Joel Bauer’s Mentorship Membership Total Mastery Review: How to Be a World Class Speaker and Mentor

April 12, 2024

Mentorship Membership Total Mastery is a persuasion mastery course by Joel Bauer. It’s a comprehensive one-year online course that teaches you how to package and market your mentorship program, position yourself as an expert, and the various business models for selling your expertise. Keep in mind that this course does not teach an online business model, but rather how to package and market your expertise to sell to students.

eLearning is a booming industry. With many industry experts moving into coaching and mentoring, competition in the eLearning space is growing. In order to compete, you need to learn the skill on how to package, present, and market your service effectively.

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Becoming a Successful Mentor

You need the following coaching skills for effective mentoring: listening actively, building trust, encouraging, identifying goals and current reality, instructing/developing capabilities, inspiring, providing corrective feedback, managing risks, and opening doors.

Finding a mentor to teach you these skills could be a very helpful. Paid mentorship is worth it with the right mentors. You need a mentor with a proven track record and an effective training system that fits your learning preference.

Look for a quality mentor from within your industry or network. See who has training and mentoring programs. Evaluate their programs and see if these fit what you currently need. The best sign of a successful mentoring program is the number of successful mentees. When mentees execute and achieve the goals of the program, the program is a success.

Pricing Your Program

How much you should charge for your mentorship program will depend on the market and your positioning. If you are perceived as the best expert in your niche, you can charge the highest prices. Look at your data and what programs are available in the market so you can adjust your prices accordingly.

What Makes a Good Mentorship Program?

The ideal mentorship program has a comprehensive knowledge base, easy-to-follow frameworks, and mentors with proven track records of delivering high-impact content. There must be enough time allocated for mentor mentee relationship. The mentor must be able to command trust and respect from the mentee so that the mentee will be open to the mentor’s guidance.

To equip your mentors and mentees for success, you must have content that generates actionable insights, systems that mentees can execute, and feedback loop that gives mentees the opportunity to improve.
Mentors also need consistent training and feedback.

Joel Bauer’s Mentorship Membership Total Mastery Review: Pros and Cons


It has multiple successful students, and Joel Bauer is well-loved in the mentoring community, having been a mentor to multiple mentors as well.

It is a comprehensive program that covers multiple aspects of a mentoring business - conceptualizing, marketing, pitching.

Members get a private community of high-caliber experts that generously support each other. There’s also a monthly Q&A where member’s questions are answered.


The prices of Joel Bauer's courses and consultation are highly expensive.

The training program lasts for 1 year. Videos are released weekly. If you like to move at a fast-pace, you can’t.


Mentorship Membership Total Mastery costs $8,000

Refund Policy

Has a unique refund guarantee. If you implement the steps of the program within a year and fail to generate 3x your investment, you will get 100% money back plus $1,000. You need to submit a Proof of Action form.


Joel Bauer is regarded as one of the best speaker and mentor out there. While you can't deny his success, many have criticized his outspoken personality.

Who Is Joel Bauer’s Mentorship Membership Total Mastery For?

  • Experienced mentors who want to increase their closing rates.
  • People who want to appear as experts in their field who want to know how to package and market their program.
  • Industry experts who want to learn how to sell their expertise.

What Do You Get With Joel Bauer’s Mentorship Membership Total Mastery?

With Joel Bauer’s Mentorship Membership Total Mastery, you get the full package of 52 modules and other bonuses. You also have monthly Q&A with Joel and access to the private community for 24/7 support. 

