Is Copywriting in High Demand in 2024?: 5 Factors That Drive the Need for This Service

April 16, 2024

Copywriting is in high demand because of the popularity of online shopping, the rising digital transformation of companies worldwide, prevailing digital skills gap, advantageous remote and hybrid work model, and flexible employment options. The market for copywriting services worldwide is also expected to reach $42.22 billion by 2030. This is according to recent data from Coherent Marketing Insights.

The copywriting industry continues to shine despite the use of ChatGPT. This is due to the flaws of AI copywriting that require human intervention. Globally, there’s also a growing need for an AI-enhanced workforce. There’s a massive digital shift of businesses globally as well. This skyrockets the need for effective and compelling copy.

However, in 2024, there’s endless pressure for copywriters to upskill. There’s also intense competition in the copywriting industry, which impacts fees. In this article, the challenges of copywriters, as well as the solutions, are discussed. Real-life stories coming from 6 copywriters are also included. Their accounts reveal the outcome of ChatGPT's popularity. Profitable skills, niches, services, and tools are also covered.

5 Factors That Drive the High Demand for Copywriting

1. Changing Consumer Behavior

Changing consumer behavior is one of the most significant factors that boost the demand for copywriting. In 2024, shoppers prefer online purchases. They also check out a business's website before making a purchase. Thus, the growing need for various kinds of copywriting services.

The reason for this change is COVID-19's prevalence. According to Statista, the pandemic shifted spending habits to adapt to technology. During its peak, 84% of consumers bought from online stores, based on Gitnux's report. On a global scale, eCommerce sales rose to $4.2 trillion USD during this period.

Data has also shown that this behavior continued in 2021. The same source highlighted that the younger generation preferred online shopping to in-store purchases. Also, 62% of shoppers in the US bought clothes digitally vs. only 36% via a physical store.

And in 2024, this remains to be the standard for consumers. Gitnux adds that 75% of shoppers aim to maintain their purchasing behaviors post-pandemic. The eCommerce market worldwide is even projected to reach $6.1 trillion.

Apart from online shopping, new consumer behavior includes the following listed below. These are from a 2024 report from Nielsen and Gitnux.

  • 83% of buyers are willing to buy directly from the manufacturer.
  • 57% of global ecommerce sales were influenced by digital touchpoints. 
  • 11% of consumers purchased items from social media channels through mobile marketing.

It is understandable why consumers have a growing preference for online shopping. 46% of buyers stated that product selection was better online. Additionally, 80% of shoppers prefer to read reviews on the internet. Because of these benefits, 73% of consumers shared that they intend to switch from in-store to digital purchases.

With that being said, companies with websites also boost sales for physical stores. The previously mentioned source shared that 22% of shoppers purchased in-store. This was after they researched about the business online.

2. Expanding & Adapting Businesses For Digital Marketing

Brands are venturing into digitized sales and marketing operations. This is a response to the increase in consumers’ online activity. In 2023, Coherent Marketing Insights shared that there has been a surge of digital platforms. This includes ones listed below. 

  • Websites

  • Social media

  • Online advertising

The need for digital marketing services has also grown.The following services mentioned below are in high demand.

  • SEO

  • Content marketing

  • eCommerce expansion

  • Social media marketing

For digital transformation to succeed, it is crucial to have exceptional copywriters. According to Harvard Business Review, 89% of large businesses are transforming digitally. However, these companies only achieved 31% of their expected revenue increase. Additionally, they have only reached 25% of their anticipated lowered costs.

One notable example of a successful digital transformation is Procter and Gamble. According to the publication Marketing Dive, P&G reported a 50% growth in eCommerce sales year-over-year (YoY) in 2021. The company’s net sales also rose to 5% YoY amounting to $18.1 billion. During this period, eCommerce is estimated to be 14% of the company’s sales.

3. Persevering worldwide skills gap

Another reason behind the demand for copywriters is the global skills gap. Companies worldwide disclosed that their team's writing skills need improvement. This is especially true with copywriting, content writing, and social media writing.

