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Joseph Hogue Review (7 Best Passive Income Ideas Legit?) 6+ Things You Gotta Know

January 19, 2024

Joseph Hogue review

Joseph Hogue Review

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Passive Income Ideas 

You’ve landed on the best Joseph Hogue review out there.

We’ll break down his 7 best passive income ideas…

And learn if they will actually earn you true passive income.

While you learn, consider if local lead generation might be even better for you. This income stream makes me $52K per month.

Let's go.


Who Is Joseph Hogue CFA?

Joseph Hogue is a Chartered Financial analyst.

He also has a Master’s degree in business.

 Before pursuing his passion for investment analysis, he worked in commercial real estate as well as corporate finance.

who is joseph hogue

He spent 10 years in investing before starting 4 blogs.

That's right, 4 blogs all about investing, personal finance and making money.


Is Joseph Hogue Reliable?


Today, Joseph Hogue has over 516K subscribers on his YouTube channel, 'Let's Talk Money! with Joseph Hogue, CFA'.

joseph hogue review followers

The fact that there are so many followers on the Joseph Hogue YouTube channel proves that he's no fraud.

He knows what he's talking about.

Joseph's even been busy on his Instagram posting content.

Plus, his years of experience and consistent online presence make him low-risk.


Joseph Hogue Net Worth Below

Joseph Hogue's net worth of around $1.5 million dollars is also a sign of his legitimacy.

He has never announced his net worth, but…

This number is from an assessment of his portfolio.

So, he may be worth even more.

Now that you know the answer to “Who is Joseph Hogue?” let’s dive into the next part of this Joseph Hogue review.


Joseph's 7 Best Passive Income Ideas You NEED to Know

1. Joseph’s Biggest Side Gig Is…


Joseph writes and self-publishes his own books on Amazon.

Within his first year, he was able to build up his income to $1000+ per month.

joseph hogue review book income

Of course, there’s a lot of marketing going on to promote these books.

He uses his YouTube channel and blogs to spread the word.

Here’s where his self-publishing income is most recently:

books income

But remember:

If you don’t have a following like he has, this won’t be enough.

Instead, you’ll have to use:

  • Amazon ads,
  • YouTube,
  • Your blog,
  • Affiliate partnerships,
  • And more...

to generate consistent sales.

Keep in mind, each of these will come at a cost, which will take away from your profit.

There has to be a better passive income idea out there, right?

Let’s keep going.

2. You May Have Heard This One Before…

With all his platforms, it makes sense that Joseph Hogue makes some of his income from affiliate marketing.

What’s Joseph’s affiliate marketing strategy?

Here it is, in his words:

how to start affiliate marketing

Each time a visitor clicks the link and purchases the featured item, he gets a commission.

Many people like this type of income because they don’t have to create anything.

All they do is partner with companies they believe in and promote them.

But, it isn’t really profitable until lots of traffic regularly visits your blog.

After all, the more people that click on your link, the more money you'll make.

If no one’s clicking, no money is coming in.

Don’t have a platform like Joseph's?

There’s no way that you will be able to compete in this global market.

Let’s see if the next idea will work.

3. Selling Courses & Digital Products: Is There a Catch?

Selling products for profit is a tale as old as time.

Joseph sells courses and other digital products.

Here are some of Joseph's bestsellers-


Courses seem to be one of his bigger strategies.

In fact, Joseph made $23K in 18 months by creating two courses and a spreadsheet.

The catch?

$23K doesn’t indicate how much time he put into creation and marketing.

Just take a look at his biz funnel for selling a course:

launch funnel

That’s a lot of effort, and not something I would consider passive income.

At the end of the day, you can sell anything that can be delivered digitally.

But, remember: there’s always a trade off of time and money…

And sales vs. profit.

4. Or, You Could Try This Similar Idea…

Very similar to selling courses and digital products…

Joseph advises to sell bundle deals online.

We’ve talked about bundling physical products before.

