Josh Coffy’s The Ecommerce Alley Review: Can Ad Lab Method Brings You 20-30 Orders Per Day?

March 31, 2024

Ecommerce Alley is an online course created by Josh Coffy that teaches how to set up stores, find trending products, drive traffic, and boost sales for your ecommerce business. With his experience as an entrepreneur, Coffy designed this online course that replicates the tips and tricks he learned through the years from his ecommerce businesses. It also showcases the Ad Lab method which claims to help create fast and effective ads that can bring in increased sales per day. 

Although Ecommerce Alley does not show current reviews on Reddit and TrustPilot, students of the Ecommerce Alley course gave praises on how it helped them create and optimize their ecommerce businesses. However, running an ecommerce business has a lot of challenges. You need to drive a lot of traffic to your site to generate sales. Ecommerce business owners in the United States earn an average annual income of $101,464. This equates to a monthly take-home pay of approximately $6,900.

In this article, I provide a detailed review of Ecommerce Alley, an online course created by Josh Coffy that claims to teach effective ecommerce strategies, including the Ad Lab method for boosting sales. I will also cover the course's content, pros, and cons, and assess the legitimacy of Coffy's claims of achieving 20-30 orders per day. I will also present an alternative business model that promises a more sustainable path to success in ecommerce.

The Ecommerce Alley Review: Pros and Cons


Provides useful information and guidance for those looking to start or improve their ecommerce business.

Teaches proven methods for finding winning products, setting up a store, driving traffic, and generating sales.

Offers easy to follow and understand step-by-step lessons and video tutorials for beginners.

Offers useful tips to boost success for experienced sellers.


Even with the Ecommerce Alley methods, definite success in this business requires time, money, and effort.

Some reviews of the Ecommerce Alley program says sales claims seem exaggerated.


The Ecommerce Alley course comes with a full price of $197 but is currently offered at a sale price of $27.


The Ecommerce Alley course is self-paced.


The Ecommerce Alley has a private Facebook group.

Refund Policy

The Ecommerce Alley does not offer refunds.


The Ecommerce Alley was established in 2014.


Josh Coffy has a combined 27k following/subscribers in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Can Ad Lab Method by the Ecommerce Alley Brings You 20-30 Orders per Day?

Yes, the Ad Lab by Ecommerce Alley can bring 20-30 orders per day by creating Facebook ads that convert into sales. The course shows how to find winning products, set up ads, and scale campaigns to achieve those numbers.

The Ad Lab method may hold valuable information for aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs. But as with any course, individuals need to go in with realistic expectations about the work required and potential results. 

For some, the methods lead to 20-30 orders per day. For others, that level of success may remain elusive despite their best efforts. As in any business, there are no guarantees of performance. But for those willing to put in the effort, the course could be worth a try.

What is the Ecommerce Alley?

The Ecommerce Alley is an online course created by Josh Coffy, an ecommerce expert. In the course, Coffy teaches students how to find winning products, set up stores, drive traffic, and make sales. The goal of the course is to help students build a successful ecommerce business from scratch that generates 20-30 orders per day.

Ecommerce Alley's main course offers video training modules covering how to find trending products, build a brand, market products, and scale a business. Students learn Josh's "Ad Lab Method" to test products and drive traffic.

What You Will Learn from the Ecommerce Alley?

The Ecommerce Alley course teaches entrepreneurs how to build a profitable ecommerce business from scratch. Users will learn how to find trending products to sell, set up an online store, drive traffic, and scale sales. The course covers important ecommerce fundamentals, from product research and validation to conversion optimization and paid advertising.

Students gain access to step-by-step video tutorials, downloadable resources like product listing templates and email sequences, and a private community to connect with other ecommerce entrepreneurs. The course teaches a proven framework for building a successful ecommerce brand by leveraging tools like Shopify, Facebook ads, and email marketing. The Ecommerce Alley contains three parts and four bonuses.

Part 1:The Ad Lab Method

The Ad Lab Method contains five videos that teaches how to create effective ads and test them in only a few hours. This part gives you an overview of the Ad Lab Method, the skills of top 1% advertisers, and the old and new models of Facebook advertising.

Part 2: Launching Your First Ads and Automation Rules

The Launching Your First Ads and Automation Rules course contains seven videos. This covers how to test your ads for as low as $3 and as fast as within 24 hours. This section includes creating headlines, creatives, and primary text tests. It also contains guides on how to launch your Ad Lab tests, how to use double validation, and how to use automation rules.

Part 3: Identifying Super Ads and Driving Purchases

Identifying Super Ads and Driving Purchases course contains six videos. This section is where students learn how to assemble Super Ads. It includes guides on how to create a custom ads dashboard, analyze Ad Lab tests, and assemble Super Ads. It also covers steps on how to ascend to higher creatives, how to start scaling, and examples and results of other brands.

Bonus 1: Using ChatGPT To Write Your Ads For You

The Using ChatGPT To Write Your Ads For You bonus pack teaches learners how to use ChatGPT to boost the efficiency of your ads.

Bonus 2: The Ultimate Guide To Setting and Managing Ad Budgets Without Getting Eaten Alive

This Ultimate Guide To Setting and Managing Ad Budgets covers the tips on how to set the proper budget for your ads. It also covers when to raise your budget, lower it down, and more.

Bonus 3: The Scientific Facebook Ad Testing Workbook

This Scientific Facebook Ad Testing Workbook bonus pack offers printable frameworks that can be of use for you in the future.

