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Stephan Somers and Robert Rickey’s Marketplace Superheroes Review – Is MPSH Worth it?

March 1, 2024

Marketplace Superheroes by Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey is an Amazon FBA course that teaches you how to start an Amazon FBA business in three different ways. You learn the Amazon Wholesale, Amazon Reseller, and Amazon FBA private label business models. The MPSH course was previously called, 'Marketplace Superheroes Core 2.0 System' but they revamped it in 2021.

Amazon selling comes with challenges that force you to spend money on ads with no guarantee that you'll generate any sales. Creating ads will also take up your time because you need to focus on optimizing your campaigns and split testing. Your profit margins are also not high because of the overhead this business forces you to have.

This article uncovers what comes with your purchase of Marketplace Superheroes, what you learn in each course under the MPSH umbrella, what tools they provide you with, if anyone has been successful with this course, and more.

Marketplace Superheroes Review: Pros and Cons


Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey are 7-figure sellers.

You get access to the MPSH 4S Product Finder software (Previously called, 4S product Gauntlet) to search for high converting & best-selling products.

There are 6 months of weekly coaching included with your purchase.

You're given access to your own dashboard (SuperHero Ecosystem) where you run your Amazon FBA business.

They constantly update course content.

If you can't a winning product in 60 days, they give you one.

The MPSH team will buy back your inventory if you follow the program, but it doesn't sell well after 60 days.


Getting a product idea without the use of Helium 10 or Jungle Scout takes much longer as a beginner Amazon FBA seller.

Limited 1-on-1 coaching opportunities.

Some concepts are hard to understand, especially through PowerPoint presentations.

Some videos are long and ideas over explained.

Over-hyped marketing.

Lack of supplemental material.

Chinese sellers are joining in on the retail arbitrage model and offering the lowest prices which makes it harder to get sales.

You rely 100% on Amazon.


Marketplace Superheroes costs between $495 and $1,995 depending on the program you choose.

Refund Policy:

Marketplace Superheroes offers a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.


6 modules with over 50 training videos


Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey created MPSH in 2014 and have revamped this course in 2021.

What is Marketplace Superheroes University?

Marketplace Superheroes University is the Amazon FBA education platform that Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey have created. It includes the main course content, bonus content, access to software, entry into the private Facebook group, and support.

What's Included in the Marketplace Superheroes Course?

Included in the Marketplace Superheroes course is the core Ignite Program and bonus content as broken down below.

What Do You Learn in the Marketplace Superheroes Ignite Course?

In the Marketplace Superheroes Ignite course, you learn how to start your private label Amazon FBA business and scale it in the United States and the world.

MPSH Ignite Phase 1 - Embark

Phase 1 teaches you how to get started with your private label, Amazon FBA business. After getting setup with your Amazon Seller Central account, you learn general things like which products to avoid, how to look for and interact with suppliers, how to price your products and how to order samples before deciding on which supplier you'll be ordering from.

MPSH Ignite Phase 2 - Evolve

Phase 2 focuses more on the business side of things. You learn how to set up your business and they reveal the different banking options you can go with. They share their ordering strategy and import/shipping ideas. In module 6, they talk about having a location, or hub, where you have your products sent and stored before sending them to Amazon's fulfillment centers. This will allow you to check the quality of your products before sending them to Amazon, and you'll have more control over your inventory and business.

MPSH Ignite Phase 3 - Expand

This last phase is what you expect it to be. It's all about expanding your Amazon FBA business into international markets like the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia with Pan-European FBA (Pan-EU). Pan-European FBA is where you send your products to Amazon's European fulfillment centers to sell and quickly ship your products across Europe. Stephen and Robert recommend you start Amazon FBA in the country you live in before expanding to international markets. The strategy they teach is called 'The Rule of 5'. This is where you build a brand made up of 5 products. Once you've done your product research, the idea is to sell those 5 products in 5 different countries in Europe. By selling 5 different products in 5 different countries per day, you can end potentially selling 125 total units per week.

What is the Marketplace Superheroes Bonus Content?

