Maps LiftOff Review – Brian Willie Course [2024 Updated]

December 23, 2020

This badass Maps LiftOff review was written by yours truly… a local marketing expert with over 80 producing local web properties as of July 2020.

So, you want to pound your Google Maps Listing into one of the top 3 coveted positions with the accuracy and force of a Conor McGregor spinning kick?

Is this the Maps course that has the skills you need to excel?

Pay attention.

I’m betting you are considering purchasing ‘Maps LiftOff’ because you think it’s a top contender when it comes to GMB courses.

Let’s find out.

Maps LiftOff is an online training course created by local marketing expert Brian Willie.

The main goal of this program is to teach how to rank in the 3 Pack of Google Maps and how to make money offering that service to others.

If you’re not ranking in the Google Map 3 Pack, your listing might as well be wearing camouflage.

Your competitors are scooping up the clients like a school of whale sharks in a springtime plankton bloom.

It’s mega critical for local businesses to show up in those top 3 results because 60% of searches are done from a smart phone nowadays.

What comes up before the organic listings?

The maps.

The reviews and placement of a maps listing are usually the first thing that people see before they call a business.

This is why its critical that your marketing plan includes ranking in and sticking to that 3 Pack.

So how detailed is Brian Willie’s course, and does it do the job of teaching the skills to get your listing ranked #1?

We all know the SERPs can be like an indecisive hormonal teenager.

Seems like just as one rule is set in place, uncle G decides to switch it up.

Is it even possible to still rank using the methods listed in Brian Willie’s training?

And, as some of you might even question.. does being in the maps really make that much of a difference in producing more leads?

After crushing it in the local lead gen space since 2014, I have to say, ranking in maps is absolutely an important part of the process.

The lead gen group I am a part of includes maps training that is constantly being updated, but they also teach you exactly how to develop a website property to rank organically as well.

Ranking a web property in organic and in maps?

Now theres a seriously powerful K.O. combo.

If you are selling leads to biz owners for passive income, I’d strongly suggest taking advantage of both.

That being said, Brian’s course focuses solely on maps.

Let’s dig down deeper.

Who is Brian Willie?

Brian Willie is one of the many online marketing experts out there.

What sets him apart from the rest?

As of July 2020, he has more than 13 years of experience successfully marketing products and companies online.

He’s helped numerous clients grow their businesses with his knowledge and expertise in online marketing.

In 2006 Brian was able to take a struggling law firm in Texas and increase their annual revenue by 600% in just a year and a half through his SEO and marketing skills.

I would be willing to bet that law firm took him out to a good ol’ Texas steakhouse dinner once or twice!

He is considered by many to be one of the go-to guys for anything related to Google Maps, and has been sharing his wisdom for the last decade.

He has ranked tons of map listings and has trained thousands of people over the years on how to rank in the Google Map Pack.

Maps LiftOff Summary    

Maps LiftOff Agency Black is a comprehensive course that teaches you the exact steps to getting inside of the Google Map 3 Pack.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn while taking the program:

Maps Lift Off Takeways

  • The strategies you must understand to attain that 3 Pack spot.
  • Tips and Tricks that will allow you to rank very quickly.
  • A complete guide that has information on all of Google’s Map Training latest updates.
  • Successful Case Studies of students who use Brian’s ranking system for their clients to make money.

Overall, there is a lot of valuable information in the class.

Brian even offers two private 30 minute Skype consult sessions with him as a limited time offer.

(kind of an upsell, but a legit one)

Having access to a private session with an industry expert is often the most valuable part of any course.

I know my mentors in lead gen have taught me some deadly powerful skills.

Those gold nuggets tho!

If you do get those two sessions, prepare some questions, and be ready to take notes or ask to record the conversation to reference later on.

In addition to the private sessions, here are the bonuses you receive with the Agency Black program:

  • Maps Liftoff Agency Black Training
  • Bonus 1 – Geo Location On Site Domination Training
  • Bonus 2 - Secret Maps Keywords Multiplier
  • Bonus 3 – On-Site Support Page Super Structure
  • Bonus 4 – Service Website Complete Set Up
  • Bonus 5 – Complete Possum Unfiltering Strategy
  • Bonus 6- 3 Pronged Network Set Up
  • Bonus 7 – High Converting Maps Service Sales Page
Learning how to rank in Google Maps Pack is a damn good skill to add to your marketing tool belt if you are a serious digital marketer.

Having these kinds of skills that most don’t know about will put some real distance between you and your competitors.

Overall, Brian’s course is straightforward, and certainly value packed.

If you’re ready to open the pipeline for leads to your business, then Map LiftOff may be what you’ve been waiting for. No shoddy scam here.

However, if you want something a bit more all-encompassing and less narrow, you may be left wanting more.

Ramp up to 6 figures in 2020 using a simple strategy

Maps are amazing and powerful, but, much like Robin without Batman, they don’t pack nearly as much punch by themselves.

Combining organic sites along with your maps listing is really where its at.

Local lead generation using free traffic is how I have built up my business to 6 figures since 2014.

And another kickass perk?

This business has the ability to generate revenue on autopilot. It can give you the certainty of attaining financial freedom.

And to be honest, I am earning a higher income than a doctor or a lawyer.

But let's push it one step further

to really dominate your google map game, you need to know where your listing shows up all around town. 

Patric, a 4 year veteran of our community, having a software engineering background built this google local rank tracking tool

It does exactly that. 

This is my very first lead gen site. A tree care site that I built in 2014 but it’s still earning $750 per month to this day.

I haven’t touched that ever since.

Passive income is where it’s at.

It gives you the freedom to step back when you want to.

So you can spend your time sipping pina coladas on the beach if that’s your thing.

Making $50k/m has allowed me to travel to different countries, spend more time with the fam, and I can pretty much do whatever I want, whenever I want.

Yeah it took hard work and dedication to get here.

But it was a hella lot easier because I had knowledgable mentors through this local lead generation coaching program.

This group is like a family now. We meet up in Vegas every year where there are speakers that are crushing it and blow my mind with the knowledge they share, every time.

Here are some of us chilling at Reload 2020!

So like these other students, I discovered the best way to scale using simple websites that generate leads for local businesses.

These companies benefit from my web properties, bigtime. They pay me monthly, reliably, and it’s easy money.

As I said a minute ago, my very first site was a tree care site. I ranked it, it produced calls, I sent the calls to a local tree company and now they pay me $2k / m every month.

I’m making them a killing.

You can also learn the exact procedure on how to build a successful running and well-ranked lead gen sites.

Earn the income that you want.

It’s so easy to replicate once you get the process down.

Plus the group is always there for ongoing support, the training is constantly updated, and you will always have your thumb on the pulse of Google!


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