Apart from copywriters, the skills gap issue also occurs for most professionals. Worldwide, employers are also struggling to find digitally skilled workers. Copywriters are known to be multi-skilled and are knowledgeable with online tools. This increases their value in 2024.

Recent data from Marketing Week revealed the following info for B2B and B2C marketers. The survey involved 3,000+ respondents.

  • Copywriting and content writing are skill gaps (21.4% of B2B, 20.8% of B2C marketers)
  • Social media skills also need improvement (20% of B2B, 23.1% of B2C marketers)

In the UK alone, content writing and copywriting were the second highest skills gap. This is based on 2023 data from Statista Research Department.

The National Skills Coalition also disclosed that 92% of jobs in the US need digital skills in 2023. However, one-third of the workforce do not possess the required foundational skills or have low digital literacy.

This is mainly caused by underinvestment of companies worldwide. NSC also stated that all industries need digital skills on some level. This includes frontline positions and entry-level jobs.

4. Increasing benefits of a remote & hybrid workforce

The rising demand for copywriters is also caused by the advantages of a remote and hybrid workforce. This includes improved productivity, reduced operating costs, retained talent, and fostered employee loyalty.

#1 Better output

According to Forbes, remote workers are faster in correcting errors than on-site workers. They also have the following qualities listed below.

  • 4.4% higher output

  • 40% more productive

  • 40% fewer quality defects

#2 Reduced cost

Additionally, this emerging type of workforce reduces operating costs for businesses. Since workers are home, or occasionally go to the office, expenses are lowered. Savings include utilities and office space.

#3 Bigger talent pool

Through hybrid and remote work, companies are able to hire and retain top talent. Since this kind of workforce does not require being located near a physical office, the talent pool for companies becomes larger. Additionally, more women are entering the workforce through this type of work. And so, businesses have better chances of getting the best hires.

#4 Employee satisfaction

According to Forbes, 54% of workers will change jobs if they are offered one with more flexibility. Because of this, remote work fosters employee loyalty according to the same source. There’s employee satisfaction and engagement because it enables a work-life balance. 

5. Enabling flexible employment options

An added advantage that boosts demand for copywriters are the flexible employment options. A company is able to choose a copywriter according to their needs.

Full-time/part-time copywriters are a good fit for companies that require more tasks. Meanwhile, freelancers are best suited for businesses with specific content needs.

The salary prospects for copywriters in 2024 is $73,000 to $79,000 per year or $19 to $45 per hour. This according to data from Glassdoor, Upwork, and Zippia.

For copywriters who work with corporations or agencies, the average salary is $73,000/yr according to Glassdoor. Meanwhile for freelancers, Upwork states that the median hourly rate is $19 to $45.

Additionally, freelance copywriter fees depend on factors listed below. This is according to Mediabistro.

  • Higher fees are paid for projects that require more extensive background research. This includes studying past campaigns, interviewing clients, and reviewing competition. 
  • Specialization, like a copywriter with an engineering background, also increases fees. When freelance copywriters are tasked to plan a campaign, this adds to the price for the service as well.
  • Project size is another factor that increases that cost of copywriting. More complex tasks requiring more payment.
  • Services that have a quick turnover time have a higher fee as well.
  • Additional payment is also expected for projects that require extra skills. Examples include such as voice talent, video editing, and graphic design.
  • Those who have high levels of expertise charge more. This is because there's less editing and drafts required.

Additionally, Zippia states that freelance copywriters earn $73,520-$79,000/yr, depending on their educational attainment.

  • For those with Bachelor’s degrees, their annual income averages at $73,520.

  • For individuals with a Master’s it’s $73,782 yearly.

  • And, folks with a Doctorate degree earn $79,000 annually.

Is Copywriting Still In Demand After ChatGPT?

Yes, copywriting is still in demand after ChatGPT. This is because of the increasing digitization, drawbacks of using the AI tools, and the growing need for an AI-enhanced workforce.

#1 Global digitization of companies

According to Coherent Marketing Insights, the global copywriting services is projected to reach $42.22 billion by 2030. This is due to the rising digitization of businesses worldwide.

