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John Crestani Review – Super Affiliate System 3.0 (Affiliate Marketing Beginner Course)

June 14, 2024

John Crestani is world-renowned as a digital marketing guru who helped to pioneer the digital nomad movement through his podcast, Internet Jetset. He went from dropping out of college to generating upwards of $500,000/month while traveling the world. Affiliate marketing is a high-cost, high-risk business that will require a lot of skills and experience to succeed. It is commonly said that only 1% of affiliate marketers find success.

Reviews for John Crestani are mostly negative. His Super Affiliate System has a 2.5/5 rating on Trustpilot. The complaints point out the refund policy not being honored, the pushing of the course itself as the affiliate program, and the lack of support from customer service.

In this John Crestani review, we discuss the successful affiliate marketer himself and his premiere course, Super Affiliate System. We will also tackle on the affiliate program platform that John uses, ClickBank, and about the affiliate marketing business.

Who Is John Crestani?

John Crestani is a charismatic online business guru and YouTuber from Los Angeles, California. He attended Southern Methodist University - Cox School of Business from 2006 to 2008 and graduated with a BS in Business, according to his LinkedIn profile. John then went on to California State University, Northridge, where he received a BS in Marketing. He took part in many extracurricular activities during his college years, including the scuba and sailing team, the Entrepreneurs Club, College Republicans organization, and was a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. 

John Crestani’s first entrepreneurial success was selling products on eBay, which brought him $1,000 to $2,000/month, according to Forbes. His next business venture involved using his computer skills to get test answers for every online course at his university, which he then sold to fellow students for a profit. After graduating from college and at 22 years old, John started working as a pay-per-click advertising specialist for a marketing firm in Los Angeles, where he quickly became a star through his ability to scale client accounts. He eventually got fired from the job after his boss denied him of a pay raise, but not before building his own advertising agency on the side, which he used to transition into his own boss. 

After earning substantial sums through his own agency and affiliate marketing efforts, John put his energy into teaching and coaching others. He started his affiliate marketing course, Internet Jetset, which has since been rebranded into the Super Affiliate System. John also provides valuable marketing insights for free through is social media accounts. He is especially active on YouTube. 

What Is John Crestani's YouTube Channel?

John Crestani YouTube is John Crestani’s personal YouTube channel where he posts digital marketing videos for his audience. He also posts current trends that he takes part in, such as his video titled "How To Join The Roblox Affiliate Program." He started the channel in 2009 and has accumulated over 600,000 subscribers and over 30 million views during the channel's lifetime. 

What Is John Crestani's Net Worth?

John Crestani’s net worth is estimated at approximately $11.5 million, according to Tribune Info. In his YouTube bio, John Crestani claims to have earned over 7-figures each year since 2014, making this figure very realistic. John also owns a home in Malibu, California, where the median home listing price is $6.8 million. 

Is John Crestani on Forbes?

John Crestani Forbes is a Forbes Under 30 article that came out in 2016 titled, “How A 28-Year-Old Got Fired Then Built A $500K-A-Month Business While Traveling The World”, which detailed the success story of 28-year-old John Crestani. The article discussed how Crestani went from a 21-year-old college dropout to travelling the world as a millionaire.

Why Did John Crestani Lose Almost $1 Million?

John Crestani lost almost $1 million because of mismanaging his cash flow. He used revenue from his affiliate marketing business, which was a cash-flow-positive business, to fund his affiliate network, which was a cash-flow-negative business.

He also dealt with employee embezzlement, fraud, and advertising issues. In addition, one of his clients cited bankruptcy. But this left Crestani with an outstanding balance of $250K. He paid the debt and has been earning eight figures since.

How John Crestani Makes $1,000 Per Day on Ebay

How John Makes $1,000 on eBay

John does eBay dropshipping. He sources items from China-based suppliers like Alibaba and AliExpress and then dropships these goods directly to customers. He says the key to success in dropshipping is finding the right products to sell. John recommends using tools like AutoDS to find these products. Aside from that, John also sells his own items on eBay. He suggests selling rare, high-ticket items to maximize eBay's monthly listing allowance, which is 250 products. 

Challenges John Crestani Faced

Finding the Right Products: John's primary challenge was finding the right products to sell on eBay. He said this process requires thorough market research and a deep understanding of customer demand. 

Account Suspension: John explained that one of the challenges he encountered was getting his Paypal and eBay accounts suspended. He said these platforms suspend accounts when they suspect unusual behavior, and you have no control over it. 

John Crestani's Top Business Strategies

Pricing Strategies: Ensure products are competitively priced to maintain a good profit margin. 

Quality Listings: Uploading multiple, high-quality images and detailed product descriptions to make listings more attractive.

