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You can make a ton of cash with affiliate marketing.

But if you want a fast-paced-in your face option that will propel your sales into the next tax bracket then it may be worth taking a closer look at Clickbank.

A chasm connecting product owners to affiliates-if you do it right-Clickbank combs in some of the best commissions on the internet.

But how?

The key is generating traffic.

The linchpin to scoring impressive payouts.

I'm going to outline all the proven & most popular strategies.

Methods to achieve traffic as an affiliate marketer for Clickbank products that will cultivate staggering revenues.

What's my street cred?

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

In 2014, I joined a lead generation coaching program that freed me from my 9-5 in 7 months by building and ranking simple websites that generate leads for local businesses (who give me a sliver to deliver)

After I grew my lead gen biz to 7 figures, I branched out to experiment with Affiliate Marketing (ton of hype around it in 2016).

So I kinda know what I'm talking about.

I've walked the walked-not just talked.

But enough about me.

Let's get into the meat of making money with Clickbank

I've Been Mentored By The Best

I’ve been making money on Clickbank since 2016.

Using affiliate sites ranking for various keywords I also have the know-how on running large volume using Facebook ads.

Back in 2017, I hired a super affiliate, Carlos Cruz to be my one-on-one mentor.

Carlos works together often with John Crestani, who is a pretty well known multi-millionaire super affiliate.

Me & Carlos started working together using Facebook ads to promote affiliate offers.

He would go on to show me exactly what kind of ads & offers he was using on FB & I would replicate after what was already working.

I also have affiliate friends that are using other methods to generate passive incomes.

I’d like to share with you the top 7 main methods that are currently being used by the successful affiliates out there.

But first, let me quickly go over the basics.

How To Promote Clickbank and Make Money 

Foundation: Navigating Through Clickbank

To find the top offers, here's what you should do:

Once inside, put nothing in the search bar, and hit search & all the offers will come up, hit “Sort Results by” -> Popularity

“Grav” stands for Gravity Score.

It's a pretty heavy metric (see what I did there LOL)

But here's the short:

Gravity score tells you how popular the offer is, like how many other affiliates are promoting the offer (and actually selling the product)

Avg Sale will tell you how much you will get paid for 1 sale, on average.

Some of these offers will have upsells which you will get credit for so the average number is what you’ll make from one converted customer.

(Hint: If you wanna make more muhlah, get a product with like 3+ upsells)

Anyway to get an idea of what the offer is about, you’re gonna wanna click on the links & it’ll take you to the landing page. (pretend you are a customer)

Some of these landing pages will have a video.

This is a called a VSL ( stands for "Video Sales Letter"). Some of these videos or landing pages seem a bit salesy or tacky I know, but believe me these guys have tested the landing page & videos that convert the best like crazy especially if the offer has high gravity score, that means many people are promoting it & it's converting (aka it's a money-maker).

That’s what's cool about being an affiliate.

You don’t have to worry about making your own products or even the landing pages.

As an affiliate, you just need to worry about traffic.

When you hit "promote," you'll be directed to do some set up:

  • Create a Clickbank Account (which is free)
  • Confirm Email and Login again
  • Get Your Special Affiliate Link

Pretty simple.

Now lets get straight into the 7 best strategies of traffic generation.

7 Traffic-Generating Strategies for 2020

1. Product Selection

It's all about product selection.

I don't care if you are the sales guru.

If you choose a shitty product or invest time trying to promote something no one is interested in buying-you won't make money.

End of story.

So how do you pick the ideal product and make money with Clickbank?

You've got to incorporate screening.

Look at things like:


Initial offer is low-cost.


Content-including video sales and native sales pages.


It's all about reviews-good reviews mean fewer refunds.


Pages that convert well- Grav over 20 is a good rule of thumb.

Run your product screening process like this:

  • Head over to the Marketplace from your account.

  • Type in definitive keywords concerning the offer you want to promote and search for it.

  • Check the offers and look for ones with high Grav scores with a kickass sales page.

Remember it comes down to metrics.

Don't rush through this step or try to take short cuts.

If you’re serious about learning how to promote Clickbank then you have to be prepared to hammer home your due diligence.

Put in the time to pick the ideal product so you're not building a house of cards.

Trust-sales pages-support-and price points are also valid contributors as per this post.

2. Use Social Media Platforms To Make Money with Clickbank

3.8 million people use social media.

