Kevin Qiu’s Kevin Q Academy Review: What’s Inside This Holistic Course?

April 5, 2024

Kevin Q Academy is an 8-course lifetime membership program by Kevin Qiu that focuses on improving fitness, building wealth, boosting confidence, managing stressors, and enhancing relationships. Each course teaches valuable life skills and provides insights into how potential students can advance their careers and personal lives. It highlights the power of self-development to create more opportunities and monetize skills through entrepreneurship. Kevin Qiu also offers these courses separately, depending on your focus areas.

Kevin Q Academy reviews are positive based on student testimonials on the course website. Most of the program’s online feedback comes from his TikTok account and YouTube channel. Kevin’s students talked about how the course has transformed their lives through his experience, simple explanations, and real-world implications. However, the course has no reviews on platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Trustpilot.

According to Tim Han’s YouTube video entitled How To Be SUCCESSFUL in Life (2 Principles of SUCCESS That Actually Work), commitment and discipline are critical for personal and professional development. Courses like Kevin Q Academy can help you succeed by improving skills like communication and business planning. But is this enough? A study by Srinivas Rao revealed that 96% of development efforts fail even with a personal development course. However, learning what a course can offer, its pros and cons, and its potential impact gives you an idea if it’s right for you. Dive in and discover whether you need a self-development course or a more sustainable business program.

Kevin Q Academy Review: Pros and Cons


Kevin Q Academy covers different self-development topics like confidence, wealth, fitness, relationships, and career advancement.

The program has flexible payment terms. You can also customize the courses you want to avail.

Kevin Qiu has a significant social media following.


Kevin Q Academy has limited testimonials on third-party platforms.

Kevin Qiu has no media publications despite owning multiple 6-figure income businesses.

The online program doesn’t go in-depth on a specific topic.


Kevin Q Academy offers self-paced learning videos.

Refund Policy

Kevin Q Academy has a 7-day refund policy.


Kevin Q Academy has 25.7K Instagram followers, while Kevin Qiu has 71.4K Instagram followers, 25K Facebook followers, 4.7K TikTok followers, and 500+ YouTube subscribers.

How Much Does It Cost To Access the Premium Membership of Kevin Q Academy?

It costs $479 to access the premium membership of Kevin Q Academy. You can also pay in 2 monthly installments of $287. This membership includes 8 workshops and over 250 self-mastery videos on topics like wealth, fitness, happiness, and relationships. It comes with lifetime access to all the courses and future videos and a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. You can request a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the program.

What’s Inside Kevin Q Academy?

Kevin Q Academy offers 8 different workshops with hundreds of video minutes on personal and professional growth. It includes a free course to fast-track your learning process and paid courses for fitness, happiness, confidence, relationships, and entrepreneurship. There's also a “premium only” training for dating and wealth building. Kevin Qiu tailored each course to fit an individual’s development needs. He teaches personal accountability on a case-by-case basis. This allows his students to create sound foundations for each decision they make in their lives.


This is a free course inside the Kevin Q Academy program. It focuses on mastering new skills at 10x faster speed.


It teaches you proper diet and workout regimens for maintaining a fit body and achieving six-pack abs. This program costs $147.


Kevin Qiu highlights the ways to enjoy life and manage stress using the “Happiness Formula”. This course costs $67.


This $97 course provides concrete methods for mastering your confidence and adopting a fearless mindset. It uses the “Fear Vaccination” technique.


It offers undisclosed approaches to building strong and fulfilling relationships and finding out the deepest desires of specific individuals. This course costs $147.


Find out how Kevin Qiu built more than one 6-figure business and how you can do it too. This $197 program helps you develop a business mindset.


This “premium only” workshop deals with lessons on dating and fostering deep, sensual connections with other people. You can get this course along with the premium membership.


It discusses the strategic ways in which Kevin Qiu built a multi-million dollar real estate business. This course is only for premium members of Kevin Q Academy.

What is Kevin Q Academy?

Kevin Q Academy is an online learning hub and premium membership program that offers personal and professional development courses and workshops to achieve holistic success. These courses cover topics such as self-improvement, fitness, relationships, wealth building, and entrepreneurial mindsets. Kevin Q Academy aims to provide practical knowledge that you can apply to real-life situations, including ways to monetize existing and undiscovered skills.

Who is Kevin Q Academy for?

Kevin Q Academy is for entrepreneurs, employees, students, professionals, and people who want to improve various aspects of their lives through structured learning. This course will help those who want to attain career advancement, acquire solid personal and professional skills, grow their business, venture into a new career or business path, or secure a stable work-life balance. Kevin Q Academy can guide you into the various changes in your life with its multi-faceted productized service.

Are the Students of Kevin Q Academy Successful?

The students of Kevin Q Academy said they have been successful since joining the online program, according to testimonials from Glenn Omara and Natalie Santos. Glenn commented on how the course helped him develop a “happiness” mindset while building his business. In another video review, Natalie shared how Kevin Q Academy has zero fluff content and focuses on providing practical, easy-to-digest lessons. She also commended Kevin on helping her with energy management. The program enabled her to focus her energy on more important things like growth and success.

