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How to Make Money with Digital Marketing in 2024? $44K Per Month

December 3, 2021

Digital marketing allows business owners to build brand awareness using online and social media channels.

Done well, it has the potential to generate increased business for the company in question and a ton of cash in the pocket of the mastermind facilitating the growth.

You're humming along-getting paid a wad of cash to get the client to the top of the search engines.

But what happens when they get there?

When you are no longer needed?

Then what?

You're out a high-paying client and need to start all over again-wasting valuable time (and money) finding a new business owner willing to pay for your services.

What if there was an easier way?

A way to turn it around-put you in the driver's seat and stop running after your next paycheck?


I'm going to lay it all out for you, but before we dive in, let me share some of my story with you.

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

Hi, my name is Ippei.

I became self-employed with this business model in 2014 after taking this course

I went from a low-paying, dead-end 9-5 job to living in a sweet apartment in San Francisco.

I did it all working from home building & ranking websites that generate leads for small businesses.

That tree service site above has been making me $2000 per month since 2015.

IMO this biz model is one of the best opportunities on the internet, and I'm going to show you why.

Number 1

How To Stop Losing Clients

Client retention is the catalyst for digital marketers getting stuck in the rut of only making $8000 to $12K a month.

Sounds like great coin.

But when you are busting your hump-working your SEO magic for business owners-driving their site to the top of the Google searches.

Killing it on social media platforms.

To get dropped like a hot potato when they land at the top of the pack is like getting thanked with a kick in the teeth.

Think about how hard you work and what you do every day to generate results with SEO.


Take a look at this checklist to validate just how much effort goes into client SEO.


Things like:

Digital Marketer 'To-Do' List:

  • Improved websites loading speed
  • Implement site links, meta-tags, html, etc
  • Publish quality, keyword-rich content
  • Back-link & citation strategies
  • Target keywords, brand names, and niche-specific terms
  • And more...

When the client gets the results they want, they stop paying.

You're lucky if SEO clients stick around for more than 4-6 months.

You either need to replace them or bring in less money every month.

Spending valuable time managing current clients, chasing after new ones is costing you money and maybe giving you grey hair.

With this method, there is no way you will ever make great money (we're talking high 6-7 figure ranges here).

Client retention is key, and traditional digital marketing strategies are just not going to cut it.

Number 2

The Golden Handcuff Method

We've all heard the old saying, "the golden handcuffs." 

The primary reason people are cemented in a monotonous job they despise. 

Their paycheck-no matter how dismal-keeps them locked in. 

Doing the same thing over and over again with no chance of advancing. 

Stuck in a rut because they think they can't afford to break free.

Much like doing SEO for clients. 

They own you.

If you don't generate the results they are looking for-you're out. 

When you get them the results, you're still out.

What if you could stack the deck?

Instead of wearing the golden handcuffs, what if you could own them?

This is where the rank and rent model comes in.

Why waste all of your time ranking other people's sites when you can rank your own sites and simply rent it out to a client?

They have to pay you monthly like a tenant, and if they don't, you can kick them out and replace them with another local business.

If they want to keep getting the leads, they gotta keep paying.

If they go sideways simply forward the leads to their competitor.

Forming the golden handcuffs with clients.

Soon they can't live without you.

These sites produce leads for business owners hungry to grow their enterprise and happy to pay for a steady stream of incoming calls.

The process is super simple if you follow the steps outlined in this coaching program:

Rank & Rent Process:


Build a website


Rank it in Google and on social media platforms


Generate leads


Find the ideal business owner to sell those leads to and strike a deal to get paid like clockwork every month

The epitome of a semi-passive income stream.

The value here is not only owning your digital assets but trading time for money and capitalizing on your ROI.

Check out the example below of one of my rank & rent properties (we call them our lead generation sites).

For this asphalt contractor, I have like five lead gen sites ranked for him.

He's been paying me $1500 every month.

It probably took me 10 hours total to build & rank all five lead gen sites.

Here's the link to this site if you want to check it out.

This client has been paying me every month for over two years.

You do the math.


This client is paying me every year, so I've made $36,000 net profit just from this client.