By harnessing specific platforms, you put yourself and your product front and center of individuals pursuing podiums.

Use this opportunity to generate lead magnets.

A quick blurb written to pique a person's interest enough to either leave an email address or-even better-pre sell them on your product.

Concentrate on platforms that will garner the most success when determining how to promote Clickbank.

The two most significant social media contenders are Facebook and Instagram.

Let's take a look:


To be profitable as an affiliate you need tons & tons of traffic.

Most people are on Facebook to socialize, not to purchase things (as for the case with Amazon).

So you can create an intriguing Facebook ad & it might get some click throughs but doesn’t mean anyone is going to buy.

The difficulty is that Facebook will still burn through your daily budget despite if you’re getting any sales or not.

So you gotta know exactly what kind of ads actually work with FB ads.

For example, if you’re promoting a weight loss offer, you know right before creating the ad you can target different weight loss interests.

This you will get in front of the right people, however when it comes to affiliate offers knowing this much is still not enough to be successful.

That’s basic 101 stuff.

On Clickbank you make anywhere from $30-$60 per average sale of weight loss offer.

So the game is, you gotta be getting a conversion every $16-$25 you spend or at least getting a conversion less than the actual average value of a customer.

This means your ad has to speak to the majority of people’s buying triggers.

Ask yourself, why would anyone feel compelled to buy a weight loss product from you when there is so many out there.

Your ad has to directly speak to them & their insecurities.

Here’s the numbers you gotta shoot for, a CTR% (click through rate) of at least around 7%.

Without a doubt the most important part of an ad is the image

Here are some tips that increase Ad CTR:

  • shocking image
  • image that creates an open loop (open loop is something puzzling to the mind & automatically it creates an urge to figure it out, to close the loop)
  • a bit sexual (gotta be careful and remember to keep within the FB guidelines)
  • image that conveys a story
  • scientific facts type of image
  • image that incites emotions

Let me give you some examples of winning ad images:

First of all its drawn by a vector artist from so already it looks unique because people aren’t used to seeing drawings like these on their FB news feed.

Second-both of these pictures above creates an open loop.

Your mind immediately tries to figure out what the hell is going on, what kind of message or story are these images trying to convey?

Creating these open loops is key to creating winning ad images & ad copy.

Like the headline “Don’t Eat Another Meal Before Reading This…”

is an open loop.

The interesting thing is its not necessary that you close that loop on the landing page.

Ideally you want to keep those loops open all the way to the sale of the product.

I’ve made thousands off these types of ads, but worth noting is that there was a pretty good learning curve before I got the hang of it.

Don't panic if you get Facebook ad sets that behave unpredictably.

You could have two exact ads in 2 different ad sets and they could perform completely different.

Almost as if Facebook has different levels of audience selected randomly-you don’t always get premium traffic. You could have high CTR but be getting no conversions. The trick is to test different ad sets even if you’re using the same ads.

I find that on average 1 out of 5 to 6 will actually get that premium traffic.


When you consider how to promote Clickbank-Instagram should be at the top of the charts.

To make some affiliate money on Instagram, start by creating a fan page related to the product niche you want to promote.

Then its all about causing your images to go viral & creating a fan page with a massive following.

'Build it and they will come' analogy.

Get the people and you can then promote affiliate products to your fans.

Few ways to go about creating a massive following:

1. Using Instagram Bots

This has pretty much become the go-to method for people looking to make money on Instagram, if you’ve been on there you probably got follows from these bots before.

These bots will follow other people interested in your niche & they will possibly follow you back. Same with liking other people’s photos, they may then look at your account and follow you back.

On your IG account, you have a link to a landing page where you can collect an email then forward them to the affiliate offer page. You can continue to do email marketing to the list if they do not convert at first.

An easy way to build landing pages is to use clickfunnels.

Follow other IG accounts in your niche and take a look at what kind of images they’re posting that’s getting a lot of engagement. Maybe once per day you can post promotional type of images like “E Cigarette For Sale Today”.

2. Join Engagement Groups & Post Viral Content

On Facebook you can find IG engagement groups where people will like your posts-in exchange you do the same for them.

What engagement does is it boosts your IG Video or Image into the explorer page, which is where everyone goes to find stuff.

Tai Lopez uses the exact same method to boost his posts.

Also you can get an app called viralfindr.

Enter someone related to your niche & the site will pull up the most viral content.