#2 AI copywriting drawbacks

AI copywriting also has notable drawbacks. It produces inaccurate copy, generic content, and has issues with complex tasks.

Harvard Business Review stated that generative AI is prone to creating content that is inaccurate. This results in misinformation. It also has the potential to ruin a brand’s reputation to their consumers.

HubSpot also predicted that, as more individuals use AI in their writing, the outcome is an upsurge of generic low-value content.

Additionally, Harvard Business School stated that in 2023, those who used ChatGPT-4 for complex tasks had problems with the output. Other issues with AI-generated content mentioned in the working paper are listed below.

  • Over-reliance 
  • Privacy issues
  • Lost creativity
  • Extra time commitments
  • Inability to update with trends

#3 AI-enhanced workforce

There's also a n increased need for an AI-enhanced workforce. In July 2023, Upwork launched a hub for Generative AI services and tools. This is for freelancers who are proficient in AI projects and talent.

According to the AWAI, the blend of human intelligence and AI technology help brands stand out. This helps create authentic, creative, and empathetic content.

And, when workers use AI tools like ChatGPT-4, Harvard states that they have the following benefits mentioned below.

  • Better quality output

  • 25.1% increased speed

  • 12.2% more tasks completed

Will generative AI completely replace copywriters?

No, generative AI will not completely replace copywriters. This is because writers are already integrating AI technology into their workflow and the cost for some AI systems is more expensive than human labor.

Despite fears that copywriting will be completely automated, a 2024 research from MIT showed that the displacement is not as substantial as predicted. It also stated that change is gradual. Therefore, it will allow time for learning AI tools and policies to arise.

In fact, a 2024 HubSpot research points out that AI is not replacing copywriters but assisting them in the following tasks listed below.

  • Crafting outlines
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Repurposing content
  • Creating basic videos and images

Past studies in AI displacement of copywriters

Many were concerned about AI technology’s full replacement of copywriters, especially back in 2022 to 2023. This is because of previous studies listed below.

  • A 2023 HubSpot research disclosed that marketers are already using AI. And that, 77% are using it for personalized copy and 71% to get a better understanding of their customers.

  • In a 2022 brochure by the ATSE, it estimated that 25% to 46% of existing jobs in Australia will be automated through AI.

  • Three US economists disclosed the short-term effects of ChatGPT on freelance copywriters and graphic designers. They stated that it has the potential to reduce earnings and employment. It also mentioned that highly skilled freelancers are likely to feel the impact.

Does Google penalize AI-generated content?

No, Google does not penalize AI-generated content. This is according to a post from the Google Search Central Blog last February 8, 2023.

Based on Search’s guide, it favors content that exhibits E-E-A-T. This stands for Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. As long as a piece of content demonstrates these, it does not matter if it was created by humans, AI, or through the effort of both.

Google added that the exceptions are when the use of artificial intelligence in copywriting violates spam policies and is used to manipulate ranking.

Copywriting Profitability After ChatGPT: 6 Accounts from Real Copywriters

Copywriting profitability after ChatGPT from 6 accounts of real copywriters was disclosed in a 2024 article from the ABC. The Australia-based copywriters shared their experiences, such as adding AI coaching to their skillset, rebranding as a marketing strategist, being unaffected due to lived experience, needing to adjust or find another industry, having colleagues struggling to find work, and getting laid off from a firm.

#1 Added ‘AI coaching’ into skills

Leanne Shelton, who is based in Sydney, is a freelance copywriter of 9 years and an AI coach. Back in 2023, she began her career as a ChatGPT trainer. She gained her knowledge from books and podcasts about generative AI tools. Accordingly, her first webinar had 150 attendees. In 2024, she earns more than she does as a copywriter.

Ms. Shelton knew that freelancers are susceptible to ChatGPT’s growing popularity. She added that clients preferred to use a free tool than spend thousands of dollars into copywriting. And so, she added AI coaching into her skillset.

