Jemal King’s Make Real Estate Real Review: Create Generational Wealth With Real Estate?

May 30, 2024

Make Real Estate Real is a program for beginner real estate investors by Jemal King. It features an online course, support, investment strategies, market data, and deals. Compared to other platforms, Make Real Estate Real provides direct access to industry experts. This includes agents, lawyers, brokers, realtors, contractors, accountants, credit specialists, property managers, and hard money lenders. It also promotes utilizing a full-time job as a vehicle to invest in real estate.

Based on reviews from Reddit and BiggerPockets, Make Real Estate Real has an information-packed course and responsive customer service. It also handy complete beginners to get started in real estate investing. The real estate market is also expected to rise to $14.54 trillion by 2030. This is based on recent data from Next Move Strategy Consulting.

However, the current property zoning laws and real estate tax structures, as well as the economy hinder the growth of the real estate market. The Make Real Estate Real program also has no recent reviews, only ones dating from 2020 to 2021.

In this article, you’ll learn about the features, cost, modules, as well as pros and cons of the program. It also discusses who the program is a good fit for and if it is worth taking. The founder’s background and his claims are included as well.

Make Real Estate Real Review: Pros & Cons


Lifetime access to course: The Make Real Estate Real enables lifetime access to its members

Access to real estate experts: The program also provides access to a team of property experts.

Transparent & installment pricing: The price for the course is clearly indicated in the website. It also has an installment plan.


Only 12 months access to other features: Other features of Make Real Estate Real are only available for 12 months. This includes coaching, private group, property deals, market data, financial assistance, strategy, and expert access.

No refunds available: There are no refunds for the program.

Lack of recent reviews: Most of the reviews for Make Real Estate Real are from 4 years ago.


Make Real Estate Real costs $997 for a one time payment. It also has an installment plan of $499 for 3 payments.

Refund Policy

Make Real Estate Real has no refund policy.


Make Real Estate Real was founded in 2020.


Make Real Estate Real reviews are positive coming from 2021 feedback on BiggerPockets. It highlighted that King provided access to his team of experts and has a detailed course.

Can Make Real Estate Real Help You Create Generational Wealth?

Yes, Make Real Estate Real can help you create generational wealth if you are investing in properties situated in the United States and have a credit score of at least 600. This is according to the FAQ section in the official website.

Accordingly, the program mainly teaches how to invest in the US property market. Investors from other countries have the potential to benefit from the course, especially if they plan to purchase homes in the United States. There are general lessons on how to identify good investments as well.

A credit score of as low as 600 is enough for beginner investors. A bonus section in the course is dedicated to business credit and personal score.

What Do You Get With Make Real Estate Real?

#1 Make Real Estate Real Course

The Make Real Estate Real course is an accredited online program that helps beginner real estate investors. It provides a blueprint that covers all types of investing. It also aims to educate members on how to build a property portfolio.

The course has lectures on how to profit and evaluate fix & flip investing, buy and hold method, and rental income properties. It also has 70 lessons, with step-by-step instructions on the topics listed below.

  • Evaluating return potentials 

  • Getting the best interest rates

  • Understanding property prices

  • Spotting profitable investments

  • Finding, buying & funding deals

  • Succeeding in property joint ventures

  • Setting up a company with protections

  • Starting real estate investing without down payment or credit

  • Using the top strategies and techniques for real estate investment

#2 Premium Coaching

Make Real Estate Real’s coaching is provided by the founder, his team, and expert guests. It is available for 12 months. It also includes bi-weekly calls and hot seat sessions.

  • Bi-weekly calls aim to provide regular check-ins for members. It also features personalized investment methods, joint venture opportunities, and access to pre-approved deals.

  • Hot seat sessions enable members to ask questions regarding properties to Jemal King or his team of experts. This is available at any stage of the process for students.

#3 Investment Strategy & Action Plan

The Investment Strategy and Action Plan is a service that helps Make Real Estate Real  members develop their unique strategy. It is provided by a team of property experts. The 12-month service also gives step-by-step action.

#4 Latest Market Data

Make Real Estate Real includes the latest market data on real estate investing. Available for 12 months, it features crucial information from industry experts. It covers the topics listed below.

  • Market shifts

  • Property hotspots

  • Finance regulations

#5 Approved Property Deals

Members of Make Real Estate Real have a 12-month access to approved property deals. These have been sourced by an expert team. These profitable investments are available across the U.S.

