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Today I'm going to show you the ins and outs of Marketing Funnel Academy by Steve H (updated November 2019).

In fact, Steve's advice gave me the tips needed to increase my conversions by 14.8% within 90 days of sweating through his course.

And I should really point something out:

This course isn't written by an affiliate

(go ahead, examine the site for a link),

but by a guy who has seen some pretty damn good results.

Quick Stats on MFA (including the current price)

Ranked #6 out of 30 Facebook Ad courses 
13 hours, 28 minutes, & 49 seconds
Geared toward experienced Internet Marketers wanting to move their businesses to the next level
4.0/5 - one of the best FB ad courses
$10,000 USD (half upfront and half afterwards)

Who started the Marketing Funnel Academy?

The Marketing Funnel Academy was created by Steve Hofstetter, a family man from Ventura, California. Steve and his wife Jennifer married in October 2008. They have three children, two boys (Brayden and Chase) and a year and a half old girl. Today, they live in Jennifer's hometown of Gilbert, Arizona

Steve and his family

Also, in case you're wondering if Steve is the real deal and not some puffed up guru (cause there's plenty out there), here's what I found when I did my due diligence on Steve, he has a net worth of four million dollars and he's featured in Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club.

 (If you don't believe it, tap or click the picture below and you'll be taken to the 2CC's membership page. Steve's in the middle.) 

He's legit.

I am also a successful funnel pro. I started back in 2016 when I was looking to cram my sales pipeline even more, having experienced success in the lead generation field.

Having built and optimized 80+ funnels (that have an average of 31.2% conversion rates), I am pretty qualified to review Steve's course.

Please note:

It took me a couple years to construct and fine-tune these funnels – it certainly wasn't a get-rich-quick-type deal, but rather, it was a steady progression through a similar set of steps that Steve and his team go through.

Who I am NOT

Oh and as mentioned earlier, I am not here to make money with this review. I am not an affiliate for MFA. I chose to write this review because I wanted to give others a quick look through Steve's course so they can decide whether or not it’s for them.

What to Expect in this Course

When I got on the phone with Steve, I already had a business set up that I wanted to improve.

The leads were coming in, but not as qualified as I would like.

I had too many looky-loos and not enough serious prospects.

So much so that I was ready to put out some serious cash to see my conversion rates blast through the stratosphere and into space like Elon's rockets.

So if you're a total newbie to the funnel game, feel free to keep reading to learn, but honestly Steve's course probably isn't for you. 


Steve's course is different than traditional "educational" courses, because his end goal is different. 

He doesn't just want to drop a huge knowledge bomb and leave you with a "Nice knowing You" like Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio)

Rather, Steve's aspiration is to leave you with a fully optimized funnel and the knowledge needed to get the most out of it.

Because of that, the MFA course includes the following and more:

  • Sales Call Script and Training
  • Facebook ads training
  • Live Training Calls
  • MFA Done-For-You Sales Funnel
  • MFA Optimized FB Ad Campaigns to Fuel Your New Funnel 

Break Down of Marketing Funnels Academy

Module 1: Customer Avatar

This first module is pretty much all about customer research. 

Before creating Your Funnel, Steve has you go through an exercise to help you find out more about your customer.

Simply put, Steve and his team need this information to properly craft your funnel to convert your customers.

At minimum, you must know at least the following (the more the merrier though):

  • Your Ideal Customers' Demographics (Age, Gender, Education, Where they live, etc.)
  • Your Ideal Customers' Wants (What are their ambitions, goals and dreams?)
  • Your Ideal Customers' Challenges (What's stopping them from achieving their goals? Some possibilities are: Money, lack of education, negative mindset...)
  • Your Ideal Customers' Objections (Why would they say no to your product's offer?)

Providing a similar worksheet as a guide, Steve interviews you about who your perfect buyer is.

When you have the information compiled, it's time to set up the traffic source for your funnel. 

Although it has gotten more expensive over the past few years, Steve still nominates Facebook as the best source of prospects. (This is where Steve and I differ, as I prefer Free traffic, but more on that later.)

Module 2: Create Highly Targeted Ads on Facebook

Now that you've discovered exactly who you want to target, it's time to create the ad that will power browsers and scrollers into your funnel.

Steve covers many different topics in this section, but focuses on the following five:

  • Starting with a High Enough Budget
  • Knowing What Part of Your Ad to Change
  • Using Hybrid Photos (They both Attract and Inform)
  • The 2 Simplest Ways to Get Your Ads to Covert
  • Setting and Tracking Goals for Campaigns

Simply put, this module is about making your Ad stand out from all the other posts as well as staying on track by recording your ads progress each week. Steve has a custom program that students are given access to which makes this process super easy. #mfatracking

Module 3: Utilizing 3 Types of High-Converting Landing Pages

Providing a few different kinds of proven landing pages that have served him well in the past, Steve shares his knowledge of what key aspects of a landing page need to be tuned to the oncoming traffic.

You will learn how to optimize the following parts of your landing pages:

  • Focusing the Message
  • Crafting a Bold and Powerful Headline
  • Composing a crystal clear description of your offering
  • Eliminating non-essential navigation elements
  • Carving a Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

At the end of the the module, Steve reviews the larger picture, showing how your landing page fits in the three must-haves of your profitable automated funnel.

Their knowledge of landing pages is one huge place where Steve and his team really shine!

They went over my current funnel with hawk-like scrutiny and brought many subtle changes to my attention.

That's one of the great things about the MFA group.

