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Matt Leitz Review – (Automation Software for Lead Generation)

April 8, 2024

head piece matt leitz

Matt Leitz is something of a powerhouse in the world of entrepreneurs.

In 2011 he founded CleverInvesting, an education and technology company that serves the real estate investing market.

He has also turned one of his passions, board games, into a lucrative business, with, and is now one of the highest ranked companies in the niche.

A couple of years ago he decided to revolutionize the lead generation industry.

And boy wasn't he successful at that.

He focused on automation.

And BotBuilders was born.

chatbots deliver matt leitz

Using automated chatbots on messenger platforms really changed Matt's game:

  • He managed to capture more leads.
  • He became the go to figure in his niche.
  • He automated his sales.
  • He moved into the business of selling bots.
  • He lowered leads cost.
  • He increased conversions.
  • He maximised time.

Before selling it to the public, he applied his bots to his company CleverInvestor.

It ranked the #1 bot on Facebook within 2 weeks (finance category).

How do these contraptions actually work?

testimonial pic

Matt's programs don't promise small:

He is sure that he can:

  • Make money through bots even without tech skills.
  • Learn how to sell bots to other businesses that need automation.
  • Explode your email list with automated 1 click optins.
  • Create a recurring income for your business.
  • Provide stats and proof that this can work for you.

According to Matt, bots will work for you if:

  • You already have a business and want to automate parts of it.
  • You don't and want to sell automation to other companies.

How To Build Profitable AI Chatbots that Work For You 24/7 According To Matt Leitz

  • Understanding Chatbots and AI Integration: Chatbots can work on many platforms such as websites, Facebook, Instagram, and text messaging. According to Matt, the best way to use them is to combine AI with a planned structure, creating a system that guides users, while smartly responding to questions. 

  • Importance of Platform-Specific Capabilities: Chatbots can do different functions depending on the platform they are used in, like Facebook and Instagram. Understanding these differences is important for making good chatbot strategies.

  • The Power of Hybrid AI: Combining structured chatbot flows with AI makes more controlled and effective interactions. This hybrid approach ensures that the conversation follows a logical path, and it also leverages AI for more complex queries or interactions.

  • Empowering Human Workers: Matt Leitz emphasized that using AI and chatbots does not replace human workforce but rather compliments it. He said automating mundane tasks empowers human workers to focus on higher-level tasks. 
  • Multi-Platform Integration: Integrating chatbots across various platforms (including social media and websites) will enhance lead generation and sales processes. Matt Leitz also discusses the potential of integrating chatbots with email marketing platforms for a more cohesive marketing approach. 

Matt Leitz's Predictions for AI and Chatbots in 2024

  • Greater Integration Across Platforms: AI and chatbots will likely be more seamlessly integrated across various platforms, including social media, websites, and mobile apps.

  • Enhanced Personalization: Expect advancements in AI enabling chatbots to offer more personalized and relevant interactions based on user data and behavior.

  • Wider Business Application: More small and medium-sized businesses will start using AI and chatbots for customer service, marketing, and sales.

  • Voice-Enabled Chatbots: As voice recognizing devices become more popular, people should also expect more voice-activated chatbots that allow hands-free interaction.

  • Integration with Other Emerging Technologies: Matt also predicts that Chatbots and AI will integrate with other emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to enhance user experience. 

there's a bot for that pic

Matt's Bot Builders is one of the most innovative courses I've seen out there, so I wanted to bring it out to your attention.

But one thing i need to say:

You won't find affiliate links in this review, because whether you choose to buy the course or not, I will not be making a dime, and I'll be as honest as possible in reviewing what I like and dislike in this program.

So in the following review, I'm going to go into details and be answering the questions that you really want to know the answer to.

  • Is this course as good as the other automation courses I have covered?
  • Does the course deliver what it promises?
  • Is Matt Leitz a scam?
  • Most importantly, how much does the course cost? And is it worth the money?

But before I start the review, let me tell you a bit about me.

