Brad Smotherman’s Investor Creator Review — Can This Course Help You Become a 6-7 Figure Real Estate Investor?

March 15, 2024

The Investor Creator is an apprenticeship program by Brad Smotherman that helps you become a 7-figure real estate investor. It provides the same proven blueprint that Brad used to teach over 100 of his mentorship students that makes them build their successful real estate empires.

The program works by targeting motivated sellers who will sell at a significant discount. Then, work on the best price and terms using crafted, effective scripts. And through Brad's unique deal structure, they offer houses with financing options and become the bank. 

The real estate industry offers opportunities to make millions of dollars but comes with risks and drawbacks. It requires long-term commitment and hard work. The income as a real estate investor may not be stable, as it depends on market conditions and property performance. Getting started in real estate investment requires significant money, starting from $10,000 - $50,000. It's not entirely passive, as it requires dealing with properties, tenants and maintenance.

Local lead generation through the rank and rent model is an alternative to real estate investment. It offers a passive income opportunity with no active property management. Start-up costs are lower ($500 per website), as there is no need to get physical properties. You can target different niches and locations based on market demand, providing flexibility. It's a simple and scalable way to generate income.

Investor Creator Pros And Cons


Brad Smotherman is a successful real estate investor with over a decade of experience.

There are a lot of success stories from his students.

The Investor Creator Community has 2.6K members.

If you can't hit the mark, Brad and his team will help you reach the target.


The information available is limited.

You will know how much the program is once you do a 1-on-1 call with them, but it is a high-ticket program.

Real estate is a long-term commitment.


The price of Investor Creator is not available on the website.

Refund Policy

Brad mentions nothing about the refund policy.


Not stated, but the Investor Creator Community started in 2019.


Brad Smotherman is still active in the real estate industry and hitting the 8-figure mark. 

Can Investor Creator Help You Become a 6-7 Figure Real Estate Investor? 

The Investor Program can help you become a 6-7 figure real estate investor. With Brad's extensive experience and deep knowledge of the industry, he can provide valuable insights and guidance to help you achieve your financial goals. Brad and his team are committed to supporting you even after the course, ensuring that you reach your target. Testimonials prove Investor Creator helps people succeed in real estate investing.

Justine Roger is an apprentice and a close friend of Brad. He is a 10-year veteran in the investing industry and is currently scaling his business to reach and surpass the seven-figure mark per year. Justine hails from Nashville, Tennessee. With the help of Investor Creator, Justine has transformed from a tired fix and flipper to a 7-figure earner.

Tom Herbstritt from Westminster, Colorado, is one of the success stories from Investor Creator. Despite having no prior deals and working as a limo driver, he achieved impressive results. Within his first six months with Brad, Tom generated $370,000. In just 18 months, his equity position grew to $1,370,000.

Jordan, a struggling wholesaler, made $97,000 in his first month using Investor Creator's system. He faced challenges when his direct mail campaigns stopped working. Jordan found an alternative solution through Brad's podcast, Investor Creator with Brad Smotherman.

What Do I Get In Investor Creator?

With Investor Creator, you will get three major parts of the course; training, mentorship, and community.


It provides a comprehensive learning experience to help you progress from a real estate beginner to a professional capable of securing profitable deals and scaling your monthly income to seven figures.


The mentorship of the Investor Creator program offers personalized guidance and support from experienced experts. You can have one-on-one sessions with the team and Brad to get help to find leads, structuring deals, locating motivated buyers, and mastering negotiation skills.



This community comprises investors who have successfully applied the program's strategies to close profitable deals across the country. You'll receive mentorship not only from Brad, but also from within the community..

Investor Creator Program 3 Phases

  • Phase One: You will learn a proven system for finding deals often overlooked by other real estate professionals in their area. This phase focuses on ethical practices to identify profitable opportunities.
  • Phase Two: This phase aims to help participants secure contracts and position themselves for profitable outcomes. You will be guided through the exact strategy used by the program creator to finance a significant number of successful deals.
  • Phase Three: In this phase, Brad provides you with a framework and contract templates to sell their assets effectively at top value, maximizing their potential profit.

Who Is Brad Smotherman?

Brad Smotherman is a full-time real estate investor based in Nashville, Tennessee. He owns a successful 7-figure flipping business and has 11 years of experience in real estate investing. Brad started his journey by quitting his office job and following his passion for real estate. Despite facing challenges during a market crash, he achieved remarkable success. Brad began teaching his sister about real estate and created the Investor Creator Apprenticeship. Through this program, he has helped hundreds of individuals build real estate empires across the country.

Brad's real estate journey started at 17 when he got his license. He transitioned to real estate investment in 2010, and since then, his business has grown extensively, spanning many states. In his first deal, Brad took over payments on a property with sellers owed $97,000. He sold the property with owner financing for $135,000, earning a $20,000 down payment and an $18,000 note. This deal generated a monthly income of around $400. Brad now manages a 7-figure flipping business and holds real estate notes in Middle Tennessee. His investments expanded to different states, including Michigan and Georgia.

Who Is Investor Creator For?

