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June 15, 2020


In this post, I will show you how to make money blogging in 2020.

But just like Mike Tyson aged out of boxing, so the game of blogging has evolved.


While the amount of traffic on the internet continues to increase, so does the number of competitors. 


So you cannot pull quick cash, but the opportunity to cash in is certainly still there

(if you've got a year or two of patience & a lot of time to write)

Before I show you how to make dimes and nickels blogging, 

A lil about how I built an 8k per month income in less than 7 months

My name is Ippei...

2014 to 2016

I went from living in the boonies in Detroit to living in a high rise in San Fran


I leveled up my skills.

Graduating wit a bachelors in advertising, little did I know I didn't know shit. 

In 2014, I joined a mastermind that taught me how to build and rank simple websites that brought eager customers to small businesses

(like that tree care site next to me)

Long story short

I took action and created a lot of these sites and quit the 9-5 life fo-ever, now I make 52k per month. 

Hit the button below to learn more:

In this guide to get started blogging, I cover topics like:

  • Who Makes Money Blogging? (I provide 5 examples) 
  • Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Articles? (Hell Yeah!) 
  • If You Started Today, How Long Would It Take to Bring in Some Solid Cash? (Not Get Rich Quick)
  • How Much Do Bloggers Make? (I provide the most recent, up-to-date stats)
  • How Can You Monetize Composing Blog Posts?
  • Where to Start to Make Money Blogging? (Begins with Your Mindset)
  • Where to Start to Make Money Blogging? (Begins with Your Mindset)
  • Can I use a Free blog to Make Money? (The answer is a hesitant yes)
  • How I Made Money Faster via Lead Generation (Left 9-5 in 6 months)

Are you ready?

Let's get into it!

5 Examples to Make Money Blogging

Many people make money blogging today.

Here’s 5 examples:


How They Make Money:
Google Adsense & Premium Content
Their Blogging Style:
Stock Marketing & Shares Blog
Reason Why Successful:
Tim’s instructions are simple and easy to implement.
Where You Find Them:


The second example of blogs that are making money is, the image here is the homepage showing their 92 new news articles and automobile reviews over the last 7 days
How They Make Money:
Google Adsense & Banner Advertisements
Their Blogging Style:
They Review Cars and other Auto Articles
Reason Why Successful:
Their Content is always up to date
Where You Find Them:


How They Make Money:
Banner Ads & Affiliate Links
Their Blogging Style:
Artsy Fartsy (Art & Design Posts and Reviews)
Reason Why Successful:
They Update Daily with Quality Articles and Awesome Tutorials
Where You Find Them:


this image is the 4th example of blogs that make money in 2020. the image is a picture of Gary Vaynerchuck's Wine Library TV
How They Make Money:
Affiliate Links & Banner Ads
Their Blogging Style:
New Videos almost Daily as well as Wine Reviews
Reason Why Successful:
Intuitive Site Layout, Straight-Forward Honest Wine Reviews and Simply Fantastic Content
Where You Find Them:

#5 is the 5th website that makes money through blogging. This is a picture of their home page
How They Make Money:
Banner Ads and a little PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
Their Blogging Style:
Balance of Funny and Serious Posts with Stunning & Cute Photography
Reason Why Successful:
Dazzling Writing Style with Endearing Personality, Refreshing Site Layout
Where You Find Them:

Can You Really Make Money Writing Blog Articles?

Clearly people do, so it’s a matter of how motivated you are. But that’s another post.

You’ll have to put in a ton of work upfront,

which is both great and terrible at the same time.

It’s great because that’s a barrier to entry, which separates the winners from the wimps.

Blogging takes time and persistent, consistent effort to makes some serious dollars.

Two Tips to Get Your Blog Monetized Fast:

1. Find out the best practices of blogging and follow them

2. Stay away from black-hat (naughty-naughty) tactics and people that arouse your suspicions

If You Started Today, How Long Would It Take to Bring in Some Solid Cash?


to be straightforward,

blogging isn’t for those who want to get rich quick.

