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​​​​Chris Winters Course – Kallzu Ads Review, will it work?

​​​​May 4, 2020


So many money making opportunities online, right?

Dropshipping, eCommerce, Facebook Advertising, etc.

What about Pay Per Call (PPC) Affiliate Marketing?

Is it a legit way to make some serious cash and change your life?

In this course review, you’re going to learn right here, right now if it’s possible to make money in PPC Affiliate Marketing and how it compares to the my lead generation business model which uses free traffic only.

Who's responsible for putting together the Kallzu Ads PPC Affiliate Marketing training program?

Introduction to Chris Winters

Chris has admitted, at 41 years old, he was in a bad place in his life. 

Unsuccessful with an addiction.

One day, Chris signed up for a transformation contest, lost 50 pounds and won 1st place with a prize of $50,000.

The fact that he was able to achieve that opened up his mind to making more changes in his life, especially when it came to business.

Fast forward years later, Chris became a very successful digital entrepreneur who is now the creator and owner of the Kallzu University.

His list of Kallzu courses include:

  • Pay Per Call Software (this course)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • eComm
  • Facebook Local

Chris is proof that change is possible for anyone.

You've got to want to change, then take ACTION.

What To Expect In This Course

William Meers is a member of the Kallzu Team who helped create this course along with Chris and he's your guide through this entire course.

William has been very successful in the digital marketing space and does a fantastic job guiding you through this pay per call business model. From the startup, offer selection, tools and resources to keyword discovery, optimization and scaling, he covers all of the bases.

If you're serious about learning and implementing what you learn here, you're going to make money.

As you go through this course, you'll see how Kallzu Ads is different from courses that teach paid traffic. This course review, not Reddit nor Yelp, will help you answer any questions you may have and help you make a decision on if PPC Affiliate Marketing is for you.

Let's get into it.

The Kallzu Ads Pay Per Call Affiliate Training Course Review

Module 01 - Welcome to Kallzu Ads - Start Here!

William Meers welcomes you to the Pay Per Call Affiliate Training in this first module!

I'm a fan of introduction modules that are to the point and let you know what the best way to approach this course is so you can jump in and get to learning.

I know I'm not the only one who grows impatient.

We invested in the course to learn and not be bored to death.

William shares his best practices when approaching this course and doesn't waste your time by giving a quick course overview.

He also shows you how to find AdWords vouchers.

What are they?

With them, you're able to run ads on Google and they'll give you money back for ad spend.

They're definitely worth taking advantage of.

Get ready to jump into this course.

On to the setup.

Total video time for the module: 6 minutes, 27 seconds