Jerry Norton’s Flipping Mastery Review:  Can Flipster Software Streamline the Process of House Flipping?

April 7, 2024

Flipping Mastery is an online academy that teaches how to build a house flipping business through in-person training, one-on-one coaching, and digital tools. This program is owned and coached by multi-million realtor Jerry Norton. It has two offerings as of writing: Flipster software and Fast Track Intensive. Flipster is a cloud-based software for flippers and realtors, while the Fast Track Intensive is a two-day in-person coaching event. 

In this Flipping Mastery review, we’ll cover the Flipster software (features and advantages), Fast Track Intensive coaching module breakdown, the costs (both program and software), Jerry Norton (career, net worth, personal life, and money-making methods), what people say online, success stories, the house flipping business model and recent statistics, the value you get from the software and course, and the 10K Club. 

Flipping Mastery Pros and Cons 

Flipping Mastery Pros

Easy to Understand: The course gives step-by-step instructions on how to start a house-flipping business. 

Proven Course: Flipping Mastery has an established name and reputation in the industry. 

Coaching Calls: One-on-one coaching calls with Jerry allow you to raise questions that will help you grow your flipping business. 

Learn from the Expert: Jerry has been a realtor for over 16 years and has proven his credibility in coaching real estate. He is one of the most sought-after realtors in the US. 

Live Coaching: Fast Track Flipping program is one of the very few courses that conduct in-person coaching and face-to-face, one-on-one coaching. 

Opportunity for Partnership: Jerry partners with some of his students either by buying the deal or finding buyers for the qualified deals. The team handles the process, and you split the profit 50/50, so you earn while you learn. 

Limited Slots: Only 10 participants can join the in-person training per batch to maintain quality of learning.  

Flipping Mastery Cons

Steep Price: Fast Track Intensive in-person training costs $12K to $17K per student

Not for Everyone: Jerry carefully screens his live training participants, not everyone will be given the opportunity to join. 

Alternatives: There's a good deal of software similar to Flipster with a good reputation online, like PropStream and PropWire.


Flipster software is $97 monthly, the price of Fast Track Intensive is $12K to $17K per student

Refund Policy

No refund mentioned. 


Flipping Mastery LLC was started in 2014, the Flipster Software was launched in 2015. 


Jerry is one of the best real estate coaches in the US. He is 100% legit and has many positive reviews and recommendations from past students. The Flipster software is one of the best tools for a real estate investor. 

What is Flipping Mastery LLC? 

Flipping Mastery LLC is an online training and real estate software company owned by Jerry Norton. He started this company in 2014 (based on his LinkedIn) to help wholesalers, realtors, and flippers grow their real estate and flipping business. Today, the company provides learning opportunities and mastery training through the Fast Track Intensive program. The company also owns Flipster software, a real estate tool for house flipping, investing, property acquisition, renovation, construction, buy-and-sell, and more. 

Is Flipping Mastery Legit? 

Yes, Flipping Mastery is legit and one of the most popular programs for real estate investors in the US. It received many positive reviews and recommendations online. Anyone can become a better flipper and realtor with this program and streamline their flipping processes with the Flipster software. 

Fast Tack Intensive participants happily share their success stories

What Are the Programs Offered by Flipping Mastery?

Fast Track Intensive

Fast Track Intensive is a 2-day, in-person training, and one-on-one coaching with Jerry. Each batch of the Fast Track program is limited to 10 participants only. Participants are selected through an online application, screening, and interview to ensure only motivated sellers with the will and grit to learn Jerry’s methods join the training. The reason for this is that Jerry wants to ensure the best learning environment for everyone taking part in the coaching event. Applying for a slot in this flipping mastery program is free. 

What's in the Program?

Module 1: Learning the fundamentals of real estate investing 

Module 2: Walk-through on Flipster software's features and how-to-use guide 

Module 3: Walk-through on how to find private lenders to fund flips 

Module 4: Writing good ads and walk-through on ads creation plus tips on writing high-converting ads 

Module 5: Advanced Lead Flipping Tactics in a live question-and-answer session on making money with a lead-flipping strategy. 

Flipster Software

Flipster is a software that provides investors with a digital tool for finding, funding, and flipping properties. Inside the Flipster system, you can access property analyzers, email marketing tools, virtual training, personalized websites, and other realtor-focused features. Its interface allows users to filter search results based on criteria like location, property price, and the estimated ROI from the flip. You also get access to over 150 million properties, including Craigslist list, private lenders, vacant lots, REOs, pre-foreclosures, cash buyers, out-of-state owners, absentee owners, and more. The "deep trace" feature is one highlight of this software where users access data points, including landline & mobile numbers, demographics, and email addresses. Flipster is cloud-based so you don't have to install it on your laptop, and it works in all 50 states in the US. 