Bonus 4: Surprise Mystery Bonus

The Surprise Mystery Bonus pack contains tips on how to identify bottlenecks in your Facebook ads and ways to fix them.

Who is the Ecommerce Alley for?

The Ecommerce Alley course is for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners looking to build an online store and scale sales. Josh Coffy designed the program for those who want to learn how to find winning products, build a brand, and leverage Facebook ads to generate sales. The step-by-step video training teaches students how to build a business from scratch without needing any prior experience.

The course material is easy to follow for people of all skill levels. Overall, The Ecommerce Alley is best suited for motivated individuals seeking to build an ecommerce business and gain financial freedom.

Are the Students of the Ecommerce Alley Successful?

The students of Ecommerce Alley are successful with a number of them achieving 20-30 orders per day and six-figure incomes within 6-12 months of starting the course. While results will vary for each individual, if students dedicate the necessary time to learning the Ad Lab method and stay committed to continuous testing and optimization, the potential for building a highly profitable ecommerce business seems entirely possible based on the experiences of past students.

Is the Ecommerce Alley Legit?

The Ecommerce Alley training program is legit since it is created by Josh Coffy, an experienced ecommerce entrepreneur. The course teaches students how to find profitable products and build a successful ecommerce business.

While the program isn’t free, the price appears reasonable for the value provided. The training includes video lessons, workbooks, tools, and access to a private community. For aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs, the program could be worth the investment. However, as with any online course, do thorough research to determine if it meets your needs before purchasing.

Is the Ecommerce Alley Worth it?

The Ecommerce Alley is worth it because it is packed with actionable strategies and techniques proven to generate sales and build a successful ecommerce business. You get lifetime access to modules covering product research, building a brand, paid advertising, email marketing, and scaling your store. 

The course includes over-the-shoulder videos, downloadable resources, a private community, and live weekly Q&A calls with Coffy himself. With Ad Lab Method, Coffy claims you can get 20-30+ orders per day and scale to over $10k/month in revenue.

For anyone serious about ecommerce, this course is a must-have. The only downside is that at times the volume of content can feel overwhelming. But the material is organized logically and focuses on strategies to get fast results.

Who is Josh Coffy?

Josh Coffy is the creator of Ecommerce Alley, an online course that teaches people how to optimize their ecommerce business by using the Ad Lab Method. Coffy is also an avid media buyer and the creator and host of Ecommerce Alley Podcast. 

Coffy claims to have over 10 years of experience in ecommerce and marketing. He started his first online store in college, selling t-shirts and other apparel. After finding success, Coffy began teaching others how to replicate his results. This led to the creation of Ecommerce Alley, where Coffy shares the strategies and tools he's used to build multiple six-figure e-commerce stores.

Josh Coffy’s Claim

Josh Coffy claims the Ad Lab Method can generate 20 to 30 orders per day for ecommerce businesses. He says following his step-by-step system will allow anyone to scale their store and gain financial freedom. Josh teaches how to find winning products, set up ads, and optimize campaigns to get the best results. 

The course supposedly covers how to leverage social media and influencers to increase traffic and boost sales. Students report the Ad Lab Method is easy to follow but requires consistency and hard work to achieve Coffy’s lofty income claims.

Josh Coffy’s Claim Debunked

Josh Coffy claims you can make 20-30 orders per day with his Ad Lab method, but many who have purchased the course report far less success. The truth is, ecommerce is a challenging business that requires an enormous amount of work to be successful at. 

While some students do achieve the numbers Coffy promotes, most make only a few sales per week, if any at all. The "secret formula" is really no secret at all - it's finding winning products, creating persuasive ads, and providing good customer service. This takes time, money, and a lot of trial and error.

Ecommerce gurus often overpromise the income potential to sell their expensive courses. The reality is far less glamorous. Success in ecommerce is absolutely possible, but there are no shortcuts. ecommerce takes real work, skill, and patience to build up to making substantial money.

Is Ecommerce a Good Business? 

Ecommerce is a good business since studies reveal that ecommerce sales are growing at nearly five times the rate of retail sales. Ecommerce provides business owners with flexibility and convenience. You can operate an ecommerce store from almost anywhere with an Internet connection.

Many entrepreneurs are finding success through online stores. An ecommerce business has low overhead costs since you don’t need a physical storefront. You also have access to a huge market of online shoppers.

But running an ecommerce business also comes with challenges. You need to drive a lot of traffic to your site to generate sales. You must also consider payment processing fees, shipping costs, and handling returns. Building a profitable ecommerce store requires significant time and effort.

For those willing to put in the work, ecommerce can be an extremely rewarding business. If you have a product people want and you’re able to reach your target audience, you can build a very successful online store.

Why Starting Lead Gen Biz Outshines Crowded Ecommerce Industry?

Running an ecommerce business is a challenging task that requires an enormous amount of work to be successful at. Online courses like Ecommerce Alley overpromise the potential income and outcome of this business to sell their expensive courses. But the reality is that competition in ecommerce is fierce and standing out is tough. Plus, managing an ecommerce business takes real work, skill, and patience to build up to making substantial money. 


In local lead generation, you don’t have to compete within a crowded market. With thousands of ZIP codes in the USA, there is a multitude of untapped potential in the market. Unlike ecommerce where you need to learn how to run effective ads, the local lead generation business model requires the skill to rank sites. After your sites rank in Google, it will produce leads in which you can earn. By owning sites that generate leads, you have more control of your income. Best of all, with local lead generation you can create and scale more sites to generate more passive income.

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