Jonny Bradley course, Amazon FBA UK Review -What’s inside? Legit?

April 23, 2018

Jonny Bradley is an Amazon FBA guy that has his own course on which is a platform that allow you to create video courses & sell them. His course is called Amazon FBA UK course. He’s from the UK but his coaching material can apply to anyone living in US or other countries as well.

He quit his full-time job in Summer of 2017, now making 6 figure income online with his Amazon FBA business.

Not even a year after quitting his job, he created his own coaching program.

He seemed to have learned the Amazon FBA business from Tanner Fox.

Props to him for taking massive action, but I wonder if creating a course on a business model which you haven’t been doing full-time for at least a year or two is a good idea?

Because I personally knew so much more about my local lead generation business, my 2nd or 3rd year into the business.

When I first quit my full-time job in 2015, I was making $10K per month (6 figure income) but from 2015 to 2022 doing the business fulltime I grwe that income to multiple 6 figures, now my business is doing $50K per month. There’s just a lot more I learned going from my first 6 figure to multiple 6 figures.

Such as what are the core principles about the business that can be repeated over and over again that makes the biggest difference?

Such fast turn around time in creating a course makes me wonder if they actually took the time to come up with their own insights and lessons themselves or are they rehashing a lot of the same shit that they learned from their mentors?

After I built my lead gen business I also expanded into selling physical product son Amazon and shopify as well and I’ve reviewed other Amazon FBA courses already like Tanner’s & more.

So I know what I’m looking at.

Is Jonny Bradley’s course worth it?

More importantly, is the Amazon FBA course right for you?

How does this business compare to other online business opportunities?

The Good & the Bad About Amazon FBA Business?

The Good

  • Amazon growing impressively by 20-30% in Revenue every year
  • FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon, Meaning Amazon will warehouse, package & ship products for you, taking away a lot of the hassle of selling physical products
  • You don’t have to rely on Facebook Ads or other paid advertising like you would if you had to sell physical products on shopify
  • Scalable business
  • Laptop business (all you need is laptop & internet to run your business)
  • You can build your own brand
  • Potential to sell your business for great money down the line if it is a success
  • Many product niches to choose from
  • Potential for 1 successful product to make you 6 figures
  • Repeatable business, sell products from multiple verticles & its all the same process

The Bad

  • Not as much control manipulating the product list rankings
  • Ranking your product listing takes time, only first page results get sales, studies show only 20% of buyers actually go to page 2
  • Even doing every step of the process correctly, you can still pick products that’s a dud
  • it takes time, ordering products in bulk from overseas before you can begin selling & testing
  • people can copy your product
  • Having to deal with overseas suppliers. Some suppliers are not good or pain to deal with
  • Dealing with negative reviews
  • As more people join Amazon FBA business opportunity, its getting more competitive & takes longer to rank your products to the first page
  • competition can drive the cost of the product down overtime, slimming down your profit margins

There are added stress & hassle when it comes to selling physical products online.

Even though Amazon FBA relieves much of the order fulfillment stress of the business.

You’re still not in full control over the product itself because you’re relying on these suppliers from overseas which anyone else can contact as well so it becomes more challenging to bring something to the marketplace that’s leagues above your competition.

So naturally, your profit margins will be slimmer than other online businesses you can get into to.

Slimmer profit margins ultimately mean you might end up doing more work for less money than other entrepreneurs.

Many Amazon FBA courses brag about their students doing $1 Million in sales per year, but the question you have to ask is what is their actual take-home profit margin?

This is the big reason why there’s so many Amazon FBA or e-commerce Shopify coaches out there.

Selling a digital course is nearly 100% profit margin and you can scale much more quickly than Amazon which requires starting a completely new product business from scratch after you max out your sales on your first product.

Selling online course has much less competition also because the barrier of entry is much higher.

Which means a lot harder business to get into, since you have to actually become an expert first & create a course.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t want to get into businesses where the barrier of entry is too low because that means a lot of competition.

