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Jatz Naran Review | Recession Proof Amazon Wholesaling Strategy

March 17, 2024

In a video posted by Jatz Naran on YouTube, he lists 7 recession proof side hustles that you can do to avoid falling into a debt trap. His top 1 is Amazon FBA wholesaling. In this Jatz Naran Review, we’ll go over the 7 recession proof hustles you can do on the side, and cover the details of Jatz’s 50 Day FBA Mentoring program.

What makes a business recession proof? Who is Jatz Naran and is his training legit? What is his 50 Day FBA Mentoring? Is Amazon FBA worth it in 2022? Continue reading and we'll cover all these questions and more.

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7 Recession Proof Side Hustles

With the uncertainty of the future of the global market, Jatz posted a video on 7 side hustles you can do to avoid falling into debt. He stresses you should always try to build over one income source, as this is crucial in a recession in case you lose a source of income. You should follow trends and adapt to situations.

7 side hustles

Here are the 7 hustles to save you from falling into a debt trap. Jatz turned 3 of these into 6-figure businesses.

  1. Part-Time Job - Having a part-time job allows you to have more time to find better opportunities. Don’t stay too long on part-time work, as it’s only there to save you from falling into a debt trap. Find jobs that need workers regardless of the economic situation. Ex: receptionist or maintenance worker.
  2. Freelancing - While working on a job, find freelance work that you may have the skills for. Ex: audio editing or content managing. This will add another source of income for you and can open new opportunities.
  3. Forex EA (Forex Robot) - Forex trading has high risk. You can make money whether the market goes up or down. Forex robot is an automated system that trades based on a specific type of strategy. You still need to monitor the trading or you risk losing money.
  4. Courses or Mentoring - The online education industry is expected to reach $585.48 billion by 2027. You can document your skills and create content to sell your course. Ex: how to set up a forex robot.
  5. Content Creation - It takes a lot of time, but you can earn through brand deals and ads. Ex: Affiliate commission or ads. Find a niche and focus on creating content on one social media platform before expanding and moving the audience to another platform.
  6. Affiliate Marketing - Businesses will always look for customers, even during recessions. You can earn through affiliate marketing by running ads, creating content on your own sites, email marketing, etc. Ex: affiliate links for products for your niche content.
  7. Amazon FBA Wholesale - People will always buy online, even during a recession, because prices could be cheaper. Amazon FBA is a semi-passive business. Once you find a product and ship it to Amazon, they will take care of the packaging and shipping to customers.

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Do Amazon Arbitrage

amazon arbitrage

Jatz repeatedly says in many of his videos that he does not recommend you do Amazon arbitrage, for it is not sustainable and takes too much of your time. He gave 3 major problems:

  1. Product Quantity - The amount of product that can be purchased from retailers is limited.Once the product is sold out, you need to spend a lot of time looking for new deals and the ROI is low. This turns Amazon arbitrage into a full-time job.
  2. Supplier - They don’t care about your business. You cannot negotiate, buy in bulk, or be notified of new stock.
  3. Scaling - It is almost impossible to scale on your own due to time requirements.

Free YouTube Training Video

The foundations of Amazon FBA wholesaling are available for free on Jatz’s YouTube channel. This training used to be sold for £50 before Jatz refunded all those who bought it and put it up for free on his YouTube channel.

You can actually get enough information to start your own Amazon FBA business. He doesn’t hard sell his mentorship program and shows transparency that he earns from an affiliate commission on the programs he promotes on social media and sets realistic expectations for the Amazon FBA business.

Giving away free training and transparency seems to be a growing trend among the younger “gurus” to move away from the bad “guru scams” image. He also offers a guarantee on his mentorship that they will continue to work with you until you reach the set goal. Shopify dropshipping mentors Nathan Nazareth and Brook Hiddink also uses this method.

Who Is Jatz Naran?

Jatin "Jatz" Naran is a British entrepreneur in London, England who has 3 6-figure businesses. He currently makes a fortune through Amazon FBA wholesaling, mentorship, and affiliate marketing. He also previously did arbitrage for 2 years and forex trading during the recession.

