Is Copywriting Worth It? (Benefits, Drawbacks, and Top Comments in 2024)

May 2, 2024

Copywriting can be worth it if you have strong writing skills, good marketing and SEO background, and you can adjust your writing language and tone to suit different audiences. It may not be worth it if you prefer routine work with predictable income and you can’t accept constructive criticism from clients. If you plan to pursue copywriting as a career, you need to be comfortable with deadlines, handling objections and criticism, and keeping up with frequent algorithm changes. 

This industry is still worth exploring because there's a growing demand for copywriters. Zippia says around 5,900 new jobs are expected to open for copywriters in the next few years. There's also good income potential here. Entry-level copywriters make from $30,000 to $45,000 per year, which translates to $2,500 to $3,750 per month.

Gitnux says 73% of businesses commit their budgets to copywriting, creating an opportunity for freelance and in-house copywriters to thrive. Success stories from the likes of Tyson 4D on YouTube, who made $2,000 in 5 days as a beginner also make this industry more enticing. 

Despite being an essential skill, copywriting has become more challenging as businesses explore copywriting tools like ChatGPT and to streamline processes and increase productivity. As a result, copywriters need to continuously upskill to stay relevant. You also need to constantly adapt to changes in market trends, SEO updates, and algorithm changes. 

Income with copywriting may vary. Salaries may range from $37,000 to $133,000 per year. This is for the lowest and highest 20% of copywriters, according to CareerExplorer. Those who succeed in copywriting specialize in writing for specific niches and topics. So copywriters should always be updated with the latest digital trends to get higher paying job opportunities. It's a lucrative industry that offers various career paths, including opportunities in lucrative niches like direct response, email, and SEO copywriting.

This article explains why copywriting is still worth it in 2024 while carefully considering its drawbacks. It also shares top comments from experienced copywriters on YouTube, Reddit, and Quora. We'll also discuss copywriting career opportunities and other ways of making money online. 

Is Copywriting Worth It in 2024? Top Comments on Reddit, Quora, and YouTube

Top Reddit Comments Regarding Copywriting in 2024

The top comments on Reddit are mostly positive, with some negative. The positive comments say copywriting is still worth it. They cite its profits, career variety, and lasting demand. The negative comments say that it needs dedication. They say it is oversaturated due to the misconception that it is easy to get into and fears of being replaced by AI.

Reddit user u/bankingstud states that copywriting is still worth it. Businesses need copies, no matter the format.

Reddit user u/CrispyMcWilliam states that copywriting, especially direct response, is the art of selling at a distance and will always be in demand.

Reddit user u/LeCollectif says the copywriting market is full of bad writers. They think it's easy money and don't last long. Good copywriters are rare, but it takes a lot of time, desire, and effort to get there.

Reddit user u/Chrome Goblin says AI writing is good enough. This means junior copywriters may not be needed. This pushes senior creatives to better understand their market and products faster. They must make content that can stand out at scale.

Top Quora Comments Regarding Copywriting in 2024

The top comments on Quora are highly positive. Most of these positive comments cite the demand and profitability of copywriting. But they also say that it takes time and dedication to thrive in the industry.

Deanna Blanchard states that AIs can write. But they can't write sales copy that persuades humans to act. Only human copywriters can do that.

Marie states that copywriting is an essential skill that is necessary for businesses to thrive, further proving its viability as a career.

Beka Ventham states that content creation for consumers is the evolution of marketing, and businesses need copywriters who can make persuasive copies to build relationships and add value to their online presence.

Top YouTube Comments Regarding Copywriting in 2024

The top YouTube review videos are highly positive. Most of these positive comments cite that copywriting is worth it. They say this because it is profitable, in demand, and lets you go into different niches. 

Jesse Forrest states in his video that AI tools like ChatGPT are entering the copywriting industry. They can boost productivity but cannot fully replace humans. Copywriting needs creativity and empathy. He advises copywriters to find a niche they know about. They should specialize in a type of copywriting. This will attract more clients.

paidcopywriter states in her video that AI is in the copywriting industry. But, there’s still a need for skilled copywriters with niches, specialties, and subject expertise. They shouldn't be alarmed. She also states that a few B2B companies tried to replace human copywriters with AI tools. But, they found their output wasn't as good.

Copywriting Success Story: How Tyson 4D Made $2,000 In 5 Days as a Beginner 

Tyson 4D on YouTube made $2,000 in 5 days as a beginner by writing promotional emails for businesses. He learned how to write professional business emails by watching free online resources. Unlike most freelancers, Tyson 4D did not source clients from Upwork and Fiverr. Instead, he researched specific niches and reached out to potential clients by sending them DMs and emails. Through his hard work, he closed several high-paying deals that made $2K total in just 5 days. 

