John Crestani has two main courses that he sells: Internet Jetset & Super Affiliate System.

What’s the difference?

Internet Jetset is just a 12 week course on all the different ways Affiliate Marketers can make money online.

The basics and some solid Facebook ads training.

Super Affiliate System is the upsell of Internet Jetset and it dives much deeper into how to run paid advertising like Facebook Ads or Native ads to get sales with Affiliate Marketing.

It gets more specific & detailed as to what successful ads look like and various landing page templates are shared as well.

I’ve taken the training and spent a lot of time last year learning & doing affiliate marketing with Facebook ads & some native. I even hired John’s partner Carlos Cruz for 1-on-1 mentorship.

I made some money with it but in 2020, I’ve stopped running my affiliate marketing ads but rather started focusing on building more of my lead generation business which is doing $50K per month (nearly all profit) for me and also this blog to promote the coaching program that taught me the lead gen biz model.

I’ll explain why I chose lead gen over affiliate marketing in this review as I go over the pros & cons of doing affiliate marketing with paid ads.

What kind of results can you expect from what is taught inside Internet Jetset & Super Affiliate System?

As well as show you guys some of the ads I’ve used to get sales as an affiliate and various things I learned from John Crestani and Carlos Cruz.

Internet Jetset Course Review & Summary

Internet Jetset is a $47 purchase for affiliate marketing training where you learn how to earn commission by promoting affiliate offers on social media or making review type of sites.

Google Training

This is about finding profitable keywords and longer tail keywords to rank for using Google Keyword Planner, you also see some review site examples. Gives you some ideas as to what other types of obscure niches are out there. Is it still possible to rank on the page 1 of Google with this training? That’s the question. For me, I employ additional SEO skills like building backlinks using my own private blog network (PBN) which is how I’m able to consistently rank on page 1 of Google much easier to grow my local lead generation business. With affiliate marketing you usually need more backlinks, so I feel this additional training on backlink building is lacking in this course.

Youtube Training

Consistency is more important than anything else when it comes to youtube. The challenge is for most people just starting out they’re not too much of an expert on anything so you’ll have more difficult time coming up with content ideas. Also what if you don’t wanna be on camera? Do you need youtube to succeed online? No you do not, John is just showing you all the different ways to earn affiliate commission. Just know that making 10 videos will not be enough, you need to really work at it for at least 6 months to a year before you’ll start to see some traction. Not to mention other intangibles like having some sort of charisma on camera.

Your Website

How to build your first affiliate site A through Z from setting up hosting, installing wordpress, setting up email auto responders, customization,etc

Copywriting Basics

Being a good writer is definitely part of online marketing, whether that’d be in your website or email sequences. This training gives you the basics on how to write content in a way that holds audience’s attention and get them to click on your links.

Authority Review Site

This training module you learn how to build an authority site in any niche & generate passive income. Again John does a great job explaining the basics of how this works but for me it didn’t go deep enough to reveal some of the more advanced skills required to dominate a niche with an authority site.

Namely you have to understand that just because you pick a niche that doesn’t seem competitive, the days of just starting a site and blogging about it and hoping that good content will be enough to get you to page 1 is over with. Back in 2012, this strategy worked. But now in 2020 and beyond, affiliate marketing has become so much more competitive, that you now need a system of creating high quality back links to your site or you simply will not rank.

For example, this site is an authority site about online business opportunities, and I make sure to write blog posts regularly but even I know damn well enough that simply writing good content ain’t gonna cut.

You see what really seperates me from the competition is my skills in backlink building.

This is something most of my readers don’t see.

A novice will look at my site and think its my long & detailed blog posts that’s at the root of this site’s success but that is actually not the case.

Its actually the fact that I am consistently building backlinks to this site that causes my site to rank higher & higher in the rankings

127 sites link to this site so far and more on the way.

If you Google “backlinking strategy” you might get bunch of free tips on going out and seeking guest post opportunities and going out and asking for links from other sites within your niche. These are all strategies that require tons of research, asking & hoping.

What high-level SEO guys do is to create our own sites to build links from, which requires a lot more blackbelt level training that is not covered in Internet Jetset.

