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As we enter 2020, many people are feeling this extra motivation to better their lives.

Many are posting about their new goals on social media.

But you know what I realize more and more?

Most people just love talking it.


They love talking about starting that new business.

They love talking about self-improvement.

They love talking about their goals of traveling to a different country.

but when the rubber meets the road.

When it comes to making hard decisions, they buck.

The truly successful entrepreneurs that I know?

I don't hear them talking about new year's resolutions.


Because that motivation is always on.

It burns deep inside that person's spirit.

Sure I have some days where I feel that fire burn brighter than others, but I'm not waiting for once a year event on NYE to feel that ignition.

If I don't feel it at least several times per week, something is wrong.

I've always wondered.

Why is it that some people have that spark? they actually go do shit and accomplish big goals versus others that just talk about it but they never execute?

2019 was the biggest year in business for me, as I did the numbers for taxes, my income has hit 7 figures. This blog has grown exponentially and so has my lead generation business

My success has everything to do with the fact that I am a self-motivated individual.

and when I look around... the majority of people aren't.

Ya'll Don't Really Want It Bad Because Ya'll Haven't Struggled

I like what this brotha, StephIsCold, has to say about that.

I mostly agree with what he's spittin'

Ya'll don't really want it.

you kind of want this or that.

your goals & desires are very wishy-washy


Because Ya'll haven't really struggled in life.

Before I started my lead generation business in 2014, I was single & broke, living pay check to pay check.

driving this piece of shit, 1996 Acura.

Living in a small 1 bedroom apartment.

I know what it's like to feel like I'm not living up to my potential.

To make excuses about money and try to tell myself its not important.

Making $2200 per month, working 40 hours per week, getting a $60 per month raise after 2.5 years of working there.

But shit, even with that income, I at least still had my own place.

It wasn't easy to pay the rent, but my Asian parents would never allow me to move back in with them after college.

Today, I'm thankful they did that, because it forced me to struggle and grow.

If you're still living with your parents and you're over 20 years old, you really need to check yourself.

Every single one of my friends that have stayed with their parents by using that excuse of "I'm saving money" have all been severely compromised in their character development & drive today.

Especially for the men out there, if you're still living with your parents as an adult, there is going to be something severely lacking in your masculinity.

Go get jobs in restaurants, get whatever shitty jobs you need to, to get your own place immediately.

That's step number 1.

Once you begin paying your own rent with the money you earned through hard work, then you will finally begin to understand what it means to have that unrelenting drive to become successful.

Because when 40% of your income goes towards just paying rent, life gets real, real quick. 

You will realize having side-income or side-hustle is paramount, you will beign to seek out answers on how to achieve passive income. (which is why I found the lead-gen biz... that ability to earn money while you sleep)

If you have made your life comfortable where you're at today.

I firmly believe you will not do what it takes to change your life.

The struggle is key.

Are You Running Away from the Struggle?

Here might be some common ways that I see people running from struggle and making their shitty lives "comfortable".

  • Your working at a shitty job you hate, but instead of investing that money you make in yourself to better yourself, you're spending the money on weed to medicate yourself all day and play video games
  • You're actively pursuing things to lower your cost of living so you don't have to deal with the responsibility to grow your income, for example, you compromise on your living situation and get 5 roommates so you can pay as little rent as possible.
  • You begin to concoct lies to yourself like "money isn't everything" or "its okay to live in this small town because all my friends are doing the same thing" when deep down inside you know you're not fulfilled in life.
    • Maybe you have a steady job, but over the years, you dropped your standards, you convinced yourself that taking your family on vacation once a year is enough, & when you do go on a vacation, its on a budget. (I don't have a family yet, but you should see how my mentor Dan vacations with his family & friends, clear evidence that your baller life doesn't have to end when you get married & kids)
    • You drown yourself in self-development material as a means to feel good, and neglect many areas of your life where you have mediocre results. (I'm all for self-development, but you need to couple that with aggresive pursuit on getting your money right as soon as possible, go start a side-business or learn skills that actually gives you the ability to go earn income on your own)

    Getting Your Money Right is Key

    I wish someone taught me this much younger. 

    Just how important it is to getting your money right.

    If you have a job, you should constantly be working on a side hustle business that can bring secondary sources of income.

    There's 3 Main Pillar for Happiness in my eyes

    • Money
    • Fitness/Health
    • Relationships

    and guess what, the most important pillar is money because when you have money the other 2 pillars gets resolved so much easier.

