Jorden Makelle’s Killer Cold Emailing Review – What sets this program apart from other cold email courses?

March 14, 2024

Killer Cold Emailing is a course created by Jorden Makelle for freelance writers who want to market their niche and approach clients through cold emailing. Makelle reveals that the program is also for participants who intend to scale their freelance writing business marketing strategies. The course will also teach you how to select a profitable niche and build a website that sells your services on freelance writing.

According to Backlinko, only 8.5% of emails receive a response. Yesware also reveals that 70% of outreach representatives would stop sending emails as soon as they don’t get a response from the first email. Almost everyone these days is already practicing the business model, so the chances of you trying to reach your customers are low. Reading emails isn’t as urgent as compared to years ago, too. Chit-chatting in person to get your leads is ultimately more preferred by both parties.

This Killer Cold Emailing review will reveal the course’s core modules and bonus features. I’ll also touch on some of the hurdles you’ll experience with cold outreach email, which include stale email templates, pushy email copies, and unappealing subject headlines. How the program might benefit you and your services will likewise be tackled.

Killer Cold Emailing review: Pros and cons


Course is more inexpensive compared to other cold outreach email programs.

Provides step-by-step points to follow on cold email marketing.

60-day refund policy.

Excellent headline suggestions.


Makelle’s teaching style might rub people the wrong way.

Some suggested resources aren’t free.


The price of the Killer Cold Emailing program is $497; you can also pay it in four installments for $127.


The training of the Killer Cold Emailing course is self-paced.


The Killer Cold Emailing course has a private Facebook Group.

Refund Policy

The Killer Cold Emailing was founded in November 2016.


Killer Cold Emailing has a 60-day refund policy, with some conditions.


Jorden Makelle has 5,000+ followers and 500+ connections on LinkedIn; Writing Revolt has 3.3k followers on Facebook.

What sets Killer Cold Emailing apart from other cold email courses?

What sets Killer Cold Emailing apart from other cold email courses is its in-depth information on freelance writing. The business marketing strategies you need to employ when freelance writing via cold emailing are also a focus. Makelle shared you’ll also be able to select a profitable niche, find the right leads, and produce excellent killer cold emailing copies. Ultimately, the program will also allow you to set up a website that sells your freelance writing services.

What are the Killer Cold Emailing modules?

Module 1: Foundations in freelance writing success

The foundations in freelance writing success through the Killer Cold Emailing course include the conditioning of your mindset to receive only the best and high paying client. They also include how to manage your time and schedule more effectively for maximum productivity.

Module 2: Picking a profitable niche

Picking a profitable niche involves a step-by-step process of selecting the right niche. How to target the right client is also part of this module. Building a professional portfolio through a niche-optimized website is also a focus on this module.

Module 3: Finding the right leads

Finding the right leads teaches writers how to locate the best people and companies through cold outreach email. Participants will also be provided access to video tutorials on tried and tested methods on how to snag any potential client’s email address in your niche.

Module 4: Producing killer cold email copies

Producing killer cold email copies is the creation of psychology-backed content that gives you results. According to Makelle, her 6-point, proven method is effective enough that even those without experience will benefit from it. Also included in the module is the creator’s client follow-up process with templates.

Module 5: Closing the deal

Closing the deal includes handling your phone calls and onboarding your clients. Writing a killer cold email also doesn’t need expensive tools and complex systems to produce such amazing results, according to Makelle. 

Module 6: Managing your business

Managing your business tells what exactly you would need to do as soon as you land clients through cold email marketing. The module also includes strategies on how to set your rates and eventually scaling your business further by locking in more clients.

Killer Cold Emailing bonuses

  • A series of cold emailing templates.
  • A spreadsheet that teaches writers how to be organized when outreaching through cold email.
  • Sample formulas for niche writing to create profitable portfolios.
  • A homepage mockup and a checklist for a freelance writer who wants websites that sell.
  • A lesson that teaches hosting, which also includes resources for a website setup.
  • A training video that teaches building a website via Weebly.

Is Killer Cold Emailing legit?

Killer Cold Emailing is legit if you’re willing to be extra patient with the business model behind cold outreach emailing. While the course features key modules and bonus features enough to get you started and hit the ground running, the hard work comes as soon as you start receiving response rates from your targeted people. The program might also be legit for participants who are willing to put their faith in the longevity of the provided email templates and strategies being taught in the course. 

When considering the legitimacy of the Killer Cold Emailing program, you also have to make sure that you employ all the strategies provided by the course. You have to ensure that you put in all the work.

What is the Killer Cold Emailing Review blog?