Not only do they do the bulk of the busy work for you, but they also educate you on how you can improve on your future marketing structures, which is a large part of why I think they call it an "academy" as opposed to simply a "service."

Module 4: Adding Free Value using Education 

One of the key ways to keep prospects moving through your funnel, says Steve, is to provide value as they go through out. 

The types of value that Steve uses the most himself and therefore remains his first suggestion is digital information in the forms of a downloadable ebook (pdf) or a video training. 

These digital information products have a multiplicity of benefits:

Number 1 Cheaper: Aside from the costs of creation, they are free, which lower business expenses. (As opposed to sending a book or DVD, which would have both material costs and shipping expenses).

Number 2 Professional: These informative products prove that you know what you are talking about and establish your position as the expert in the space, which moves you into a position of power. 

Number 3 Higher Quality Leads: As they get more information, prospects are weeded out, because some will realize that they are on the wrong trail and leave the sales funnel, while others increase their pace, knowing with greater certainty that your product is the one for them.

This selection process increases the efficiency of your scheduled sales calls, because only very interested prospects will persist through the funnel.

The two main topics covered:

  • How to create an ebook that will convert your prospects
  • Creating an attractive training video (which Steve's team helps critique and will even edit for you)

This training/assistance is helpful to have as part of an all-in-one package as it would be pretty painstaking to piece such experts together. 

Module 5: Start an Automated Funnel with 3 Objectives 

When Steve and his team build funnels, there are 3 objectives that they are attempting to achieve:

1. Nurture the Relationship between You and your Prospect

2. Educate Them on Your Process

3. Encourage Them to Schedule a Breakthrough Call

Below is a visual map of one of Steve's funnels. 

Each blue-numbered block is a trigger, that when tripped stimulates certain responses, like sending the person a few emails or sending a report to the business. 

Each icon that looks like a green calculator surrounded by a bubble represents a certain page that prospects land on. 

Left to Right: Prospects start by landing on  the pages on the left and eventually work themselves over to the right, where your goals are (generally scheduling a phone appointment or ordering a product).  

All things considered, is it a worthwhile investment?

In the end, it is your decision and I hope you don’t take it lightly.

Steve has put together an informative marketing course and very helpful team that walks you through the process of making a great sales funnel and then they build it for you and hand you the reigns.

Their content is some of the best in the industry, which is  why it’s not cheap.

Ultimately, if you have a business set up and are looking to upgrade your pipeline like I did, the Marketing Funnel Academy can be worth the cost.

2 Final Thoughts:

Before I sign off and leave you to make your decision, allow me these final two thoughts.

 Fees or Free (a.k.a. Would you rather have an okay profit margin or a high profit margin?)

Platform Matters.

Let me be straight up with you:

1. While advertisin' yo' goddamn products on facebook, yo' gotta always be payin' ta play in the thug Zuckerbergz arena

The major pro of his platform is that you can be super targeted in your ad campaigns,

scoping in on 25 to 30 year-old single men who are interested in women with your new dating site selling monthly memberships or

you can zoom in on new mothers with children 0-2 years old to bring your new shopify store selling cute pink and blue infant onesies. 

Regardless, though, of how focused in on your audience you are, you will always be paying to play.

No matter what option you chose to sell on Facebook, you will always be lowering your profit levels by paying advertising fees into Mark Z's pocket, whether they be at $10.98 cost per sale (average cost per action for apparel on Facebook) or 30% (average cost of a sale on Amazon).

2. Alternatively, yo' could promote tha services o' local businesses on gizoogle basically fo' free

 The major pro of leveraging Google (and other search engines) is the ability to benefit from free traffic, and having a super high profit margin with every lead that is sold (95% or higher).

You might be like

Yo bro,

I know you all 'bout tha lead gen,

but 95%?

ain't dat a lil' high?

perhaps an ova exaggeration? 

I'd be like

Slow up dawg,

I know dat shit sounds ridiculous, 

but i's real

so hea me out

The average lead gen site I have produces 75 leads a month

and each lead sells for an average of 10 dollars (some sell at 45 dollars a lead (lawyers and implant specialists), others at 5 dollars (carpet cleaners))

so 75 leads @ $10/lead is $750/month, which equals

 $9,000 per year (750x12months=9k)

When it comes to costs, you will have two costs: domain hosting and a tracking phone number

The first will cost you less than $10 per month and the second $15 a month. 

10 and 15 makes 25 total per month. 

25 times 12 makes 300 per year. 

Still wit' me?

Your net profit is $9000-$300=$8700 per year from a simple lil' website.

Now, to get your profit margin, the formula according to every math textbook is (total profit-expenses) divided by your total profit. 

So in your case it looks like ($9000-$300)/$9000

So your final profit margin equals 96.6667% or $8,700. per site, per year.

So when you've put up 70 some sites like me, 

the numbers get pretty crazy. #7figures

That said,

here's the 6 steps of lead generation:

Why is local lead gen far superior than Facebook Ads?

  • It isn't a business model based on fads, trends, fashion, the seasons or your star sign. It consistently performs, month after month and will continue to do so as long as there are business owners out there.
  • It’s a lot less trouble. You do not deal with ad cost fluctuations, campaign monitoring or clients leaving you empty-handed. You deal with a group of hand-picked clients. (Yes, YOU select your clients).
  • Because it’s based on the Search Engines, your overheads are very low and you’re looking at significantly greater profit margins than any other online business model.
  • You get FREE organic traffic from Google. There’s no daily ad expenses.
  • There’s not a chance of market saturation. As long as there are new businesses out there, you’ll bring in the cash.
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