    Because I have money today, I can buy the healthiest foods and the expensive supplements that I could've never afford when I was working a 9 to 5.

    With money I was able to invest in home exercise equipment that has allowed me to gain 20 lbs of muscle this past year, I went from 165 lbs to 185 lbs. (also being able to afford the supplements and meals was a major factor)

    This muscle gain has had profound impacts on how I feel about myself and the responses I get from women & men.

    Relationships & Dating...

    There's no question that being successful and having my shit together financially has allowed me to date more beautiful women and made the whole thing so much easier today.

    Nothing instills more lasting confidence than achieving a level of monetary success. 

    You'd be kidding yourself if you didn't think, having a dope pad, dope car and the dope lifestyle of being able to travel anytime I want, the ability to go out to eat without worrying about the price, puts me in a whole new dimension of how the opposite sex categorizes me.

    Because I have carved out a life of abundance for myself, I have so much more to offer to women, it's like I have a stronger gravitational field that pulls women into my world and they wanna stay in it.

    It's not just about the money, its about what one had to do to get the money. When you go out and earn the high income yourself its different than inheriting bunch of money from rich parents.

    The whole process of achieving financial success with your own business means you're developing other strong traits in yourself that women find attractive like drive, ambition, charisma (needed in business to close deals), leadership (I now manage over 15 people that work for me), and just having that overall confidence that comes from being your own boss, you're in control of your destiny and you don't answer to no one.

    The Good News...

    The good news is that because of the internet, we have so much opportunities for us to build that business today or get that side income goin'.

    All the main online businesses we cover extensively on this site including digital marketing, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, dropshipping.

    I've put some serious time into all of them and I'm still 100% convinced that the lead generation business is the best one.

    Although many online businesses reach saturation within 2-3 years, the lead gen biz has not because our ability to earn money in smaller local markets versus having to compete nationally or globally.

    As huge companies continue to dominate Amazon, e-commerce and even the affiliate marketing, for the everyday people like me and you, doing business in local market is the key that can finally take someone that's been struggling for years at internet businesses to finally achieving their first legitimate success.

    Our lead generation coaching program, teaches you exactly how to do that.

    In Closing...

    You feel a lack of motivation?

    You need to strip away all the shit that's making you too comfortable where you're at. 

    Drop the weed & video games, get real with yourself and ask yourself how bad do I really want to succeed?

    I'm always motivated because I know what it was like to struggle, and I ain't ever going back there again.

    Don't blame it on your 9 to 5 job, you need to be taking that money you earn from your job and you should be investing it, in your own business.

    Don't think you have the money to invest in a business? Go get a second job. Drive Uber. Up your money hustle, whatever it takes.

    Surrounded by low level friends that constantly influencing you to be average? Move to a new city.

    The decision you make today shapes your future.

    In the same breath, the shitty life you have today is the result of all the shitty decisions you've made in the past.

    Take full responsibility for your life.

    Because the moment you do, you realize you are in control of your own life.

    Here's a recent testimonial from Kyle after being in our program for a year.

    1 simple decision can change your life.

    Kyle decided to challenge himself a year ago to start his own lead-gen biz.

    That's def a way of adding pressure to yourself, embrace that struggle because that's what forges ever-lasting self-motivation.

    Takes courage to make dificult decisions, but to live like a king you must act like it. Any less than that, you'll live a life of quite desperation reserved for the cowards of society.

    Talk to you soon,


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    1. Inspiration is the key to all success. It is an illusion, hat struggle is making your success possible. In the same way, that people pray “gods” for years, and feel strong disappointment, give up…and then later explain only the part of their story (not about that struggle with useless prayers), and pretend, that they are thankful for “god”.
      They created their own reality by accident, because we always succeed sometimes, if we try and suffer a lot, and finally give up (then our vibration raises), and follow our intuition.

      I got a huge income by making only jokes when I was younger. I was laughing, when I was writing. I was traveling and shopping a lot, but also got an inspiration to buy a house. The bank manager tried to stop me. I got 610 thousand euros by doing nothing, because the value of that property increased.
      Now I have a big manor and a horse farm. I am doing very little.

      We get everything we believe in. If you believe in struggle, you can also get money like that. But the question is: Are your happy?

      Happiness is the only goal in our life.

    2. Many gold nuggets are there in this post.
      But i like the most
      First get out of your comfort zone like from parents home.
      And then come with any job for paying rent etc which don't want to do this way automatically motivation will come .

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