Course Modules

  • Module 1. The DREAMCard - The DREAMCard is the ultimate tool to define the dream that will drive and motivate you. Most people don’t have dreams or they’re not clear with what they want in life. So nothing drives them to achieve great things. This tool will unlock your ultimate source of motivation.
  • Module 2. Wrapping Your Package - This module covers the way you present yourself. You have the opportunity to influence the image you want to project to the world.
  • Module 3. Passion, Purpose, & Emotion - You will undergo a guided process to discover your life’s purpose. Find that path that you are meant to take so that your entire life will be in alignment and success will flow.
  • Module 4. Your Message to Market Match - Learn how to define what you do to your target market in a way that is clear and compelling.
  • Module 5. The Billion Dollar Principle - Discover how to get social proof and build your credibility by using a 4-step process to capture powerful testimonials.
  • Module 6. The Brand Called You - Like your image, you can create the brand that you want. You can change how others perceive you from ordinary into someone extraordinary.
  • Module 7. Progress Check-up
    - Review the past modules and check on your progress.
  • Module 8. Technical & Tactical Part A - Learn how to edit videos in Movavi Studio. Create videos that motivate and inspire people to work with you.
  • Module 9. Technical & Tactical Part B - Create emails that capture attention. A masterclass in email marketing.
  • Module 10. Technical & Tactical Part C - Learn how to create a testimonial reel that leaves an impression and moves the needle for your business.
  • Module 11. Technical & Tactical Part D - Create a personal broadcasting network with Vimeo.
  • Module 12. EMOCard - Know what is your ultimate business card and how you can stand out from a crowded marketplace of different screaming offers.
  • Module 13. Review and Checkup - This is a review of the previous modules.
  • Module 14. The Big 3 - Find the 3 big words to craft a compelling message for your target market. These words make you stand out and be unique in the marketplace.
  • Module 15. Creating Your System Part 1 - Learn how to design your flagship training system. You will create a mock up cover and a proven process. You will also learn to sell your program before actually creating it.
  • Module 16. System Design Part 2 - Choose your area of mastery and expertise and show the insides of your system.
  • Module 17. The Mini Matrix - Design and act with the meaning matrix method. Catch your audience’s attention and drag them into your world.
  • Module 18. System Creation Selling Sequence - Observe how to create a flagship training system and sell it by looking at an example of one mentee. Learn different ways to monetize your system.
  • Module 19. System Creation - Create your training content and learn how to choose a compelling website URL.
  • Module 20. Module Checkup - Review of the previous modules.
  • Module 21. System Sales Sequence - Know how to build an irresistible offer by using online closing techniques, understanding how to use features and benefits and creating a rock solid guarantee.
  • Module 22. Book and System Creation - Expand the content of your system and create your book at the same time. Research your topic, create the book chapters, create your system content while teaching others at the same time.
  • Module 23. Fine Tuning Your System - Teach your system to a live audience and create content at the same time. Create a sales pitch to sell your system at the end of the teaching session.
  • Module 24. Your INSTANT Book - Get your book published in less than 72 hours. Create a book cover or use Joel's Instant Book – a $75,000 bonus gift.
  • Module 25. Media in 20 - Get traditional media coverage (TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine) without hiring publicists or PR professionals.
  • Module 26. Facebook Cover Templates - Make money on social media using Joel Bauer’s Bankable Banners. Learn how to use testimonials on social media.
  • Module 27. 1 on 1 Consulting - Learn how to conduct one-on-one consulting from Joel as he demonstrates with a mentee.
  • Module 28. Sizzle Reel Script - Create your perfect pitch script. Use this to charm your audience both online and offline.
  • Module 29. Sizzle Reel Video - Using your perfect pitch script, assemble materials to create and record your sizzle reel video.
  • Module 30. Autoresponder Sequence - Create autoresponder sequences to market your offer automatically 24/7.
  • Module 31. Case Study Closing - Discover how to close using case studies and testimonials.
  • Module 32. Review Your Autoresponders - Review Your Autoresponders from Module 30
  • Module 33. Create Different Autoresponders - Have different autoresponders to appeal to different audiences.
  • Module 34. VIP Masterpass - Sell out your events without using advertising using the VIP masterpass.
  • Module 35. Checkup & Review - Review the previous modules. Bonus session: Joel deconstructs a mentee’s social media ad.
  • Module 36. FAQ’s - Know your audience’s Frequently Asked Questions in advance and create videos to answer them.
  • Module 37. Mastering Objections - Know your audience's questions and concerns and turn them into content. Make sure you don't give them a reason not to buy.
  • Module 38. The Precision Model - Learn to capture your audience's attention and stop them in their tracks with the Precision Model.
  • Module 39. Ruling 100 Contacts - Set the conditions of your business by creating boundaries, agreements & rules. Formulate a list of 100 contacts and learn to deliver value.
  • Module 40. Social Networking 101 - Make an action plan to connect with your 100 contacts and open doors to conversations with prospects and potential clients.
  • Module 41. Presenting Yourself as An Expert - Learn how to position yourself as an expert using the M.A.S.K. framework. Create your own broadcasting network.
  • Module 42. Your Ultimate Authority Positioning - Learn how to build your ironclad credibility with the Ultimate Authority Positioning Interview.
  • Module 43. 3X3 Formula To Monetize - Learn the 3X3 model to convert your contacts and social media into a viable revenue stream. Create SMART goals, discover new niches in your market, and formulate the solutions you will provide.
  • Module 44. Getting To Know You In 5 - Learn effective copywriting techniques while Joel breaks down a mentee's social media advertisement. Introduce yourself and the results you produce to your audience in 5 moves with the ultimate positioning interview.
  • Module 45. Teach Me Your Name - Learn how to make your prospects and clients remember your name in 60 seconds.
  • Module 46. 6 Laws Of Personal Marketing - Discover the 6 Laws of Personal Marketing: Social Proof, Differentiation, Frequency, Likability, Emotion and Reciprocity. Use these to create exponential growth in your business.
  • Module 47. Your Complete Webinar Model - See how Joel Bauer’s Money Matrix webinar matrix is used by a student to deliver a successful webinar. Reverse engineer the 20 moves used to create your own powerful webinar.
  • Module 48. Your Webinar Checkup - Review your webinar against another mentee’s Money Matrix Webinar. Improve and deliver your own webinar.
  • Module 49. Sales Funnel Prep - Learn different sales funnel models.
  • Module 50. Design and Build Funnels - Outline your funnel step by step using the Bauer Funnel Designer System.
  • Module 51. Building Your Website - Use your funnel outlines in Module 49 to build your website.
  • Module 52. Building Your Membership Site - Know the critical elements needed in building your own membership site


