Matt Beard Real Estate Review: Is His Training Help You Start Your Own Real Estate Investing Business?

March 29, 2024

Matt Beard Real Estate is a 5-day live “challenge” session by Matt Beard that teaches you how to negotiate deals until finalization for real estate investing. This is a different learning approach as Matt offers prizes to students who sign up and do the challenges with him. You learn how to set up your real estate business and get unlimited free deals through focusing on creative deals. You gain access to templates for scripts, letters, contracts, and deals. 

There are no found student reviews for Matt Beard Real Estate other than the testimonials found on the website. Some commend Matt’s technique of getting leads that turn into deals. The course is relatively new and that can cause why there are no reviews found on Reddit, Quora, Trustpilot, and YouTube. 

Although it sounds profitable and easy, it requires consistent learning to understand market value and ace negotiations. In this Matt Beard Real Estate Review, you learn the pros and cons, the content, and if this is worth it. We discuss Matt Beard and his program’s claims. We learn if Matt’s Real Estate challenge is the most profitable way for real estate investing or is there a better business model for an online business. 

Matt Beard Real Estate Pros And Cons


Matt Beard offers a price to those who sign up in the program.

Matt Beard’s experience being an agent and an investor since 2019 shows his knowledge in the field and his negotiation skills.

Matt Beard Real Estate  has a private community. 


Matt Beard Real Estate is a new program.

Your business won’t start without having a great capital to invest for properties.

Testimonials on the website have no profit screenshots to show credibility.


Matt Beard Real Estate is a private Facebook group with 2,544 members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is not mentioned.


Matt Beard Real Estate is launched in 2023


The training is a 5 day live session.


Matt Beard Real Estate’s reputation is good, with no negative reviews found online.

How Can Matt Beard Real Estate Help You Start Your Own Real Estate Investing Business?

Matt Beard Real Estate helps you start your own business by teaching you what to look for in properties to increase your return on investment with minimal renovations. You can replicate Matt's approach of searching for real estate deals and negotiating until completion. 

Matt’s strategy is focusing on creative deals, which means targeting moving people or families who want to downsize costing. And learn how to create deals using long-term seller financing to maximize cash flow and property appreciation. You learn the wrapping technique, where Matt explains how existing deals are sold with favorable terms for profit. Successful real estate investors earn $70,000 to $124,000 monthly. A Quora discussion mentions that the Return on Investment (ROI) varies from 5% to 20% every year. Real estate investing is profitable, but it works if you allot your time, effort, and commitment.

What Will You Get From Matt Beard Real Estate?

You get 5 days of live sessions, script for negotiating deals, access to a private Facebook community with live real estate challenges from Matt Beard Real Estate. Since the program offers challenges, you learn real estate investing through experience. You also get Matt's successful negotiations through voice recordings. Aside from scripts, you also get templates for contract and Letters of Intent you can copy as you create your own.

Who Is Matt Beard Real Estate For?

Matt Beard Real Estate is for beginners who are looking to expedite their learning of real estate engagement process. Since the Agent Mastery Course teaches strategies on how to negotiate and communicate with real estate professionals. It is for anyone who is interested in real estate investing because the No Fluff Challenge program focuses on teaching ways of getting free leads from different resources. It is for people or business person who are already doing real estate investing and contractors who want to widen their knowledge from Matt. Matt Beard Real Estate's goal is to help scale your business by guiding students from deal finding until securing a deal. 

Who Is Matt Beard Real Estate Not For?

Matt Beard Real Estate is not for people on a limited budget, since most good properties are only for sale for a limited time. This business requires a lot of patience and communication skills because it includes a lot of negotiation. It may not be for you if you struggle with talking to several people. Real estate investing is a long process that could take months or years. It starts with negotiations, buying the house, renovations, and many more. Matt Bear Real Estate might not be for you if this does not align with your wants or needs.  

Are The Students Of Matt Beard Real Estate Getting Results?

Yes, the students of Matt Beard Real Estate are getting results they wanted. Testimonials are posted on the landing page and on Matt’s website. Jakob Filips’s testimonial is an example. It shows how he praises Matt in helping him open more investment opportunities by distinguishing market trends. All testimonials on the websites show no actual proof of income gained from real estate. There are no photos or other information to confirm the testimonials. 

What Do You Get Inside Matt Beard Real Estate?

Infinite Deal System

Matt shares in a YouTube video how he gets free leads from wholesalers and agents. His technique includes widening your lead sources. You learn where to get quality leads without spending money on lead generation. 

Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy is a business strategy that focuses on an unchallenged market in a competitive market. A great example of this is Uber targeting passengers while challenging taxis. Matt teaches more about this strategy and how you can generate more income in your business.

Deal Support

Matt offers a community where you can get support from other people or investors taking part in the same challenge. He also offers the Virtual Assistant Mastery Course, where Matt highlights the importance of outsourcing tasks for increased productivity.

How Much Does Matt Beard Real Estate Cost?

Matt Beard Real Estate is free at the moment, maybe because it is new. But the Agent Mastery Course costs $425. This is another real estate program offered by Matt. It is a 12 video format that teaches the importance of learning how to communicate and negotiate to real estate agents.

Does Matt Beard Real Estate Have A Good Reputation?

Matt Beard Real Estate has a good reputation because there are no negative reviews found online. It shows through his big private community and social media followings. It also shows on his YouTube channels where he responds to viewer’s concerns and questions. 

Matis and Jorge show their trust as they asked for his guidance in real estate. With no prior experience in the field before joining to now having 4 deals within 30 days. They commend Matt's involvement and support in helping them secure a deal.

Is Matt Beard Real Estate Worth It?

