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1. Lead Generation

You rank websites at the top of Google that generate leads for local businesses, and you simply sell the leads.

2. Amazon FBA

You create your own Amazon listing by procuring inventory from overseas and Amazon will manage your inventory for you at one of their many warehouses.

3. Dropshipping

You use Facebook ads to create traffic to a Shopify store where you sell trending products, once you get the purchase and payment from the customer, you use that money to order the products from suppliers overseas and have that supplier directly ship it to your customers. There's no need to procure an inventory beforehand. You have the suppliers "dropship" the products directly to your customers.

4. SEO

There's many companies out there that want their branded website to be ranked on page 1 of Google. When you know how to do SEO, these companies will pay you to rank their website for them.

5. Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media is becoming integral part of many small businesses, but many of these business owners don't have the time to do it themselves because they're so busy running their own business. There are free ways to promote businesses on social media or if they have the budget, you can begin running paid ads as well.

6. Social Media Marketing Consultant

Instead of actually running the ads and managing pages yourself, you simply become a consultant that coach other businesses and their team how to effectively employ social media marketing. With new social media platforms coming out constantly and how the trends change rapidly on social media, businesses now have a need for an expert to come in and teach them the ropes on what works today in 2019.

7.  Start a Blog

Making money from a blog is not easy, you have to grind it out for a while maybe at least a year or two. You have to target niches that you're naturally interested in, because in order to win at blogging, you have to create quality content that people would want to read and share.

8. Affiliate Marketing

This is an opportunity to promote other companies products for a commission. The main avenues people use for traffic are Youtube and Blogging. If you're really good at paid traffic, some affiliates use Facebook ads or Native Ads which is PPC.

9. Web Design

Businesses need websites and today in 2019 the standard for a quality website has gone up considerably compared to 10 years ago. Despite companies like Weebly that make building a simple website easy today, many companies still require a far more complex site so once you develop the web design skills, you can charge $10K and up for these projects.

10. Podcasting

Audio is becoming the most popular form of media today because of the convenience of being able to consume media from your smartphone while going about your day. With a podcast people are able to connect to an audience on a whole new level because of the authenticity behind the nature of how podcasts are made. This new level of deeper connection with the audience has created a powerful way to drive traffic to virtually any service or product you can imagine.

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