If you put in the work (20 hours of writing per week or more),

here’s my estimate of the time it would take to put some dollars into your pocket:

After about 6 months of work,

you probably could make enough to pay for your coffee at Starbucks.

12 months from starting your efforts,

you could make a pretty solid part-time income.

Give it 24 months (2 years) of regular effort and

you might be able to go full-time in blogging and leave your soul-sucking 9-5.

If you are looking for some solid stats on what bloggers make, you can check out the US Bureau of Labor Statistics under the category of “Writers and Authors”

(Screen shot of “Quick Facts”)

But if you are getting into blogging strictly for the money, you probably won’t be successful.

You need a deeper motivation.

The most successful in the field relish in the process of creating jaw-dropping content and then let the cash fall where it may.

In case you still “need” to know what hard working bloggers make, check out this list of 11 trendy writers.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

No, there’s no top line limit to what writers can make.

2 Main Questions  Determine Your Blog's Profitability:

  • 1: How Strong is Your work Ethic?
  • 2: What is the Level of Your Skill Set?

The first is by far the most influential.

Ever heard Macklemore’s “10,000 Hours”?

The 10,000 Hour Principle

He wrote the song based on Malcom Gladwell’s principle that it takes ten-thousand hours to get into the top 5% of a skill set.

What does 10,000 hours look like part-time?

10 Years of Persistent Effort

The average full-time employee works 2000 hours a year.

Half of that would be considered part-time: 1000 hours a year.

To become an expert blogger, making top 1% money,

you’ll need to have the perspective that reminds you

“It will take me 5-10 years to become a master at this skill-set,

and I will make mistakes,

but it will be worth it.”

How Can You Monetize Composing Blog Posts?

There’s a ton of ways to bring in some extra dough blogging a few hours a day.

I will list 5 here, but check back in a week or two,

because I will be adding to my list as I have time:

1. Advertising and Content that’s Sponsored

Businesses everywhere want their products in front of prospective buyers.

The key here is your blog’s genre.

If you are talking about their industry or the problems that their industry solves, companies might be interested in compensating you to display their products or services on your site.

How might you incorporate their offerings on your website?

A. Sponsored Posts – You can offer to put together an article that includes their product/service in exchange for a fee. (The key to being successful using this method is putting your offer in front of many different companies to keep the cash flowing in. This technique generally is one-time money vs ongoing money, just so you are aware.)

B. Giveaways & Reviews – Usually, the way this agreement goes down is that you exchange a blog post featuring their product for a free product and maybe some extra cash on the barrel!

C. Display Ads – These are ads placed in the side bar or at the bottom of your site, but also sometimes appear at the top of the page in your header or even amidst your content. To easily find companies that would like to put ads on your site, use GoogleAdsense to start, and then once you’ve reached a solid level of traffic, upgrade to Mediavine or Adthrive (better margins)

D. Newsletter or Video or Podcast Sponsors – If your blog has a substantial email list, you might offer to advertise within your emails about a company’s offerings. Maybe you are hosting a podcast, and in the middle you can include the classic “a note from today’s sponsor(s)”. Similarly, if video is your medium, you can offer some commercial slots of 15, 30 and 60 seconds, with different prices depending on the length.

Well, there’s a few ideas to get your mind working!

Be sure to have some perspective:

Ads on websites aren’t as profitable as they were a couple of years ago.

To really be profitable,

you need to have a fire-hose of visitors flowing through your site.

2. Affiliate Marketing (Putting Other people’s products in front of potential buyers)

When you are beginning your blog and starting to get some traffic, you might consider offering some products that others have made to get some money coming at you (might pay for your website hosting lol).

While there are literally thousands of affiliate programs you can be apart of, these are some that you might start with:

A. WP Engine – This is a hosting company that will give you a slice of every customer that they get who signs up using your affiliate link.

B. Bluehost – A second hosting company that is super in-expensive to get your blogging site started on.

C. Amazon Associates – I’ve seen this one garner significant sales because Amazon has a very high trust factor with its shoppers.

