Jeff Rutkowski’s Kingdom 320 Review: Is Real Estate Investing The Vehicle To Financial Wealth?

April 16, 2024

Kingdom 320, by Jeff Rutkowski, is a Christian-based mentorship and real estate program for business minded people who receive a calling from God. The program focuses on reverse wholesaling, which is the opposite of traditional real estate wholesaling. Jeff teaches how you can find a buyer and know their budget and wants before finding a property. It includes lessons on investor relation, copyright policy, tax, right reserved, and automation.  

Online reviews about Kingdom 320 show that they acknowledge the course and Jeff’s 22 year real estate experience. There are a lot  of reviews on Kingdom 320’s landing page and YouTube account shows a rain of reviews from students. But their Trustpilot review only has 1 3-star review. Some online reviews mention how the course can be challenging for beginners, aside from its price point. 

Some challenges of real estate investing are eliminated because of reverse wholesaling. But you still need to find a good lead to get a buyer. In this Kingdom 320 review, you will learn the course content, how real estate investing helps you make money, Jeff’s claims, and know if this business model is the best vehicle for financial wealth.

Kingdom 320 Pros and Cons


Jeff Rutkowski is known for his 22 year experience in real estate.

Kingdom 320 teaches reverse wholesaling, which is affordable than traditional real estate investing.

The possibility of earning with 1 deal with no initial investment.


Unpredictable monthly income.

Real estate investing requires a lot of effort.

You need to be knowledgeable in tax, inflation, insurance, profitability, property valuation, etc.

The website has little information about the program.


The price of Kingdom 320 is not specified on the website. It is assumed that the price is above $8,500.


The group of Kingdom 320 is a private Facebook group with 2,500K members. Kingdom 320 also has a free Facebook group with 5,400K members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is not mentioned on the website. You can apply for your money back within 60 days after purchasing the program.


March 2022


The training of Kingdom 320  is a video format.


The reputation of Kingdom 320 is good. Jeff Rutkowski has a 22-year experience in real estate and taught 30,000 students. And was featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Inspiyr, and

Is Real Estate Investing The Vehicle To Financial Wealth?

Real estate investing is a vehicle in financial wealth because the worldwide market is continuously increasing and is still expected to increase by 2028 by $518.90 trillion. According to Statista, the value of the real estate market is $637.80 trillion in 2024. And there has been an increased demand for properties in the United States because most people are choosing to work from home. This business model proves profitability with the right knowledge and information. It takes perseverance, consistency, and continuous thirst for knowledge. It is important to be prepared since the market value or a property can increase or decrease any time.

The National Association of REALTORS mentions that first-time house buyers pay 6% down payment of the actual home price. And according to NAR’s home-price predictions for 2024 is $395,100. It means you have to pay $23,706 to purchase a house. Meanwhile, repeat buyers pay 17% which is $67,167. If you plan to be a real estate investor, ZipRecruiter’s 2024 data shows the average annual pay of $55,699 a year. Although the salary depends on the deals and clients you have.

Dwayne and his son found Jeff in 2020 and invested in the program. After that learning, he bought 2 houses and made it into a rental unit. He purchased more houses and started earning 6-digits because of it. He also learned how to flip houses and earned $80,000 to $150,000 profit. Dwayne wants to make it a passive income by saving the cash flow from these investments to his retirement savings. Real estate investment helped him acquire 20 rental units and own $3 million property worth in 3 years.

How Does Kingdom 320 Help You Make Money?

Kingdom 320 helps you make money by teaching you Jeff’s real estate business model. This eliminates the problem of financial investment, since you focus on finding a buyer first. You don’t need to pay for down payment or own a property for this model to work. A successful real estate investor can earn an average of $86,796 a year. According to ZipRecruiter.’s recent post, the yearly income depends since some salaries can be as low as $36,000 or as high as $119,000. Kingdom 320 teaches you how you can automate your processes and hire people, allowing you to have a passive income business.

The National Association of REALTORS mentions that first-time house buyers pay 6% down payment of the actual home price. And according to NAR’s home-price predictions for 2024 is $395,100. It means you have to pay $23,706 to purchase a house. Meanwhile, repeat buyers pay 17% which is $67,167. If you plan to be a real estate investor, ZipRecruiter’s 2024 data shows the average annual pay of $55,699 a year. Although the salary depends on the deals and clients you have.

What Do You Get Inside Kingdom 320?

Phase 1: Intro Phase - Book a Transformation Call With My Team

Kingdom 320’s transformation call helps you determine if you have the same goals. If you have a “high level of alignment”, they will give you homework for preparation. And they will help you set for enrollment and your next steps to follow.

Phase 2: Planting Phase - Your Training Begins

It includes training, homework, and action-based steps to follow. You learn how Jeff creates and follows a Christian-centered real estate business.