Arbitrage: Buy products at a lower price from one source (like Walmart or Alibaba) and sell them at a higher price on eBay.

Leveraging eBay’s User Base: Take advantage of eBay's vast user base of 135 million users to sell your products. 

High Margins and Rare Products: Focus on rare or high-ticket items to enjoy better profit margins. 

Consistent Posting: Regularly post new products to maximize the chances of sales.

Learning from Others: Follow successful eBay sellers and adapt their strategies to your store. 

What's not mentioned in the video: eBay dropshipping has a lower profit margin compared to other ecom platforms. Most eBay dropshippers only have a 6% front-end profit margin while other platforms are 15% to 20%. 

What Are the John Crestani Reviews?

John Crestani reviews are his customers’ opinions of his affiliate marketing course. According to online business site eBiz Facts, John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System has a 2.4 out of 5 star rating from 17 reviews. Additionally, the Super Affiliate System has an F rating on the Better Business Bureau website. Despite his success and the valuable content he has consistently published on his YouTube channel over the years, people online question whether John Crestani is legit and peg Super Affiliate System as the John Crestani scam course. However, not everyone expresses those negative opinions. 

The Super Affiliate System has successful students, according to the Super Affiliate System testimonial page. Some students on the testimonial page claim to be earning $1 to $2 million/year after learning John’s marketing methods in the Super Affiliate System course. It’s important to keep expectations in check because the testimonial page also has a disclaimer after each review that states “Individual results may vary.” Outside of the Super Affiliate System Testimonial page, it’s difficult to determine the authenticity of positive reviews because many of the reviews on forums such as Reddit contain affiliate links for the course, meaning the reviewer can earn hundreds of dollars by recommending you buy the course.

super affiliate first video screen shot

What Is John Crestani's Super Affiliate System Pro?

Super Affiliate System is John Crestani's flagship affiliate marketing course. It teaches you how to use paid advertising like Facebook ads to scale an affiliate marketing business to thousands of dollars/day in profits. You do not get access to John in this course. One of the SAS mentors, who is a successful affiliate and is vetted by John, provides the coaching.


Trainings cover all the main paid advertising channels like Facebooks Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads

High-quality marketing tools, funnels, landing pages, emails and affiliate network referrals

Weekly coaching calls

Expert marketers to review affiliate campaigns prior to implementation


They don't teach about a wide range of niches or affiliate programs, mostly limited to ClickBank

Students need to have around $1,000 or more in additional capital for paid ads and marketing tools to put the course teachings into use  

John uses some spammy tactics to promote the course, like false scarcity on the sales page and pushing students to promote his products


The price of Super Affiliate System is $997. There is also a payment plan option for $397/month for 3 months. 

Course Started:



100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of joining


Weekly webinars hosted by John Crestani


Private Facebook group

What's Included:

  • Over 50 hours of training videos
  • Buyers data
  • Ad templates
  • Pre-sell pages
  • VIP Pass to affiliate networks

Week 1 - Setup

Learn how to get approved to affiliate networks and start earning commissions. Practice setting up sales funnels and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Week 2 - Choosing Your Niche

Create the mindset for success and choose a niche and accompanying affiliate offers to accomplish your business goals.

Week 3 - Advanced Marketing Skills

Discover how to produce highly effective copy for your ads with a comprehensive 17-step copywriting method. Learn how to optimize your campaigns to improve your chances of being profitable. 

Week 4 - Facebook & Google Advertising

Learn how to create effective Facebook Ad campaigns while staying compliant with Facebook's dynamic policies. Also, learn how to leverage Google Ad campaigns to consistently generate clicks on your sales pages. 

Week 5 - YouTube & Native Advertising

Discover how to set up YouTube ads for pennies and scale YouTube ad campaigns profitably. Learn about using native advertising networks like Taboola to grow your business with native ads.  

Week 6 - Scaling & Automation

Scale your business to thousands per day in profit and outsource the work to expert media buyers. 

John Crestani's Platinum Mentorship

John Crestani's Platinum Mentorship is the only program that gives you access to John Crestani. The Platinum Mentorship costs about $2,000 or more and requires you to book a call to qualify.

  • Full access to John's Super Affiliate System Pro Course and VIP support.
  • Unlimited access to our in-house hosting platform and get one free domain name.
  • Weekly training and exclusive access to 'Office Hours' hosted by SAS coaches.
  • Regular 1-on1 coaching sessions with one of the SAS mentors.
  • Direct access to John Crestani via Voxer.

Super Affiliate System Success Stories

Moad Lifandali is a SAS student who found success within only weeks of joining the program. What he did was test 3-4 products every day with 6 ad sets each. It took Moad $2000 to test 35 different products before he found a winning product. Initially, he was only making $500 per day. After increasing his budget and maxing out his credit limit, he made $3000 in just one hour.