Auri Drumillon and Melek Ben Selma also have found success thanks to Kevin Q Academy. They mentioned how unique the program is from other self-development courses. Kevin helped them establish a clear mindset shift in different aspects of their lives. Melek overcame her procrastination problem, while Auri improved his overall mindset towards his happiness, business, relationships, and body.

The Kevin Q Academy reviews online are only the student testimonials on the course website and on Kevin’s TikTok account. There are no other reviews for this online program on platforms like Trustpilot, Quora, and Reddit.

Is Kevin Q Academy Worth It?

Yes, Kevin Q Academy is worth it if the lessons are what you need and you can afford to pay for the courses or the premium membership. You get lifetime access to 8 courses and over 250 self-paced educational videos. You just have to be careful because there aren’t a lot of reviews or testimonials about Kevin Q Academy as of writing this article. There are also a lot of other self-development courses out there that people have vouched for on reputable review websites.

Who is Kevin Qiu?

Kevin Qiu is the founder of Kevin Q Academy, KQ Media, KQ Properties, and Rebel Coffee. He is a personal development coach and an entrepreneur with multiple 6-figure businesses and a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio. Kevin lives and works in the New York City Metropolitan Area in the United States. He graduated from New York University with a degree in Economics and Finance. He also attended the New York Film Academy to study Acting.

Kevin started his professional career as a Sales Manager for CABDC in 2008 before becoming a Private Wealth Intern for Merrill Lynch. After 7 years, he founded Rebel Coffee. In 2016, Kevin started and developed KQ Media, which Kevin Q Academy is directly under. Two years later, he founded another company called KQ Properties.

Kevin Qiu’s Claims

Kevin Qiu claims that he has tried and found success with his strategies and methods. He shares them as special secrets that helped him make a multi-million dollar income, maintain healthy relationships, and create a happy life. He also claims that the Kevin Q Academy is the first online self-development program that covers all aspects of personal and professional development into a single course offering. 

It helps with your inner growth and time-sensitive decision-making, which is crucial for success. Kevin says that his course gets right to the point and teaches you what you need to get better.

Kevin Qiu’s Claims Debunked

Every course is not a one-size-fits-all method for developing your personal life and professional career. Reddit user DudeTheObscure1234 concurs with this, mentioning that success comes from working hard and finding the right approach to your specific needs. Kevin calls some of his techniques as "secrets," which leads people to think that it’s more about selling the course.

He also claims that his program is the first self-development course to cover every life area. Lots of Reddit posts and comments reveal many other online courses that are holistic. Mindvalley is known for a wide range of courses on personal growth that cover topics like mindfulness, leadership, and health. Reddit user Plant-basedCannibal mentioned The Science of Well-Being by Yale University, while Bedtableclothes suggested trying Modern Health Monk.

Quora user Jacob Bobby, a corporate executive and trainer, also commented on how a course’s quality is about a student’s interpretation of personal development and the topics covered in the course. Saying a course has "no fluff" depends on what each person thinks is important. Understanding complex ideas requires detailed information.

Are Self-Development Courses Effective?

Self-development courses are effective if you integrate the values you learn into your personal and professional life. They work well if you're committed and keep practicing what you learn. According to Quora user Jasmin Waldmann, an international life coach, self-development courses are good if there’s an experienced coach to guide you. She also shared that selecting the right online course entails considering your motivation for joining one. It's important to pick courses that match what you want to learn and how you like to learn.

Self-development courses are gaining popularity in the 21st century because of their effectiveness to most course takers. In fact, data from Grand View Research and The U.S. Market For Self-Improvement Products & Services reveal that this market grew by 21.43% from 2016 to 2022. This shows how many individuals globally are taking self-development courses. Burnout prevention at work is one of the primary factors for joining such courses. It helps professionals and other individuals prevent prolonged stress that leads to physical, mental, and emotional strain.

Local Lead Generation: An Online Business Geared Towards a Life of Happiness and Success

Self-development courses allow you to improve your skills, personal development, and money-making mindset. However, local lead generation coaching programs are more in-depth and geared towards generating a profitable online business and a passive monthly income. Kevin Q Academy can help you establish a good personal and professional life. But these factors alone aren’t enough to make you financially stable. Earning less than what you need can lead to lots of problems down the road.

Based on Reddit users Hebbar and PunnyGames, personal development courses are not worth it because most of them have lots of members already. Getting a one-on-one conversation with the head coach is next to impossible. Most of these programs only give you a fleeting sense of motivation and accomplishment. They offer self-paced videos, but they don’t offer long-term in-depth guidance.

Local lead generation is a better way to secure your future and create a sustainable source of income. You can promote better work-life balance, less physical and mental stress, and higher self-confidence by building a profitable online business venture. It involves creating websites to target specific local services, like plumbing or landscaping. You optimize these sites to appear in search results organically when people look for these services. Once the website attracts potential customers, you can collect their information and sell these leads to local business owners.

This business model allows you to earn money by helping local businesses connect with new clients. Local lead generation offers a 95% profit margin since you generate free traffic.

Enjoy a stress-free life without worrying about your finances. Join a trustworthy local lead gen coaching program today.

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