Born in a small town in India, he moved to the UK in 2010 when he was 11 years old. He just earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of London in 2022. It was while working on an IT job that he tried online arbitrage and forex trading.

During the first lockdown in June 2020, Jatz started making TikTok videos on forex robots. He got viral and now has 1.3 million followers on TikTok. Jatz then started making Amazon FBA wholesale and arbitrage content on YouTube. He now has 146K subscribers on YouTube and 153K followers on Instagram.

Pros and Cons of 50 Day FBA Mentoring

The mentorship is available for those living in the UK, US, or Canada. Because it is based in the UK, the prices shown are in British pounds.


Jatz builds trust by being transparent and setting the right expectations on the business model.

The mentorship supplements the free video training very well. You will learn unusual and effective strategies for your Amazon FBA business.

The mentorship will also teach you how to scale your business beyond Amazon FBA.

The guarantee means they will work with you until you hit the £1500-£2000 goal.


The mentorship is pricey. You will need £1500-£1700 for the mentorship fee, products, tools and softwares.

Until you can scale and automate your business, Amazon FBA is a full-time job. Jatz explains this and gets you ready for the reality that it may take a long time for you to find financial success.

Who Is 50 Day FBA Mentoring For?

Jatz’s 50 Day FBA Mentoring is for anyone who wants to grow an Amazon FBA wholesaling business and scale it beyond the business model. This is for:

  1. Newbies who have the capital or credit and are prepared to take the time and effort to build the business.
  2. Current Amazon sellers who want to learn how to scale their business and scale beyond Amazon FBA.

The mentorship is for people living in the UK, US, or Canada only. You need to reserve your spot for the program that begins every 2 months.

mentorship countries

What Do You Get with 50 Day FBA Mentoring?

The mentorship costs £995, but you will need about £1500-£1700 in total to cover products, tools, and materials. There are 8 weekly Zoom call sessions with Jatz and 5 days a week of 9–5 support from team members. You will also get access to their community.

The mentorship is a 7 week program. They expect you to make your first sales starting around the 3rd week. The guarantee means that if you do not meet the target earnings, they will continue to work with you until you hit the goal.

A YouTuber with the channel, Preet's Hustle took the mentorship program and made a detailed vlog about it. They also taught the basics and foundation on Jatz's free YouTube video. Preet does not explain some of the more unique methods as they are for the mentorship students only.

7 Week Program

Week 1

The program starts with Jatz teaching you how to get into a "bulletproof business" mindset. You'll go through the Amazon FBA basics. Jatz will also let you set up your own small, achievable goal.

Week 2

Week 2 will have Jatz walking you through the ins and outs of Amazon FBA (managing inventory, adding and shipping products, how to calculate profits). You will also learn how to use "secret tools" to analyze products.

Week 3

On the 3rd week, Jatz walks you through Amazon seller central. You'll learn about Amazon payments. Amazon can hold payments for 2 weeks, but you can request to receive them before then if need be. Jatz will also go over buy boxes and buyer messages.

When you start on Amazon, some categories will be gated. Jatz will teach you how to get these categories ungated to allow you to sell products in these gated categories. These gated categories will have less competition.

Jatz will walk you through making a listing (you only need to find existing listings with FBA wholesaling). You will learn how to set prices and book shipments to the fulfillment center. You can book it through Amazon, which is partnered with UPS. They can pick the items up from your house/office, or you can drop them off at UPS access points.

In the live call with Jatz, you will learn how to analyze products without tools and how retail arbitrage works before going into wholesaling. You will also learn how to identify private label listings, as you should be careful not to sell private-label products, as they can ban you.

You will learn how to deal with price wars. Jatz will give you 5 points to look out for in product analysis that will determine which are great products.

For the homework, they will give you a list of products with all the details and links that they task you with looking through and finding 10 great products. Then you will pick one product, which will be checked by a team member before you order and ship it to Amazon as a test order.

Week 4

During the 4th week, you will learn how and why you should replace the barcodes with your own SKU labels from Amazon. On the live call, you will learn 5 ways of finding excellent products to sell.

