James Altucher Review: What is the AI 2.0 Wealth Window?

June 21, 2024

James Alutcher is an investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, and author who predicted that there will be an AI 2.0 wealth window before March 8, 2024. According to James, anyone can hop on the opportunity to invest for as low as $144 in AI’s $15.7 trillion market. This market has the potential to grow into a $100 trillion industry soon. He shared his investment advice, strategies, and techniques in his publications. These are called Altucher’s Investment Network, James Altucher’s True Alpha, and Paradigm Mastermind Group.

People from YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and Udemy, have contrasting opinions about James. Many appreciated his genius, especially in investing and book writing. However, some dubbed him a scammer and a complete rip-off artist who markets upsells of his programs.

This James Altucher review will go deeper with what is the AI 2.0 wealth window. It covers who James is, what people are saying about him, and his publications. Last, we will discuss whether online investing is still worth a try, and discuss an alternative to online investing.

June 21, 2024

Subscribed to this service a few weeks ago and I am disappointed. The advice is thin and hidden beneath constant upsells. They recently promoted a “can’t lose wonder stock,” but after an hour of self-praise, there was no stock name—just another upsell. The newsletters are frequent, scammy, and sometimes politically charged. Since subscribing, I’ve received lots of spam emails from other companies. I think my information was sold. I don’t advise it.

Taylor James
2.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)

What is the AI 2.0 Wealth Window?

The AI 2.0 Wealth Window is James Altucher's prediction. It says that there will be a huge wealth-building opportunity for those who invest in his recommended AI technologies before March 8, 2024. He called this a “wealth window”, which is the same as the boom of cryptocurrencies and dot.com in the past.

During this time, investors can invest in AI’s $15.7 billion market and make a profit from this revolution before they blow up. James chose March 8 in particular. This is the opening of the huge Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. It is an event where every major tech company is present to reveal its latest innovations.

James predicted that AI will become a 100 trillion dollar industry. And, both new and seasoned investors can profit from this by investing as low as $144. He also mentioned that this AI 2.0 revolution is bigger than crypto and the internet. Also, he also advocates for investing in true AI innovators that use AI. This means buying from the companies that will dominate the space.

In a YouTube video posted by Stock Trends Alert, James mentioned that he and his team handpicked the Top 10 Companies to invest in. One of the companies he mentioned was ASML Holdings. It is a European company that developed a technology to pack many more transistors on a chip using ultraviolet light. 

By subscribing to his newsletter called Altuchers Investment Network, you can get James' investment strategies for the AI 2.0 wealth window for free. Here are what's included in his five reports:

  • The $10000 to $1 Million AI 2.0 Blueprint: This includes Jame's new investment portfolio. 
  • Your $144 AI Jackpot: It includes the top 3 speculations about the AI boom. This cover stocks that are currently ignored but have huge potential.
  • Cash In On AI Buyouts: This includes how to identify buyout targets or small companies that AI giants could soon acquire.
  • AI Investing 101: It has an easy step-by-step guide to investing in AI 2.0.
  • Secret AI Income Generators: It includes five innovative ways to use AI to generate income without investing.

Who is James Altucher?

james altucher

James Altucher is a 56-year-old former hedge fund manager turned inventor and multimillionaire. He is also an investor, venture capitalist, financial expert, coach, speaker, stand-up comedian, and writer. However, he is most knownas AI expert who has worked in the field for over 40 years.  He was born on January 22, 1968,  in New York City, United States. James had been married twice and was previously married to Claudia Azula Altucher, but they later divorced. He is now married to Robyn Altucher. James has been very candid and open about his struggles. Including his battles with depression and his experience with divorce. 

Educational and Work Background

  • Graduated from North Brunswick Township High School (1986)
  • Studied at Cornell University taking a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Wrote and publish a scientific paper on AI (1987)
  • Became the youngest person to present it at the conference on Automated Deduction in Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Pursued a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Worked at HBO’s IT department after graduation as a junior analyst programmer
  • Helped develop IBM’s Deep Blue computer, the first chess-playing computer to beat the world chess champion
  • Was offered a job by IBM, but he turned it down
  • Built tech companies and sold them at the beginning of the Internet boom
  • Co-founded Reset Inc., a web design firm in 1996
  • Left HBO and sold Reset Inc. for $10 million
  • Invested his money in several startups like Buddy Media, which was acquired by Salesforce for around $689 million
  • Got a job at Wall Street using early AI tools to manage successful hedge funds

Today, he maintains strong connections with big hedge fund managers and venture capitalist. James has started over 20 companies, failed in 17 of them, and invested in over 30 businesses. He is also an author who has written several books about finance, personal development, and entrepreneurship. Including bestsellers such as Skip the Line and Choose Yourself!