#6 Help Navigating the Finance Process

This feature provides access to a credit specialist. Members will receive help in fixing their credit, so that they get the best interest rate. The specialist also instructs students of Make Real Estate Real how to get business credit.

#7 Access to Hard Money Lenders

Access to hard money lenders is given to members of Make Real Estate Real. Hard money lenders provide money to fix or buy properties. It is available for one year.

#8 Networking & Support

Networking and support is available for students of the program. Through this 12-month feature, they are able to do the following mentioned below.

  • Ask questions

  • Engage in partnerships

  • Receive support from King and his team

Make Real Estate Real Training Modules

Make Real Estate Real training modules are broken down into 5 steps. Each step has 3 masterclasses. 

    The first module includes the Investor Mindset Masterclass, 5 Rules of Investing Masterclass, and the Credit Repair & Leverage Masterclass.
    The second module has the Wholesaling Masterclass, Fix & Flip Masterclass, and the Buy & Hold Masterclass.
    The third module includes the Hard Money Financing Masterclass, Conventional Financing Masterclass, and Contracts & Entities Masterclass.
    The fourth module covers the Renovation Masterclass, Property Management Masterclass, and the Insurance Masterclass.
    The fifth module has the Financing Your Properties in the Crisis Masterclass, Real Estate Law Masterclass, and the Protecting Your Assets Masterclass.

Who Is Make Real Estate Real for?

Make Real Estate Real is for beginners in real estate investment. They are also for individuals looking for a course, coaching, network, support, and data trends. The program is a good fit for people looking for approved deals, hard money lenders, and help with financing.

What Do Students of Make Real Estate Real Say?

A student of Make Real Estate Real said that the course is informative, beginner-friendly, and simplified. This is from a BiggerPockets comment from Cameron Todd in 2021. He also stated that he was given access to the following mentioned below.

  • Lenders
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Project managers
  • General contractors

Is Make Real Estate Real Worth Taking?

Yes, Make Real Estate Real is worth taking, if you are looking for a program with a course and comprehensive support. It’s a good match for you if you’re a beginner searching for a course that covers everything about real estate investment. Moreover, it’s for you if you need assistance in the form of the following listed below.

  • Action plan

  • Support group

  • Coaching calls

  • Credit specialist

  • Hard money lenders

  • Up-to-date market data 

  • Approved property deals

Who Is Jemal King?

Jemal King is a real estate investor, CEO, author, police officer, and former professional football player. He is known as the  9 to 5 Millionaire. This is because he maintains a full-time job despite being a multi-millionaire.

King played football in high school and college. In Western Illinois University, he was a team captain and won several conference championships. However, he sustained injuries.

He then proceeded to become a police officer, following in his family’s footsteps. While serving in Chicago police, he ventured into real estate.

He started with property management. He then invested his profits and built a childcare center with his wife Camille. Currently, they have several sites in Chicago. 

King was also a member of Eric Thomas’s real estate group. Thomas’s company CEO is Carlas Quinney is a major player in real estate.

Through his real estate investments, he grew his income from $3k per month to $700,000 per year.

Additionally, together with his brother he owns a growing security company in Illinois. 

He also wrote the 9 to 5 Millionaire book, where he provides his life story, as well as how to have a full-time job while investing in real estate. 

What Is Jemal King's Claim?

Jemal King claims that real estate is the most reliable tool for amassing wealth. He declared this on his official website

Debunking Jemal King's Claim

Jemal King's claim isn't true universally. A disadvantage of real estate investment is its dependency on economic factors and government policies. This according to a 2024 report from Next Move Strategy Consulting. 

The market research company stated that real estate relies on the economy. For instance, in a recession, it is expected to be hindered.

Additionally, government regulations, including property zoning rules and real estate tax structures, affect the market.  

These two factors heavily impact prices, opportunities, and investor confidence.

Is Real Estate Investment Worth It in 2024?

No, real estate investment is not worth it in 2024. This is due to high prices, lowered affordability, and reduced home sales. This is according to recent data from the National Association of Realtors.

Evident in the first quarter of 2024, single family home prices have increased.  A 5.0% national median price rise has taken place year over year to $389,400.

Monthly mortgage payments also rose to 2.8% by March 2024. This weakens the affordability of homes nationwide.

Additionally, both existing and pending home sales have decreased, by 4.3% and 3.4% respectively. This is caused by current high interest rates.


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