Copywriting Benefits and Drawbacks in 2024

Copywriting Benefits

Multi-Industry Demand

Low Risk, High Returns

Flexible Work Setup

Opportunity for Growth and Upskilling

Copywriting Drawbacks

Income Instability

High Client Expectations

Time Constraints and Increased Costs

Continuous Need for Technical Skill Upgrades

Copywriting Benefits in 2024

1. Multi-Industry Demand

At the heart of copywriting is creating persuasive copies. They sell and connect businesses to consumers. This drives a multi-industry demand for copywriters. According to CareerExplorer, from 2019 to 2026, the demand for copywriters in the US is expected to grow by 7.6%. This growth needs 14,300 more copywriters to fill the gap. This allows copywriters to choose projects and clients they want to work with. 

It also lets copywriters use their skills in other complex, high-demand industries. These industries need the talents of sales and language. For instance, today’s in-demand industries for copywriting are fintech, SaaS, healthcare, startups, and solar energy. 

Top 5 Most Profitable Copywriting Niches In 2024 According to Alex Cattoni 
  • Artificial Intelligence- Copywriters who know how to leverage AI for content creation are in-demand. This is because business want to streamline the content creation process without getting flagged down by Google and other platforms.
  • Alternative Health and Wellness- Writers who are knowledgeable in writing about supplements, CBD, micro-dosing, psychedelics, and other non-mainstream health practices have good income potential this 2024.
  • E-Commerce- Copywriting for ecom businesses is still profitable in 2024 as the industry continues to expand. Writers in this niche should be excellent in writing product descriptions and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Personal Wealth and Finance- There's a strong demand for writers who are expert in writing about personal wealth and finance as financial literacy becomes a more popular topic among the new generation.
  • Coaching- Copywriters in this niche should know how to create promotional content, coaching programs, and other marketing materials necessary in the coaching niche. 

2. Low Risk, High Returns

Copywriting offers a low-risk, high-return business model. It has low startup costs and is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs without much capital. The primary cost involves setting up a website, typically around $10-$15 monthly. Free tools like Google Docs and Dropbox can also cut costs. They remove the need for expensive software subscriptions. Aspiring copywriters can also use their current email addresses for work. This will save them money by avoiding the need for specialized email services. According to Indeed, copywriters earn $55,463 a year on average. This allows them to quickly surpass their modest monthly expenses. They can increase their revenue. They should focus on getting high-value clients and using resources well.

3. Flexible Work Setup

Copywriting offers a flexible work setup. It grants copywriters the freedom to work anywhere and anytime. Many copywriters choose to work from home, co-working spaces, or coffee shops. They customize their schedules to fit their preferences and commitments. This flexibility lets them have a balanced work-life. They allocate time for family, hobbies, and other pursuits. They also meet client deadlines, and business demands well. For example, Stella Bouldin lives the digital nomad lifestyle. She is a copywriter for ABCI. It lets her make money from her skills and travel the world.

4. Opportunity for Growth and Upskilling

Skilled copywriters can advance their careers. They do so by moving from junior roles to more senior ones. In these roles, they manage larger projects and teams. Specialization in areas like healthcare is expected to grow through 2030. This growth is due to the need for skilled copywriters. They must communicate the complexities of healthcare products and services to their consumers. Specialization enhances a copywriter’s value in niche markets. Copywriters can also freelance. This exposes them to diverse clients and projects. Copywriters can emphasize their strong writing skills. They can do this by learning SEO, AI copywriting, email marketing, and content marketing. These courses can make them more marketable. They also help them adapt to the changing digital marketing industry.

Copywriting Drawbacks in 2024

1. Income Instability

Income in copywriting is unstable. This is due to fluctuating clients and rising job competition. It is also due to the rise of machine learning and AIs like ChatGPT, Bard, and They reduce companies' need for human writers for basic tasks. PwC says AI now threatens 3% of low-skill jobs. This will rise to 33%-44% by 2030. Without learning new skills and adapting, this leads to unpredictable pay and job losses.

The growing number of entrants in the copywriting field compounds the challenge. Testimonials from copywriters, like Reddit user u/AbysmalScepter, show the real earning potential. They also show the tough and vital steps an aspiring copywriter must take to thrive in the industry.

Will AI Replace Copywriters?

No, AI will not replace copywriters because it cannot understand nuances and content, so it cannot resonate with the audience at a personal level. AI also can't plan and execute complex strategies that need a deeper understanding of goals and the audience's needs. Human writers can innovate and think outside the box, but AI can't. So, companies who solely rely on AI will only have generic content that gives little to no value to its audience. And thus, cannot compete with companies who use human writers or a combination of both.

2. High Client Expectations

Copywriters face a big challenge. Clients have high expectations, especially at large companies. These clients often set tight deadlines. They may demand services beyond the copywriter's typical scope. Failing to meet these expectations can lead to bad online feedback or reviews. This could damage the business's reputation.