This is the big reason why I don’t recommend affiliate marketing for beginners.

Lead Generation Vs. Amazon FBA Business

Amazon FBA is great but I like Lead Generation because you can separate yourself from the competition so much easier by utilizing tactics that other marketers don’t have and at the same time there’s so many cities in the USA alone that you can go into and dominate.

Amazon is more competitive because the first page only has 10-15 spots and you have to compete with all the different sellers trying to sell the same product as you.

Lead generation is also pretty much all digital, so you don’t have to deal with suppliers or ordering physical products.

I set up lead generation sites, rank it in Google and it makes money for me month after month without ever touching it. Infact I have sites that I haven’t touched in years that continue to make money for me.

Also with the lead generation business you learn skills that translates to more opportunities than learning how to sell physical products on Amazon which doesn’t really require as much high-level skill besides a lot of trial & error.

With lead generation, you have to hone your SEO, sales & prospecting skills which all raise the barrier of entry for this business.

Meaning its going to keep out a lot of the competition out and the ones that actually have the right training and skillset will really be able to flourish with this lead gen business. This is why I still recommend this lead gen coaching program as my #1 pick in 2022.

When it comes to building a sustainable online business that you can count on for years to come.

A business that you can retire into.

Easy is overrated.

You want to go for something that actually requires developing real high-level skills because only then will you be able to command top dollars for your time.


I was bit dubious to review Jonny’s course because he’s only been doing Amazon fulltime since July of 2017.

I had preconceived notion that my mentors should have at least 3+ years of experience running the business themselves before they jump into becoming a coach.

But to my surprise, Jonny does a pretty good job. He’s good at explaining things and provides very clear instructions.

Although this Amazon course isn’t the most extensive Amazon FBA course that I’ve reviewed but its enough to take any newbie and teach them all the core principles required to succeed.

The price is on the lower end at around $500 so I can’t be that mad that this course doesn’t have as much material as a course that’s $5K.

Teaching people how to sell products on Amazon has become quite popular because its a pretty simple process that’s not really intimidating for most people.

But to actually source a quality product that natually gets raving reviews from customers and getting your products to stick on page 1 of the search results for a long time is another story.

The biggest problem I have with Amazon FBA business is the lack of control you have with your listing & its rankings because you’re completely reliant on Amazon’s platform & algorithm.

Which really doesn’t leave much room for manipulation like you can with ranking a website in Google.

There’s no question that there’s a lot of money to be made as an online marketer, but most high-level online marketer do not deal with Amazon FBA business because their platform simply doesn’t allow any room for customization or manipulation.

You’re not creating your own site, landing page, email marketing, or Google rankings.

You simply create Amazon product listing that anyone can create.

So there’s really not that much different you can do compared to say someone with ZERO internet marketing experience.

This causes the success rate of Amazon FBA projects to be much lower and often times it feels like up to chance & bit tedious.

Although with enough tenacity and exercising plenty of trial & error you can create an Amazon FBA business that generates 6 figures and up.

Which I have done on few products.

Ultimately I enjoy being in businesses where I have more control and more ability to dominate my competition with my skills than to be in a business where all my competitors are pretty much on the same playing field.

Now because there are so many physical products to choose from, there’s still plenty of niches out there that you can find success in.

If you follow Jonny Bradley’s course you’ll have much easier time picking the right products to sell on Amazon and cut out all the possible mistakes one can make with Amazon FBA business. Doesn’t guarantee you’ll pick products that’ll do great everytime, but it definitely increases your chances if you follow the principles that Jonny teaches.

Because getting each product set up and ready to sell takes quite some time, its highly recommended to invest in a course like this instead of trying to figure it all out on your own.

I sell couple things on Amazon myself but majority of my income comes from my local lead generation business because I simply have a lot more control over this business than selling on Amazon.

If you like to learn more about it, go here to check out the coaching program that’s responsible for my online success.



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