Phase 3: Watering Phase - Building Your Business

Phase 4: Harvest Phase - Producing Fruit

Kingdom 320 shows a path you can do for 90 days. This phase will help you receive the “fruits” of your hard work.

Phase 5: Freedom Phase - Scaling and Automation

You learn how to automate your business. Kingdom 320 teaches how you can enjoy your freedom by removing yourself from repetitive tasks.

Phase 6: Legacy Phase - Learning to Establish Residual Income

Kingdom 320 says that you will only achieve freedom through “income-producing assets”. You can achieve it by passing your business down to your next generation.

Does Kingdom 320 Have Upsells?

Yes, Kingdom 320 has upsells like other programs like masterclass, events, and mentorship from Jeff Rutkowski. Partnership with Life on Fire allows Jeff to host more real estate events. In Kingdom 320’s free Facebook group, Jeff posts discounted events where you need to pay for tickets for access.

Kingdom 320 Mentorship

The Kingdom 320 Mentorship offers a 6-month mentorship program where you learn how to own a property without cash. It includes the training videos, mentorship programs, calls with Jeff, Facebook community, templates, scripts, 3-day workshop, and a lead software. The price of the mentorship is not specified on the website, but you send them an email to show your interest in the program.

Are Students Of Kingdom 320 Successful?

The students of Kingdom 320 are successful based on the stories posted on the website. Jeff is proud that he helped over 30,000 students from different parts of the US. But there is only 1 3-star review from Trustpilot earning a 3.4 total star rating on the platform.

John Laychak from San Diego, California, says that he received the calling from God similar to Jeff. He invited Jeff to dinner and talked about how he could help other people because his family was struggling financially. John is thankful to Jeff for helping them receive financial independence through their real estate business.

Sheldon Morgan, Chief of Logistics Management from Palo Alto, California. Colin Higgenbottom, president of Sustainable Interiors from San Diego County, California. And Charles and Tessa Fuller testimonials all share sentiment. They commend Jeff as a coach as he is knowledgeable in reverse wholesaling, identifying target markets, and finding the best loans. They are thankful that they can give from what they earn.

Who Is Jeff Rutkowski?

Jeff Rutkowski is a Christian, husband, father, coach, speaker, teacher, real estate investor, and the creator of Kingdom 320 from Milford, Connecticut, United States. He studied at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, Connecticut. Jeff and his family are Awaken church members and are currently living in San Diego, California. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has over 22 years of realtor experience since 2002.

Jeff started being a realtor in 2002 when he joined Re/Max Right Choice and worked for 10 years and 8 months. He continued his journey in Edmund James Realty for 11 more years and 6 months. In 2012, he became the coach and the speaker for Fortune Builders, Inc. 

In 2013, Jeff Rutkowski partnered with Megan and Nick Unsworth in creating Life on Fire. It is a community for believers to help build God’s kingdom. And because of this success. Jeff founded Kingdom 320 in March 2022 with Nick and Megan.

Does Jeff Rutkowski Have A Good Reputation Online?

Jeff Rutkowski’s reputation is good based on many reviews found online. There are no controversies surrounding Kingdom 320. Reviews mention how the course has a good way of wholesaling but also informing people of the course’s expensive price range. The Trustpilot review of Jeff’s Kingdom 320 has 3.4 stars, with only 1 review. Kingdom 320 YouTube reviews and other related posts mention the price of the program, while some mention this is not the best program for beginners.

Kingdom 320 reviews from Nathan from Honest Reviews and Jesse Singh voice out that Jeff is a seasoned coach able to teach digital marketing and real estate. Nathan shares that he was a struggling mortgage officer and sought Jeff’s guidance in 2020. And helped him become a full-time real estate investor. Aside from Jesse Singh’s initial Kingdom 320 review, he mentions how the program is not suitable for beginners as it requires an enormous investment to pay for the course. He instead recommends his own service at the end of the video.

Other Courses by Jeff Rutkowski

The Real Estate God’s Way Masterclass. It is a first come first served basis where you have to book a call aside from the free masterclass. It shows Jeff’s 8 ways you can invest in real estate spending nothing. The masterclass teaches the BRRRRR method which stands for: Buy a house, Rehab the home, Rent it out, Refinance, Repeat and Relax. 

What Is Jeff Rutkowski’s Claim?

Jeff Rutkowski claims and guarantees that you can get real estate deals within 90 days. He says that you won’t need cash or even own a property to earn money through real estate. Even in Kingdom 320’s landing page and Jeff’s introductory video, it is promised that you won’t need cash and credit to earn money through this business model.

Jett Rutkowski’s Claim Debunked

A guarantee of finding real estate deals within 90 days is unrealistic, especially for beginners and people with minimal to no real estate experience. It can be true if you are an already established real estate investor with consistent leads. As much as Jeff guarantees profitability, your success will depend on how long you learn and absorb the program.

