Mia Hewett Review: What Is the Aligned Intelligence Method?

April 24, 2024

Mia Hewett helps entrepreneurs, business owners and executives overcome their limiting beliefs through Aligned Intelligence Method. The strategy identifies and resolves the students' original core trauma so they can scale to seven figure businesses. She offers a book, a 5-day live intensive and a year long coaching program to her clients.

There are mixed reviews of Mia Hewett online. Positive reviews commend her ability to break down problems and empower students to make the correct choices for their business. The negative reviews are around the fluff in her book.

In this Mia Hewett review, we’ll list the pros and cons of working with her, her background and if her students achieved success. We’ll also introduce a low-stress business venture for you.

Mia Hewett Review: Pros and Cons


Private Facebook Group: Get access to Mia and Michael, her partner, for your questions.

Replays: The Live Intensive has replays available.

Personal Concierge: Mia provides a personal concierge to assist students with any tech queries.


Fluff: The book is written like a story so the point can be lost in between.

Unmentioned Business: Mia said she have multi-million dollar businesses but never mentioned their name or their industry.


The 5-Day Live Intensive costs $97. The Meant For More book costs $7. The Awakened Entrepreneur’s price is not publicly disclosed.

Refund Policy

The 5-Day Live Intensive program has a moneyback guarantee. The Awakened Entrepreneur has an 8-week guarantee for the year-long plan.


Mia Hewitt has a positive reputation.

What Is the Aligned Intelligence Method?

The Aligned Intelligence Method helps entrepreneurs, content creators and business owners to remove their blind spots, anxiety, self-doubt and fear to scale their business. According to Mia, it will help them do what they’re “meant to be.”

According to Mia, every person has a core trauma. It’s usually formed around 2-6 years old before forming consciousness at 7 years old. The trauma causes people to build walls around them. The walls become a limiting belief leading to self sabotage and hindering personal development. 

The law of polarity states that everything exists in an equal and opposite whole. Mia mentioned in her interview with Annette Ferguson, for every up there is a down. Similarly, problems and solutions exist at the same time. She said choosing the solutions is a step to reaching a person’s highest potential.

Fear as a driving force makes you work harder to avoid your fear from coming true. Mia fears going back to poverty, so it made her work harder to break her own limitations. According to her, she spent over $500k in personal development to break it to 7 figures.

Who Is Mia Hewett?

Mia Hewett does entrepreneur coaching, mentoring, and writing books. She’s the co-founder of Aligned Intelligence Method aiming to help individuals reach their full potential. Mia co-founded Aligned Intelligence Inc. with her partner, Michael Della Volpe, in 2009.

Mia has also been a mentor in the Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship Program since 2014. She’s also a contributing writer to Thrive Global, a wellness and fitness company for individuals and companies, since 2017.

Mia was first interested in Psychology as a child. In her interview in Copy That Pops, Mia said she couldn’t understand why adults tell her she should be good to have good things, but saw bad people who are wealthy.According to Mia, she worked as an apprentice to Dusan Djukich, the creator of Straight-Line Coaching. It’s a coaching method focused on assisting entrepreneurs, business owners and executives. Mia Hewett grew up in Venezuela, South America. She lives in Greater Boston, United States.

What Is Mia Hewett's "Meant For More" Book?

Mia Hewett’s Meant For More book is about tapping your innate potential. It helps you do what you want in alignment with your emotions and thoughts.

The book includes Mia’s incredible story in her own struggle to make a breakthrough in her business. It’ll go over the 3 common obstacles for entrepreneurs, what to do with an internal block and how to separate your truth from your ego.

What Is The Awakened Entrepreneur?

The Awakened Entrepreneur is a year-long program to help entrepreneurs break through their original core traumas and make better business decisions.

Mia proposed that “trauma is in the eye of the beholder.” The Awakened Entrepreneur will help them resolve the trauma through emotional experience. 

The Awakened Entrepreneur offers an 8-week guarantee.

What Is Mia Hewett's 5-Day Live Intensive?

Mia Hewett’s 5-Day Live Intensive aims to reprogram self-sabotaging thoughts and overcome limiting beliefs. The 5-Day Live Intensive is done through Zoom with Mia and Michael Della Volpe. It also has a private Facebook group and a Slack community.

The 5-Day Live Intensive will help you turn from emotional detachment to emotional intelligence.

What Is Included in the 5-Day Live Intensive?

  • 5 day of Live Masterclass
  • Live Demonstrations
  • 24/7 access to Mia and Michael through Slack
  • Bonus Trainings
  • Access to replay of Live Trainings
  • 2 Bonus Q and A Sessions
  • Personal Concierge for all your tech needs

Day 1: Clarify

You will learn what your subconscious programming is and how it affects you. Day 1 focuses on uncovering why everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked.

Day 2: Identify

You will learn the Aligned Intelligence Method so you can stop living on auto-pilot. This method helps you release fear, anger, frustration, self-protection and your inner critic.

Day 3: Quantify

Day 3 is about locating your Original Core Trauma. It is a deep emotional wound usually formed in childhood. You will learn why it’s keeping you stuck and triggered by your emotions.

Day 4: Amplify

Amplify will teach you the 5 steps to make true wealth. Day 4 will help you get out of your own way and how your subconscious programming affects your money making.

Day 5: Income

Day 5 will teach you the process of how Mia and Michael scaled their business. From $170k to $1 million in a year.

What Do People Say About Mia Hewett?

People say positive reviews about Mia Hewett for the success she helped them achieve. Emma Jane said Mia and Michael helped her in her emotional regulation.

Tiesha Green recommends Mia and Michael to anyone serious about personal and business growth. Tiesha said Mia broke down her business problem in a clear and understandable way.

However, Britney from the United States gave 3 stars on Mia’s book. She said it has a lot of “unnecessary internal reflection” but appreciates Mia’s mindfulness lesson.

According to Erica, Mia helped her get out of the thriving and surviving rat race. She encountered Mia through her book and signed up to The Awakened Entrepreneur 8-week course.

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  1. The 12 month program is $24,000 if you pay in full, 26400 if you do the 11 month payment option of $2400. She also offers a 60 day trial for $6000 which can be paid in 2 payments of $3500 netting out at $7000. The trial is seemingly the first 2 months of the 12 month program.

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