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Job Killing Review – What Really Happened, Calling Out the Haters

August 25, 2023

I joined job killing back in 2014, back then the program was ran by Dan Klein and Brad Campbell 

This program has changed my life, because it taught me a skill of generating customers for small businesses and I've been self-employed since 2015 because of it.

Guess what? this business model still works and this program is still going strong.

But there is a reason why we are not using the brand name "Job Killing" anymore.

This brand did get attacked by some haters that were never even part of the group.

But before we get into the nitty gritty.

If you're still in doubt whether this program is legit or scam. Let me end that question once & for all. Look at all the recent testimonials from below.

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    June 28, 2024

See for yourself brand new testimonials we're updating DAILY from our private Facebook group of 7400 students. We are now one of the biggest digital marketing programs out there.

Dan has been consistently doing the live coaching calls TWICE per week, every week since 2014... that's dedication.

Just check out my youtube channel where I'm uploading all these different clips from his live weekly coaching calls.

Also this page shows pictures from our 2020 Las Vegas event, ya our group is full of activity.

Now we got that out of the way.

Let's go back some time and look at the history of what happened to the brand name Job Killing & how it all went down.

Job Killing was Started by Dan & Brad in 2014

Dan Klein (pictured on the right) had the business model of generating phone calls for small business owners, he approached Brad Campbell (pictured on the left) to be his partner because at the time Brad had a pretty awesome blog called where he was getting bunch of organic traffic.

That's how I found out about Job Killing because I stumbled upon Brad's blog a year prior because in 2013 I joined a network marketing company called Empower Network, which Brad was promoting.

Brad's an awesome copywriter so his blog just stuck out in my memory and I would revisit that site from time to time, in 2014, I discovered that he was talking about a new business model of generating customers for small businesses and he was calling it Job Killing. 

Now, Brad's blog is called Millyuns.

The business model made sense and I jumped on it with both feet...

Its simple if you want to make good money in life, you need a product or a skill that solves a major problem for people.

Well, small business owners all across the world are struggling with internet marketing because they're simply too busy running their business and they have no idea how Google's algorithm works.

This is where we can come in and deliver a service of getting top rankings in Google and delivering customers to these small business owners, they're making more money as a result so they have no problems paying us a small fee on a monthly basis.

7 months later I had 5 clients from the lead-gen properties I built (similar to what u see above) and I was able to quit my job, I've been self-employed ever since. 

Needless to say, my quality of my life has drastically improved because of these guys.

Dan Klein is the Mastermind Behind Many Other Digital Marketing Programs

Dan has helped spawn many other digital marketing course creators. Most people don't know they were all former student of Dan. Some are still partners with Dan behind the scenes while others parted ways.

At the end of the day, Dan is the innovator with net worth of $25 million. He's level above most online course creators imo.

Why You Don't See the Brand of "Job Killing" Anymore

Well back in 2016, when Dan & Brad were running over a million dollars in ad spend per month, one person that was not even a student of ours, decided to start making these fake "Job Killing is a scam" videos on youtube.

Back then people weren't really running ads for courses like that on Facebook so his videos got a lot of traffic right away.

He then sold his own program to profit from that traffic he stole by completely lying about the program and talking complete nonsense about Dan & Brad and the program.

He was a lil' psycho because he kept making these videos day in and day out.

Most of these have been removed from youtube now but back then it hurt the conversion.

Brad did not like the negative press and he decided to quit.

They did some investigation on this guy and it turns out he was an internet extortion artist. He was doing these negative campaigns on other programs too and his offer was that he would take them down if they paid him $20K.

Anyway, no way Dan was gonna do that, they tried to take him to court but with matters of the internet it became a cat and mouse game. Eventually his trolling activity stopped.

Maybe 1 year after that, I was recruited by Dan to help rebuild the program again.

But this time to keep the name "Job Killing" out of it so that internet trolls can't target us.

Fast forward to today, our program is now stronger than ever.

Lead Gen Takes Too Much Time?

Oh and since then we also had other former students try to rip us off but there is only one OG, one original program and that's us.

First of all, this guy didn't "quit" job killing, he was kicked out of the group because of some disputes, which I rather not get into it here because I don't like to publicly out people or defame them.

I will say that I do remember him from back in the day, posting testimonials in our FB group, landing his first ever clients so I know that he def learned his skills and got his first success thanks to Dan's training.

I just wanna address couple things he says in that video.

He claims that he doesn't recommend the JK model because 

1. It takes too much time

2. You have to outlay the cash yourself first

I've been doing this since 2014, and trust me when I say that only my lead gen clients have stuck around with me since the beginning.

All my SEO clients eventually cancel the contract after 6-8 months usually.

