Darold Trinh’s Long Wealth Capital Review: Is Long Wealth Capital’s Stock Trading Strategy Effective?

March 14, 2024

Long Wealth Capital is a stock trading mentorship platform owned by Darold Trinh. It’s a legitimate but fairly new program launched before the end of 2023. Darold Trinh’s platform includes a mini-mentorship, a separate Flawless Options Trading System course, some free courses, and a special one-on-one mentorship program - his high-ticket offering.

While Long Wealth Academy’s course is affordable, risks come with stock trading itself. According to Capital.com, over 70% of DIY investors lose money, while several other brokerage studies estimate that as many as 90% of traders suffer losses. And so, having a real-life guide like Darold to carry you along the ever-changing market can help in some cases.

In this review, you will learn Long Wealth Capital’s pros and cons, what the mentorship program consists of, Darold’s background, and whether its strategy is truly effective for consistent gains in stock trading.

Long Wealth Capital Review Pros and Cons


A very affordable mentorship program.


Teaches low-risk trading with minimal capital.

Lifetime access.


The platform’s programs are still in their early stages.

Possible huge losses in options trading.

Limited information about the coach.


The price of Long Wealth Capital’s mini-mentorship is $9.97, and $47 for the Flawless Options Trading System. The cost of Darold Trinh’s one-on-one coaching program isn’t posted on his website.

Refund Policy

Long Wealth Capital’s refund policy outlines a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.


Long Wealth Capital was launched in 2023.

Is Long Wealth Capital's Stock Trading Strategy Effective?

Darold Trinh or Long Wealth Capital’s trading strategy can be effective, as it mostly consists of ideas many successful traders agree upon, namely:

  • Evaluating companies to find a good trade
  • Doing fundamental analysis
  • Doing technical analysis
  • Clearly identifying entry points and exits to minimize risk and maximize gains.

This means that Long Wealth Capital focuses on teaching trading fundamentals and not some secret formula to win all the time. Darold Trinh himself says that he doesn’t believe in any secret strategy or tactic when it comes to trading.

This also means that what Darold Trinh teaches isn’t something completely new. The real value of Long Wealth Capital’s courses lies in Darold Trinh’s hands-on mentorship and the real-life trading experiences that he might share.

What Does Long Wealth Capital Consist of?

Long Wealth Capital’s mini-mentorship program consists of modules students can consume anytime with no time limit and weekly group coaching sessions. Modules include Risk Management, Entries and Exit Framework, an exclusive list of undervalued companies, instructions about the array of tools Darold Trinh uses in trading, and more.

The platform also offers a program on options trading and one-on-one mentorship. These are not upsells but completely separate programs under the same platform.

Who are Long Wealth Capital Courses For?

Long Wealth Capital’s mini-mentorship program is best for beginners as it includes modules on stock trading fundamentals and access to Darold Trinh’s private community.

On the other hand, the platform’s program on options trading is best for bigger risk-takers with enough knowledge of the fundamentals.

As his high-ticket offering, Darold Trinh’s one-on-one coaching is saved for those who “have the funds,” as stated on this program’s landing page. One must fill out a separate form to apply for one-on-one mentorship.

Current Online Reviews on Long Wealth Capital's Courses

There is currently no wealth of online reviews to support the effectiveness of Long Wealth Capital’s courses – in fact, there was none at the time of writing. We can only rely on the feedback given by Trinh’s students posted on his website.

Needless to say, we should take this feedback with a grain of salt.

The following student feedback mentions an actual gain by investing in Darold Trinh’s recommended companies.

Who is Darold Trinh?

Darold Trinh is a 27-year-old stock investor with over a million dollars under his trading portfolio. He graduated from California State University in Long Beach and is currently working as a PA (Physician Assistant).

Teaching about stock trading is Darold Trinh’s passion project. He believes that learning stock trading shouldn’t be difficult, and people should take advantage of its low entry costs, overcoming analysis paralysis.

What is Darold Trinh’s Claim in Long Wealth Capital?

Darold Trinh claims that everyone can be successful in stock trading if they:

  • Focus on quality but undervalued stocks.
  • Focus on the fundamentals and not investing emotionally.
  • Stick to a reliable system to identify entries and exits.

The course teaches traders to work on compounding gains (no matter how small in percentage) and playing the long game. This strategy implies that Trinh doesn’t support day trading, or at least it’s not covered in his courses.

On the other hand, Darold Trinh’s stand on options trading is a little bit confusing. He clearly mentions that he will never preach high-risk and high-volume trading, like options trading, but his separate program tells otherwise.

The image below shows an entry in the Long Wealth Capital website’s FAQs.

Note that on the same website, Darol Trinh offers a separate course about options trading – the Flawless Options Trading System.

What makes Darold Trinh’s teachings “less risky,” especially for beginners, is the distance he places himself against options trading. Having an options trading course on his website (with a huge claim) is really quite baffling.

Conclusion - How Do Stock Trading and Local Lead Generation Compare?

Long Wealth Capital is an affordable course and mentorship program best for beginners in stock trading. But as mentioned, all of the risks are in the actual trading or the business model itself. Data from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) indicates that only 10% of traders make money, while 90% end up losing. Day or swing trading aside, options trading has a higher learning curve, thus making it riskier for beginners. 

As you can see, most statistics point to the “90% of traders lose” pattern. And as per usual, trading coaches promise students the “exception,” or the 10% that actually earns money. In Long Wealth Capital’s case, the stat-breaking fulfillment of that promise remains to be seen. There’s a reason why the “trade only the money you’re willing to lose” mantra is common among trading coaches.

Alternatively, local lead generation is a less competitive and less risky model. It doesn’t have the same volatility as the financial market and can be truly “passive.” To start, you can spend $500 on creating a website, rank it within 6 months, and it can stay at the top of Google search results for a long time. You can then rent your ranked website as “digital real estate” to help businesses get leads at a consistent pricing. You can never get this level of consistency in trading.

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