#2 Rebranded as a marketing strategist

Tim King, a copywriter based in Bendigo, rebranded as marketing strategist in 2024. In addition to writing copy, he is also in-charge of product promotion for his clients. He also leverages AI to quicken his writing process. Former clients have also contacted him because AI tools weren’t performing as expected.

According to Mr. King, when ChatGPT rose to fame, he noticed a 45% cutback on lead generation. This precipitated his rebrand. Nowadays, he shares that he leaves menial tasks to the AI tool, such as writing a 300-word synopsis. 

He also reported that former clients reached out again because ChatGPT’s copy wasn’t as expected. They shared that the AI tool’s writing tone was Americanized, the sentiment wasn’t appropriate, and the grammar contained errors.

#3 Was unaffected due to lived experience

Zoe Simmons, a copywriter who has mental and physical disabilities was left unaffected in the aftermath of ChatGPT’s popularity. She was grateful about the fact that lived experience was something an AI is incapable of doing.

#4 Felt the need to adapt or leave industry

Kara Stokes, based in Perth, Australia, felt like she had to either adapt with the AI tools or leave the industry. She also compared the experience with Blockbuster Video, particularly with their refusal to adapt to the current times.

#5 Has struggling blog copywriter colleagues 

Tanya Abdul Jalil, who is a freelance education writer, stated that her colleagues had challenges finding work. She added that this was especially true about those who wrote blog copy.

#6 Laid off from a cybersecurity firm

A Sydney-based copywriter named Lindsay was laid off by the cybersecurity firm she worked for. Accordingly, the executives wanted to save money and decided to generate their own copy with the use of ChatGPT. 

As she was looking for job opportunities, she learned that the compensation for her level of experience and type of work has lowered from $120,000 to $90,000.

What Copywriting Skills & Services are in High Demand?

Copywriting Skills

  • SEO skills

  • Writing skills

  • High-level research skills

  • Original and information-rich content writing

Copywriting Services

  • Blog copywriting

  • SEO copywriting

  • Email copywriting

  • Brand storytelling

  • Social media copywriting

  • Short-form video script writing

According to Mediabistro, writing skills, research skills, and SEO skills are crucial for copywriters. Writing skills are important to connect and sell to audiences. Meanwhile, research skills are vital in order to create information-dense copy. As for SEO skills, it is important in order to drive traffic and adjust with algorithm changes. Meanwhile, according to Google’s Core Update last March 5, 2024, Search is cracking down on unoriginal, unhelpful, and low-quality content. Thus, the need for information-dense and original copy.

Based on a 2024 report from Ahrefs, 70% of readers prefer blogs over traditional ads. Moreover, AWAI predicts that email marketing and SEO writing are on-trend for 2024. Emails that replicate one-on-one conversation are vital for companies. Whereas, SEO copywriting, especially featured snippets, and people-centered content, are crucial in 2024. A Gitnux Report also states that for 2021 alone, 73% of companies invest in brand storytelling. HubSpot statistics disclosed that short-form videos  have the highest return on investment in 2024. The same source also mentions that social media is the top marketing channel utilized by marketers.

What Copywriting Niches are in High Demand?

Copywriting niches that are in high demand are SEO copywriting niche, email copywriting niche, brand copywriting niche, website copywriting niche, PPC ad copywriting niche, video script copywriting niche, eCommerce copywriting niche, digital marketing copywriting niche, direct response copywriting niche, high ticket sales copywriting niche, social media marketing copywriting niche, as well as eBook, long form and white paper copywriting niche.