Jan Vargas is another SAS success story. When he first got started, Jan could only make around $200 per day, which is still very good. With the help of John Crestani's course and team, Jan hit $1,276 per hour at one point. Finally, Jan reached $19K in revenue per day. He credits his success to all the guidance that John and his team provided to him and continues to do for all the SAS members.

Is Super Affiliate System Worth It?

Super Affiliate System is worth it if you're a beginner affiliate and want to buy a course to fast-track the learning curve. SAS is a chance to learn the business model from an industry expert. The Super Affiliate System gives you all the tools you need to start an online business. The Super Affiliate System can work for you. But you need to be ready to do the hard work and invest the time to learn and understand the business model. Then you can generate traffic with paid advertising and earn an income online. I've worked with this system and have made a profit.

Is ClickBank the Best Affiliate Program?

ClickBank is not the best affiliate program. Many of the affiliate products available to promote in the ClickBank affiliate program are of poor quality. Additionally, the types of businesses that run their affiliate program through ClickBank are small companies with minimal reputation, according to Authority Hacker. Selling these kinds of products can be much more challenging than selling popular products that are well-known and have brand loyalty.

Can ClickBank Be Trusted?

ClickBank can be trusted. The platform has already been around for over 25 years and over 100,000 affiliates promote ClickBank products. ClickBank has a 3.9-star rating on over 3,600 customer reviews on Trustpilot, showing that most customers are satisfied with the platform.

Is Affiliate Marketing Profitable in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is profitable in 2024. The global affiliate marketing industry is worth over $17 billion and continues to grow every year. If you choose the right niche and employ an effective traffic strategy, affiliate marketing can be very profitable. However, if you think you can just start throwing money into paid advertising campaigns and generate high profits like many affiliate marketing programs indicate, you’ll end up losing money with affiliate marketing. 

The truth about affiliate marketing: is it worth your time? Affiliate marketing can be worth your time if you're willing to put in the resources to become successful in a highly competitive industry. It's no secret that some affiliate marketers are very successful. Affiliate marketing can make you rich. There are Super Affiliates out there making over $100,000/month in profit from affiliate marketing. Although they may make it look easy, it takes years of hard work and dedication to generate even 6-figures per year as an affiliate marketer. Even so, the lifestyle it can provide makes it worth the time for many. 

5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Beginners Make

  • Recommending or promoting products you don’t believe in (no long-term potential)
  • Not using redirect links (affiliate platforms change their links all the time; these are a must)
  • Not reading the terms or conditions (learn the requirements of each platform; if not, they can suspend your account without notice)
  • Building an affiliate business on only one platform (dangerous because if your account is suspended, your entire business suffers)
  • Not keeping track of affiliate links (things are always changing, so you need to make sure your links are always active)

Related Articles on Affiliate Marketing

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  • Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It? If you're on the fence about becoming an affiliate marketer, this article can help you decide by telling you how profitable affiliate marketing is now, the future outlook of the affiliate industry, and 7 tools you can use to improve your performance.
  • Is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Legit? If you're still not convinced that ClickBank isn't a scam, this article breaks down the common misconceptions about ClickBank affiliate marketing and what you can expect as a ClickBank affiliate. 

Conclusion: Can You Earn a Passive Income With Local Lead Generation?

You can earn passive income with local lead generation. As a type of digital real estate business where you are the landlord, you earn a predictable monthly income by renting out your website. You can earn $500 to $3,000 a month while only spending as low as $30 a month on operating costs. You do not need to run any advertising or sell any product.

                Affiliate Marketing
Lead Generation


Your affiliate commission depends on the company whose products/services you’re promoting. They can increase or decrease the price at anytime.

As the owner of your digital assets, you choose what to charge local business owners each month.


Applying for affiliate programs can have a fee. You need to allocate a few thousand dollars for advertisements every month.

It costs as little as $500 in initial investment for the tools you will need to rank your website on Google.


The company who you’re promoting for is in total control. They can decide to stop selling a certain product/service, or the affiliate platform can suspend your account with no notice.

You decide who you’re going to work with. No one can fire you or take your digital properties away. 


Affiliate marketing is competitive. There are tons of affiliates out there because the online business opportunity has been mainstream for many years. Many of them will be promoting the same affiliate products as you. 

Local lead generation has low competition. There are relatively few people engaging in the business model, and there are many unexplored markets to take advantage of. 

Clearly, a local lead generation business is more sustainable and has fewer risks than affiliate marketing. To scale your business, you simply need to create another website, rank it on Google, and rent it out to local businesses. With each website earning you passive income, you will create time and financial freedom with local lead generation.

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