In fact, it comes up a lot when we talk about how to make money on Amazon FBA

The consumer will be drawn to the product that comes with the “free” bonus item, or the product that is 90% off.

The same strategy applies here to digital products.

Joseph bundles his:

  • Ebooks
  • Courses
  • Webinars

All with a discount that's hard to ignore.

The great thing is that you don't have to create these courses, books or memberships.

Joseph actually collaborates with other creators.

  • These creators may have written a different eBook or developed their own course.
  • He also suggests using social media influencers to promote the bundle for a cut of the profit.

Joseph put together a bundle in 2019 and sold almost $4K in profit after paying everyone who contributed.


While that’s a good amount of income…

I’m stuck on how the bundles actually made $16,072 in sales…

And he got to keep less than ¼ of that amount.

There has to be something better.

Next in this Joseph Hogue review:

Let’s consider Joseph's most unique passive income idea.

5. Joseph’s Most Unique Passive Income Idea

Managing a virtual conference just isn’t something that’s on the mainstream passive income idea list.

Here’s how it works:

virtual summit

Obviously, something like this has been HUGE since Covid-19 hit. 

And, there's really plenty of positives that come from this passive income stream.

Here’s an example Joseph gives:

ticket sales and sponsorships

He shares that he has been able to make $10K PROFIT for small virtual conferences.

That’s after paying out affiliates and speakers.

However, this amount may not be worth it after really considering all of the work that managing a conference entails. 

After all, anyone who has ever participated in running a conference, 

virtual or otherwise,

knows that organizing such an event is a mountain of work.

Maybe the last two passive income streams in this Joseph Hogue review will have the best answers.

6. Really, You’ll Need THIS to be Successful…

We've mentioned Joseph's YouTube channel many times throughout this article.

He uses it to promote many different ways of making money online.

To drive home the point...

Here’s a snapshot of how his YouTube ads income has grown since putting more time into the platform:

youtube ads

As you can see, Joseph’s made good on this trade-off of time and money.

Maybe this last passive income idea will be more passive.

7. Here’s Joseph’s Final Passive Income Idea

Joseph also uses his blog to promote all of his other business ideas.

In addition, he buys blogs for 12x - 18x monthly income.

Just look at how these tactics have performed:

blogging income

But, is a blog the best way to make money online?

Are YouTube, or any of Joseph Hogue's other ideas worthwhile?

In my opinion, there are better options for passive income out there. 

But, before moving forward with our Joseph Hogue review, let’s look at Joseph’s hacks to make money online.


Joseph Shares THESE 3 Hacks To Make More Money With Each Passive Income Idea

Use Freelancers… For What?!

Clearly, some of the ideas Joseph mentioned take time to set up.

But, if you hire a freelancer, they can help you set up these income sources to help you scale things more quickly.

Make It More Than the Money

You know how people say "it ain't work if you love what you do"?

Yeah, that's just the truth.

If you can find an income stream that’s important to you, you're going to feel more motivated to get started and keep going.

Combine Multiple Income Streams

This one is Joseph's favorite strategy.

The best thing you can do is get yourself multiple streams of income.

He recommends that you start working on another source of passive income after you've already set one up.

Then set another up.

And another.

I agree 100% with Joseph when it comes to creating multiple streams of income.

The lead generation coaching program I'm a part of teaches students to keep creating more income streams and putting more "shoes" on the shelf.


My Recommendation for Passive Income: Local Lead Generation

I make over $50K per month passively because of local lead generation.

How is this possible?

Let me explain.

See this site below?

I ranked it on Google in Lansing, MI for the keywords relevant to limo rental services.

It took me a couple of hours to build out.

Since my site is ranked, people click on it.

Then, I send the calls exclusively to a local limo company so that they can service the leads.

Every month, I collect a fair commission that's agreed upon with the business owner.

Here are all the reasons why local lead generation is my #1 choice for passive income online.

Are you ready to get started on your journey towards passive income?

Set up a call with us today.

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