James now manages a podcast called “The James Altucher Show”. He interviews prominent individuals such as Mark Cuban, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Richard Branson, and many more.

His podcast currently has 1246 episodes with over 40 million downloads. It is available on YouTube, Apple Podcast, iHeartRadio, and Spotify. He is also a contributor to the publication called Paradigm Press, with his publications. These are called Altucher’s Investment Network, James Altucher’s True Alpha, and Paradigm Mastermind Group.

james altucher review

Moreover, LinkedIn named him as one of the Most Influential Persons in America in 2015, next to Bill Gates and Richard Branson. James has written on some of the major media platforms. Such as, Wall Street Journal, The New York Observer, The Financial Times, Yahoo Finance, and many others. On March 16, 2022, TedxTalk invited him to share the lessons from his best-selling book called Skip The Line. 

James also managed different platforms, such as: 

  • a blog called JamesAltucher.com
  • X(formerly Twitter) with over 209.7K followers since August 2007
  • Facebook page with 344K followers
  • LinkedIn with over 1.1 million followers
  • YouTube with 44.3K subscribers and 1,557 videos

He has a track record for predicting various tech trends, including the following:

  • the rise of video streaming (1997)
  • the internet's transformative impact (1998)
  • Facebook's valuation at $100 billion (2007)
  • Bitcoin's success (2013)
  • and the growth of virtual reality (2016).

Altucher asserts that AI will be the first $100 trillion industry. Aside from investing and finance, he also offers a course on how to write and self-publish a book in 30 days from Udemy. The course has 441 students and 4.6 out of 5-star ratings. He also co-owns Stand Up NY and sometimes performs stand up comedies.

What is James Altucher's Net Worth?

James Altucher’s net worth is $50 - $55 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, The Strive, and Equity Atlas. James makes his money from his success as an entrepreneur, author, investor, coach, podcaster, blogger, and venture capitalist. He is an influential figure in the investment and asset management world, with followers all over the world.

What are James Altucher's Books?

James Altucher's books are the following:

  • Choose Yourself! : Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream
  • The Power of No: Because One Little Word Can Bring Health, Abundance, and Happiness
  • Skip the Line: The 10,000 Experiments Rule and Other Surprising Advice for Reaching Your Goals
  • Reinvent Yourself at Any Age: A Guide to Positioning Yourself For Success in a Changing Economy
  • The Forever Portfolio: How to Pick Stocks That Can Hold for the Long Run 
  • The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth
  • I Was Blind But Now I See
  • How to Be the Luckiest Person Alive!
  • The Rich Employee
  • Trade Like Warren Buffett (Wiley Trading Book 222)
  • The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing in the Apocalypse: Make Money By Seeing Opportunity Where Others See Peril
  • The Choose Yourself Stories
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People 
  • What To Do When You Are Rejected?
  • The Altucher Confidential : Ideas For the World Out of Balance 
  • Think Like A Billionaire 
  • SuperCash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism (Wiley Trading Book 361)
  • My Daddy Owns All of Outer Space 
  • Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies and Techniques to Winning Profits 
  • 40 Alternatives to College
  • FAQ Me 
  • Crypto-currencies 101: How to Make a Fortune From Digital Currencies
  • Side Hustle Bible 
  • Alege-Te Pe Insuti (Romanian Edition)

What Do People Say About James Altucher?

People have mixed opinions about James Altucher. He has been around for a long time, especially in investing and book writing, so you can find a lot of reviews about him online. For example, reviewers rated his bestselling book titled Choose Yourself 4.4 out of 5 stars from 6712 reviews, with 185 of them giving a 1-star rating. The majority of the reviews were positive, highlighting how they liked what they had read and James' idea of the American dream.

James' Altucher Reviews Amazon Kindle

Jennifer C. Dean from the United States said that she learned plenty of lessons from the book and liked how it validated some of her beliefs. Lily A. Rathbone said that the book is easy, fun, smart, and engaging to read. Jeffrey Robinson dubbed James as a truth-teller. Tisha Marie Willians mentioned how his stories and insights inspired his readers.

james altucher review

However, some reviews are not as lighthearted as the rest. One reviewer, JV from the US, attempted to show in his review how poorly written and mind-numbing James's book is. He also said that including the foreword from the former CEO of Twitter (now X), was for some vague sense of credibility only. It does not pertain to the contents of the book.