  • SEO copywriting utilizes on-page strategies and keyword research to get on top of Google’s SERPs and generates online traffic.
  • Email copywriting enables 60% of consumers to buy from promotional emails, as stated by Constant Contact, through its compelling, personalized, and short language. 
  • Brand copywriting promotes customer loyalty and brand awareness through various channels and attracts 7.8x more traffic.
  • Website copywriting thrives when its copy connects with viewers and reaches the top pages of search engines, as well as has an average of 13.5% conversion rate for one CTA link in a landing page.
  • Direct response copywriting closes deals and gets instant responses through the use of persuasive language, and is 2024’s highest-paying types of sales copy.
  • High-ticket sales copywriting is rooted from a deep understanding of buyer behavior and helps turn viewers into clients.
  • Social media marketing copywriting aims to direct attention to offers with branded messaging, and has the highest engagement when it’s under 50 characters for Facebook posts.
  • Video script copywriting engages viewers, with 84% buying and 79% downloading tech after watching a video according to Wyzwol statistics.
  • eCommerce copywriting helps boost conversion of eCommerce sites by 1.62% through creative headlines, product descriptions, category pages, and landing pages.
  • Digital marketing copywriting leads to higher sales through a solid content marketing strategy and has a 313% more success when efforts are documented according to CoSchedule.
  • PPC advertising copywriting demands attention of targeted people and helps land sales, plus this form of copywriting boosts brand awareness by 80% according to WebFX.
  • eBook, long form & white paper copywriting generate up to 9x more leads and are needed for guides and medical journals.

Does the High Demand for Copywriting Affect Copywriting Rates?

Yes, the high demand for copywriting affects copywriting rates. Copywriters are pressured to lower their prices. This is because high demand results in intense competition. Copywriters are at odds with automation, low-cost service providers, agencies, and freelancers. This is according to data from Coherent Marketing Insights.

What’s the average copywriter salary in 2024?

The average copywriter salary in 2024 is $58,434 per year, according to PayScale. The highest yearly salary amounts to $81,000+ while the lowest is $41,000+. On Upwork, copywriters earn $19 to $45 per hour.

What Do Copywriters Struggle With?

Copywriters struggle with pricing pressure, AI technology, content saturation, and in-house team. This is based on a 2023 report by Coherent Marketing Insights.

  • Pricing pressure is a restraint experienced by copywriters due to the intense global competition.

  • AI-powered tools are capable of creating basic content at a faster rate and lower price than human copywriters, which can lower the demand for copywriting services.

  • In some cases, content saturation hinders businesses from investing in copywriting. This is because there’s already a wide variety of existing content. As a result, standing out from competition is difficult.

  • Big organizations and companies prefer in-house teams for their copywriting needs. It provides them more control, which lowers opportunities for agencies and freelancers.

With these challenges, copywriters are implementing their solution. With the staunch competition, they lower the cost of their services in order to attract clients. They also learn how to use AI and leverage it to improve the quality of their writing. As for content saturation, copywriters are constantly learning new methods to capture the audience's attention and boost engagement. Regarding in-house copywriting teams, there are instances when external copywriting services are needed. This is especially applicable during expansion or a tight deadline.

Top Tools for a High-Demand Copywriting Career

SEO Tools:

  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • basic HTML coding

Design Software

  • Canva
  • Adobe Photoshop

AI writing tools

  • ChatGPT
  • JasperAI

Experience with content management systems, like WordPress, is also crucial to remain competitive with copywriting in 2024.

Choose a Stable Online Business: Why Local Lead Generation Has a Higher Demand Than Copywriting

Despite copywriting being a flexible and remote work opportunity, local lead gen is a better alternative because it is more stable and has a higher demand. Copywriting in 2024 requires having to upskill, especially regarding the use of generative AI. There is also intense global competition, which as a result, drives prices down.

Although the demand for copywriting is ever increasing, ChatGPT has heavily impacted the industry. Copywriters need to integrate it to their workflow, as well as learn new skills and stay updated with copywriting trends in the digital era to stay relevant. There is also a ton of competition worldwide including agencies, in-house copywriters, and freelancers. 

With local lead gen, the skills it provides are vital in the digital world. There’s no need to continuously upskill because the process is repetitive. Once you learn how to create and rank websites, it’s a rinse-and-repeat system. Additionally, since it only competes with certain cities and locations, competition is drastically reduced. 


With a local lead gen biz, the earning potential is up to $3,000 monthly per website built. The initial cost is as low as $300. There’s also no paid ads needed and it’s easy to scale.

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