The Killer Cold Emailing Review Blog is a collection of freelance blogging articles that discusses everything about Jorden Makelle’s strategies on how to scale your career. It tackles key topics, such as starting freelance writing, niches in freelance writing, and establishing portfolios. The blog also includes success stories from Makelle’s students. There is also a whole section that updates readers and students on cold email marketing.

Killer Cold Emailing reviews

This screenshot is a review from one of Makelle's students in the Killer Cold Emailing program. Nabeel reveals that he managed earn $2,300 after employing the strategies taught in the course. In addition, he shared that he'd already seen results after two to three weeks of implementing what he learned.

This review was taken from Jorden Makelle's Writing Revolt website. Stephanie is one of the creator's students in Killer Cold Emailing course. According to her, she earned $15,000 in freelance writing alone for four months. Here, she lauded Makelle's clear and direct approach.

Killer Cold Emailing review Reddit

Killer Cold Emailing reviews on Reddit are polarizing. There was one review that shared her displeasure over the course's fees for information you can actually see online. The commenter added that for you to take your money back, you had to jump through "insane hoops." Meanwhile, Makelle's inexpensive rate on the course and her in-depth modules on cold emailing are praised.

Who is Jorden Makelle?

Jorden Makelle is the creator of Killer Cold Email. Makelle also founded the Writing Revolt, which features another freelance blogging course, the Freak Yeah Freelance Blogging. The program teaches freelance writers how to land high-paying clients using Makelle’s proven strategies, such as the importance of sales funnel and blog content creation.  

Before the Killer Cold Emailing program, Makelle used to work for Cutthroat Copy. The company was a known provider of blog posts and content strategies for B2B and tech  businesses. Makelle attended the University of North Texas in Denton Texas from 2013 to 2014. She currently majors in Mathematics at the Northeast Texas Community College in Mount Pleasant, Texas. She also teaches basketball fundamentals to 4th grade boys at Upward Sports, Inc. 

Jorden Makelle's claims

Jorden Makelle claims that with the Killer Cold Emailing course, you can build your freelance writing business through cold emailing without hustling in the process. Additionally, Makelle claims that even if you don’t have a degree or experience, you should be able to do your biz and rely on it full time.

Debunking Jorden Makelle's claims

Jorden Markelle’s claim that there is little to no hustle if you’re planning to build a freelance writing business through cold outreach emailing doesn’t check out in the real world. You have to constantly send out emails to clients you did not prior acquaintance with to generate leads. For you to sustain such a business model, you don’t only need to be savvy in terms of the latest strategies on cold email. You also have to be patient enough to personalize these emails as you’re going to be dealing with hundreds, if not thousands of clients before you can even get a good response rate.

Makelle’s cold email templates are also bound to be stale in the next few months or so. An outdated email template can only be rectified if you plan to hustle on reaching out to newer standards in cold outreach emailing.

Is cold emailing lucrative in 2023?

Cold emailing may still be lucrative in 2023 for freelancers and businesses who want to increase their sales conversion rate and profitability. According to Nureply, 80% of potential buyers prefer to be reached via email as opposed to smartphones with a pushy cold calling. Cold emailing actually works and is also more effective on marketing your services than promoting them via social media.

Cold emails also work for potential customers who want a more personalized approach. Businesses in this way can take advantage of polishing their email templates when it comes targeting their clients’ inboxes. 

Challenges of the Cold Email business model

1. Most cold emails end up in spam. According to, only 23.9% of cold emails are getting opened. Cold email response rates also tend to be lower than that. So, whenever your email templates are spammy or generic, prospects are likely not to respond to your strategies.

2. With the business model behind cold outreach email, you’re bound to continually find new emails to send cold emails. This is time-consuming.

3. Sending cold emails usually has a low open rate. Studies reveal that the average cold email open rate only ranges between 20% to 40%.

4. With so many tools already supported by artificial intelligence, finding jobs that focus on cold outreach emails can be incredibly difficult.

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A more passive way to get paid online

Cold emailing may not be the best business model to get paid online. It comes with challenges that could dampen your enthusiasm for this as a source of income stream. Your cold email outreach templates will eventually get stale as the needs of customers change. Your emails might also not reach your client’s inbox. Providers, such as Google and Yahoo are already blocking more emails due to strong automated spam filters. Your email copies must also strike that perfect balance of tone that doesn’t drive potential clients away. The same can be said with a cold email subject line. With local lead generation, you’re not going to be dealing with these hurdles.

With the local lead gen biz model, you don’t have to constantly send out cold emails to generate leads. You also don’t have to deal with complex email copy templates and strategies. You only have to establish websites and rank them on Google. Once your sites are ranked, they can give you leads for a very long time. With this business model, all you need to develop is your skills on ranking websites! Therefore, you’re always in full control. Take control of your income stream now with local lead generation!

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