Moreover, JV added that the book looks like a collection of blog posts rather than an actual book, and called it a rambling podcast transcription. He also pointed out James’ use of sentence fragments and jokes, and because of this, the book lacked coherence and proper grammar.

james altucher review

Another one-star rater, Kaley Quinn, questioned how the book got so many reviews and even accused James of letting his friends and fans write them. Just like JV, she also thinks that the book is a bunch of blog posts that are written in haste. Furthermore, she commented that the content is not in any way useful. It is mostly the author’s repeated ramblings. Such as how he lost his millions, his suicide attempts, addictions, etc. She liked the exercise of writing 10 new ideas. But disliked James’ negativity towards the US economy, the military, and going to college.

james altucher review

James' Altucher Reviews From Quora

People from Quora also have divided opinions about James' methods of investing. While there are people who defend James and have positive things to say about him, his business, his books, and his advice, there are some people who are skeptical of his reputation. 

One user asked about those who tried James Altucher's crypto investing methods and received conflicting opinions. Jeremy Bell said that James is trying to rope you into a scam with his newsletter. He had to lie to his credit card company to cancel his subscription. However, Jeremy still enjoys James’ books and podcasts.

james altucher review

Neil Mac commented that he found the information to be shallow and worthless. He also mentioned that his inbox gets bombarded with many upsells. Also, he argued that the materials contained some false claims, bluffs. The supposed masterclass videos were shallow. And there are better pieces of information available online. Jordan Bathgate also said that his work was a complete rip off of the free information available online. Jordan also mentioned about the spam he received from Agora Financial trying to sell everything.

james altucher review

Jonathan Lee said that he has mixed opinions on whether James is a scam artist or not. He thinks James is an excellent copywriter, insightful, and interesting. However, when James becomes affiliated with Agora Financial, he started making lots of upsells. And now James makes lots of promises that exceed the value of what he delivers.

Jeremy Wilson also commented that James’ business advice might have actual good information to provide. However, his general ethics is not something you would trust. Michael Elison believed that James was simply the front-runner for others who wanted to keep their hands clean. He called James a “money for nothing” joker.

james altucher review

James Alutcher has a habit of replying to negative reviews about him and using it to his advantage. In the same Quora thread above, James replied with a post saying that he does not give advice but tells a story he experienced in his life. He often uses these negative reviews in his blog posts and uses it to promote his books, newsletter, etc.

James' Altucher Reviews From Udemy

James also offered a course on book writing and self-publishing in Udemy, and these are what the people are saying about this course. Jeffery A. said that his course is unique, helpful, clear, practical, and positive. However, Alifia Kurniawati S. said that this course is a good motivation for those who are currently in the book writing phase. But it is not for someone who is looking for more technical writing guidance. Moreover, user Anonymized U. said that James’ course feels like another rich guy telling people to get rich by following his tips.

James' Altucher Reviews From YouTube

James also posts videos from his podcast to his YouTube channel and here are the comments on one of his recent posts. Some of the commenters said  a lot positive things about him and his show. However, users @themessenger8608, @alb565bis, and @junglejim3433 called him a bullshitter, narrow-minded, and lame. 

james altucher review

YouTuber Dylan Rieger accused James' publisher, Agora Financial, of being predatory and having a reputation for tricking older adults into buying questionable products. He also mentioned that James’ reputation is not as good as he portrayed and that he tried calling Bitcoin a scam in 2013 and then launched himself as a crypto genius after a few years.

James also got caught in a lie when he said that Amazon would start accepting Bitcoin as payment, but Amazon later denied it. In addition, Dylan mentioned in his review that most of the companies James pushed, such as Max Technologies and Oxley Cannabis, went down by 10-30 percent.

James' Altucher Reviews From Reddit

Moreover, a discussion thread on Reddit about James Altucher and his Investment Network also has divided reviews. Redditor klf0 said that James likes to talk while Asg808 thinks James is legit but his reports are quite expensive. Another Redditor, mid_mob, said that he respected James and how hard he seemed to work.

In contrast, Bundy81881 said that James's investment network is not for him. James offered him upsells, and recommended a portfolio amounting to $100,000. Which is too much for him and the recommended stocks performed poorly. However, he said that James put a lot of research into making the recommendation and makes a very interesting story for each buy.

james altucher review

Regarding James's Top 1% newsletter and his crypto report, a Redditor named djswb said that it was legit, and all the recommended stocks were up by 10-40%. He also mentioned that James sends emails to notify you when to sell and lets you know of the risk factors of each. On the other hand, captain_kirk said that he is about to cancel because of the losses outnumbering the wins.