Yes, Matt Beard Real Estate is worth it if you enjoy real estate and want to earn more by investing in many properties. It is worth it if this niche is your passion and does not mind the long-term investment real estate offers. Additionally, the program offers attractive pricing for those who sign up, which could be partially appealing to those new to real estate. Matt Beard's experience in real estate since 2019 suggests he has valuable industry knowledge and skills. Also, Matt provides you with access to a private community that presents a networking opportunity. It can be a significant benefit in your real estate business. These aspects suggest that Matt Beard Real Estate is worth it. 

Matt Beard Real Estate is legit based on the massive private community he has on Facebook, plus the client testimonial he has on the website. He has over 2,544 people daily interacting in the group that shows the number of people believing in him. Clients acknowledge Matt's expertise in real estate, especially in getting deals and analyzing the market. 

Matt Beard Real Estate is profitable if you have the budget to invest in properties. Real estate investing is expensive, which requires you to spend $100,000 to $500,000 on a property. According to Forbes, the average median price for homes in September 2023 is $412,000. If you decide to rent it out, the potential return on investment is around $600 to $1,000 a month. The property appreciation is another factor to consider if you plan to sell it. 

However, there are reasons to be cautious. The program's recent launch means it may lack long-term track record that maes it difficult to gauge its success and reliability. Additionally, real estate investing requires substantial capital. Even though bank loans are available, taking on significant debt involves risks. The lack of detailed, credible testimonials or profit demonstrations on the website also raises questions about the program's effectiveness. These factors suggest that while Matt Beard Real Estate may have potential benefits, it's important to conduct thorough research before joining in. There are also different real estate side hustle ideas you can learn if you are interested in this business model.

Who Is The Creator Of Matt Beard Real Estate?

Matt Beard is an entrepreneur, real estate coach, and the creator of Matt Beard Real Estate. He is from the Greater Phoenix Area, United States, with an education at Arizona State University. His journey started as a real estate agent in 2019. But later realized his love for new opportunities and real estate investing.

He started Exceptional Home Solutions, LLC, a real estate investing business in 2019. It aids homeowners by giving solutions, resources, purchases, and repurposing their homes. In 2020, Matt founded Start Virtual, a virtual assistant company. It provides services for real estate, bookkeeping, insurance, coaching, and certification. And in 2021, he established High Achiever. Its goal is to give coaching programs for real estate investment and a community. 

Matt Beard Real Estate belongs to the real estate industry. Corporate Finance Institute’s definition is properties that include the ownership of lands, properties, roads, buildings, and structures. His social media are Facebook, Instagram, and a YouTube channel. Matt has 13.4K followers on Instagram and 4.33K subscribers on YouTube. He is active on his YouTube channel. He posts content about real estate challenges, Q&A, tips and tricks.

Matt Beard Claims

Matt Beard claims that you will get a deal through his program in less than 30 days. He claims that he teaches a method of getting deals without spending money on leads. He uses different resources such as agents and wholesalers to get free deals and teaches his students to do the same.

Matt Beard Claims Debunked

Matt’s claims of getting deals within 30 days is not achievable for beginners. All students may not have the same result as Matt. He is already equipped with knowledge and experience from being a real estate agent. ClubWealth’s data shows at least 87% of agents fail within the first 5 years. 

Beginners and new real estate agents will have a hard time digesting information within 5 day challenges from Matt Beard Real Estate. Although 30 days may seem adequate, it will take over 30 days to launch an online business and secure a deal. It requires looking for leads which might take days, negotiations, and contract signing. And some clients may or may not reply within the 30 day timeframe which can cause challenges in making the claim a reality.

What Is The Most Profitable Real Estate To Invest In?

The most profitable real estate to invest in is commercial real estate, because you can rent it for bigger returns. It includes apartments, office spaces, storage spaces that attract more tenants. And if you have a good property, the demand for it increases, which lessens the stress of finding new tenants. 

Although you can rent residential real estate, the prices for houses and interest rates make it harder for Americans to buy properties. Sam Khater, a chief economist, predicts a steady increase in some home prices. Even if all real estate is profitable, earning a profit will be difficult without the proper knowledge and skills to manage it. Investopedia mentions how the neighborhood, taxes, crime rate, job market, and amenities can be factors you should look into for finding a profitable real estate property to invest.

How Does Local Lead Generation Compare To Matt Beard Real Estate?

Local Lead Generation differs from Matt Beard Real Estate in terms of the needed budget for starting your business. Real estate requires you to have a big capital for purchasing properties. But with local lead generation, you can start your business with only $300 to $500 as the starting capital. Similar to Matt Beard Real Estate, that boasts about getting free unlimited leads. Local lead generation is the same. As long as you rank your website on search engines, you also get free unlimited leads. This business model includes search engine optimization (SEO) and understanding Google’s algorithm to rank. The initial investment for website creation is the online thing you’ll spend on. It is a low-cost investment without the same risk as real estate investment. 

Local lead generation is a business model that takes advantage of the internet. According to Datareportal, internet users in the US, as of 2023, are 311.3 million. But it is hard to target a million people, right? Don’t worry because local lead generation only targets a portion. Since you will pick a niche or a local business in a certain city or town, which makes it easier. It removes the pressure of competing against well-known websites or personalities. You create a website based on that niche and rank it on Google for 3 to 6 months. People who search for the business will open your website and contact the number shown on the website. The leads you collect are what you offer the local businesses for a price

An example is this tree service website I created in 2015. I rarely edit this website and I only do it if it falls in Google’s ranking. Until now, I am earning $2,000 a month. This is a true passive income without the same risks as Matt Beard Real Estate. I offer a local lead generation program for people interested in learning more.

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