments. According to the team's recent press release published in Digital Journal, the Investment Diva followers are spread across 132 countries, including Afghanistan, Aruba, Bahrain, Côte d'Ivoire, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, the Maldives, and Mongolia. Kiana Danial said their members include single mothers who are now "managing robust portfolios and building generational wealth."

Books by Kiana Danial

Kiana Danial authored and co-authored several books, including: 

  • Investing in Cryptocurrency For Dummies (Published on July 25, 2023) 
  • Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies (For Dummies - Business & Personal Finance) (Published on March 28, 2023)
  • Cryptocurrency All-in-One For Dummies (Co-authored with Tiana Laurence, Peter Kent, Tyler Bain, and Michael G. Solomon. Published on December 30, 2021)
  • Million Dollar Family Secrets: How I Created Generational Wealth Making My Money Work for Me (Published January 1, 2021)
  • Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies (Audiobook released on July 28, 2020)
  • Million Dollar Moms: Mom Entrepreneurs Share Secrets of Building Businesses & Raising Highly Successful Kids (Audiobook co-authored with  Chimene Van Gundy, Holly Homer, Bella Marsh, Alison J. Prince, Makayla Prince, Oxana Ungureanu, Nicole Ungureanu, Leanne Woehlke, Kathryn Woehlke. Released on December 18, 2020)
  • Ichimoku Secrets: A 100 Page FAST & EASY Guide on How to Apply Ichimoku Kynko Hyo to Develop Winning Trading Strategies Based on Your Risk Tolerance (Published on December 13, 2016)
  • Back to Basics: Cryptocurrency Investing (Published on January 14, 2019)
  • Invest Diva’s Guide to Making Money in Forex: How to Profit in the World’s Largest Market: How to Profit in the World's Largest Market (Published on July 5, 2013)

Kiana Danial and Invest Diva Awards

  • Kiana Danial won the Two Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels in 2021. This award is given to online entrepreneurs who have earned $1 million using ClickFunnels
  • 2018 Personal Investment Expert of the Year at the Investor Fund Awards
  • New York Women of Influence Honoree from The Business Journals in November 2015
  • Best Financial Education Content Producer from Shanghai Forex Expo in November 2014
  • Pro Bono Legal Services Recognition Award from the Iranian American Bar Association (IABA) in April 2013
  • Best Commentator on Japanese TV Show, GenerationY in 2010

Is Kiana Danial Invest Diva Active Online?

Yes. Kiana Danial of Invest Diva is active online. Her recent posts on her YouTube channel were about MetaStock Analysis and the Top AI Stocks. Kiana Danial is also active on Instagram and posted updates almost every day last week. The Invest Diva team recently announced about the expansion of their followers that are now from 132 countries.

Invest Diva Review: Is Kiana Danial a Scammer?

No, Kiana Danial is not a scammer. Kiana Danial is a popular personal investing and wealth management expert, author, and business coach. She delivers inspirational talks and workshops to various groups, corporations, and universities. She is also an adjunct finance professor at Baruch College in New York. While there are negative reviews about Kiana Danial on the internet, there are also positive reviews about her on LinkedIn, Trustpilot, and YouTube, among others. 

Kiana Danial’s Invest Diva website also provides disclaimers, reminding students of the risk of investing. They also have a Terms of Use page where they post a risk disclaimer section outlining investments that are high risks.

On May 20, 2021, Kiana Danial was featured on InspiringIranian’s Instagram account. The page, which closed its account in March this year, highlighted the accomplishments of Iranian Americans.

Top Risks Faced By Investors

There is a risk in every investment. According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), risk is “that degree of uncertainty and/or potential financial loss inherent in an investment decision.”

Whether you invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds, mutual funds, etc., there is the risk that the value you put in might decrease or be lost entirely. Joseph Nguyen, a research analyst, wrote an article in Investopedia about the 3 big risks global investors face. These risks include: 

  1. 1
    Higher transaction cost. Depending on the market you invest in, transaction costs are involved, such as levies, stamp duties, and local taxes.
  2. 2
    Currency volatility. Investors must convert foreign currency into USD when buying and selling foreign stocks. But when there are rapid changes in the exchange rate, currency volatility could affect the return either positively or negatively. 
  3. 3
    Liquidity risks. According to the US SEC, liquidity risk is the risk that investors won’t find a market for their securities, which could prevent them from buying or selling when they want. 

Besides these three risks, investors also face:

  • Market risk - Traders may incur losses if the assets lose value.
  • Concentration risk - This risk may occur when a group or individual moves in an inauspicious direction, leading to a significant loss.
  • Credit risk - According to MathWorks, credit risk is another risk exposure where you can find concentration risk. There is credit risk when the individual debtor or a group of debtors in the same sector defaults in payment.
  • Inflation risk - According to Rob Haworth, inflation influences “future returns across asset classes.” It can reduce the value of investments, and thus, investors should consider its potential impact on their strategies.

  • Systemic risk - Potential losses in industries can also be because of the failure of industry players, and when you operate in that industry, your investments are also negatively affected.

Investors need to consider several risks when deciding. Investing requires constant study to help you analyze trends and market fluctuations.

Similar Invest Diva Course Reviews

  • Bob Kudla’s Trade Genius is a trade investment platform for beginners that offers personal coaching and comprehensive resources on trading stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrency, and binary options.
  • Mark Thomas’s The Daily Traders provides 2,000 hours of educational videos on topics such as day trading, stock investing, mastering risk management, and growing your investment portfolio. 
  • Dave Aquino’s 11-Hour Options features a course that aims to help traders earn paycheck weekly using their 11-hour options trading strategy.

Final Verdict: Is Invest Diva Worth Your Money?

Yes, Invest Diva is worth your money if you are new to financial investing and are looking for an easy-to-understand course. Invest Diva has a solid support group that most students like. The training may also work for you if you want to maximize the network of Kiana Danial. 

However, you can still improve your financial literacy without spending thousands of dollars. Several free online courses can teach you stock investing, financial markets, day trading, and forex trading. These free courses can also help you build a sound trading strategy. 

But while investing in the stock market, cryptocurrencies, or forex are potential sources of passive income, it also comes with several risks that could lead to capital loss. This is why local lead generation is still my #1 recommendation to earn money online. Compared to investing in stocks and forex trading, local lead generation does not involve too much risk and gives you more business control. 


In local lead generation, you create and rank websites targeting local businesses to help them attract customers. Once you rank the sites, you can rent the leads to local enterprises. Since you own the website, you can control who you want to work with and scale the business as much as you like. 

With this business model, you won’t need to monitor the websites regularly or worry about market volatility and uncertainties as much as investors do. Take this local lead gen course to help you get started. 

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