In short, people all over the internet have mixed reviews about James Altucher. But, it is undeniable that James has a wealth of experience, is a known figure in investing, and has grown his net worth to over $50 million over the years. 

What is Altucher’s Investment Network?

The Altucher’s Investment Network is an investment newsletter. It is created by James Altucher and his team of investment and stock trading experts. It aims to help you build financial security and independence. This newsletter gives updates on the different investing opportunities and trends in the market. The newsletter targets the technological field. Such as AI, cryptocurrencies, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and many more.

Specifically, James use this to share: 

  • opportunities to make money
  • what stocks to buy and how much
  •  analysis of the economy
  •  investing books
  •  articles
  •  videos
  •  interviews with other investors
  •  strategies other than pure stock investing
  •  and successful side hustles.

One year subscription to Altucher’s Investment Network costs $299. By subscribing to this newsletter, you will get the following:

  • Monthly issues about today’s market delivered to your inbox
  • Weekly email updates on James’s model portfolio
  • Updates on the important movements in the market
  • Email alerts recommending what portfolio position to buy or sell
  • Optional text message alerts with trade advice 
  • Free special reports and exclusive updates
  • Unadvertised bonuses 
  • Free subscription to e-letter on Altucher Confidential, One Last Thing, and Paradigm Pressroom’s 5 Bullets

Altucher’s Investment Network Pro

The Altucher's Investment Network Pro is a premium subscription service offered by James Altucher. It provides: 

  •  investment insights
  •  strategies about stock recommendations
  •  market analysis
  •  and investment education.

This newsletter includes everything from the basic Altucher's Investment Network. Plus, the three exclusive access to the new DeFi Profit Alert, Altucher’s Inner Circle Elite and Trend Insider Pro calls. One year subscription to Altucher's Investment Network Pro costs $500. James calls this the fast lane towards financial freedom.

What is James Altucher’s Early-Stage Crypto Investor?

James Altucher’s Early-Stage Crypto Investor program is for investing in early-stage cryptocurrencies. It that provides updates, reports, videos, portfolios, and a member-only chat room for subscribers. It talks about the potential of digital money in the market. 

As Altucher suggested, the future lies in cryptocurrencies. Subscribing to this service offers an opportunity to capitalize on the emerging market early on. This program focuses on the lesser-known cryptocurrencies, which represent less than 5% of the overall market. One year subscription to Altucher’s Early-Stage Crypto Investor costs $5000. Here’s what you can get from subscribing to Altucher’s Early-Stage Crypto Investor newsletter: 

  • 1-2 Next Generation Crypto Recommendations and Investment Ideas: It covers how the technology works, market size, and reasons it’s going to be big in the future.
  • Special Report: “9 Next Generation Cryptos Set To Soar From The Coinbase Effect”: includes 9 cryptos to list on Coinbase, names and ticker symbols, and explanations why these cryptos are going big in the future
  • Urgent Email Alerts And Text Message Notifications: includes new buy recommendations and wealth-building ideas
  • Weekly Crypto Masterminds: includes live video calls with James where you can ask questions about crypto and investing strategies.
  • Weekly Crypto Briefings: this is to help you stay updated with the newest and hottest crypto developments 
  • 1 Digital Copy Of James’s New Book (The Big Book Of Crypto): this includes ideas for crypto wealth building such as high interest crypto bank account, buying bitcoin at a huge discount, secret website that gives away free bitcoin, and many more.
  • 1 VIP Ticket To “The Crypto Wealth Symposium”: James attends this wealth-building digital event himself to share his ideas and strategies for making it in the crypto world
  • Weekly Crypto Briefings: this is to help you stay updated with the newest and hottest crypto developments 
  • BONUS: The House That Crypto Built: Q&A With James Altucher: includes recording of Q and A with readers
  • Access to the online Altucher’s Early-Stage Crypto Investor model portfolio
  • 24/7 access to the Altucher’s Early-Stage Crypto Investor members only website.

What is James Altucher’s True Alpha?

James Altucher’s True Alpha is a program for subscribers interested in using artificial intelligence (AI). The newsletter aims to provide subscribers with the opportunity to capitalize on market shifts before they are known. 