  • Money Matrix Webinar Model. The matrix used by mentees to deliver multimillion dollar webinars. Includes a checklist, slide templates and examples from other students.
  • Ultimate Authority Positioning Secrets. Learn to create instant authority in interviews, live video, and other media.
  • Your Instant Book. Publish your own book in less than 72 hours!

Joel Bauer also has other programs and offers consultations whose prices range from $12,000 per hour to $1,150,000 per year.

Is it Worth It? Successful Students Include Best Mentors of All Time

Many mentees speak highly of Joel Bauer and say that the Mentorship Membership Total Mastery program is worth it. Some of Joel Bauer’s mentees can even count among the most successful speakers and mentors of all time like Mark Victor Hansen, Peng Joon, Russell Brunson, Dan Lok, and Jordan Belfort.

There is no doubt Joel Bauer's programs have great value. If you can afford his courses, it can definitely help present you and your program as leading experts in your industry. You can expect to increase your closing rates based on what you learn from Joel Bauer. If you plan to create your own business and offer, you can check out Alex Hormozi's free Offer Creation course. You can even learn high demand skills, like Android programming from programs like Coding With Mitch, and create courses for it. Emmaus Ferdinand’s My Freedom University is a platform where you can learn 9 different ways of making money which can be useful to supplement your income or replace your 9-5.

Alternatively, you can sign up for newsletters to stay updated on market trends. is one newsletter subscription that also has a community of entrepreneurs with which you can network with. Access to live events, detailed market reports, lectures by industry experts, and more.

Who Is Joel Bauer?

mentorship membership total mastery review

Joel Bauer is a prominent public speaker, entrepreneur, and corporate trainer from California who is often referred to as the "Mentor of Mentors." He has been in the industry for over three decades, making a name for himself as a persuasive communicator and sales expert. Known for his unique presentation style and engaging personality, Bauer has worked with numerous major corporations and individuals to improve their communication, branding, and sales strategies. 

Joel is featured in many podcasts, news broadcasts, and journal articles, like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Fox News. He is the author of the book "How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to Be Persuaded," and he has created training programs to help others develop their skills in these areas.

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