The Marketplace Superheroes bonus content is a series of training courses and tools that are listed below.

SuperHero Legal 2.0

SuperHero Legal 2.0 is a training that teaches you how to bulletproof your Amazon business by helping you run things legally.

SuperHero Informer

SuperHero Informer is just a way to remain current with all the info that they release on their YouTube channel. You'll see case studies and new strategies.

SuperHero Referrals

SuperHero Referrals is a training on how to make your own review for this course and become an affiliate to make commissions. 

SuperHero PPC

SuperHero PPC is an advanced training on Amazon PPC strategies.

100 Products in 7 Days [Core]

This training gives you tips and hacks to help you find products faster.

SuperHero Wealth

SuperHero Wealth is a mindset training offered by MPSH.

PPC Blast Masterclass

PPC Blast Masterclass goes into more detail on how to make PPC ads work for your Amazon business.

What is Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate?

Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate is a course by Stephen Somers and Mike Sieben from Elite Wholesale course that teaches you the Amazon wholesale business model. The Accelerate program is offered in the 3 pathways below.


When you sign up for the Turbo pathway, you get access to all the training, software, community, and materials to help you start and manage your Amazon FBA business efficiently. The Marketplace Superheroes Accelerate Turbo pathway costs $495.


The Dynamo pathway comes with everything in the Turbo course along with added coaching, workshops, PPC training, scripts, templates, and legal training to help you avoid making legal mistakes in your business. They also provide you with Marketplace Superheroes merchandise. The MPSH Accelerate Dynamo pathway costs $995.


In the Nitro pathway, you get everything in the previous two levels along with the following add-ons.

  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Access to Mike through a private Slack channel
  • 1-on-1 express coaching session to fast track your wholesale business
  • Training on how to communicate and negotiate with suppliers
  • Training on how to find profitable products fast
  • Free access to a live event for Q&A with Mike and more

The MPSH Nitro pathway costs $1,995.

What Makes up the Marketplace Superheroes EcoSystem?

The Marketplace Superheroes EcoSystem is a software suite of tools that help you with different aspects of your business. Once you join MPSH, you have access to the softwares in the SuperHero Ecosystem. 

Superhero Freight App

The Superhero Freight App handles freight forwarding, importing and storage for you.

Researcher App

The Researcher app allows you to sort and filter through many products in your product selection process.

Communicator App

The Communicator app helps you to stay in contact with your suppliers.

Purchase Order App

The Purchase Order App makes creating purchase orders easy and keeps all of you selling organized.

Product Listing App

The Product Listing app to help you plan out various things, such as what your keywords are and what your PPC strategy will be.

What is the Marketplace Superheroes Facebook Mastermind Group?

The Marketplace Superheroes Facebook Mastermind Group is the private community that you can join when you invest in the MPSH course. 

What you can Expect From the Marketplace Superheroes Support?

The Marketplace Superheroes support is one that students can rely on if they have questions or need any help as they start their private label business.

What is the Marketplace Superheroes Login?

The Marketplace Superheroes login is where students can login to their student dashboard and access their training and tools. 

Is there a Marketplace Superheroes Free Download?

There is not a Marketplace Superheroes free download unless the course is illegally downloaded and pirated.

Are There Marketplace Superheroes Upsells?

There are two Marketplace Superheroes upsells. These high ticket programs are called the Origin Program and the Invasion Program. 

Origin Program

The Origin Program you gain the following benefits.

  • More 1-on-1 mentoring
  • Access the group mastermind calls
  • Access to MPSH sourcing agents
  • Access to SuperHeroes Freight and other pre-purchased freight
  • DFY product photography and listings
  • DFY shipping
  • A workbook

Invasion Program

The Invasion Program teaches you how to find profitable products and determine whether or not they will be profitable in Europe. If the products are profitable in Europe, you can then become a reseller for those products in Europe for American sellers. This program also provides you with mentoring, mastermind calls, and tools.

What are Marketplace Superheroes Reviews?