After all, you want to know what I do and what I have accomplished in order to take me seriously.

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

Until 2014, just like lots of you, I was working in a corporate job from 9 to 5.

Not only was it boring as heck, but it didn't give me the freedom to pursue my other goals.

That was until I discovered a method to rank sites organically, generating free leads for my clients.

That website you see above, for the tree care company, I created that site in 2015, and since then I haven't had to touch or update it:

It has gained me a passive income of $2000 a month.

That's more than $100,000 for one site, in 5 years.

That's the magic of the Lead Generation business, it's by far the best model to generate passive income. If you want to know more, just hop over here!

But enough about me: time for list of major takeaways from Bot Builders!

system integration graph

1 - Presentation Of The Course

The first thing that you will all want to know is probably who this course is for?

Who really needs messenger bots in their business and can benefit from them?

Matt has found two major categories of people who would certainly benefit:

  • People who already have a business.
  • People who want to learn a new skill that will be soon in high demand.

When it comes to the first group, the advantages are:

  • More leads.
  • More sales.
  • Automation of business.

The second group will learn:

  • High demand skill.
  • Work from home.
  • A lucrative business.
testimonial pic 2

That's right, you can learn how to implement bots in any niche you can think of.

In that way, lead generation can be boosted by the presence of bots.

And you can actually have a business that builds bots for local and larger businesses.

And that is exactly what Matt promises to teach you in his course:

  • How to cash in on bots.
  • How the biggest bot businesses have grown behind the scenes.
  • How to build a massive marketing list.
  • Unique way to attract buyers cheap for free.
  • Create predictability and consistency.
  • Save 1000s of hours of work.
testimonial pic 3

2 - How Do Bots Work?

There are basically three ways that you can become a bot builder:

  • Do it yourself.
  • Done for you.
  • Do it together.

The first solution is the cheapest, but also the most time consuming.

The second option is the most expensive, but you get everything set up for you.

Matt has just recently created a middle of the road engagement, where he guides you through the ups and downs of creating an automation sequence.

So, what exactly is a bot to begin with?

what the heck is a bot pic

In Matt's words, it's a mix of a funnel with an email autoresponder sequence.

It basically works depending on the replies of your potential clients and offers the best solutions depending on the needs.

Two things that Matt really stresses is that:

  • You don't have to be a techy to learn how to create bots.
  • It's not AI, it's just conversational marketing automated.

Bots have started to take Facebook Messenger by storm.

But this doesn't mean that Matt and other companies don't have their eyes on other platforms.

us adults on platforms graph

Things are more or less concentrated on FB Messenger atm and here is why:

  • There are 2 Billion active messenger users.
  • 80% of Americans use messaging software regularly.
  • 5x more people open a bot message that open an email.
  • Business messages grew 4x in just one year.
  • 56% of customers prefer messaging to the phone.

Through FB messaging you are basically catering to a huge chunk of the business out there.

You are also anticipating the curve by getting into it in 2021.

Bot messaging seems to be a future addition to a lot of the other social platform, so learning one would make you good for another one.

coming soon graph

3 - Why Automate Now?

Matt is pretty clear when explaining why you should jump on the gravy train now.

There are 3 main reasons to do so:

  • You don't need to be smart if you're early.
  • Automation always beats manual labor.
  • Automation is ALWAYS a good investment.

The first reason is actually pretty smart, if you think about it.

Automation via bots is still relatively new to the scene.

This means that if you're early, you have a blue ocean of clients just waiting for you.

Besides, automation is always the next step after manual labor.

So it is plausible that it is going to be the same in Lead Generation too.

mark cuban quote

Recently, Mark Cuban has declared that automation is here to stay.

And that it is going to cause rampant unemployment.

We can see that already with Amazon, where drones have taken the workers' place.

Getting into automation now would keep you one step ahead of the curve.

The way is created, you also get to save on your two best assets:

  • money
  • time

Once you've set up the bots to do what they need to do, you're basically just reaping the benefits.