"It takes too much time" is the exact reason why you want to do the JK method because imaging spending 8 months to rank a client's site doing SEO, and then once you put all that hard work in, he cancels the contract and stops paying you.

Well you can't get that time back.

Now you have to start over from scratch.

Whereas if you build the properties you own, like we teach, then once the work and time has been put in, you own that property forever so you're going to get paid forever.

For example this tree service site has been making me $2000 per month since 2015

Tree Care Service Gif

I've yet to have any SEO client with this level of longevity.

Don't get me wrong.

There is a time and place for SEO clients, and in LG we still show people how to get SEO clients if you're strapped for cash.

We call it the "fast money" play.

Something you can do to get money coming in today.

But we also educate students on the fact that SEO clients will eventually leave you, you do not want to rely on SEO clients, you want to always be building & ranking your own assets. Because that's what's gonna stick long-term. And give you that peace of mind and freedom.

Even Robert Kiyosaki from Rich Dad Poor Dad will tell you:

Making passive income is all about owning your own assets.

If you don't own any assets, you don't control your own income.

You're still an employee that's doing SEO for other companies.

You can be fired at anytime and lose your income.

When I own my digital properties that rank at the top of Google, no one can take that away from me.

With so many local business owners in the area, I know I will always get paid for that property.

Who is Ippei Kanehara? My Results with JK

I'm the owner of this blog and one of the original students of JK. 

I went from making $2000 per month to within a year inside JK making $10K per month of passive income. I was able to quit my job in 2015 and I've been self-employed ever since. You can read more about my story here: About Ippei Kanehara

Guys & gals take my word for it, I've been doing this online thing fulltime since 2014.

I'm one of the top student in JK.

I went from driving a beat up car to driving a Tesla Model S P100D, their fastest model available.

To living in a house nicer than I ever thought possible at age 30.

I post this not to brag but to show clear evidence of what JK & Dan's coaching has allowed me to achieve in life, its incredible.

Anyone can make income claims on the internet.

But without being able to see clear evidence of their lifestyle, all that stuff can be faked.

Well this is why I show my Instagram account in the open so that people can clearly see that I'm not all talk.

My Personal Relationship with Dan

In September of 2018, I moved from Michigan to California so that I can live 5 min away from Dan.

If that tells you anything about how much I believe in this guy and the respect I have for him as my mentor.

Over the past year, I've been fortunate enough to hang out with him more on a personal level and also began working as his partner now promoting the JK program, which is def a program that I can fully get behind because I know to the deepest core of my being that it is an exceptional program that changes lives.

Not only based on the results I saw for myself but all the countless testimonials I've seen over the YEARS with other students ever since I joined the program in 2014.

And yes its going stronger than ever in 2020.

Since I started working more closely with Dan, I can tell you that he's actually the most thoughtful and ethical person that I've done business with. Even though that might not be the first impression you get because some people think he comes across at bit brash on first impression.

I love his "no bullcrap" style of coaching though, because he's not afraid to tell you what you need to hear instead of what you wanna hear.

He has been so instrumental in getting me to where I'm at today. And I'm still learning from him.

Yea I pretty much learned the biz model in 3 months but as an entrepreneur there was so much more that I learned from Dan over the years.

IMO that's the difference of being a real professional versus a pretender, a broke digital marketer.

Anyone can claim they're a "digital marketer" but the real question is how long have they been able to sustain real financial success and their social media accounts should indicate some signs of that financial success in my opinion.

I'm not saying everyone should "flex" on social media, but there should be some evidence such as more vacations or new car or new house... because over the years I've heard from Dan and others that so many people make up their numbers & straight up LIE.

Without clear tangible physical evidence, I have to take anyone's own self-reported numbers with a grain of salt.

Here's me, Dan & his wife Tori hanging out on my Birthday this year in 2022

Now I'm partners with Dan and help promote this program and even teach others new tips & tricks I learned since I started this business in 2014.

In 2020 During a Pandemic We Still Pulled Off Our Annual Vegas Event, 300 People Showed Up

Headline above says it all.

I'm so grateful to be part of this group.

Dan is always there to guide us all and is always teaching us a lesson about business and life.

He took this year as an opportunity to teach us a lesson about entrepreneurship, where you have to be nimble and make best of the situation presented. 

Life is about being able to make lemonade out of lemons, not about wishing you didn't have lemons.


I'm more sold about the business model that Job Killing taught now more than ever after I've seen just how long-term my passive income stream has been from these lead-gen sites that's been paying me consistently since 2014.

In 2019 I even spoke on stage at our annual Vegas event.

This business model of generating leads for small business by ranking websites & generating free traffic has out performed every other online businesses I've tried in the last few years including: dropshipping, Amazon FBA & affiliate marketing.