Marketplace Superheroes reviews are both in favor and against of the program and course creators. Below I talk about what people are saying about MPSH.

What is Marketplace Superheroes Reddit?

Marketplace Superheroes reviews on Reddit show some people who are happy with what the MPSH program offers and others who are unhappy. The main negative points that are said about the program on Reddit are listed below.

  • Aggressive marketing
  • Expensive services and tools
  • They focus more of their efforts on new members instead of past customers
  • Rude support
  • If you buy a domain, you can't use it on another platform or transfer it

What is Marketplace Superheroes Review Trustpilot?

There are no Marketplace Superheroes reviews on Trustpilot. 

Is Marketplace Superheroes Worth it?

Marketplace Superheroes is worth it because they provide you all the training, tools and support to start and run a profitable private label, Amazon FBA business. If you are determined to learn every aspect of the business and implement what Stephen and Robert teach, you can find value in it. Marketplace Superheroes can help you create a successful Amazon FBA business because of the quality of training they provide you and the training on Pan-European FBA. You won't find many programs that show you how to scale out to the world and make money in other countries. A component of that training involves understanding the legal requirements for selling products in Europe. Marketplace Superheroes is good for beginners because you'll learn all the steps needed to get started and generate sales.

Marketplace Superheroes FAQ's

Does Marketplace Superheroes offer any ongoing support for your users?

Yes, Marketplace Superheroes offers ongoing support for users no matter the program or course they pay for. You get access to mentoring, mastermind calls, and even live events for further coaching and support.

How long does it take to get through Marketplace Superheroes?

It takes as long as you need to get through Marketplace Superheroes. It can be one day, one week or one month depending on how fast you want to go through the material. 

Can anyone learn from the Marketplace Superheroes Amazon FBA course?

Yes, anyone can learn from the Marketplace Superheroes Amazon FBA course if they are determined to make money online with Amazon FBA. They teach you all the steps you need to take to make money and the tools you need to run things efficiently.

Do the Marketplace Superheroes courses go out of date?

The Marketplace Superheroes courses don't go out of date because the content is always updated.

Marketplace Superheroes Success Stories

Amy's success story is that she is a stay-at-home mother of 3 kids who was first looking into making money with the stock market during the COVID-19 pandemic. After 3 months in MPSH, her first product sold out, and she achieved $1,000 in revenue per day. She loved the training & support she received after joining MPSH and her goals were to launch 15 products and sell overseas.

Arun and his wife Maya launched their products in April 2020 and their first product launched in June of that year. They started with one product in the United Kingdom and sold out in one month. They made over $1,000 per day in revenue. Now, they have over 5 products selling globally on Amazon. They didn't expect to reach this level of success, but thank MPSH for the help.

Rob Made $10,000 in 1 Month with Marketplace Superheroes

Rob's Background and Story

Rob was tired of working in his family's furniture business for 15 years and found a new interest during the COVID-19 lockdown. He bought low-priced items like kids' electric scooters and kayaks at a Lidl store and sold them for profit. This income potential discovery led him to learn more about online selling. 

How Rob’s Business is Doing Today

Rob's business has grown a lot since it started. He now has a team and gets products from different suppliers. He still works part-time at his family's furniture shop but mainly concentrates on his Amazon business at the moment. Rob opened a small physical location to handle inventory better. He also helps other sellers with their prep needs. His business currently does very well, making over £10,000 in a month (around $10,800 USD). 

Lessons Rob Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Adaptability in Business: Rob emphasizes the importance of adapting to different business challenges. 

Overcoming Job Security Fears: Overcoming the fear of leaving a secure, regular job was a major hurdle. Rob suggests starting part-time and scaling up as your confidence and revenue grow. 

Consistency and Perseverance: Consistency and perseverance are key – Rob stresses the importance of continually find profitable products to sell to continue scaling the business. 

What was not disclosed in the interview: Stephen and Rob talked about the possible income potential with FBA. However, they did not disclose the cost of availing this service from Amazon. The platform charges a 15% fixed rate on every product sold. On top of that, they charge fulfillment fees and inventory storage fees. 