  1. Using a software recommended by Jatz for advanced product analysis. He will teach you how to use the tool. Using the tool, the 5 point checklist, and the right search filters, you will find products that are 99% guaranteed to sell.
  2. Using Amazon and searching for Amazon best sellers. Find products on the subcategories to avoid competing with Amazon's brands.
  3. Finding local wholesalers. You may have no competition if the wholesaler has no online listings.
  4. Looking through wholesale catalogs. Ask for a product catalog from wholesalers and do product analysis on items in the catalog.
  5. Go store scouting. This is when you go to stores of other Amazon sellers and find an excellent product on their listing. Jatz teaches you what kinds of sellers and stores are worth checking out.

After you find a great product, Jaz will teach you 3 methods on how to find where to source them from.

Week 5

Week 5 will teach you how to increase your profit margin as a wholesaler. Instead of buying from wholesalers, you can increase your profit margin by becoming a wholesaler yourself. You will learn what to say and what not to say when applying with manufacturers to become a wholesaler.

Jatz will also provide a base script and teach you how to create a professional image by creating and registering your new wholesaling company.

Week 6

On the 6th week, Jatz will teach you a new method of selling on Amazon when you have a few wholesaling products selling on your account. You can buy products from China and sell them on Amazon without using private labeling. This is risky and can get your listing banned. If you have 3 or more wholesale products listed on your account, Jatz will teach you another new method.

Week 7

The last week is all about scaling your Amazon business to 6-7 figures. More products = more sales = more profits. Always keep your products in stock and reorder in advance before you run out.

Jatz will learn how to scale your business in the future by becoming a wholesaler to other sellers or businesses, thus creating more marketplaces. Jatz also teaches you how to get brands to promote your wholesaling company. This will allow customers to purchase directly from you outside of Amazon.

Are Students of 50 Day FBA Mentoring Successful?

Overall, the reviews from his program have been mostly positive. In one of his videos, he boasts he has a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot with over 50 reviews. I checked on it myself and found that the 2 verified reviews are the only negative ones. Some of the positive reviews appear legit, but most are doubtful because they appear to be posted in groups on the same day.

Here are some of the positive and negative reviews for you to decide.

Amazon FBA Wholesaling in 2022

Is Amazon FBA wholesaling worth it in 2022? You may have heard people saying that Amazon FBA is dead, but why is that? Thousands of new sellers join the Amazon marketplace each day, and it only increased during the pandemic. Amazon has become saturated with sellers selling every product imaginable. All these sellers are competing for the lowest price, bringing the ROI lower.

Further Challenges

The entry of Chinese manufacturers into the marketplace in 2021 made the situation more difficult as many sellers were now competing on price with the manufacturers they sourced the products from. 75% of sellers were based in China. Market saturation and the increasing price of Amazon fees have also further increased the challenges that new sellers have to face.


With so many sellers entering the market and selling the same product, you have to either find a product that sells that only has a few sellers listing it to compete for the buy box, or create your own unique product that no one else has. Then there's also the problem of having your product actually show up on the first few pages of the search page. You will need excellent reviews to rank higher, but you also need to sell to get those reviews.

Is Financial Success Still Possible?

Yes, you can still achieve tremendous success as an Amazon FBA seller. You just have to find a new and innovative strategy that solves these problems. Keep in mind that you need to put a lot of time, effort, and money into getting your Amazon FBA business to succeed.

As Jatz said, it's a semi-passive business. Amazon handles the orders, shipping, and payment, but you still have to spend a lot of time finding great products to sell, keeping up to date on trends, and constantly monitoring your prices.

Jatz Naran Alternatives

Adura Sanya coaches his Sanya Method program. In it, he teaches his students to improve their marketing to where they make 5 to 10 wholesale deals per month. The top marketing strategy he teaches is to perform targeted advertising to ensure you grab the attention of your ideal buyers or sellers. There is a private Facebook group and Adura hosts weekly coaching calls. 

Price: The Sanya Method costs $997.

More Info: The Sanya Method Review

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