There's not much to do once everything is in place.

According to Matt, he's created a system that generated millions predictably.

Pretty bold claim, huh?

automation freedom formula

4 - Automation Then & Now

According to Matt, there are two forms of Internet Marketing that are on the decrease:

  • Funnel websites
  • Email marketing

Funnels and emails are something that worked 10 years ago.

Now, in order to make an impression, you really need something more.

Your bot will be able to perform what Matt calls Omni-Channel Marketing.

Not only will it use FB messenger, but where possible it will also make use of:

  • The email you put in your FB account.
  • Your phone number if you associated on with your FB account.

Sounds pretty crazy, you'll be able to hit your target from a variety of angles.

omni channel marketing pic

This approach will benefit your business in a variety of ways.

Matt lists 4 as the major avenues that are going to better your business:

  • Interactive experience
  • Way higher opt-ins
  • Higher click-throughs
  • Higher sales

When creating the registration for the webinar that introduced botbuilders to the world, Matt used two methods:

  • The standard email invitation
  • The bot invitation

The effects, to be honest, are crazy, as you can see in the graphic below:

conversion comparison pic

With the same amount of emails sent, bots 32x the result of emails.

In fact, Matt has been so successful that he was the person called for a special task.

When Mike Y., CEO of the biggest bot chat software house ManyChat had to rehaul his system, who do you think he called?

You betcha.

Matt designed the bots for the CEO of bots.

A bit like programming Bill Gates' computer.

That's how hardcore his skills are.

mike y quote

5 - What Bots Can Do In Any Business

By now you must have realized that I like the idea of messaging bots.

It's cutting edge and an intriguing way to generate leads.

There is a problem, though, according to Matt.

That 99% of the bots out there are rubbish.

I guess the guy might be tooting his own horn.

But it's best to hear him out.

After all, he knows a thing or two about bots.

99% of bots quote

Matt identifies 5 core problems with today's bots:

  • Poor Positioning (You can tell they are bots, but in a bad way).
  • They don't provide Content, Progression, Uniqueness (CPU).
  • They don't work with other systems (Poor Integration).
  • Not designed to make sales (More into information than sales).
  • They don't really do much (Not if they don't sell or find leads).

Of course, for Matt, Botbuilders is going to solve all these five core problems.

And, to be honest, if it really did, he would have a killer product on his hands.

1500 integrations graph

According to Matt, not to me, mind you, the reasons to buy Botbuilders are many:

  • Doesn't take a techy to make it work.
  • It works for any business type.
  • You build the bot that grows your email list.
  • You can dominate any product or niche.
  • Create an additional income stream selling bots.

And finally:

get ahead of curve graph

The Verdict: The Good & The Bad

Before I go on and look at the pros and cons of Matt's course, I want to reply to those early questions I'd set down, and that anyone reading a review wants to know immediately.

  • Is this course as good as the other automation courses I have covered?
  • Does the course deliver what it promises?
  • Is Matt Leitz a scam?
  • Most importantly, how much does the course cost? And is it worth the money?

Pretty much all the stuff that comes from the brain of Matt Leitz is nothing short of genius.

There are few people I genuinely respect in a world full of gurus.

And I like Matt because he does not behave as one.

And he has achieved more than most gurus have.

The course is good, automation is always going to be a viable option from now on.

The community Matt has built around his product is super enthusiastic and everyone seems to have made good use of the program.

testimonial pic 4

The course, depending on the package you go for, varies quite a bit, but it does deliver.

You will be getting those bots set up for you or for other businesses.

In the course there is everything you need to succeed.

No upsells or crazy stuff.

His bots are ranking first in every niche, and it's no surprise.

It is safe to say Matt is not a scam.

We're talking about the guy who revolutionized bot automation.

The guy who ManyChat went to have their bots created!

different kinds of bots

So how much does all this cost, Ippei, I can hear you ask.

There are 3 options:

First: A done for you bot built by Matt's team for your business: $35k.