This is what you wanna post in your own IG account & then get the engagement groups to boost your post.

The key is to use image or video that’s been viral before.

Another way is to simply go to the explorer page and use posts that’s going viral right now.

You can use an app called IG Repost to use other people’s posts on to your IG page.

Once you get the video views or engagements on your post create a custom audience with Facebook advertising and show ads related to that niche in IG or FB with a retargeting ad to those people that engaged with you already (often times you will get much cheaper cost per click this way).

3. Instagram Theme Page

Instagram theme pages are where it's at if you want to use the platform for sales-specifically-making money with Clickbank.

The idea is to create a page that captivates.

Fun-hard to resist-and visually entertaining.

The overall aesthetic look of your account.

Remember-your feed is like your biz card.

Let your personality and the face of your business out.

But you need to get it right.

When choosing your theme, as per this post think about stuff like:

Insta Theme Page Tips

A killer bio page-with a link to your offer or landing page

Consistency is critical with things like borders and filters-one and done kinda deal

Natural light & high-quality photos are the only way

Flow & stellar content

Keep it consistent and aligned with your vision.

That's how to promote Clickbank.

Build your audience-follow and be followed.

4. Shout Outs

Instagram algorithms will help drive the sorta traffic you want to your page, but you can maneuver the system with shout outs-a plug from another user.

If you have clout, you should be able to get them no probs.

Just starting out?

You can buy shout outs for pretty cheap on sites like

3. YouTube

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that video marketing is hot.

Dominating consumer web traffic videos effectively reach your target audience and share your products quickly.

What better video platform than YouTube?

You're talkin 1.8 billion users every month.

Engaged consumers looking to be entertained and relieve identified pain points.

It comes down to content and consistency.

While it's not necessary to produce your own videos-what you post needs to be relevant to your specified niche and target market.

The more you upload, the more traffic you generate.

Take a look at this guy Flight.

Infamous YouTuber from Flight Reacts.

He went on a 30-day content blitz.

The results?

His ratings blew up.

Posting twice and even three times a day he successfully increased his user engagement and platform following.

Think about what that did for his ROI.

YouTube is a colossal video platform and the second largest search engine in the world as per this post.

And it's free.

It generates a ton of traffic-which means a ton of potential sales.

Get your content on point.

Slide in a link promoting your Clickbank products and you are sitting on a gold mine of possibility.

Check out this post for some additional tips on how to monetize YouTube and promote Clickbank.

4. Blogs & Websites To Promote Clickbank

Blogs and websites are an excellent opportunity to make money with Clickbank.

You own the blog so you can do what needs to be done when it comes to how to promote Clickbank.

Pick a good name.

Register your domain at

Get hosting-I like using Bluehost.

In Namecheap, make sure to change the nameserver to Bluehost nameservers.

Install WordPress on your site at Bluehost cpanel.

You can now build content on this site & rank in Google.

But make sure to do your keyword research first & the competitiveness of that keyword-we mentioned not fast-tracking this part-remember.

Get Moz Toolbar plugin for chrome-the master SEO tool and money well spent.

I googled “Gecko care” since there is a Clickbank product about how to take care of geckos

Some good signs.

The fact that there is a site with DA 20 and a YouTube video on first page is generally a good indication that this keyword will be doable to rank for.

Other keyword research is ranking for buyer intent keywords (specific search queries proving peeps are looking for this to purchase).

Things like:

“Best” Electric Guitar.

Electric Guitar “Review”.

Having the keyword in the domain helps tremendously as well to rank for that keyword.

Note the site on page 1 is “”.

Also note that my site is which helps me rank for many search terms with “review”.

If you build a blog having some passion for the niche def helps.

Also think about building an email list using something like aweber or mailchimp.

Someway to stay in touch with your followers and strategize when planning upsells, etc.

Backlink Building Strategies

Now just building the site & putting content is not enough though-those days are long over.

This is 2020.

You need backlinks to actually rank a site.

The number one SEO element to ranking a website or blog.

Think of backlinks like votes.

You get links from other sites-popular ones-that in turn make you look cool.

The more votes you get the more popular your blog or site becomes and the better you will rank in the search engines (I'll share a couple of strategies with you on that).

Start by pulling up the competition’s sites with a tool like or Majestic.

In the above screenshot I pulled up

Go to backlinks & you can check out all the places where this site is getting a link from.