Lead Stacking Search Tool

10,000 monthly leads, access to more leads is available with an additional charge 

Motivated Seller Site

Your customized website


Access to a list of comparable values and estimates relevant for real estate investors 

Property Workflow 

Step-by-step training in closing real estate deals with videos, scripts, and ready-to-use template

Contract Library 

Access to legally approved contracts you can use in your dealings

 The Flipper Score 

A proprietary algorithm for ranking MLS properties

Assignment Generator Pro

Digital contract creator tool with an e-signature feature for cash transactions

Leads Dashboard

For finding buyers, sellers, and lenders in different markets

Offer Generator Pro

 Ready-to-use tool for generating offers in minutes

Custom Websites

Your virtual space to make you more trustworthy in your dealings 

Funding Network 

Access to over 100 lenders

Training Center 

An online training platform for wholesaling, flipping houses, financial freedom, finding a cash buyer, and making an income from real estate investing

Rehabbing Tools

An all-in-one tool for renovation management that includes a budget tracker, contractor management, and a rehab checklist. It gives you an estimate of the project’s cost in just 15 minutes.

Instant Deal Analyzer 

A tool that tells you the ideal offer price and your potential earnings. 

Ringless Voicemail 

A technology that sends recorded messages direct to your inbox. 

List Dashboard 

For launching direct mail, RVM, and skip tracing

Deep Skip Tracing 

A deep trace method for extracting customer information and data points 

Can the Flipster Software Streamline the Process of House Flipping?

Yes, the Flipster software can streamline the process of house flipping. The contract library feature, for example, is a collection of ready-to-use, attorney-approved contracts you can use in your transactions. So, you don't have to draft contracts from scratch. The feature called "comps" assists you in comparing properties and approximating values, eliminating the need for you to manually search and compare. You also see other info about the property, like the year it was built and the price it was sold for. Offer Generator Pro reduces the time you need to draft an offer into minutes instead of working on it for hours. Funding Network connects you to over a hundred lenders, Rehabbing Tools aid in budgeting and managing construction projects, Instant Deal Analyzer helps you come up with the best offer, and lots of other features that make your job as a flipper easier. 

What Does Flipster Do, and How Does It Work?

Flipster works as an all-in-one platform for real estate investors. The database gives users nationwide access to over 150 million properties in the US, including Craigslist and MLS leads. Narrow the search result by filtering based on criteria like location and price. 

Start a search by entering a zip code, and then the system generates the leads. Deep Skip Tracing tool gives users information on their prospects like contact info and demographics. You can then estimate the property’s value through comparable values.

Is Flipster a Monthly Subscription?

Yes. Flipster is a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime you want. 

Does Flipster Have a Free Trial?

Yes, you can try Flipster for free by signing up for their 7-day free trial. This will give you a glimpse of what’s inside the platform before you commit to paying $97 for it monthly. 

Flipster vs. Propstream 

Propstream is Flipster's closest competitor. We'll compare the two real estate software in the table below. 


 $97 monthly 

$99 monthly

Free Trial

7-day free trial 

7-day free trial 

Monthly Leads




Deep skip tracing tool, private lenders, email marketing, deal analyzer, offer generator, contact library, and more. 

Real estate comparables, finding properties, renovation costs, marketing automation, and database of foreclosed properties. 

Extra Features

Bulk text messaging, ringless voicemail drops, direct mail, emails, VA service, line answering service, rehab analyzer, cost estimator, agent offer sheet, and offer tracking

Skip tracing, campaigns section, send postcards and voice mail drops 


Desktop, laptop, and phone 

Laptop and phone 


One of the best software for realtors in the US

A popular database for real estate investors with good online reviews

Ease of Use

Database loads slower compared to Popstream

Popstream has a better interface, loads results faster, and is easier to use. 


Popstream is more streamlined, optimized, and user-friendly, but Flipster has more features that are very useful for realtors. Flipster also has a better skip-tracing feature, which is an essential factor to consider. 

What is Jerry Norton's 10K Club? 

The 10K Club is a finder's program by Jerry Norton for internet hustlers who want to make $10,000 by virtually wholesaling real estate properties. In this partnership program, Jerry pays $10K for every great deal referred to him through online submission in the Deal Genie software. The property should meet Jerry's criteria of an excellent property for flipping. If he likes the property, he'll pay a $10K finder's fee and takes care of the rest. 

