Andy Cantu’s Lux Travel Hacks Review (How It Works And Do You Really Need It?)

March 13, 2024

Lux Travel Hacks is an online course designed by Andy Cantu. The program is designed for both inexperienced and longtime travelers who want to experience luxury travel.

There are many travel courses out there, but Andy Cantu's stands out because it teaches how to book luxury flights and stay in 5-star hotels for free or at an affordable cost. He offers detailed teachings on credit card leveraging, hotel upgrading strategies, and more. His students attest to experiencing the best travel experience after applying what they learned from the course. But, is luxury travel hacking the best way to save money while seeing the world?

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What Is Lux Travel Hacks?

Lux Travel Hacks is an online course that teaches students how to “fly first class, stay in 5 star hotels, and experience a life of luxury for free in 90 days or less.” Among many others, interested learners can expect to get the following from their Lux Travel Hacks purchase:

  • 80+ step-by-step modules designed for beginners and advanced travel hackers
  • Hotel upgrade strategies
  • A list of top 10 “under the radar” credit cards
  • A list of Andy Cantu’s favorite airlines and hotels
  • Direct VIP email support from Andy Cantu
  • Lifetime access to the program
  • Free access to future updates
  • Exclusive access to the private Facebook group for Lux Travel Hacks members



Refund policy

30-day refund policy (after you complete the course)


The website displays positive reviews from members

What is Luxury Travel Hacking?

Luxury travel hacking is the art of “leveraging credit cards and points to travel the world in luxury for next to nothing.” According to Andy, he accidentally discovered travel hacking after realizing he has accumulated many credit card points. He eventually used them for travel and successfully booked a free trip to Mexico.

In a Smarter Destiny Podcast interview, Andy explained that luxury travel hacking mostly deals with getting the right credit cards and earning transferable currencies (points, miles). “You can take membership rewards points no matter where you are in the world and you can transfer them to 12 different airline programs,” he added. “And if you know what you're doing, you can use those programs to fly basically anywhere in the world.”

Who Is Lux Travel Hacks for?

Lux Travel Hacks is for everyone, including business travelers, digital nomads, avid travelers, and even occasional travelers. “The only people I wouldn't recommend it to are people who don't travel at all,” writes Andy Cantu on the official website.

According to Cantu, the course makes it possible for people to save “a ridiculous amount of money.” Whether they travel individually or with family members once or several times per year, the course guarantees they won’t have to settle for economy flights and average hotels.

However, the site also warns that the course may or may not work for those outside the United States. Andy clarifies that while the program can benefit travelers from different countries, information on credit, credit card, and financial concepts are only applicable to the US. “There might need to be a few tweaks made,” he adds.

So if you’re a traveler planning to take a trip from, say, Hong Kong to New Zealand, it’s best to check ahead with Andy via email at That way, you can find out if the program can work to your advantage.

Who is Andy Cantu?

Andy Cantu is the founder of Lux Travel Hacks. He is also an entrepreneur, an IT expert, and a race car driver. In addition, he was a former affiliate marketer and ecommerce business owner. Over the years, he has developed a system of traveling the world first class for free or for a small cost. He has since made it his mission to help travelers to experience free or low-cost luxury travel. Today, he shares his knowledge through the online course Lux Travel Hacks and through conducting seminars.

Andy Cantu's Story and How The Business is Doing Today

What is Andy's Travel Hacking Strategy?

Andy leverages credit card rewards, points systems, and various financial tools to significantly reduce the cost of luxurious travels. He learned to accumulate credit card points through sign-ups, referrals, and managed spending. He uses these points to fund his luxury travels. For Andy, it is more than just saving money on travel costs. It is about experiencing luxuries that only the rich can afford, like high-end hotels and flying first class. 

How Andy Developed Lux Travel Hacks 

Andy's love for traveling was the reason why he started Lux Travel Hacks. He launched the course in April 2020 as a small seminar that gave travel advice. His mentor convinced him to upgrade the seminars into a course which covers credit management, accumulating points, and efficiently using them. 

Current State of the Business

Today, Lux Travel Hacks has a community of over 6,000 members. It offers one-on-one coaching with Andy, personalized trip booking, credit audits, and more. The core lessons of the program are focused on educating members about earning the right points, spending them wisely, and enjoying luxury travel experiences. The community also offers space for members to share their travel experiences, tips, and success stories.

What's not mentioned in the interview: It's okay to use credit card programs and rewards to earn points. However, credit cards can be tricky and it's easy to lose track of your spending. Barely 45% of cardholders are able to pay-off their balances in full. This means their card balances accrue interest month-on-month. 

Andy Cantu’s social media presence

As of this writing, Andy Cantu has 414 followers on Facebook where mostly shares informative videos on Reels. He is more active on Instagram where he regularly posts photos of his travels and currently has 6,178 followers.

Meanwhile, Andy also runs the Lux Travel Hacks channel on YouTube where he has uploaded 18 videos and gained 12,108 views. So far, he has 581 subscribers on the video-sharing platform.

Lux Travel Hacks reviews

Lux Travel Hacks reviews are positive, as seen on the program’s official website. Most of these reviews are screen-captured social media posts or email interactions.

Karen Pendergrass, for example, shares how she managed to spend only 100 Canadian dollars (instead of 2,000) for an emergency flight.

While Andy’s Facebook page has a 5-star rating, most of the reviews are from spammers advertising unrelated businesses. There are no reviews about Lux Travel Hacks on other websites.

Is Lux Travel Hacks worth it?

So is Lux Travel Hacks worth trying? We can’t tell for sure. The lack of reviews available on different platforms may hold back potential students to check out the program. Plus there is a good deal of free information from travel websites, bloggers, and vloggers available online so others may hesitate about spending $997 for a course.

To find out if this course is right for you, Andy also offers free training for anyone interested to learn.


While traveling the world using Andy Cantu's hacks can help you save on flight and accommodation expenses, it's important to sustain your lifestyle, too.

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  1. Thank you- I watched Andy’s stupid repetitive fb ad and received no new info. What a waste of minutes in my life I can’t get back, but wish I could!

  2. Completely agree with the post above. He is using plenty of over-exaggerated claims to lure people into spending $1k ($500 if you book via his ad). Reminds me of those give me all those crappy give me money and you'll get rich schemes.

    1: This information is everywhere online (including flyertalk, reddit, thepointsguy, youtube) and is totally free
    2: One very misleading point he makes is the majority of travel hackers only fly economy. Not true at all.
    3: You cannot make infinite points by travel hacking and points get devalued all the time. The fact that he oversells travelhacking is insulting for hobbyists.

    1. I bought a travel eBook for $7. I found a round trip from Chicago to Atlanta for $22 total! , it would cost $27 just to go one way to get to O'Hare!!! In this book and the videos I watched they mentioned Andy Cantu and said he was a guru!! They were not joking!

      I bought his course for a lot less than 997 on sale. I went through the course and it is advanced. Yes you can get tidbits through the Internet. But once he gets to the section of actually booking the trips it is a whole new world!

      He does answer his questions in his Facebook group. I do not work for the company at all.

  3. It’s a scam ; all you need is a credit card such as Citi AA airlines or Barclays American Airlines or American Express delta airlines or American Express united airlines ; pick your favorite most used airline they all have cc affiliations !!
    Use it to charge everything ; also look for promotions such as Amex platinum card (150000) points ! Etc etc
    Then just move the points earned to your AA FREQUENT FLYER ACCOUNT OR DELTA OR UNITED ; they all have FF ACCOUNTS !!!
    Questions about all these are easily answered by asking googl ; just pose the question and you will receive the answers ; ALL FREE !

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