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Top 5 Lead Generation Methods For Cleaning Company (And How Organic Traffic Can Grow Your Revenue)

March 23, 2024

The best lead generation methods for cleaning company are:

As with other industries, it’s important for residential and commercial cleaning service owners to utilize effective lead generation strategies. To find your next cleaning client, we’ll show you where and how to find them so you can introduce your business.

Trust us when we say local lead generation can play a huge role in the entire process. Besides, ranking your business website organically is a less saturated way to get quality leads. When you focus on promoting your cleaning company in your local area, more people who need your services will see your listing, which results in more customers. 

The 5 best lead generation methods for cleaning companies

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without a doubt, search engine optimization is the most effective way to get more leads for your cleaning company. These days, most people rely on search engines to find relevant information about products or services they’re interested in. And Google continues to be the general preference among internet users. 

On average, the search engine giant processes 99,000 searches every second, which sums that up to over 8.5 billion searches per day. Also, 97% of internet users go online when they want to find a local business.

So if you can rank your website using SEO, you can look forward to more quality leads.

Pro tip: Focus your SEO efforts on local lead generation

Local lead generation through SEO allows you to rank your website so you can enjoy greater visibility among local search engine results.

To illustrate, when a Chicago-based homeowner wants to get their house cleaned, they’ll likely go online and type “cleaning services in Chicago” on Google. This allows them to find results specific to their city. If you’re on page 1, more people will consider you as one of the top local cleaning providers.

Your brand’s visibility will improve as you target the right keywords. As your company website ranks higher, your business will benefit from free organic traffic. The revenue potential is practically limitless.

2. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Next, pay-per-click advertising can be a quick way to gain prominence in search engine results. For example, a Google ad positions advertisers on top of organic search engine results. So when you run a campaign with them, your site appears when users search for your targeted keywords online - as seen in the example below.

According to Digivate, Google estimates that PPC boosts brand awareness by up to 80%. Meanwhile, ads claim about 25% of search result clicks in local searches. 

The downside here, of course, is that some users distrust paid ads and prefer organic search results. Also, take note that PPC ads require you to pay a fee for every user that clicks and visits your website - which can eat into your profit margins.

So while PPC can be a good lead generation strategy, SEO is obviously the way to go if you’re aiming for free leads from organic ranking.

3. Content marketing

In addition to lead generation, content marketing allows you to establish your credibility as a cleaning industry expert. Furthermore, research also tells us about the effectiveness of content marketing. 

According to Demand Metric
  • 80% of people like reading custom content to learn more about a business
  • 70% of people prefer to learn about companies through articles than advertisements
  • 68% of people take time to read about brands they find interesting
  • 60% of people feel encouraged to learn more about a product after reading content about it

To start your content marketing campaign, consider the following ideas: 

Maintain a blog on your website. A blog gives you a space where you can post articles relevant to your target audience. You can write about quick kitchen cleaning tips, the benefits of hiring a cleaning service, or your personal experiences as a professional cleaner.

Write guest blogs. You can also submit guest articles to industry-related websites that accept submissions. It can be a good way to gain attention from their audience while boosting your authority at the same time.  

Upload videos on YouTube. Aside from written content, you can also post helpful how-to videos on your YouTube channel. This will allow you to reach more people, demonstrate your expertise, and show up on search results on the platform. It can even help you make money online as a passive income source.

4. Social media marketing

You are missing out on opportunities to promote your cleaning business (and get more customers) if you’re not on social media. No wonder, 66% of marketers use social media at least 6 hours a week to generate quality leads

Creating a business account on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can take your cleaning company to the next level. An active social media presence makes it possible for you to connect with more people and advertise any promos you may have. 

The best part is, you won’t even have to spend since most social networking sites are free to use. As part of your marketing strategy, you can share infographics, photos, videos, and other types of content. You can also engage with potential customers by responding to inquiries via comments and direct messages.  You may even consider joining groups where you can share your expertise with local communities. 

5. Joining online business marketplaces like Home Advisor and Thumbtack

Finally, you can also consider joining online business marketplaces such as HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, and others. While creating a listing in these platforms is usually free, signing up for their lead generation services will require fees.

Lead quality, however, can be an issue. Case in point, you’ll have to pay for each lead they deliver - whether you close the deal or not. Plus the leads you paid for aren’t even exclusive to you, since they often share leads with 5 to 10 companies.

While using such platforms might lead to big budget projects, take note the charges can get expensive over time because of the per-lead payment system.

Needless to say, lead generation through organic ranking should be a better, cost-efficient strategy for your cleaning company.

What is a good lead generation rate?

Generally, a good lead generation rate is at 2% to 5%. This applies to different industries and may differ, depending on how a company defines “conversion.” Businesses often consider conversion as the percentage of website visitors that responded to a call to action. This can mean signing up for an email newsletter, filling out an online registration form, or actually purchasing a service. So if 1,000 users visited your site and 40 took action, your conversion rate is 4%.      

Knowing your lead generation rates allows you to measure which of your lead generation strategies are working and which aren’t. Additionally, conversion rates “provide data about whether your segmentation efforts are successful,” according to MailChimp. “Knowing your conversion rate allows you to create better marketing campaigns… to target specific users based on different categories, such as location, interests, and more.”