And I wouldn’t expect that kind of training in a $47 course either, our coaching program on lead gen covers these other high-end backlinking strategies, but our course is definitely nowhere close to the same price range as Internet Jetset.

Facebook Ads for Affiliates

This portion is taught by John’s friend Carlos Cruz

He’ll teach you how to set up Facebook advertising campaigns and how to be successful with running affiliate offers on Facebook.

In 2017, I actually hired Carlos Cruz for $10,000 to be my 1-on-1 mentor so that I can master this skill of making affiliate money with Facebook ads.

The big difference between what’s laid out on this course and hiring him 1-on-1 is that the Internet Jetset course sort of gives you the basic guidelines to run Facebook ads, what to do/what not to do & best practices.

With 1-on-1, Carlos actually becomes your partner where you split the profit 50/50 and Carlos gives you what offer to run and what kind of ads to use.

Going through the mentorship with Carlos was a great learning lesson for me on the pros & cons of running Facebook ads for affiliate offers, & how challenging it can be if you got no guidance because even with 1-on-1 guidance, it was still challenging.

I was average around $2000 to $3000 in profit and required to spend around 2 hours per day on managing the ads.

And some months were really slow as well like in December, I pretty much broke even which is disappointing because I still had to spend all those hours managing the ads.

Final Word on Internet Jetset

$47 is a really cheap price to pay to learn all of these skills, you’re definitely going to get a solid understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

I personally make money online mostly with my local lead generation business, and last year I definitely put a lot of effort into building some sort of affiliate income stream but ultimately in 2020 its only 5% of my total income.

Here’s the challenge I see for most people joining Internet Jetset

Most will not understand just how much traffic it requires to actually make some legit money with affiliate marketing.

Going the youtube route is challenging for most newbies because without some talent or some sort of expertise, you’re extremely limited on content creation & growing an audience.

Free Facebook or social media strategies? Good luck with that, its a lot of work for not that much return imo such as joining groups & posting comments, etc.

And as we already discussed extensively above, building an authority site is also extremely challenging if you don’t have some high-level SEO skills. Building a site doesn’t do you any good if its on page 5 of Google’s search rankings.

The most legit way I see inside this course for traffic generation is running Facebook paid ads

Carlos Cruz knows what he’s doing, I’ve worked with him 1-on-1, he shares a lot of great stuff on Internet Jetset but obviously not all the secret sauces either because I’ve spent $10K on him to coach me 1-on-1.

Could you still use Internet Jetset training to become successful running Fb ads? I believe so, but you will need plenty of budget put aside for adspend.

So a small mistake can become really costly when running paid ads.

There’s a reason why John’s upsell is the Super Affiliate System which is the more advanced training on running paid ads for affiliate marketing.

This should also indicate that to actually make good money with affiliate marketing you need to become really good with paid ads.

Facebook ads or native ads.

Ranking a website for affiliate marketing is just too difficult & time consuming for most newbies. I do not recommend it. If you’re still not making at least 6 figures online, you shouldn’t be trying to rank affiliate sites. You’re much better off going local with lead generation first till you’re making at least $10K per month.

Let’s now review John’s main course…

Super Affiliate System Review & Summary

This is more in-depth into how to run FB ads or native ads to make affiliate sales

Such as various landing page templates that John & his team uses, what kind of offers are killing it, more into the copy & psychological triggers that gets sales.

When you run paid ads to an affiliate offer, everything has to be on point or you can easily spend money & not get any sales or not make enough sales to where you actually generate some profits.

Here’s the most important things

  1. The image you use on the ad (most important by far)
  2. The copy of the ad
  3. The Landing Page
  4. The Offer itself

Here’s an example of a FB ad that I created with the help of Carlos & Super Affiliate System Training

Because this offer was for an anti-aging skin cream, this image works really well because you’re highlighting a pain point and we make buying decisions based on two things: Either to move towards pleasure or move away from pain.

The ad copy does the same thing & also doesn’t explain everything on first sight. A good ad copy leaves you wanting for more, it creates questions within your mind, aka open loops, that makes you want to click through to find out, to close the loop.

