Faizan Saeed’s Lead Gen Accelerator Review – Why Starting a Lead Gen Agency Isn’t Passive

October 17, 2023

Lead Gen Accelerator by Faizan Saeed is a done-with-you online coaching program that builds out client acquisition systems for agencies. They teach you how to get your first digital marketing client in 30 days and earn $10,000 per month in revenue in the first 90 days just by sending cold emails. 

Lead generation agencies are far from passive because of the different methods that exist. There are paid traffic campaigns, organic traffic campaigns, social media marketing, and more. To run a profitable lead generation agency that provides the best results for business, you need to know each lead generation method and implement them in the most cost effective manner possible. This can get expensive fast if you're a complete beginner in the world of digital marketing.

This review will highlight what you learn in Faizan Saeed's Lead Gen Accelerator coaching program, if the program has any legitimacy to it, and if starting a lead generation agency is worth pursuing in 2024. You'll also learn who exactly Faizan is and if what he claims about starting a lead generation agency has any truth to it.

Lead Gen Accelerator Review: Pros and Cons


Faizan's lead generation agency earns over $20,000 per month in revenue and he coaches students on how to implement his marketing campaign.

Students are taught several lead generation methods.

Paid traffic offers the opportunity to generate leads quickly. 

Leads are in high demand, and business owners are too busy to market themselves.

Faizan's marketing team trains you on how to leverage marketing automation tools to scale your business faster.


Generating leads with paid traffic is risky because you can spend thousands of dollars on a lead generation campaign seeing no return on investment.

High competition with thousands of marketing agencies going after the same clients.

There are too many moving parts when implementing all lead generation methods. 

Your income isn't close to passive unless you focus on mastering one lead generation method.


The price of Lead Gen Accelerator is revealed to you over the phone.


Faizan created the Lead Gen Accelerator in April 2022.


Not much is known about Faizen and this coaching program but there are several students who have found success with his program.

What Does Lead Gen Accelerator Teach?

1. Properly Pick Your Niche

Choose a niche that will provide sustainable profitability, like chiropractors. The niche you pick will determine the best lead generation strategy you should implement.

2. Create an Offer

In this section, Faizan and his team guide you as you learn how to create your offer so that it is highly appealing to your target audience. An offer is supposed to entice your ideal customer to buy in with you. As a result, you will see an increase in revenue. 

3. Building Your Website

Faizan coaches you on how to build out your website and landing pages. This marketing tool needs to be built in a way that will help you increase the number of website visitors you get. A website is an important part of your sales funnel. If it is not structured the right way, it will not help you attract any potential leads. 

4. Book Meetings

You will learn how to set up and book meetings with potential clients so you can further explain your offer and how you will go about generating more leads for them. Booking meetings with new prospects is the first big step towards achieving an increased revenue. If you don't book meetings with high quality leads, you won't see a sale happen.

5. Close Clients

After you learn how to book meetings with new leads, Faizan dives into the sales process and how you can close potential clients. The goal is to close turn as many potential customers into paying clients. This will translate to an increase in revenue for your lead generation agency.

6. Get Results for Clients

The final step is to provide your quality lead with results. Faizan trains you on how to generate leads in a variety of ways that include email marketing, content marketing, Facebook ads, and more.

Extras in Lead Gen Accelerator

According to Faizan, the extra training that is provided in the Lead Gen Accelerator coaching program is in place to help you scale to $10K per month in revenue ASAP. The extra training included in the program is listed below.

  1. Prepare you for sales calls
  2. Generate emails with their AI tools
  3. Training on how to build strong case studies from your testimonials

AI helps in acquiring new customers with lead nurturing and scoring because you can automate your email marketing campaigns and have AI software create your email sequences. As always, when dealing with AI content, you should always add the human element and fact check the content.

Is Lead Gen Accelerator Legit?

Lead Gen Accelerator is legit because of all the training you receive from Faizan. He shows you how to build your lead generation agency from start to finish and how to scale your agency with the steps he took to grow his agency to over $20K per month.

What Are Lead Gen Accelerator Success Stories?

Jadon is a high school student who worked at Walmart part-time. After 60 days in the program, he landed 4 clients which paid him $2.5K. Jadon was able to quit his job at Walmart and focus 100% on lead generation after making $5K per month. Faizan's goal was to help Jadon scale to $10K per month.