Investor Creator is for:

  • Experienced real estate investors who have purchased and/or sold properties.
  • Wholesalers who realize that their current model lacks cash flow.
  • Flippers who are tired of facing cash crunches and dealing with contractors.
  • Individuals who believe they have the potential to dominate their marketplace and earn a high 6-figure or 7-figure income.
  • Struggling wholesalers who need guidance and support.
  • New investors who show a high level of commitment.

Who Is Investor Creator Not For?

Investor Creator is not for:

  • Individuals who only have an interest in starting or liking the idea of a real estate investing business without taking necessary action.
  • Those who frequently make excuses and complain rather than taking steps towards their goals.
  • Individuals that are stuck in a perpetual cycle of gathering information without implementing it to achieve tangible results.
  • People who are not genuinely committed to growing their business and increasing their profits by an additional $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more.

Is Investor Creator Worth It?

Investor Creator's apprenticeship course may not be worth it for everyone because of its reported price of around $12,000 from someone in the Bigger Pockets.

This cost can be significant, especially for beginners or those with a tight budget. Starting a real estate business typically requires a substantial initial investment ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.

However, the program can be beneficial, considering Brad's success and experience in the industry. Also, Brad and his team offer a guarantee to help you achieve a 6-figure to 7-figure income as a real estate investor. If you're struggling to reach $300,000 in annual profit, they promise to assist you in generating that amount within 12 months. If they don't deliver on this guarantee, they will work with you for free until you do. With Brad's track record and the monthly equity purchases of his own real estate firm, there is credibility and expertise behind the program. And if you're confused with digital real estate vs. real estate, check my article to help you decide what to choose. If this course doesn't right for you, check Do Deals With Me

Investor Creator Alternatives

Springboard to Wealth is an online mentorship course led by Thach Nguyen, Stephanie Owens, and Marc Erickson.This program is suitable for both new and experienced investors looking to learn the basics and unique strategies of real estate investing. Thach Nguyen's mentorship can help you speed up your learning and achieve faster results compared to other online courses.

Price: Springboard to Wealth costs $6,000, according to online sources. However, there is no stated price on the website.

More Info: Springboard to Wealth Review

Blake Choisnet is a real estate investor and passive income coach who has built a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio in a short period. He offers the 90-day rental roadmap, a 12-week program that teaches the basics of real estate investing and rental property management. The program includes weekly Q&A sessions, Zoom support calls, Slack support, and access to Blake's inner circle for six months.

Price: The course cost is determined during the discovery call.

More Info: Blake Choisnet Review

REI Education Academy by Jamel Gibbs is a real estate investing online course by Jamel Gibbs. This program teaches real estate entrepreneurs and brokers the key techniques and core concepts in real estate investing. Jamel highlights the importance of market research, property evaluation, and funding alternatives. You get exclusive access to online educational videos and referenced documents. Plus, a student dashboard on the REI Education Academy website.

Price: The cost of REI Education Academy is disclosed during the consultation call.

More Info: REI Education Academy Review

Another alternative real estate investing program is the BiggerPockets program, where you can choose the bootcamp specific to the real estate investing strategy you are more interested in.

Pros And Cons Of Being A Real Estate Investor


Potential for High Returns: Real estate investment offers the potential for large profits over the long term.

Control Over Investments: Real estate investment gives you control over your properties. You have the power to decide on rental rates, property improvements, and management strategies.

Tax Benefits: Real estate investors can take advantage of various tax deductions. Mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation expenses can lower your taxable income, resulting in potential tax savings.

Passive Income: Owning rental properties enables you to generate passive income. Rental payments from tenants provide a regular cash flow, allowing you to earn money without actively working. Also, investing in real estate is a good passive income idea for small-town residents.

Tangible Asset: Real estate is a tangible asset that keeps value. Unlike stocks or other financial instruments, you have physical ownership of the property. It can provide a sense of security.


Market Volatility: Real estate markets can experience fluctuations and property values. It may decline during economic downturns. Rental demand can also fluctuate, affecting your rental income potential.

Financial Risk: Real estate investments require significant money upfront. You may experience financial losses if property values decline or rental income does not cover expenses.

Property Management Responsibilities: Owning and managing rental properties comes with responsibilities. You must handle tenant screening, property maintenance, addressing tenant issues, and handling vacancies, which require time and effort.

Timing Challenges: The timing of buying and selling properties can affect your profitability. Market conditions and property values can change, so it's essential to assess the market and make informed decisions.

Regulatory and Legal Complexity: Real estate transactions involve regulations and legal obligations. You need to understand and comply with laws related to rental agreements, property management, zoning, and tenant rights, which can be complex and require professional assistance.

What Is Better Than Being A Real Estate Investor?

Local lead generation is better than being a real estate investor. If you want a low-maintenance, highly profitable online business that can be set up quickly, consider this business model. With this, you can generate leads for local businesses through a rank and rent model. This means you create websites that rank high on search engines and then rent out the leads to businesses in need. The advantages are clear: it's a passive income stream that doesn't require hands-on management. Unlike real estate investments, you deal with tenants, property maintenance, and high startup. In local lead generation, you create and optimize websites to attract leads. It's a straightforward and effective way to earn money online while providing value to local businesses.

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