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Today I talk to my roommate Shiv about his experience at Jordan Belfort’s mastermind, where he got to see up close & personal the inner workings of a brilliant entrepreneur formerly known as the Wolf of Wallstreet.

While he was there Jordan had planned an epic photo shoot with the legendary wildlife photographer David Yarrow and Shiv was miraculously picked to be in the front right of the photo. (right behind Jordan, sitting in the chair)


How epic is this photo? and how freakin' cool is it that Shiv made it in the shot that prominently? hahahaha he was the only guy that was not scheduled to be there. 

See all those paid extras around him? They didn't actually make it into the final photo, Shiv swoops in and takes the spotlight. Hilarious.

And this David Yarrow guy, next level. Legendary status.

I asked Shiv to give me some notes on what he learned from the mastermind for this blog post, but we just decided to talk on the phone instead and record our conversation, so here it is.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • how investing in ourselves (coaching programs, events, masterminds) resulted in key breakthroughs in our lives
  • How Shiv managed to impress Jordan, & caused him to stay with Jordan for a week, morning til night. when the mastermind was only for 2 nights.
  • Importance of surrounding yourself with great people, but also how to empower those around you to assist you in areas where you're weak
  • Shiv getting to meet some of Jordan's high level friends
  • Jordan's powerful work ethic & What drives his work ethic, what's his motivation?
  • how to force yourself to level up by moving to a tougher environment & upping your lifestyle
  • how quickly Jordan makes decisions and operate his business fearlessly
  • the power of having skills that allows you to create income
  • how these high level people re-invest in their business aggressively
  • More

For those that are saying "wait this is the guy that screwed over all those people, why would you wanna learn from him?"

Jordan's story does not end where the movie ends, during that time of wall-street he was young with an uber god-given talent of being able to persuade people and that power was mishandled. And the heavy drug use which is the culture of wallstreet didn't help either.

(Btw Jordan is now 20 years sober)

His story reminds me bit of Mike Tyson's story, a young kid with insane talent that generated massive levels of income fast that no one around prepared him for.

Going off of only the deleterious effects of our pop culture that revere that reckless, rock star lifestyle through music & movies.

Mike Tyson is a changed man today, his words carry weight & wisdom because he has learned from the mistakes he has made. I feel the same resonance when Jordan speaks.

For me, the person I wanna learn from is that person that has lived life and made the biggest mistakes, & learned from it. Someone that went through tragedies but instead of throwing in the towel, they rose back up and came back stronger.

In the face of great adversity, the true character is revealed.

Today at the core of his sales training, he religiously interjects that lesson of ethics and how important it is to only use sales & persuasion skills if you know that it's in the buyer's best interest.

What if your product sucks? Go work for a different company that actually has a great product.

If you know your product will change someone's life for the better, then you're morally obligated to be great at sales so that they can experience that bump in quality of life.

What a great salesperson does is to empower someone to make a decision because most people are chronic procrastinators. (A lot of them have self-limiting beliefs the prevent them from pulling the trigger.)

Look, I've been a fan of Jordan Belfort for years now, not because of the movie, but because he has taught me legitimate skills in sales (through his Straight Line Persuasion program)

It goes much deeper than just sales as well, what Jordan teaches is how to be a great entrepreneur, how you need to sell yourself everyday about your vision for the future, so that you can push through the hurdles, when the going gets tough. Like most things in life, the inner game (mindset) aspect is critical and cannot be ignored.

Listening to him on loop everyday, really began to convince me that I am capable of greatness. 

IMO Jordan's strongest gift is his ability to motivate people and this is what created that notorious, Stratton Oakmont at wallstreet where he was taking average people (maybe even below average, high-school dropouts) and making them believe they can achieve greatness. They believed Jordan, & they became massive producers.

Develop that belief, then go get the skills & strategy that will allow you to generate the income of your dreams.

Jordan has helped me so much in all those areas especially when I first got started with my own lead-gen business back in 2014. 

So for me, its super awesome to hear first hand from my buddy Shiv what it was like to spend so much one on one time with Jordan.

The mastermind was schedule for 2 nights, but Shiv ended up spending a whole week with him, because Shiv had skills that Jordan took interest in. The skills developed through working so closely with Dan all those years building the lead generation coaching program.

Now Jordan is texting / calling Shiv from time to time for business inputs & insights. And perhaps some potential future collaboration in the works with our program.

Shiv spent $15K to be there for 2 nights with the wolf, it turned into a week long stay with tons of valuable insights gained, and personal relationship built with the man himself.

I'd say it was well worth the investment.

The key lesson Shiv learned: Redline more, be more fearless in investing more liquid cash back into the business and go bigger, level up your standards, go even more ALL-IN 

playing it safe will get you stuck in complacency, and that's the killer of motivation

Talking to Shiv about his week with the wolf really motivated me to think bigger as well. 

Our motivation is pushing our potential, money is just the score keeper, a metric to measure our progress. What we really love is the hustle, the climb, being "IN" it, waking up early and being excited to grind hard to the next level.

I hope to meet Jordan in person someday.

If you already got a business & wanna go to the next level, getting outside your comfort zone and putting yourself in a room with people that's doing way better than you might be just the thing you need, it'll do wonders to your subconscious standards you have about money, business & life.

You can check out Jordan's Mastermind here and see for yourself what its all about.

If you're still looking to get into business for yourself, I've found nothing better than the lead generation business that allows you to generate passive income online with virtually no ceiling. 

Its simple, business owners need leads but they don't know how the internet works, you can be their solution and they'll pay you good money for it because leads are what drives revenue.

Skills that pay the bills as they say. But its also a vehicle that allows you to become all you can be, live above the shackles of financial constraints that plagues most people.

Go here to check out the lead generation coaching program that gave me & Shiv these skills... to live large & shoot for the stars.

Onwards & Upwards.

Talk soon,


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