It's repeatable and scalable, which is empowering because it gives you the ability to continually give yourself a raise in your income:

Yes Job Killing program is still alive & doing better than ever before.

Now that I live closer to Dan, we get to collaborate on new training & new events for the group.

Our testimonials speak for themselves, updated with the most recent feedback of 2020.

Go to this page to get started with this coaching & check out more testimonials.

Talk to you soon,


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Ippei Kanehara

$52K per month providing lead generation services to small businesses is for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners.

His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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  1. ippei, hope you are well I'm in Michigan you've actually lived just north of me probably 10 miles I'm in Redford area anyways I watched your webinar a couple weeks ago, I kept the sales page I saved it, and so I signed up last night.

  2. Hey Ippei, i wanted to find out about getting back into the group. I also am an original member from 2015-16 when Dan & Brad themselves spoke with me on the phone and signed me up. I still have a few of my original sites still working and providing leads to this day and I still use Callsling.

    Let me know what your course is now and now and the cost please.

    Thank you,
    Sean Coons

    1. Hey Sean! If you purchased our coaching program you’re still a member. If you have questions or want to speak with one of our coaches you can use this link: and they can get you sorted out. Look forward to connecting.

  3. I can't wait to get started, I just need to wait for my 'side hustle' bank account to grow a bit more before I have funds available to commit!

    I'm excited about the prospect of being able to win whilst local businesses win too! 🙂

  4. Hi Ippei
    I have been looking into lead generation and getting very interested.

    Can you tell me roughly if possible about how much the program/course costs?

    Just seeing if now is right for me to try get in or wait little bit till I have the budget.


    1. Book a call with us through this link!
      It’s free and we can give you all the info you need.
      Pricing depends on the different packages, but we’ll be able to go through those on the phone.


      1. Hi Ippei,

        So thrilled about this model!
        I'm a recent grad in debt and the only thing reason i'm hesitant is because of the steep price tag.
        Do you offer a student discount or reduced payment plan for those who need it? I've had a call already but the cost is just too much for me right now.

  5. Glad to see this today. I recently joined the program somewhat skeptical as it is not cheap but is an investment in the future. The training is awesome and even a tech novice like me understands the process……

    Dan seems like a great guy. The FB group has been great. The training overwhelming but like any new career takes time to learn and process the information…..Rinse and repeat is definitely tried and true.

    Having financial freedom, not being tied to a desk, working when I want, spending time with family is priceless to me. I am in my 60’s and was tied to the corporate for way too long. I live in the Northeast and told my wife we will be spending the Winter this year in Florida. That is the freedom this cater gives you. Hard work? DEFINITELY….worth it. OH YEAH…..Dan gives it straight….got to hustle and put in the work….but the payday will come.

    There will always be haters…….but they are the ones who haven’t spent a dime on investing in themselves or didn’t follow the program……

  6. Ippei,

    I was so excited to come across your post. I hope you can help me out. I purchase the program when it was Brad & Dan but did not follow through at the time. A lot was happening and then when I finally went back to it, I could not get into the program to review the materials that I purchased. I am looking into the exact dates of purchase This may have been around the time it switched over to you and Dan. I would like to start this up finally, can someone reach out and let me know how I can access the information. Is it a matter of new account?

    Thank you for looking into this,

    Tamara Donnelly

  7. Hey Ippei,

    Great blog and congrats on your success!

    I bought into the program, last year August and, while chasing shiny objects, I find myself ready to really move forward and provide for my family in ways unimaginable.

    Honestly, I am really frustrated because I have chosen not to take massive action and the testimonies have really kicked my ass to move forward.

    Anyways, thanks again for all that you do and I look forward to being the testimony.


    MIke repluk

  8. Awesome setting the record straight. Dan is no joke and truly wants people to succeed and does everything humanly possible to ensure.

    But he can put in your personal work effort. People need to execute. Take action on what is provided. The Value Prop provided is insane.

    To the hatters – move along, just move along.

    Thanks again for the blog.

  9. 100% true, I love Dan Klein myself and learned lead generation from his program – I can't say enough good things about Dan or his program – from being a young smart fearless entrepreneur but his will to share and teach others and lead thousands of people – he's so inspiring, so great. His program is worth 4x what he charges for it whatever that is nowadays – I joined in 2016 and it was a great decision because not only did I make my money back that I spent on the program many times over, the skills I have acquired will keep me ahead of the ball moving forward as an entrepreneur in my other endeavors. I also have a network of like entrepreneurs available to me because of Dan for the rest of my life. The extra bonus in conjunction with training is that Dan taught me how to be an entrepreneur, he's an outstanding mentor. Brad Campbell his original partner is also a really brilliant guy, really miss seeing him teach as well.

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