Inside the 10K Club, members access tools for finding good property deals online. Deal Genie does a quick analysis on the prospect deal, Automated Deal Finder sends lists to your email, DataCruncher extracts a list of sellers with just a zip code, and other tools that will make property-hunting easier. As bonus, members get "Fix and Flip Riches Training" from Flipping Mastery for free. 

Why Do You Need to Pay $1K To Join the 10K Club?

To join Flipping Mastery's 10K Club members pay a deposit of $1K. According to Jerry, this is to ensure that only those who are serious about doing business will join the club. The $1K deposit is returned to you with your $10K finder's commission on your first closed deal. After that, you can continue closing deals without any deposit while enjoying free access to tools. 

10K Club Refund

Jerry guarantees that if you submit at least one listing into the Deal Genie portal for three straight months and still did not close a deal, you'll get your deposit back.

Who is Jerry Norton?

Jerry Norton is the founder and CEO of Flipping Mastery LLC. He is a licensed real estate broker and a multiple 6-figure entrepreneur. Aside from his paid coaching program, Jerry is a social media rockstar, sharing free content on flipping, wholesaling properties, finding buyers, finding deals, personal finance, and real estate investing tips. His YouTube Channel, Flipping Mastery TV, has over 456K subscribers and 2.1K video uploads as of writing. 

Jerry was born and raised in Michigan. In his early twenties, he dug holes for a construction company. From here, he worked his way up through hard work and perseverance by wholesaling houses in Detroit, Michigan. Since then, he flipped over $100 million worth of properties and became one of the best real estate coaches in the US. Aside from being a businessman, Jerry is a devoted husband and father to 10 children and actively serves in the church. In his free time, he enjoys boating and lifting weights.

Jerry Norton's Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jerry Norton as of 2022 is $6 million. He became a self-made millionaire at 30 years old and now owns the #1 software for realtors, Flipster. Aside from his flipping business, he also runs a Michigan-based real estate brokerage and ventures multi-million dollar deals in home construction and development projects. 

How Does Jerry Norton Make Money? 

Jerry makes money through his luxury flips, wholesale partnerships, coaching courses & partner deals, YouTube content creation, and the Flipster real estate software. 

YouTuber Tim Oppelt breaks down how Jerry makes money in an episode in his channel. Here's what he found: 

YouTube Ad Revenue is 5% of his net income (approx. $270K)

Real Estate Investments [Luxury Flips] is 45% of his net income (approx. $3M)

Wholesale Partnerships are about 15% (approx. $1M)

Network, Coaching Course, & Partnership Deals about 20% (approx. $1M)

Software [Flipster] is about 15% (approx. $1.5M)

To which Jerry commented that although the numbers are not exactly accurate, he got the idea of how he made his fortune. 

Jerry Norton: Husband and Father 

Jerry and his wife, Ann Marie Norton, have been married for over 20 years. They live in Mesa, Arizona (sometimes in Puerto Rico) with their 10 kids (only 8 are in the photo), 7 boys and 3 girls. 

Books by Jerry Norton

  • How to Make a Million Dollars a Year Flipping Houses

    Published in Dec 2014 

  • Making Money in Real Estate: Without Buying, Fixing, or Managing a Single Property | Published in Dec 2017

  • How to Get Rich Flipping Notes: 6 Simple Steps for Flipping Notes at Home 

    Published in August 2016

Hanif Sykes' Testimonial: How He Made A $42K Wholesale Deal (and Gave Back To The Seller!)

Haniff's Background and Journey into Real Estate

Haniff Sykes used to be a basketball player, but his life turned around when he had an injury, which forced him to stop playing. While recovering, he watched videos on YouTube about real estate investing, particularly wholesaling. He slowly ventured into real estate while working a full-time job. Haniff recalled that his first few deals were tough, but he learned a lot from them even though they didn't make big profits. 

How He Made A $42K Wholesale Deal

Haniff's big $42,000 deal started with a simple chat at work with a co-worker who asked for help to sell his mom's run-down house. The house was located in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, had tax problems and needed a ton of work to sell. Haniff posted the house for sale on Facebook Marketplace and received inquiries from interested buyers. After several negotiations, the house was sold for $109,000 and he made a good profit from it. 

Why Did He Give Back A Portion of His Profit To The Seller?