The Blue Spike indicator help navigate the stock market. It can give market analysis and activity, risk management, and other opportunities. It signals when significant players on Wall Street are positioning themselves for major moves. A year subscription to Altucher’s True Alpha costs $5,000. When you subscribe to Altucher’s True Alpha, you will get the following:  

  • New Trade Recommendations: includes urgent trade alerts
  • FREE Video Tutorial: The Altucher’s True Alpha Quick Start Guide: talks about buyout opportunities
  • FREE Guide: Getting the Most out of Your Subscription: includes 4 tools designed to streamline and supercharge your gains
  • Flash Profit Alerts: includes urgent email when it’s time to close out
  • Weekly Model Portfolio Updates: includes updates on open positions
  • Live Monthly Zoom Updates: includes market updates, buyout activity, and current trends 
  • Subscriptions to our FREE daily e-letters: include the Paradigm Pressroom’s 5 Bullets, Altucher Confidential, and Paradigm Press Concierge.

What is the Paradigm Mastermind Group?

The Paradigm Mastermind Group is a research service created in 2018 by a team of the world's top tech and investment. This includes:

  • James Altucher (venture capitalist)
  • Jim Richards (former CIA and Pentagon advisor)
  • Ray Blanco (expert in biotech and technology)
  • and many more.

One year subscription to Paradigm Mastermind Group costs $5,000. The publication gives insights into identifying and investing in the up-and-coming AI and staying ahead of developments. Here’s what’s included in your subscription:

  • Monthly 1-2 Early-Stage Technology Recommendations 
  • Quarterly Masterminds with James Altucher, Ray Blanco, and Jim Rickards
  • Quarterly Mastermind Report: includes notes and recommendations from the call
  • Urgent Buy and Sell Alerts
  • A Free Copy of AI Sanctuary Stocks: it talks about how to survive and thrive during the next wave of AI 
  • A Free Copy of Billion Dollar AI Robots: includes how to take home a 20x return from the rise of the machines

What is Paradigm Press?

Paradigm Press is a book and periodical publishing company established in 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. They provide information, insights, and recommendations related to investing, trading, finance, and wealth-building. Paradigm Press has partnered with the following:

  • financial analysts and experts
  • economists
  • successful entrepreneurs
  • traders
  • and authors

Paradigm Press is associated with Agora Financial, a conglomerate specializing in newsletters and research services. They cater to individuals seeking information and guidance in the financial markets. 

Is Online Investing Worth It ?

Yes, online investing is worth it if you absolutely know what you are doing. According to an article by Declan Anthonyex, online investing still holds much profit potential. But, you need to understand the market and use a well-informed investing strategy. However, Trade That Swing also mentioned that it takes 6 months to 2 years to make money in this field.

Online investing platforms provide easy access to a wide range of investment opportunities. This includes stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. NerdWallet said that you do not need a lot of money to invest. This is because some platforms allow you to open an account with $0 and you can start investing with $100. If you are a beginner in online investing, many online platforms offer educational resources, research tools, and market analysis to help you make informed decisions.

Quick Returns and Low-Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation can be an interesting alternative to online investing. This is because you can see results more quickly, unlike stock investments which may take years to appreciate. Also, cryptocurrencies have unpredictable nature. But, local lead generation is a more stable, predictable, low-risk, and sustainable passive income.

By connecting local businesses with potential customers, you can generate income almost immediately. You can ask $500-$3,000 monthly fee for your services. Once you set up a successful lead generation system, a website that ranks high in a certain niche and local, you can start operating passively. This means you don’t have to be on the lookout all the time on how the market works or whether you need to buy or sell your stocks.  


Local lead generation requires less effort than online investing. You still need to check the ranking of your website from time to time, but with the right SEO knowledge, this can be easily done. With local lead generation, you have a higher control, you can scale it easily, and repeat the entire process for another market and industry. So if you are looking for a fast and sustainable passive income stream, you should check out local lead generation so you can start building your empire.

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  1. I bought into Altucher's Network. Immediate upsell for Lifetime. Then, if you want the "real opputunities" bought True Alpha then the next "Real Deal"was Network Pro. Been 2 weeks and what do I get? Another "Real Deal" for Nvidia's "Insider" tip on the next massive explosion in AI. Just….$2500 t get the Ticker.

    So far, not one tip from the other subscriptions. Just conent that leads to his next sale. Very disappointing so far. Feels quite scammy. However, I am only in for $950 so far and will give it some more time. There has to be a nugget chucked my way that will at least pay for this investment. I've lost a lot more with other business opportunities and usually write em off.

    I almost didn't buy because of his nutty professor hairdoo. Should have stuck to that intuition. 🙂

    1. Hi can I buy the ticker symbol frm you? I think it is still IPO stage, not sure but know it is going to be on trade soon. Private Message me. Linda Ketter

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