Marco Garcia’s Rocktomic Review: Can This Be A Good Way To Build A White Label Supplements Brand?

March 31, 2024

Rocktomic is a private contract company and one of the leading white label supplement brand manufacturers. Marco Garcia is its COO and Co-Founder. Rocktomic’s business model marries white labeling and drop shipping, making it a one-stop-shop for interested people. 

The Rocktomic course received a 2 star rating on Trustpilot but received mixed reviews from Reddit users. However, students of Rocktomic praised it for helping them in creating and launching their own white label supplement brand business. Members of Rocktomic were able to jumpstart their online business and take advantage of the drop shipping services they also offer.

This Rocktomic review investigates if it can be a good way to build a white label supplements brand. It will also explore what services Rocktomic offers, who Marco Garcia is, the pros and cons of using this business model, or if there is something better out there.

Rocktomic Review: Pros And Cons


Offers free label/logo design for your brand done by a professional.

Offers free warehousing services.

Has the lowest MOQs within the industry at only 288 units.

Covers dropshipping services globally at only $2.00 per unit.


Offers a limited selection of products compared to other big supplements brands.

There had been reports from clients about product delays and returns.


The training is elf-paced.


Rocktomic has a public page on Facebook.

Refund Policy

Rocktomic does not offer refunds.


Rocktomic was established in 2018.


Rocktomic has a combined 42k followers/subscribers in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Rocktomic? 

It will cost you a one-time payment of $97 to join Rocktomic as a Black Friday sale offer. With their VIP Lifetime Membership, Rocktomic's private label dropshipping platform provides an all-inclusive pricing plan. Users can have lifetime access to a number of useful features and advantages.

Among the inclusions is a lifetime pass to the Private Label Supplement Dropship program, which allows business owners to easily fulfill online orders without having to buy a minimum amount of inventory. With each product coming with a third-party lab-tested COA, the program offers over 100 quality Private Label Supplements that are all produced in FDA registered and GMP certified facilities.

Users who purchase this membership can additionally order Private Label Supplements in quantity for physical offices with just a 24-unit MOQ available for life. Also, with a minimum order quantity of 288 units, the Custom Supplement formulation program grants access to more than 6,000 premium raw materials for the creation of unique items.

What is Rocktomic Labs?

Rocktomic Labs is a private company that supplies supplements and a contract manufacturer. They have been in the market for more than a decade. They specialize in providing white label supplements and organic food for people to sell their own brands. 

Rocktomic allows you to create your own supplement line using their formulas and manufacturing expertise. They produce protein powders, pre-workouts, fat burners, and more. You choose the ingredients and flavors, they handle the rest.

Rocktomic's supplements are made in an FDA-registered facility that follows cGMP standards. They test each batch to ensure quality, purity and potency. All of their products are said to be supplement manufacturer insured. 

If you want to start your own supplement brand without the hassle, Rocktomic could be the solution. They make the process simple by handling product development, manufacturing, and shipping - all you have to do is build your brand and customer base. For fitness pros, private labels, and entrepreneurs, Rocktomic opens up an easy way to tap into the supplement market.

How does Rocktomic Help You Build Your Own White Label Supplements Brand?

Rocktomic helps you build your own white label supplements brand by providing everything you need to develop and brand your own supplement line. Their team handles product formulation, sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, and fulfillment so you can focus on building your brand.

Rocktomic is one of the leading manufacturers of private label supplements. They produce high-quality supplements that you can rebrand and sell as your own. They also provide a turnkey solution that combines private label, print on demand, and drop shipping to help you grow your business with little to no risk.

What do You Get from Rocktomic?

Rocktomic gets you the opportunity to establish your own private label supplement brand by utilizing the goods available on the platform and branding them to promote your brand in the marketplace.

Rocktomic offers handling of product formulation, sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, and shipping. As an added bonus, Rocktomic’s team has years of experience in the supplement industry, so you can rest assured your products will be made according to the highest standards. Rocktomis offers a VIP Membership, Bulk Private Label Order Program, Custom Formulation Program, and VIP services.

Rocktomic VIP Membership

The Rocktomic VIP Membership is offered at $97 as a Black Friday sale price. The VIP membership includes 12 main offers and 4 Black Friday exclusive bonuses.

#1: Private Label Dropshipping

Offers a lifetime access to Rocktomic’s Program Private Label Supplement Dropship program without the minimum inventory purchasing.