D. Ultimate Bundles – Everyone loves a discount! This program puts digital products into collections and sells each collection of internet-based items at a super-steep discount.

E. Genesis – If you are using WordPress to host your blog (and I would recommend that you do, it’s what WordPress’s original purpose was and is really good at. If you offer this Theme on your web pages, they will give you a portion of every sale that originated from your unique affiliate URL.

F. Amazon Influencer Program – This program gives you the ability to set up your own storefront of affiliate products and then embed it on your website. It looks really slick.

3. Selling Your Own Digital Products via your Blogging Website 

Digital Products were all the rage in 2017, and while the ruckus has calmed down a bit, given the right audience and the right content, you can still position yourself to garner some significant income from offering them on your website.

Here’s some examples of some digital products that are popular among bloggers:

A. Ecourses – Have a unique skill that others are interested in learning? Make your own internet-based course and then sell it on your website to people who come on to your web pages.

B. Online Classes – Similar to the Ecourse, but instead of the teachings being recorded, you are presenting them in real time (think paid Facebook Live Stream)

C. EBooks – Already have a writing background? Perhaps you are already a published author and have a few written books that you could adapt to being in digital formats (pdfs or mp3’s) that you could then offer to your audience(s).

D. Premium Content – While you do offer a significant amount of free content, you build out an upper tier of higher quality of content that people must either pay once or perhaps monthly (subscription model) to be able to access.

E. Images – Are you a budding photographer? If you’re taking pictures of subjects that are applicable to your website’s content, you might consider putting together a photography store, where people either pay per photo or per month for access and download privileges.

4. Marketing Your Own Physical Products

A. Books – If you are already a published author, you can simply offer your physical book on your blog

B. Handmade Items – Do you like making crafts? You can market your beaded earrings or hand-knitted scarves and washcloths on your website, provided your audience might be interested.

C. Manufactured Products – You can private label your own items and list them for sale on your site and you can even get a Shopify plug-in that will enable you have Amazon perform the fulfillment of your items (for a fee), which would keep your time free to develop more high quality content.

D. Retail Arbitrage – Are you aware of the best discounts in your town? Re-list your findings on your website and take a sliver to deliver, making more than you paid (just make sure to calculate shipping & handling into the price, then you can offer “free shipping” as an additional incentive)

5. Closing Others on Using Your Services

Often, blogs themselves don’t make you money.

Blogs show others that you are an expert in your field, positioning you in the space (your topic) as an authority, which gives you the ability close others on hiring you to perform various services for their businesses.

You can also build an email list, which then you can use to market a variety of products and services (Remember “Sponsored Posts”?)

Where to Start to Make Money Blogging? 

So how can you get started blogging today?

Simply start writing.

It would be helpful to get a domain with your name on it, like mine is my first name (, which leaves me the freedom to go after a variety of topics.

If I chose a topic-based domain (like for example) then I would be stuck with a very specific topic and a very narrow audience.

But since I chose to use my name, I can write about any topic I want, but in general I choose to right about how people can make money in different ways online.

Can I use a free blog to Make Money?


Here's how you can start a blog at zero up-front cost (aside from sweat-equity)

You can go to and sign up to get a website that is based on what’s called a “sub-domain,” which is where your domain name is combined with your host’s name.

For example, if I hosted my site on a sub-domain, it would be offers free sub-domain sites.

If you go with a sub-domain as your website,
you lose some freedom and have some content restrictions

as your website will be under the jurisdiction of WordPress.


If you are already a writer and want to make money writing, 

starting a blog might just be for you.

But remember,

you’ll need to have some patience,

as it will probably take you around two years of persistent work to

gain enough of a following to build the income necessary to leave your 9-5 job behind.

If you are interested in a faster “job-killing” alternative,

you might consider lead-generation.

I was able to quit my job 6 months after starting by a lead generation business.

For more details check out the info-graphic below:

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