You want to pick out backlinks that have relevance to your niche, (highlighted in yellow).

Those are what’s really helping a site rank, when other relevant sites are linking to you.

You wanna check out if you can possibly get a link from where your competition is getting a link from.

Possibly a guest post opportunity.

You can pull up various competitor sites like this.

Another strategy is simply search for places where you can get a guest post like googling the following:

  • gecko guest post
  • pet care guest post
  • other search string you can use: “write for us”

This will pull up all kinds of sites that offer a guest post opportunity.

The last link building strategy is using what is called PBN.

In the SEO world stands for Private Blog Network

Essentially you are creating your own powerful sites/blogs that you own & you can get a backlink from.


You buy expired or auction domains that already have power.

Since it was owned previously by someone & for whatever reason they let it expire or stop using the site-now its there for the taking.

This is my go to backlinking strategy to build my own local lead generation business and still working very well in 2020.

Ranking a site to the first page is not easy especially an affiliate site depending on the niche, it could have a lot of competition because you’re dealing with affiliates from all over the world battling for that keyword.

Many coaches have suggested going after long tail keywords, but in my experience, it can still take some considerable amount of time & the payout may not be so great.

There’s a reason why it is called a long tail.

It can sometimes receive hardly any search volume.

To rank a brand new affiliate site & start earning a decent income on it, you’re looking at about a whole year in the current state of SEO in 2020.

This is why I tell my readers all the time, it’s better to start with local first before jumping into trying to rank an affiliate site.

Here’s why

  • Local rankings are much easier competition.
  • A lot of lucrative opportunities.

5. Vendor Pitch Page

When you think about ways to make money with Clickbank it comes down to your pitch.

Attracting new customers is a bit like fishing.

You need to put a tasty morsel on the hook.

Then reel 'em in nice and slow.

Don't turn them away with smarmy sales spiels.

You need a vendor pitch page-or landing page.

A page that headlines your products and allows consumers to buy your stuff directly-easy-peasy like.

Different from your website or blog as evidenced in this article-vendor pitch pages have one job.


Simple with no distractions.

Vendor pitch pages have a direct call to action fixated on your target audience's pain point.

The goal?

Making the sale.

On the money vendor pitch pages include:


Product details


Clickbank payment links & order forms


Billing-delivery minutiae-and contact deets

Your pitch needs to be on point so nail down the following:

  • The hook
  • Answer a problem 
  • Include the inside dope
  • Ask for the sale
  • Keep it simple
  • No spelling mistakes-please

Check out this post for a more writ analysis of how to write a kickass sales pitch.

Consider adding video content to up the ante.

Include your thank you page.

And for the love of god-remember to follow up.

6. Pinterest For Promoting Clickbank

When we say social media platforms who thinks of Pinterest?

That's why I opted to give it a category of its own.

By far the most untapped social platform Pinterest boasts the maximum AOV (average order value) of all social media platforms as per this post.


Used for inspiration-Pinterest is a veritable cash cow of opportunity to capitalize on future purchase intent.

If you are selling a Clickbank product that gels with the general demographics-think home décor-holiday apparel-clothing-etc.-you may have landed on the gravy train-if you can get your strategy ironed out.

Evoke success with this platform by incorporating a few fundamentals into your plan of attack as per this post including:

  • Entertaining content

  • Regular pinning
  • Keep seasonal cycles in mind

  • Connect with Pinners via boards 

  • Curate a board with customers using your products 

  • Optimize-think keywords, hashtags, Pinterest SEO stuff

  • A game plan to transform information to purchase 

  • Keep it simple (Pinners like to shop-make it easy for them with direct links for immediate purchasing)

  • Utilize Pinterest Analytics to determine audience insights

The beauty here is your hard work sticks.

And there is some work behind this method.

You need to be adding about 8-10 Pins-fancy lingo for external images-a day to achieve popularity.

When you add pinned content-it stays where it counts and shows up in Google Image results.

Double bonus.

Add external links to your Pin.

Think affiliate-Hoplink-your blog or website URL-whatev.

If you opt to send potential customers to your site you increase traffic which pleases the Google gods.

But don't make the process too convoluted, or you stand to lose out on potential sales.

People are on Pinterest for two reasons.

To be inspired and to shop.

You've got your pain point.

Now provide the solution with your product.

If you are looking for ways to promote Clickbank and capitalize on every possible opportunity, Pinterest is worth reviewing.