Obviously, converting more of your leads into customers means greater earnings for your business. On the other hand, low conversion rates implies you are losing potential profits. You’ll then have to reevaluate your lead generation methods to improve your lead generation campaign.

The 2 types of lead generation

Lead generation usually falls into 2 categories, namely inbound and outbound. With inbound lead generation, a customer willingly visits and browses a business website. This may be prompted by a social media post or a good search engine ranking, among others. The person may become a potential client when they take any action, such as calling the company’s number or entering their personal details. Meanwhile, outbound lead generation is more traditional in its methods. This is when a business owner (or staff member) reaches out to people via cold calling, direct mailing, and email marketing, hoping to add them to their potential client base.  

Since both types aim to generate leads, cleaning companies can use a combination of these two approaches to achieve the best results in their marketing efforts.

How do I get more leads for cleaning services?

To get more leads for your cleaning services, you will need to explore different ways of reaching your potential customer base. Here are some suggestions:  

1. Create positive word of mouth. In a Reddit thread, an owner of a new cleaning business in Vancouver shared about the struggles of attracting more clients. A fellow service industry professional later commented, saying word of mouth has been the most effective for their business. As you strive to deliver quality service, some customers will rave about your company and even refer you to others. 

2. Offer big discounts on your service. Price discounts can be a good way to encourage household and business owners to try your services. While it may mean lesser revenue, it could likewise lead to more business. So if you target enough customers, you may avoid losing profits in the long run. Just make sure you do an excellent job so they regularly hire you for their home or office cleaning needs.

Why do cleaning companies need a lead generation company?

Cleaning companies can benefit from hiring a lead generation company by having experts on their side. These specialists will work closely with your marketing team to help expand your reach and get greater exposure to your market.  

Typically, cleaning companies target two types of clients - homeowners and local businesses. These customers often require professional residential and commercial cleaning services on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.  As such, your cleaning business needs to be on the constant lookout for new leads so you can continue to work and earn while waiting for scheduled cleaning tasks with regular clients. 

As lead generation companies drive new leads their way, you and your team members get to worry less about finding new customers. These experts ensure the use of effective systems to help business owners manage, monitor, and nurture fresh leads. They’ll know exactly when to make follow-ups with prospective leads until they’re ready to avail of a company’s offerings.

While working with a hire lead generation provider definitely has its merits, it also has its obvious flaws (such as additional expenses for the business). For this reason, some cleaning companies prefer to handle lead generation in-house.   

Outsourcing vs. in-house lead generation: which is better?

Outsourcing and doing lead generation in-house both have their advantages and disadvantages. To decide which option is best for your cleaning business, consider the following factors: 

Outsourced lead generation


You get to work with experts. You won’t have to build a team from scratch when you’re working with a lead generation company. Experienced specialists will get your campaign running from day one.

Regular reports. You will regularly receive detailed updates from your chosen lead generation provider. These reports will provide you with valuable insights about how the campaign process is working for your brand.

More time to focus on your business. As you outsource, you can devote greater attention to growing your business and dealing with your customers.


Less control and less personalized service. You can’t control every aspect of the campaign. Furthermore, the services they provide may not exactly be industry-specific, especially if they lack the experience in your field.

Can be costly over time. Outsourcing means you’ll have to pay your lead gen provider on a monthly or a per-lead basis. The expenses could gradually pile up if you depend on a company for lead generation

In-house lead generation


You know your business. Compared with a team of outsiders, you have a clearer understanding of your company, your customers, and your requirements.

You’re in full control of your campaign efforts. Want to try a new tactic to generate leads? Or maybe stop one that’s not delivering the desired outcome? You can tweak your strategies anytime you want. Plus there’s greater transparency when you’re doing lead generation in house.

Less expensive in the long run. Compared with spending monthly or per-lead fees, in-house lead generation can ultimately be more practical for your business.


Investment in hardware and software. Initially, you will need to purchase equipment to get your campaign up and running. This could mean additional upfront and overhead expenses for your cleaning company.

Training takes time. Lead generation requires analytical, research, and SEO skills, among others. That said, you’ll have to spend time training your internal team members.

Results may take a while. Not having a proven process means you’ll have to keep experimenting to find out what works.

Our verdict: In-house lead generation is worth it

All things considered, we strongly recommend you take charge of your own lead generation campaign. Despite the mentioned drawbacks, it’s just overall more productive and cost-efficient than outsourcing. You can also keep your ranking for years, which means more earning opportunities for your company.

Otherwise, if you’re not willing to learn or do not have the time for it, you can instead hire an expert lead generator. This professional lead generation specialist should be able to rank your website organically in Google.


When done right, lead generation can surely rank up your numbers. You will be able to drive traffic to your site and see more visitors converted into paying customers.  

To boost your lead generation skills and knowledge, you should consider checking out the best local lead generation courses out there. Case in point, we teach an effective system that’s guaranteed to help you generate more leads through our lead generation coaching program


Over the years, we’ve taught many small business owners who have seen how organic traffic can drive countless leads to their business websites. We even made it a point to simplify everything to make sure that even the non-techies can learn and benefit from our proven 3-step process. 

Ready to see your cleaning business site rank up soon? Contact us now and let’s help you get started.   

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