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Messenger Bot Bootcamp Review – Joe Dickinson and Messenger chatbots, are they worth it?

September 21, 2022

In the Messenger Bot Bootcamp by Joe Dickinson, he teaches you how to generate leads for yourself and your clients using a Facebook Messenger AI chabot. You learn how to leverage the ManyChat platform to help you accomplish your goal. In this Bot Bootcamp review, we'll talk about who Joe Dickinson is, if Facebook Messenger bots can really help you grow your business, what you learn in each module of Joe's course, and how generating leads with Messenger bots compares to the popular local lead generation method that offers a passive income each month.


Joe Dickson has made millions in his marketing agency 

This course is an excellent introduction to Messenger bots and how they can benefit you and other businesses

Inexpensive course

Course is easy to digest


Not an in-depth course that teaches you all the nuances of ManyChat or how to best create messaging sequences

No private Facebook group for support

Messaging bots and sequences have many parts you need to constantly spit test to see what works


The Bot Bootcamp costs $47


No refund


5 modules; 18 training videos


There used to be a private Facebook group but the link to join isn't available anymore


There aren't that many testimonials about Joe Dickinson but the few students testimonials he has on his sales page are positive. 

What is Messenger marketing?

Messenger marketing is the use of automated Messenger bots to interact with potential customers on social media platforms and through text messages (SMS). You can create sequences and campaigns with a software like ManyChat chatbots that will drive more traffic to the products or services you're looking to promote. If done correctly, these chatbots can help increase engagement and conversions.

Who is Joe Dickinson?

Joe Dickinson is an online entrepreneur who grew up in Northern New Jersey and went to the James Madison University College of Business. In 2016, he started the Mobile Mind Agency, which is a marketing agency based in Ocean City, New Jersey. In only 2 years, his agency generated over $1.5 million in sales. They have helped over 15,000 customers with their various services and softwares. His agency offers services such as sales funnels, lead generation with Messenger bots, web & graphic design, software development, and more. Joe has also been a consultant for several businesses from all over the world.

The Mobile Mind Agency YouTube channel only has a little over 1.9K subscribers.

Every few days, Joe shares some valuable online marketing content. He touches on everything from Facebook ads, web design, solar panel marketing, and more.

Joe is also a managing partner at Run with Solar, which is a marketing software made specifically for any solar salesperson looking to generate, follow up, and convert leads into clients.

What you learn inside of the Bot Bootcamp?

Module 1) Learning The Basics

In the first module, Joe welcomes you to the course and explains how Facebook Messenger bots have the same idea as email marketing but are proving to be more powerful. 

Module 2) Understanding Objectives & Starting Your Campaign

Module 2 dives into the basics of bot development. Joe shows you how to decide what campaign to create, how to set up your ManyChat account, and how to start your campaign. You learn about overlay widgets, and Joe explains what other additional tools you can implement in your campaigns.

Module 3) Sequences (Ongoing Marketing)

Joe explains what sequences are, then shows you how to create them and how to attach them to your campaigns.

Module 4) Utilizing TAGS

Module 4 is all about the power of TAGS and how to attach them to your ManyChat campaign.

Module 5) The Power of Broadcasting

In the last module, Joe teaches you the importance of broadcasting a message through bots, why you should do it, and how to build a broadcast.

Sign Up As An Affiliate

Once you've gone through this mini course, you'll be given the chance to become an affiliate promoting this course. 

For becoming an affiliate, you'll earn 10% commission for every person who buys this course through your referral link. The problem here is the link that you need to click to sign up as an affiliate doesn't work.

Does lead generation with Messenger bots actually work?

Lead generation with Messenger bots does work. According to a study by Statista, they predicted that over 3.2 billion people would use messaging apps in 2022. This is more than enough proof that reaching out to people on Messaging apps can be valuable to marketers and online business owners. 

Bot Bootcamp Success Stories

Julia Ledowsky owns a digital marketing agency called The Social Stylist. One of her clients was a travel company. With Joe Dickinson's help, they were able to implement a Facebook Messenger chatbot and grow to over 4200 subscribers. Because of that, they've gotten more leads which have led to more sales for their company.

Drew Schreder is another business owner in the network marketing space who worked with Joe Dickinson. For over 2 years, he struggled with generating leads. After aligning himself with Joe, he ended up with over 600 health and wellness leads in a span of only 2 months. Drew says that Joe's ManyChat sequences were so good that he was generating 10-20 leads per day.

Is the Bot Bootcamp worth it?

The Bot Bootcamp is worth it if you never heard of the ManyChat platform. If you have heard of ManyChat and understand the basics, then the Bot Bootcamp is not worth it. 

Joe Dickinson doesn't give you any proven templates to implement on your business, there is no link to a private Facebook as there previously was, and the info you learn is easily found by searching on YouTube and Google. You can even find Facebook groups that provide more value that what you'll learn in this course.

Last but not least, the ManyChat free video course has way more valuable information that Joe's course.

Is creating Messenger bots profitable in 2022?

Creating Messenger bots can be profitable in 2022 as long as you know that there is work that is involved. This is not a business model where you set things up and forget about them. You've got to take time to make sure your sequences and campaigns are dialed in and always working. There are many parts to setting up Messenger bots and if one part is off, it can render your campaign useless.

This is not a business model that will make you rich. Messenger bots are more like a tool that you can add to your marketing tool belt to offer other businesses. ManyChat can even help you get started building chatbots on Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Of the many online business models, creating Messenger bots is one of the more modern ones. I would rather focus my efforts on creating my digital properties that will pay me each month by generating leads organically without the need to create any sequences or campaigns.

Internet entrepreneurs can make money with a Facebook Messenger bot marketing, but it doesn't have all the benefits that local lead generation does.

Final Thoughts

Local lead generation with free organic traffic is the best way to generate leads online. 

You don't need to create elaborate sequences on ManyChat. All you do is build your lead generation websites that you rank and rent on Google atop the search results.

This site I built over 7 years ago is still ranking on Google and pays me $2000 per month.

Local lead generation

I forward all the leads that come through this site to a local small business owner who is happy to pay me for them. They're happy to pay because they don't need to worry about marketing themselves. My sites send them all the work they can handle and they can scale with a lower marketing budget.

This business model allows you to be in control in all areas. You choose what niche to get into, who to work with, and how much they're going to pay you every month. No other business model offers that much control, time freedom, and ability to scale.

To join the over 7000 students from around the world that are building their digital real estate to become financially free, check out the local lead generation coaching program today.

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