Divide that by 10 hours I spent on it, building the five lead gen sites was a $3600 per hour activity

And it is only going up.

Once these sites are ranked, they require almost no additional maintenance from me.

Passive income baby.

Number 3

Paid Versus Free Traffic

The beauty of lead gen is that its success is propelled by free organic traffic.

People actively searching for keywords in Google result in my site showing up at the top of the page.

Customers looking to spend money, which translates into live-quality leads for my business owners.

Free web or social media traffic is a cash-free flow of incoming leads without the use of Ad words, funnels, or Facebook Ads.

Getting in front of customers without the use of email marketing strategies or expensive conversion techniques.

Let's take a closer look at the differences between free and paid traffic beyond the obvious cost factors as outlined in this post that includes the following comparisons:

Free Traffic Vs Paid Traffic

 Free Traffic:

  • Less demanding and when done well-like the way we show you-results are limitless. 
  • Once your site is ranking well, you will continue to get free traffic with little to no effort from things like blogging and lead gen.
  • It can be time-consuming to rank in a competitive market.

 Paid Traffic:

  • You get traffic quickly using specific keywords in your ad copy.
  • If done incorrectly or mismanaged, you may be out a ton of time and effort.
  • Needs to be closely monitored and a solid understanding of marketing tools is a definite bonus.

While there is merit in using paid methods to generate leads-why waste money and valuable time setting up campaigns that may or may not achieve the results you (and your client) were hoping for?

Check out this article I posted recently providing a more detailed description of how to use lead gen to generate free traffic and leverage Google and Facebook to get live, quality leads hitting up your site.

No affiliate links. 

No smarmy sales pitch. 

No gimmicks or efforts to get people to buy something they don't want or need.

Attraction marketing versus interruption marketing.

Which lead or customer would you wanna deal with?

Number 4

Win-Win Business Relationships

Win-win relationships with business owners are built on trust.

When you provide value and have tangible evidence to support the influx of leads you are bringing to the table, you can win over even the biggest skeptic.

Find a reputable and reliable business owner that you can build trust with and create that win-win situation.

Start with free leads-pay per lead or percentage on closed deals then iron out the deets to securing a flat monthly fee.

By using the tracking method we show you how to set up and implement-like the one in the picture below-you have concrete evidence to show your business owner just how valuable your site-your leads and you are to the continued growth of their company.

If you're able to bring $20,000+ in additional business to a client, and they can easily see that because there are records for every phone call you generate, then do you think they have any issues paying you around 10% of that?

My clients are happy to pay me month after month because I'm delivering results that they can easily see.

At the end of the day, all these small business owners care about are results. 

Leads that increase their bottom line.

When you're able to double, triple, quadruple their business, you have a customer for life.

That's the kind of powerful relationship I have with these business owners.

I'm only asking to be paid what I'm worth, based on my performance, which is easily measured by my call tracking software.

Unlike social media marketing or SEO, which becomes very unclear to the business owner just how much ROI (Return on Investment) they're getting from you. 

You make it clear-black & white-how much revenue you're bringing to the table. 

Because of your lead generation sites, you'll get paid well, and you'll get paid on time. 

AND you'll get paid for the long term.

In fact, you'll become the MVP of their business, and they'll do whatever they can to make sure they keep you around.

Now imagine doing this 30+ times.

Owning lead gen properties producing assets that you can prove and use as leverage to reach a high 6-7 figure semi-passive income.

Many digital marketers out there fail to reach high 6 figures and even to 7 figures because they don't have the best strategies to ensure they get top dollar.

They don't set themselves up with enough margins so that they can begin to hire great help that'll take their business to the next level.

Consider the issues with client SEO and digital marketing:

Drawbacks of Client SEO & Digital Marketing:


Spending more time doing grunt work than actually going out there and closing new deals.


Expensive ad costs cut into your margins, which means more work in the long run for less money.


Utilizing upfront resources to rank a company's site with no control of the outcome.

I know friends that have lost $5000 per month SEO clients after they have hired staff.

Now they can't pay their team, and their business is a mess.

It is possible to generate a steady income with digital marketing, but you will undoubtedly find yourself repeatedly clawing your way to the next big payout client, wasting valuable time and money for short-lived gains.