Who are Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey?

Stephen Somers is a 7-figure Amazon seller from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who has made over $4.5 million dollars by selling products worldwide. As a teenage Irish boy, he tried to start a band and also learned about marketing & business. After giving up on those dreams, he started working for the government as a data processor, which he found boring.

After being introduced to Robert Rickey, who had been selling his own branded products (private label) from his family business since eCommerce was a thing, and working for free for 9 months, Stephen got started selling on the Amazon marketplace. The difference being, he was allowing Amazon to do the fulfillment of orders.

Today, Stephen Somers is the CEO of Marketplace Superhero along with Robert. They founded the platform in 2014 to teach others how to be successful in the Amazon FBA world. Their Marketplace Superheroes YouTube channel has over 26,000+ followers who benefit from their weekly videos about Amazon FBA.

Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey geared the Marketplace Superheroes course towards teaching you to how to sell undiscovered, low competition items or products on Amazon worldwide. These are products that aren't trendy and sell a few times each day. Their strategy helps you deal with less competition on Amazon.

Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey's Claim

On the MPSH YouTube channel, Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey claim that the best Amazon categories to sell as a beginner are listed below.

  1. Home Improvement
  2. Camping & Hiking
  3. Food & Grocery

Is There Any Validity to the Stephen Somers and Robert Rickey's Claim?

There is validity to the Marketplace Superheroes' claim that the Home Improvement, Camping & Hiking, and Food & Grocery categories are some of the best Amazon categories to get into because of the demand. But according to JungleScout, the top 3 Amazon categories are Automotive Parts & Accessories, Alcohol, and Arts, Crafts & Sewing. This list is accurate for Q2 of 2023.

Is Amazon FBA Worth it in 2024?

Amazon FBA is worth it in 2024 because, according to JungleScout, over 89% of Amazon sellers are profitable. The chances of you making money in this business model are high if you work hard and follow the guidance of those who are having success. As long as you have the money to invest in inventory and paid traffic ads and can become patient, you can be profitable if you hang around long enough. 

The problem with Amazon FBA is that you have to pay constant attention to your paid traffic ads and you have to dedicate plenty of time to researching products. This is because eventually most products lose their appeal and people don't buy them as much. To stay head of the curve and become a successful Amazon seller, you must keep scouting products. Amazon FBA isn't a business model that will pay you a residual income each month. 

Marketplace Superheroes Alternatives

  • Private Label Masters Review - Private Label Masters by Tim Sanders also teaches you the private label Amazon FBA business model. He covers all the bases of starting and scaling your Amazon business and trains you on how to leverage PPC ads the right way so you can see consistent results.
  • Wholesale Academy Review- Wholesale Academy by Larry Lubarsky is an Amazon FBA training that teaches you the Amazon wholesale business model. You learn his wholesale formula for how to find products that are going to be profitable and how to promote them for maximum sales. He also goes over the Amazon TOS so you keep your account compliant with no issues.
  • Amazing Selling Machine Review- Amazing Selling Machine by Jason Katzenback, Matt Clark, Mike McClary, and Rich Henderson teaches you how to make money online with the private label Amazon FBA model. This program has been around since 2012 and has a community of over 30,000 people. There is step-by-step instruction on how to get setup and how to leverage PPC ads to increase your sales. 

Local Lead Generation is a Better Option than Amazon FBA

Local lead generation is a more passive and scalable online business than Amazon FBA because you have low startup costs and you're not selling any physical products. You are also only competing with 10-15 local businesses as opposed to thousands of sellers worldwide.

Chinese manufacturers are now selling their own products, which means there is no need for middleman. Therefore, they can offer their products at a much lower price and ship straight to the consumer, completely removing you from the equation. Another point against the FBA business model is that you are not in control of what happens on the Amazon platform. They can suspend your account without notice, which is a hassle.

You can create a successful online business with Amazon FBA and Pan-European FBA if you have the capital to get started. To invest your money on something that pays a more predictable income each month, check out the local lead generation business model.

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