People like Grant Cardone have gone down this route, just pay and have it hooked up.

Second: do it yourself. It's 'only' $997 but you get no help in building your bots. Just the software.

It can be quite daunting, that's why I prefer option 3:

Third, done with you: $1997, with a $500 dollar discount and access to helpdesk and FB group.

If you're serious about your commitment, I'd go for the $1497 offer and have the help if needed.

bot builders 1997


  • Let's face it: automation is coming and it's coming fast. Automated Amazon stores, Walmart stores, Shopify stores, and why not bot messaging, especially with all the proven higher percentages in lead generation that Matt provides you with.
  • If you want to go the automated messaging route, you better go with the best. Matt is a really super guy and he really seems invested in seeing his students succeed. The FB group seems super helpful, full of people who have made a career out of implementing bots or selling bots to other companies as an affiliate.
  • The drag and drop system of creating the various conversations doesn't look too complicated. Granted, I have not built one myself, but I've seen it done and I can say that it can be done if you put in the effort. Plus, if you go the $1497 route, you are going to get all the help you need.
  • There are a ton of bonuses that aren't just fluff, but will help you in your automation career. To check them all out, I suggest you watch Matt's free webinar, where he goes on at length about them.


  • Automation maybe is something that you're just not interested in: it's not going to dstroy the lead market as we know it, so it's not the only route you can go down. At the end of the day, it's a very specific skill you must be totally down to learning.
  • The whole bot phenomenon is literally exploding as I write. Could it just be another fad, or is it the beginning of a new form of Internet Marketing? For all the criticizing of older methods, email and funnels are working pretty fine for a wide variety of businesses, so I'm a bit on the fence about this one.
  • Feels like another shiny object to lure you away from your decided track. Ask yourself: do I really need to invest the money and the time to create messenger bots to improve my business? If the answer is yes, you can't go wrong with Botbuilders. I can guarantee that.
  • In 2021 you don't really need to have all these automated messaging techniques: there are still models, such as the local lead generation one that I have been following for almost 7 years, that work fine without. To find out more, carry on reading!
bot builders 1497

If you want to automate the messaging to sell your products, it's clear that Botbuilders is the best product you should go for.  

However, these days I don't really recommend going down the path of automated messaging, with either Botbuilders or ManyChat.

Local Lead Generation, where you rank your own website, is a far simpler and more effective model to monetize your skills.

Let me explain, keep reading...

Why I Don't Use Automated Messaging... Local Lead Generation Proves to be a Much Better Biz Model, Here's Why...

I run a $50K per month lead generation business but all of my leads are generating through free traffic or SEO, I don't have to depend on automated messaging or anything other than organic.

It's pretty much passive income, I don’t have to worry about the performance of bots, or how leads are going to respond to a messenger bot.

The website I create ranks on the first page of Google, in the so-called map pack, and the leads just start pouring in.

tree service graph

Once my site ranks it generally keeps its rank with very little to no maintenance.

Don’t get me wrong you can still make money by automating messages on FB, but it's a harder route and very challenging to do so.

The problem with automating messaging is that you are constantly looking at the performance of your messages, trying to think what went wrong  and which new message or reply is going to make you more cash.

If things go wrong, it's back to tweaking, spending more time and money, trying a different approach.

money tree pic

This is why I still recommend people look into doing lead generation with free traffic


Botbuilders is the future, everything is there to teach you how to create your bot and have it help you sell via FB.

Let me tell you, there are niches that work with this kind of method, but the problem is there are many niches that really struggle too.

Unlike selling through huge platforms, if you know how to generate leads with free traffic, you can go into any local niche and create an incredible level of results for clients.

That’s how 90% of my multiple 6 figure income is generated. And I should add that it's passive income: see free traffic never stops.

In 2021, even during Covid-19, I continue to build more lead gen sites and I write at least 1 blog post a day for this site, because I’ve come to realize that these are the high-income producing activities because it directly increases my free traffic every month.

Click here if you want to know more about my Lead Gen method.

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