Jungle Scout Review: How I used Chrome Extension & Niche Hunter Web App

June 1, 2018

Many Amazon FBA sellers use Jungle Scout to do product research, finding products that have the potential of selling well on Amazon.

It basically allows you to research data much faster than if you were to do the research manually.

Money loves speed.

Here’s my unbiased review of Jungle Scout after having used it myself for several years, in building few successful Amazon businesses even though most of my readers know me as the lead generation expert that has a $50K per month passive income lead gen biz.

Anyway, I’m not a Jungle Scout affiliate, just here to report my experience & how I’ve used the chrome extension, web app & niche hunter for my own product research, & is it worth getting all of these tools? Which one is the most important to get & why?

I’ll answer all of that & more with this blog post.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extention

Junglescout is 2 things.

There’s the chrome extension and the Jungle Scout web app, the main difference is that the chrome extension you pay $250 once & you get it for life, and this will show you Jungle Scout data on each product page as you browse through Amazon.com.

  • How many sales its doing per month and how much in sales (which are all estimates, but fairly accurate accordingly to many Amazon FBA sellers)

Go to the product listing & you can pull up a box that shows you more data about that specific product

  • Sales Rank
  • Price
  • Monthly Revenue
  • Reviews
  • If its Amazon prime or not
  • Listing quality score

You can even pull this box up and research a whole niche, so, for example, search iPhone Case, and pull up the box when viewing the search results and you’ll see the total reviews & revenue of all the products sold in that niche so you can quickly decide if a product niche is too competitive to get into or not.

  • Amount of product reviews & Approximate monthly revenue calculated by Jungle Scout

is the key information needed to pick what products to sell on Amazon

Jungle Scout Web App & Niche Hunter

Month to month subscription plan of startup ($29 monthly), standard ($49 monthly), business ($69 monthly).

What the web app allows is to search through Jungle Scout’s database for products using various filters.

For example: You can set minimum & maximum price of a product and then also search for products that make at least a minimum of $6000 per month & max of $40,000 per month.

So many Amazon FBA seller will have their set parameters that they use on the Web App to quickly find products that may have some potential.

Niche Hunter is another tool found inside the web app that allows you to search by categories to find niches that can be profitable.

You can set the parameters, & pick categories

Then it’ll list niches & keyword opportunities for you

And then you can dig deeper into each search result

Allows you to see the sales & number of reviews, as well as top sellers in the niche and related keywords to that niche

giving you the ability to quickly sift through many niches and find the products that has the most potential quickly.

Once you find something that’s interesting, then you can do deeper research by actually going to Amazon.com, & use the chrome extension by looking at actual reviews, competitors, etc.

The list generated by the web app can be extremely helpful but not all Amazon FBA sellers agree that its something that you absolutely need, especially not every month.

There’s a way to do proper product research by simply using Chrome extension and Amazon’s own best seller list.

Very Good Product Research Method using Jungle Scout

Just get the chrome extension and then simply google “Amazon best seller’s list” and it’ll take you to an Amazon page that’s regularly updated with their top sellers.

Click on any category

Pick an interesting product, open it in a new tab, and look at the # of reviews & monthly revenue using the chrome extension, also look at the recommended products and competitors products and simply begin digging deeper

When you find a product that’s got like 100 reviews and its making $20,000 to $30,000 per month, then that’s a product niche you want to research further

Many top Amazon FBA sellers recommend actually spending the product research time on Amazon.com using the chrome extension instead of staring at the list provided by Web App

Because you can begin digging deeper and deeper into various niches that never caught your attention before, just staring at a list of products versus actually seeing the product pictures & real reviews on the spot is what makes the research a lot more informative.


The chrome extension is $250, if you’re serious about starting your own Amazon FBA business its definitely a tool you want to invest in. It just saves you so much time doing product research.

Now before I close off this review blog of Jungle Scout, I want to share with you why I no longer do the Amazon FBA business

Why I stopped selling on Amazon FBA and Do Local Lead Generation Instead

many of my readers know that I went hard with Amazon FBA from 2016 to 2017, that was after I had already established a multiple 6 figure local lead generation business.

I simply wanted to diversify my income stream and learn what all the fuss was about with Amazon FBA.

After few years of consorted effort and quite a few product launches, I’m happy to report that I made money with Amazon FBA ultimately but in the end, I came back to my local lead generation business as my bread & butter.

Here’s why.

  • Since around 2016, Amazon FBA business has gotten several times more competitive and difficult due to few things: large influx of Amazon FBA sellers due to increasing amount of coaches & courses coming out, and Amazon doing away with incentivized reviews
  • To launch a new product on Amazon FBA, it requires significant amount of time investment from finding the right supplier, waiting for the product to get made & shipped from overseas which can sometimes take months, to private labeling, not to mention capital needed to buy your first bulk order, all before you ever get to even make a product listing on Amazon. & There’s no guarantee that a product will become successful despite proper product research
  • Not happy about some of the profit margins of these products, obviously selling physical products means a big portion of your revenue has to go towards the cost of products sold & securing another bulk shipment from China, but also the fact that Amazon.com does such a good job at pinning you against the competition with their product pages that list competitors products as recommendation, your sales prices are very much dictated by the competition and as more competitors join Amazon FBA, the prices, in general, are going down for many niches.

For me a lot of these factors that took the success of the business out of my hands, made me realize just how grateful I am that I had already discovered the local lead generation business model, in which I can exercise superior skillset against my competition and dominate my niches.

The $50K per month lead generation business I built over the last few years didn’t happen because I got lucky or I found some secret niche that nobody knows about.

It happened because I took the time to invest in my skills so that I’m at a disproportionately advantageous position relative to the marketplace, therefore, my success is mapped out, strategized, systematic & predictable.

Each lead generation property I build, that makes me anywhere from $500 to $3000 per month on auto-pilot, was all built with full confidence that in time all of my lead gen properties will eventually make me money.

There’s no guesswork or hoping for success like sometimes you have to do in the Amazon FBA game.

My lead gen business is the most consistent & predictable online business that I have and this is why its my 1 thing that I come back to time and time again.

It not only gives me financial freedom but more important financial confidence.

This is that knowing that no matter what happens to my assets, or finances, I know I have the skills to go produce more income.

Local businesses ain’t goin anywhere anytime soon. Neither is the internet & people using search to find local services, on their computer, smart phone / tablet.

& This is why I feel so strongly about building this blog, ippei.com and telling more people about the local lead generation coaching program that has changed my life. Even though I’ve made money with Amazon FBA.

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