A Quora discussion from 2008 proves that it will take over 90 days to get a real estate deal. Carolina Tardelli, a real estate investor and an entrepreneur, says that it will take 6 months before you can land a good deal. And it will only be possible if you are  a well-educated agent with a good property to sell. It is backed by Modupe Oreoluwa, an entrepreneur and a real estate professor, who says that getting a deal depends on the country, property, clients, and consistency.

What Is Reverse Wholesaling?

Reverse Wholesaling is the technique where you find a seller first before finding a property that suits your buyer’s interest. This technique allows you to understand the needs of your buyer to provide accurate deals before they invest.

What Are The Challenges Of Real Estate Wholesaling?

  • Incorrect value of a property - It can lead to loss of profit margins. It can be a risk to overvalue or undervalue a property. To lessen this risk, investors need to do a thorough market research in figuring the location, improvement option, condition, and potential of a property.
  • Stability of the market - It can be a risk because the property’s value may change because of high interest rate, basic supply and demand, and economic challenges. A property may increase or decrease its value, which can affect the affordability of your potential buyers. 
  • Income inconsistency - Unlike salaried jobs where you get monthly payouts. You become dependent on the success of the transactions you make. It's difficult to project when you are going to get a deal which can be challenging for other people. 
  • Lead generation and finding a buyer - A buyer is important because they will purchase the properties you offer. Your profit comes from buyers. And before you can find a buyer, you need leads. Leads can be easy to find, but good leads are not. Your real estate wholesaling business won’t succeed. Some use analytics cookies to get lead demographics to get more information about potential buyers. 
  • Lead Response - It can be a challenge in how fast you respond or your clients respond to you. It can be avoided by knowing if a new lead is coming. 

Is Reverse Wholesaling Saturated?

Reverse Wholesaling is not oversaturated with successful investors, similar to wholesale real estate. If you think about the competition, there are a lot of real estate investors but not a lot of successful investors. A discussion on Bigger Pockets on the saturation of wholesaling got replies that many people join wholesaling without understanding how it works. Ned Carey, a 15-year real estate investor from Baltimore, MD comments that wholesaling is difficult, especially if you're not consistent. He continues by saying that the market is saturated with many investors, diving into the business model without thinking it is an easy way to earn money. 

Frank Brown, a realtor at Dream Catcher Realty from Sevierville, Tennessee, commented on Quora. He says that the quantity of real estate investors is not important but on how productive they are. Your market per investor and location is different and you should focus on that instead of thinking about the saturation of real estate agents.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money With Real Estate Wholesaling?

It takes 3 to 12 months to make money with real estate wholesaling, from lead generation, offers, and deal processes. The timeline will be different depending on different factors, such as knowledge, skills, preparation, and the deal you present to your buyer. Some real estate gurus promise to shorten the time you can make money with real estate wholesaling, but it is unrealistic for beginners. Experienced real estate wholesalers will take a shorter amount of time to make money since they are already equipped with the needed skills and tactics.

YouTube has several videos about making money with real estate wholesaling and the majority mentions that it takes 30 days to 90 days to make a deal. A beginner like Giant Lifestyle with no experience and did not take any courses on real estate. Mentions that it took him 8 months of non-stop marketing to get his first deal in 2014. While The Money Metcon’s video shows how it took him 6 months to be a full-time wholesaler.

How Is Investing In Digital Real Estate Different From Reverse Wholesaling?

Digital real estate differs from reverse wholesaling because digital real estate is when you invest in a virtual property, while reverse wholesaling is a physical business that includes investment for real properties. If you invest in digital real estate, it means you own properties on the internet. Digital real estate examples are websites, domains, blogs, apps, social media accounts, and digital products. Reverse wholesaling investment is beginner friendly, similar to digital real estate, with less risk. But the risk of reverse wholesaling includes the dependency of the business model on a single buyer. You invest your time and efforts only for the deal to fall through.

Why Local Lead Generation Is A More Sustainable Business Model In 2024

Local lead generation is a sustainable business model in 2024 because you are the boss and you decide who you work with. It differs from real estate investing, where you look for buyers to offer your property. In local lead generation, business owners will reach out to you because of your ranking website. Similar to real estate, multiple digital properties you own, more leads come to you, means more profit. If a business owner does not pay according to your terms, you can contact their competitors and still earn money.

You create a website for an upfront cost of $500. You don’t need advertising  because you will rely on search engine optimization (SEO) to rank on Google organically. Your website ranking on Google allows more people to see your website, earning you more leads. But same as other business models, this will take you a couple of months to rank your website and earn a profit. 

Local lead generation is a true passive income business. I have a website from years ago and I am still earning $2,000 a month. I rarely touch the website for edits. Which allows me to function according to my wants and create more websites to rank and rent. It is my number 1 recommendation for a sustainable business in 2024

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