What’s interesting is that its not even important to close that loop on the landing page, you can drive them all the way to the offer page, it works.

There’s another skill you need when you start running FB ads like this though.

These ads are considered pretty aggressive, because it has the potential to make people feel bad, as you continue to run ads like these, your ad account will get banned eventually.
So you need a system where you can acquire new FB ad accounts continuously. Bit too technical to explain here but its part of the gig.

What are Native Ads?

Native ads are those picture ads you see on certain sites across the internet.

They look like this

Most of those images you see above with the exception of the CBD Oil one will not pass Facebook’s TOS, they would def get your account banned real quick.

With Native ad platforms, their policy is a lot less strict and you can run ads like these.

The course will walk you through how to set up these account and begin running your campaigns.

A good strategy: to always keep your eye open for what kind of ads your competition is running and try to duplicate their success.

Here’s some of my anti-wrinkle ads that I created

I’ve made some money but ultimately I went back to building my business on free traffic instead let me explain why.

Building Your Business on Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

So paid traffic is obviously attractive because you can start generating traffic right away and you can scale much faster.

The problem though with paid ads is that it requires constant maintenance and tweaking so its not completely hands-off auto pilot money like free traffic.

And if you’re not careful you can easily lose money instead of make money, if your conversion numbers ain’t top notch.

And in the affiliate world, things are changing so fast that you really need to have some budget to be able to play in this game effectively. Not be scared to manage dozens of different ad accounts testing many many different ads at once.

The work load of just maintaining ad performance & watching over all the metrics becomes quite time consuming real quick.

On top of that Facebook ad platform in general really hates affiliate marketing and for no good reason at all they can at anytime ban your ad account, which creates more work & headaches in trying to keep your affiliate business afloat.

For me affiliate marketing using paid advertising has been super inconsistent and very up & down so far.

Some days your ads do really well and then the very next day you might get zero conversions with the same ad, even though you spend another $100 or more.

At the end of each month I would total up how much money I actually made in profit versus how much time I spent everyday maintaining the ads, and ultimately the return on time invested just wasn’t as good as building my business on free traffic.

For example, I have a tree service lead generation site in Grand Rapids, MI which back then when I didn’t have virtual assistants to build the sites for me, probably took me around 4 hours to build from scratch and rank to page 1.

That site makes me $2000 (all profit) every month and I haven’t touched it in years.

That’s $24K in one year, for 4 hours of work.

To me that’s ultimate leverage.

Is it harder to rank sites organically & get free traffic versus running paid ads?

Yes, but not as hard as you think when you go into local rankings.

This is why I feel local lead generation is the #1 online business opportunity for someone just starting out in their online career.


Affiliate marketing for me is more for those that are already making at least $10K per month online or someone with already established personal brand (at least 50 to 100K in followers on their social media), or you have an established blog that you’ve been working on for years.

These are the types of people that can actually make decent money with affiliate marketing, or someone already making $10K per month and can put aside pretty good amount of money for SEO & Backlinking to build a powerful authority site that’s capable of generating serious free traffic or you have enough money to hire a team that not only manages paid ads for you but you got a system in place to create new ad accounts for you because you will run into issues of ad accounts getting banned.

Without constant tweaking of paid ads, I’ve found that running affiliate offers was very unstable.

If I’m working a 9 to 5 job still, I want to build an online business that I can count on month after month, a business that’s got stability.

I’ve heard bad stories of people going from making 6 figures online to zero because their entire business relied on paid ads and their ad account got shut down.

This is why I love my local lead generation business, it runs 100% on free traffic, meaning my sites are generating income for me without me ever touching it. Once you got superior backlinking skills and you can get sites to the top of the first page, then it pretty much stays ranked with no fiddling and virtually no expense… It just churns out cash for you everyday.

Our coaching program has made this process pretty dialed in at this point, so that any newbie can go out and produce results and be able to repeat the process over and over again in many different cities and niches fairly easily because local rankings are significantly easier to rank than affiliate marketing keywords.

Which makes this business much more scalable and longterm in my opinion Frankly so much easier to build a stable 6 figure online business from my experience.

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