7. Quora

What if you could get your products in front of 300 million potential customers every single month?

Would it be worth your while to spend 5-10 minutes/day asking and answering questions to promote your Clickbank products?

If yes is your answer you need to check out Quora.

A Q & A platform-Quora is one of the most popular sites on the internet.

People use Quora to ask all kinds of questions.

And with over 300 million users there are a ton of questions.

Find threads where people are asking questions about your niche.

Add a mini-blog style answer with affiliate links or links to your blog tucked in to generate traffic.

No questions on your topic?

Ask them yourself.

When people answer you add your two cents-including those links-and voila-traffic to your site or landing page.

There's a strategy here as outlined in this post that includes:

Quora Game Plan
  • Create a brand topic 

  • Answer questions

  • Ask niche/product specific questions

  • Provide knowledge & value

  • Add unique content

  • Mix up your keyword game  
  • Keep a log of your posts  

  • Present yourself as the expert

Quora is a way to drive web traffic-commandeer leads-and make sales.

You don't have to be a copy guru.

You don't even need a website.

Share information and add value and you can send that traffic directly to your landing page or affiliate links and promote Clickbank products you sell.

Final Word on Making Money with Clickbank

Clickbank is a great platform for affiliate marketers to search & find products from all different types of categories you can promote to earn a commission.

The gravity score shows you how popular that product is, which is a great indicator that the landing page & the offer converts well.

Your job is to then actually drive traffic to it.

A good rule I always follow is to model after success.

Try researching other people promoting the same affiliate offer, how are they generating the traffic?

Are they making youtube videos?

Instagram content?


If its a blog, use tools like to find where they are getting the backlinks, as shown above.

Start liking different fan pages within that niche in Facebook, & you will begin to see ads related to that niche.

Study these ads, the landing pages they are using & model after that.

Success leaves clues.

Becoming a successful affiliate with Clickbank needs you need a lot of traffic.

Here’s my final 2 cents

Facebook ads is an amazing method because your ability to start generating traffic quickly.

But you need to do a lot of testing at first to get a handle on it which can be bit costly-I spent $4000 before I finally started making some money back.

Using the method of getting engagement first with your IG account then using FB retargeting ads to those people that already engaged with you first might be your best bet.

Yes you can just pick interest as well but FB ads CPC is getting quite expensive as of late.

Ranking a site organically in Google though is hands down my favorite method for affiliate income.

Because once you rank a site it keeps making money on autopilot at zero cost.

It is, however, the most challenging method.

IMO if you’re new to making money online the one skill that stands out to me as the most important or best skill to have is your ability to rank a site & generate free traffic.

Everyone should invest in this skill because when working on the process of ranking a site, you’re always making consistent progress.

So you don’t feel stuck.

Its similar to someone putting out YouTube videos.

At first it may seem like you’re not getting any traction.

But here's the kicker:

If you consistently work at it, your audience begins to grow.

You'll begin to generate traffic to your videos then finally you have the potential to earn money online.

Put out good, helpful, authoritative content.

Your followers will gradually increase & the money (hopefully) will follow.

Even when building affiliate sites, the projects that became successful for me were the ones where I had a passion for that subject.

I was more excited about it & able to produce great content.

Just like this blog.

I am passionate about online businesses, so its easy for me to produce content consistently.

The other part of the equation though is to have solid strategy & skills to help boost your content to more & more people.

Why I left Affiliate Marketing to Ramp Up My Lead Generation Business

If you already have a blog or YouTube channel with lots of followers, or big email list that’s bit different, then you could find products or offers on Clickbank that you could begin promoting and start making some money

but if you’re brand new & starting from scratch

Making good sizeable income as an affiliate can be a long road.

I’ve seen many people fail & give up with affiliate because ranking is tough and even promoting it using FB has many variables that goes into it that its pretty difficult to keep a steady income from it.

This is why I recommend master the skills of generating free traffic by going into local marketing first.

Then once you build your first 6 figure income online, then you can look at building some affiliate sites, that's what I did.

Affiliate is def cool because money goes straight into your bank account & you don’t have to deal with clients leaving you with nothing or product order fulfillment yourself.

However, if you’re new, local is where its at.

It's how I built my first 6 figure online income & was able to quit my job & start working from home.

We’re now showing other people how to do the same, with tons of success stories, in my humble opinion its the best online business opportunity in 2020. Check it out here.

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