Hussain's case study reveals that he didn't have to wait too long to find success with the mentorship he received from Faizan. When he closed his first deal, he charged a $1,000 onboarding fee. This was a great start and proof that what Faizan teaches in his program works.

Who is Faizan Saeed?

Faizan Saeed is a 6-figure lead generation agency owner from Parsippany, New Jersey who got his bachelor's degree in Finance from Rutgers University. He worked a 9-5 job as an assistant restaurant manager at the restaurant his family owned called Khan Kabab House and as store manager at Khan Market, which his family also owned. Faizan learned how to make money online through social media marketing and in 2018, he began running sales events for BMW of South Atlanta. He generated a 100% increase in sales in only 9 months. 

In 2020, Faizan founded OutboundGen, which is a consultancy that specializes in lead generation for B2B firms such as marketing agencies, tech firms, Saas companies, and more. In April 2022, he created his online coaching program, Lead Gen Accelerator, with the goal of helping people build their own lead generation agency.

On social media, Faizan has over 1,200 Instagram followers and he posts content about lead generation and about his laptop lifestyle.

What is Faizan Saeed's Net Worth?

Faizan Saeed's net worth it between $250,000 and $750,000 when you factor in the $20,000 per month lead generation agency he owns and how many students are in his coaching program.

What Does Faizen Saeed Claim?

Faizen Saeed claims the best lead generation strategy is by sending cold emails. His reasons for believing this are listed below.

  1. Cheapest option because all you need is a free email account and time.
  2. No need to pay for paid traffic like a Facebook ad.
  3. You aren't dealing with people on cold calls.
  4. By the time you get on a sales call, they are already warmed up and interested.

Is There Truth to Faizen Saeed's Claim?

There is some truth to Faizan's claim that sending cold emails is the best lead generation strategy. The problem is that there is no guarantee your prospects are going to open, read, and be interested in your email. Your email subject line and copy need to be dialed in and concise if you're going to attract their attention. Another challenge that can take some time is warming up your emails. Warming up an email can take between 8 and 12 weeks. If you do this correctly, it will help you achieve a higher open-rate, but there is still no guarantee anyone will open it, read it, and reply with interest. There is a much better way to generate leads on autopilot and get paid predictably each month.

Is Starting a Lead Generation Agency Worth it in 2024?

Starting a lead generation agency is worth it in 2024 because leads are in high demand for businesses. Business owners are too occupied with working that they don't have time to get involved with marketing for their business and even if they did, they don't know how to. There are over 33 million small businesses in the United States with the majority need help with marketing.

The problem is that generating leads with PPC advertising or cold emails can get expensive with all the tools you need to pay for and use. After only a few days, you can lose thousands of dollars with no ROI. One of the worst parts is that you don't own any assets. You are working on someone else's company instead of your own and your clients' control if you get paid or not. At a moment's notice, they can choose to stop working with you and you will lose out on that income.

You can make money with a lead generation agency if you have an effective lead generation strategy, but it doesn't provide you with the benefits that come with creating your own digital assets and using free organic traffic to generate leads.

Lead Gen Accelerator Alternatives

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  • AgencyBox - This mentorship program by Dylan Vanas helps you scale your digital marketing agency in the shortest amount of time. When you join, you get access to done-for-you solutions for things like lead generation, sales, customer service, and fulfillment.
  • Agency Navigator - Iman Gadzhi shows you how to start and scale your digital marketing agency. You are provided with all the tools, templates, and funnels that will help you in your agency. 
  • AltAgency - Another alternative is Greg Hickman's program, where you learn how to grow and scale your online business by packaging your services to keep things simple and leverage automation to scale faster. 

The Top Alternative to Earning a Passive Income

The top alternative to earning a passive income is by generating leads organically using digital properties you own and control. Once you build and put your service sites in place on Google, they will generate leads without you having to pay for ads or craft cold emails. Your lead generation sites generate leads automatically and your clients will pay you on autopilot because you send them exclusive leads each month. 
Local lead generation

My Grand Rapids tree care site is one of my over 50 digital properties that pay me every month on autopilot. This one has paid me $2,000 every month since 2014, when I built and ranked it. Creating digital properties that pay you residually with little hassle is better than taking up time to craft large marketing campaigns and funnels. If you get into the right niche and market, your properties can generate just as many leads as paid ads would for the business owner you choose to work with.

To learn how to run a passive lead generation company that runs on autopilot and offers more control and a passive income, check out the local lead generation business model.

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