For example, your clients expect overnight completion of complex projects. They ask for extra services like SEO or content strategy, which might not be your expertise. Such demanding scenarios are not uncommon in copywriting. Reddit user u/_airwaves talks about the pressure and challenges. Copywriters face them to satisfy clients. They also give advice on maintaining service quality, professionalism, and self-confidence.

3. Time Constraints and Increased Costs

Novice copywriters often struggle with time constraints. They also struggle with balancing their roles and responsibilities. This affects their personal time. It intensifies as their skills and success attract more clients. Copywriters usually transition to hiring a team to handle the growing workload and keep quality. But this brings high costs in employee wages.

ZipRecruiter says hiring freelance copywriters on your team can cost $23.56-$46.15. Moving from solo to team management is a common challenge. It happens often in the copywriting industry. Solo copywriting businesses have higher operational costs as they grow. This is especially true for human resources. The costs compensate for the time limit and the need to scale.

4. Continuous Need for Technical Skill Upgrades

In copywriting, ongoing skill development is key. It keeps you competitive and relevant in the job market. The internet is key for business and sharing information. It has made resources for copywriters more accessible than ever. For example, you can take copywriting courses like the Filthy Rich Writer’s Comprehensive Copywriting Academy or Alan Sharpe’s 30-Hour Copywriting Master Class on Udemy. They provide relevant and advanced training, guidance, and knowledge.

These programs are a big investment for copywriters. The programs enhance SEO, content marketing, and email marketing. These skills are crucial for writing effective copy. They help you stay competitive and meet the ever-changing demands of digital marketing.

Is Copywriting a Good Career? 

Yes, copywriting is a good career because it is flexible, in-demand, allows creativity and self-expression, and offers diverse work opportunities. Copywriters can work at their own pace and time, which allows more time freedom. It is in-demand because websites, social media, and email campaigns constantly need new content. This career also fosters self-expression through compelling stories, persuasive messages, and engaging content.

A Reddit comment says it best. Writing, especially copywriting, is vital, no matter the industry. 

This career is for you if you are passionate about writing and researching diverse topics. You should also craft messages that can persuade engage different audiences. However, it might not be for individuals who are looking for a stable income source because income with copywriting is always unpredictable. People who can't handle pressure and deadlines better avoid this industry because you always need to keep up with the demands of the clients.

Is Copywriting in Demand?

Yes, copywriting is in demand because more and more businesses are going digital, so there's more need for digital content. Web content, ad copies, social media, landing page copies, and marketing emails all need skilled copywriting to effectively engage with the target audience. Copywriting is also essential for building brand awareness, educating the audience, and nurturing customer relationships. Businesses depend on copywriting to convert leads into customers through persuasive sales copies, compelling product descriptions, and effective calls-to-action. 

A Reddit comment says copywriting will always be in demand. Skilled copywriters can come up with better selling angles through research and critical thinking. This lets them compete even with industry giants in that market.  

Is Copywriting Hard?

Yes, copywriting is hard because you constantly need to produce new content under tight deadlines. You always need to come up with new ideas and constantly engage your audience by giving them valuable reads. Copywriting can be mentally daunting. Writers may experience writer's block and the routine of pumping out fresh content every day can be demotivating. 

A commentor on Reddit says copywriting is easy to do badly, and hard to do well and succeed. 

Copywriting is hard because it's not just about writing creative content. You need to balance creative expression with marketing strategies, persuasion techniques, SEO, and conversion optimization to be effective in the job. 

Copywriting vs a Less Complicated Business Model in 2024

Copywriting is profitable, and the demand for this business model is growing. It lets you earn about $55,463 yearly. But it has challenges. These include changing income. Also, high client expectations and the need for ongoing skill development. Local lead generation fixes these issues. Local lead generation is worth your time because it offers a simpler, more stable business model. It offers more predictable earnings. And it reduces the need for continual client acquisition and content creation.

Copywriting is a stressful job. You need to constantly upskill to compete with the job market. You also need to meet diverse and high client expectations. Local lead generation has less competition. It offers significant passive income. This makes it an appealing option for those who prefer working alone. The process involves making niche websites. These sites attract traffic and rank well in search engines like Google. Then, you rent the sites to local businesses. They pay $500-$3,000 monthly for this high-quality traffic and engagement. It’s just like owning digital real estate.


Local lead generation requires less upkeep. You don’t need to constantly adjust to new copywriting and marketing trends. Once you’ve set up your site, you can rent it to businesses. Then, you can repeat the process. This allows you to scale as much as you want and make over $52,000 monthly.

Don’t settle for the stressful, volatile, and high client demands of traditional copywriting. Local lead generation is a simpler, more stable option for earning well in 2024.

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