Haniff gave back a portion of his profit back to the seller out of kindness and generosity. The seller was an old woman who was financially challenged and owed a lot in taxes. He gave $10,000 from his profit to the seller to help her with fines and in moving her stuff to a storage facility. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: The interview did not mention how long it took Haniff to sell the property. On average, wholesaling a property can take from 3 to 6 months. While others report completing a wholesale deal in just 45 days, it usually takes 4 months on average. 

What Is Real Estate Flipping?

Real estate flipping is the process of purchasing a distressed property under market value, rehabbing or renovating it, and selling it for profit. With flipping, the goal is to purchase a property and generate cash from the sale in the short term. In 2022, house flipping had the highest sales recorded. More than 400K single-family homes and condo units were flipped. This number is 14% up from the previous year. 

How Much Can You Earn From a House Flip?

The average return on investment for a house flip is 26.9%, while the average gross profit is $67K (based on 2022 data). Some reports say that flippers only make 10% to 20% after all expenses have been deducted. 

Let's assume a 16% return, the sample computation would be: 

$100,000 property flipping project = $16,000 net profit 

$200,000 property flipping project = $ 32,000 net profit 

$300,000 property flipping project = $ 48,000 net profit

What is the 70% Rule? 

The 70% rule is a guide for house flippers that states they shouldn't buy distressed properties that are more than 70% of the property's value after renovation (or after-repair value). Profitability in this business relies on finding properties under market value and selling them high after the repairs. It's a general rule of thumb, but it should not be the only basis for your investing decisions. Consider the current market condition at the time of your purchase.

How Long Does It Take to Flip a House?

It takes 6 months to a year to flip a house from when it was purchased. Expert flippers can complete the property flip in just 3 to 6 months, while rookies take at least 12 months to complete a project. 

Average House-Flipping Timeline

Finding a Property to Buy and Flip: 30 to 60 Days

An old, distressed, or foreclosed property with great flip potential, ideally in a decent location, would be a good deal. 

Repair and Renovation Work: 45 to 180 Days

The focus of the remodeling should be the bathroom upgrades, kitchen renovation, re-designing of the living areas, storage, lighting fixtures, floors, and painting work. 

Finding a Buyer for the Property: 30 to 90 Days 

You can either list the property on real estate websites or find a broker and pay their fee. If you're an expert realtor or a natural salesperson, finding a buyer wouldn't take long. 

Selling the House: 30 to 60 Months 

Once you find a buyer, the last stage is to complete the sale of the property. At this stage, you'll settle costs related to the sale, like outstanding property taxes, utility connection, and mortgage repayments (if applicable). 

Flipping Master Alternative Courses

  • Cody Sperber’s Do Deals With Me is an online training that teaches everything you need to know about flipping properties. Like Jerry, Cody Sperber also offers a deal partnership that gives students an opportunity to earn 50% profit.
  • Lincoln Edwards’ Austin Flipsters is an online academy that teaches how to make money through real estate flipping in Austin, Texas. A onetime payment for the course gives you lifetime access to over 20 hours of training module. 
  • Jake Leicht’s The Flip Secrets is an online course that teaches a method of house flipping using other people's money (OPM). In this course, students will learn how to finance, renovate, and sell properties without taking money from their own pockets.
  • Glenn and Amber Schworm's Home Flipping Workshop is a 3-day online event that teaches the system used by the couple to succeed in house flipping. The workshop fee costs $59. 

House Flipping: Booming Business But Decreasing in Profitability? 

Despite its increasing popularity, ROI from house flipping dropped by more than half over a 5-year period from 2017 to 2022. The rising median of family homes is one reason for the decline. As a risky business with high capital requirements and decreasing ROI, is house flipping still a worthy business venture? 

The house flipping business is only worth investing in if you have enough understanding of the fix and flip biz and have substantial capital to fund the venture. You should also know how to make accurate renovation cost estimates and handle the potential risks involved in the process. 

If you're skeptical about investing in real estate properties, better explore opportunities in digital real estate through local lead generation. In real estate investing, you need to be aware of market trends and zoning laws, have a clear financial plan, and make accurate estimates of costs and expenses. But, you don't have to worry about all these in digital real estate. 

Your only goal is to build digital properties and rank them on Google. Ranked sites are like billboards in prime locations in the physical world. They generate leads you can sell to local business owners at 85% margins. It's a passive income stream that doesn't require much maintenance work. 

I've been in this biz since 2014, each site makes me at least $2K monthly. House flipping will take much of your time and effort, but digital real estate investing makes money even in your sleep. 

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