#2: Bulk Private Label Supplement Program

Offers a lifetime access to Rocktomic’s Bulk Private Label program. This allows users to order Private Label Supplements in bulk for their physical location.

#3: Custom Supplement Program

Offers a lifetime access to Rocktomic’s Custom Supplement formulation program with over 6,000 high-quality raw materials. In this way, members can create their own products with unique flavors and ingredients.

#4: Free Label Design

Rocktomic provides brand logo and label concept. They will also create the labels for the first 5 products of members.

#5: Done-For-You Integration on Demand Fulfillment System

Enables custom integration with over 30 ecommerce platforms.

#6: On Demand Label Printing

Rocktomic will print labels as orders come in and they will ship it directly to the member’s customers.

#7: Automated Drop shipping and Fulfillment

Rocktomic handles all the order processing.

#8: Flat Fulfillment Fee at $2.00 per Item

Rocktomic VIP members are allowed to pay a flat rate of $2.00 for every item sold.

#9: Ticket-Based Support System

Rocktomic offers a world-class ticketing system for service and support.

#10: Full MSRP and Estimated Profits Margin Report Access

Rocktomic offers access to the manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing for the products they carry. 

#11: Top 25 Best Sellers List Access

Rocktomic allows access to their top selling supplement products on a monthly basis. 

#12: Step-by-Step Onboarding Access

Rocktomic offers a step-by-step training guide on supplement brand launch and onboarding. It also includes tips to achieve business success. 

Bonus 1: Rocktomic Funnel Template Library

Rocktomic gives access to six funnel templates that rank among the health and wellness industry's highest converting funnels. Plug in your own products and content, connect Shopify and Uptrends, and integrate with our fulfillment software to complete your orders. 

Bonus 2: Crowd Share Custom Formulas

In the Custom Formula Program, co-investing in a Custom Formula alongside other Rocktomic members significantly reduces risk and cash exposure. This lets you make incredibly distinctive products at a much lower cost.

Bonus 3: Product Description Library

This provides thorough descriptions of every one of our products, along with a complete ingredient deck, advantages, use cases, and product comparisons. You can use this as a beneficial asset and tool for your sales and marketing. Our chief consultant and R&D specialist, Navin Khan, wrote it.

Bonus 4: Pay No Monthly Fees For Life

As part of Rocktomic’s Black Friday sale, you can skip monthly payments for life!

Bulk Private Label Order Program

Rocktomic provides access to more than 100 GMP Certified Private Label Supplements that you can use as a brand name for your retail store, gym, medical practice, or Amazon FBA, with minimum order quantities of just 24 units. They also provide global drop shipping services, on demand labeling, printing, and custom manufacturing.

Custom Formulation Program

Rocktomic members can avail of their custom Supplement manufacturing services for white label products like tablets, capsules, softgels, powder products and gummies. Members can choose from more than 6,000 raw materials. All Rocktomic products are produced from FDA registered and GMP certified facilities.

Who is Rocktomic for?

Rocktomic is for health and fitness pros, private label business owners, and entrepreneurs looking for an easy way to tap into the supplement market. It is also for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness. The company focuses on high-quality, natural ingredients that provide real results for the everyday person.

Are the Clients of Rocktomic Successful?

The students of Rocktomic are successful according to the testimonials on their website. Most of the students have successfully launched their own supplement brands with the help of Rocktomic’s services.

One student mentioned that he received his bulk orders on time from Rocktomic and that 40% of which were already sold. Another Rocktomic member mentioned that they were able to launch their 20th product successfully.

Rocktomic Reviews Reddit

Rocktomic may have positive reviews on its website but the platform received negative reviews on Reddit. Most reviews focus on the delays when it comes to the services offered by Rocktomic. They say the turnaround time takes days for label designs, product ingredients customization, drop shipping services, and more.

Rocktomic Reviews TrustPilot

Rocktomic also had some bad reviews in TrustPilot. One review said that Rocktomic services did not fulfill what was promised on their website which makes it seem like a scam to many. The reviewer expected a modern dashboard that would aid in processing services. But was instructed to send requests through email. Plus, the response time for requests was slow.

Is Rocktomic Legit?

Yes, Rocktomic is a legitimate company. But its promises may sound too good to be true for many. Rocktomic eliminates the burden of creating your own product, locating a manufacturer, and handling transportation and storage concerns. By using their dropshipping services, members can maintain their own branding in place of that.