There is a better way.

A way to earn those big figures-own your digital assets and be the one in control.


Check out this article giving you a complete breakdown and analysis of lead generation and how it can change the trajectory of your digital marketing-catapulting you to the next level of earnings.

IMO the Best Digital Marketing Strategy on the Internet

Lead Generation

After saying f*** that to SEO and social media marketing, I invested in myself and my future with lead generation.

The rank and rent method taught in this exclusive online program has taught me how to go into any niche in any city in the world and showed me a much better digital marketing strategy. 

The kind that lands you in that group of elitists making 6 and 7 figures.

Now I own digital assets and simply sell the leads to business owners.

With over 400 niches to choose from, the potential is limitless, and the premise is simple.

Build a website, rank it until it dominates Google searches, and begins generating calls.

Sell those calls to business owners hungry for expansion.

I own the site-I own the leads.

I sit in the driver's seat and have total control.

Lead gen has given me the tools to build a sustainable, scalable, and indestructible internet business that is now generating me a monthly income to the tune of $52,000.

This is why.....

  • Local lead generation doesn't base its success on finding the right trending product week after week, month after month.
  • You don't have to consistently make adjustments to your advertising methods or budgets. In fact, you don't have to run Facebook, Instagram or Google ads at ALL...
  • There's no buying and selling of products. You don't have to worry about profit margins. Or shipping. Or returns. Or any of the other problems associated with selling physical products. EVER!
  • You get FREE organic traffic from Google.
  • If you set it up properly from the start, you can leave your lead gen site for months without having to tweak it.
  • It provides you with a passive income. THAT'S the golden ticket!

The beauty of this course is that even people with limited or no SEO background can learn the ropes.

The training is broken down into easy to digest and understand videos that tell you exactly how and what to do to be successful with this digital marketing strategy.

When I started in 2014, I had experience in affiliate marketing and digital marketing, but the 6-7 figure income had consistently eluded me.

I took what I learned in this course-followed the instructions to the tee and have reaped the rewards tenfold.

I committed to doing the work and trusted the process.

Take a look at this tree care site that I built in 2014.

This site is generating me an income of $2000/month, and I haven't touched it since 2015.

I did the work upfront and can now sit back and enjoy a passive income-and the cherry on top is that this site is only one of many.

I actually have over 80 lead gen properties that I own and have ranked and rented producing leads and a steady stream of cash every month.

All from my laptop wherever I choose to work.

There are no boundaries with lead generation-in fact we have students from all over the world that have completed the course and now share their success in our private Facebook group.

There are over 5000 members in our group, and this training really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Long after your tuition is paid and you are earning cold hard cash, the mastermind and our mentor Dan, hits Facebook with live streams twice a week.

Dan is determined to see his students succeed and goes above and beyond to motivate-encourage-and share knowledge bombs to help us scale our business.

Here's a picture of the man himself with his family.

He and his wife Tori are two of the most amazing people you will ever meet.

Their dedication to lead gen and the value they continue to offer is unprecedented.

Lead generation is scalable, flexible and gives you that piece of the digital marketing puzzle you have been missing.

The one that is going to take your business from chasing the next SEO client and being puppeteered with no control over your financial situation to building an empire.

An enterprise you own-you control-a business that will finally see you hitting that 6-7 figure income you have been dreaming of.

With minimal monthly costs to create your vision and payment plan options to cover your tuition, lead generation is the golden ticket to financial freedom.

You won't find anything else like this on the internet.

If you want to learn more, click the link below and schedule a time to hop on a call with myself or one of my colleagues.

Always happy to answer any questions, this is the conversation that will forever alter your life course-if you're ready for it.

There is no question that digital marketing offers the flexibility and opportunity to carve out a nice little income for yourself.

What it boils down to is working smarter, not harder.

Figuring out the best strategy to consistently generate those 6 and 7 figures year in and year out.

If you have a hot tip or digital marketing suggestion that would benefit our readers, please don't hesitate to drop it in the comments.

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$52K per month providing lead generation services to small businesses is for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners.

His #1 online business recommendation in 2024, is to build your own lead generation business.

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