But, it's crucial to remember that private label dropshipping does have its own set of difficulties before signing up with Rocktomic. Even though it appears like a simple method of conducting business, there are a few things to think about before committing. Thus, thoroughly consider your options and conduct research.

Is Rocktomic FDA Approved?

Rocktomic is not FDA approved but its white label products are made from FDA registered facilities. A dietary supplement does not require FDA approval before they go on the market. Instead, the FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe supplements after they reach the market.

Rocktomic claims their supplements are manufactured in an FDA inspected facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They also say each batch of supplements is tested for purity and potency. While this inspires confidence, without third-party testing results, there's no way to verify these claims.

Things You Need to Know Before Signing-Up With Rocktomic

Starting Your Own Private Label Brand is Never Easy

Starting your own private label supplement brand is never easy because there are many steps involved to build a successful business from the ground up. To create a private label brand, extensive research into the supplement industry and market is required. You need to determine what types of supplements you want to produce, find reliable manufacturers, and figure out how to effectively market and distribute your products. Creating a solid business plan will help guide important early decisions.

While building a private label supplement brand from the ground up is challenging, the rewards of success can be great. With hard work, dedication, and the right strategy, new brands can establish themselves and gain a foothold in the market. The key is doing your homework, finding the right partners, and sticking to your vision. If you go in with realistic expectations about the difficulties involved, starting your own private label supplement brand can be very rewarding.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is no Joke

The pharmaceutical industry is no joke because it is a multi-billion dollar business. They don't make money from healthy people, so it's no surprise that many common medications only provide temporary relief rather than actually cure medical conditions.

Rather than taking a holistic approach to health and seeking to understand and remedy the underlying causes of symptoms, the pharmaceutical industry takes a band-aid approach by masking symptoms with chemicals. They have little motivation to support alternative treatments that could impact their bottom line.

While medications have their place and have improved and saved many lives, they are handed out far too freely without consideration of potential long term effects or natural alternatives. For minor ailments and overall vitality, natural and holistic treatments should be tried before turning to pharmaceuticals. A healthy diet, physical activity, stress reduction and supplementation can go a long way toward enhancing wellness without the risks associated with many prescription drugs.

Marco Garcia’s Claim

Marco Garcia claims that Rocktomic is the best way to build or start your own white label supplements brand. Rocktomic is designed as a one-stop-shop platform that members can use to create their supplements brand and start a business.

Garcia also claims that their platform is easy to use especially for beginners people without any experience with starting a white label brand business. He mentions that their products are manufactured in FDA accredited facilities that follow GMP standards.

Marco Garcia’s Claims Debunked

Contrary to Garcia’s claim, starting a white label supplements brand may not be the best option, especially for beginners. This is because the business model is complicated and drop shipping consists of many moving parts that could be too much to handle for a beginner. 

Garcia’s claims of Rocktomic using FDA accredited facilities for their products could not be easily verified since there are many factors that go into manufacturing when it comes to compliance. To add to that, the Rocktomic accreditation with Better Business Bureau was suspended and is awaiting further reviews from its Board of Directors.

Is White Labeling Worth it?

Yes, white labeling is worth it for supplement companies looking to expand their product line without heavy investment in R&D and marketing. White labeling allows companies to focus on manufacturing quality products without the time and money required to build a brand from scratch. They can tap into an existing brand's customer base and leverage their marketing efforts. This shortcut saves tons of time, money and risk.

For customers, white labeled products offer familiar, trusted brands at lower prices. The companies creating the products can charge less since they've avoided the costs of establishing and promoting a new brand. It's a win-win.

Why Owning Digital Assets is Superior that Building White Label Supplement Brand?

Building a white label supplement brand may not be the best answer for you to start or create a business. This comes especially for beginners since the process of creating, launching, and managing a white label supplement brand business consists of many complex activities. Rocktomic may serve a one-stop-shop for interested people, but they must set clear expectations especially when the platform receives negative feedback with the turnaround time of their services. More importantly, keep in mind that this business model has a low profit margin.


Unlike white label supplement brand business, the local lead generation business model offers higher profit margins. If you are interested in local lead generation, you just need to know how to create sites and rank them in Google. Once you get your sites to top Google search, you drive traffic from your digital assets and earn passive income. No need for product research, label designs, and complicated processes. With local lead generation, you have full control of the process and your income. Plus, you can easily scale the local lead generation business model by building more sites, ranking more assets which can grow your income stream.

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