Michael Cheney Review: How Can You Make Money With His Millionaire’s Apprentice Program?

May 7, 2024

Michael Cheney is an online entrepreneur who teaches affiliate marketing with no need for a website. His best-selling courses are the Millionaire’s Apprentice Program and the 7-Figure Franchise. The courses also provide access to his products for sale and include free traffic to their Facebook or YouTube page through affiliate links. For every sale a student makes from promoting his digital products, they earn a $1000 commission via PayPal.

Reviews of Millionaire’s Apprentice and 7-Figure Franchise praise Michael Cheney. They elaborated on how easy it is to make money using his program. Richard Legg, a customer of the course, made the fastest record of earning a $1000 commission within 12 hours of joining Michael’s group.

However, affiliate marketing is still a difficult, unstable online business model. You can still not make a profit even with a coach's provided “copy-and-paste” funnel and sales pitches. Successful affiliate marketers can make at least $20,000 annually, but over 90% of beginner affiliates give up after realizing how much capital they need to maintain a website. Affiliate courses are always the same. The coach creates the funnels and products for students. Then, the students use those to market on social media pages like Facebook and YouTube. Without organic traffic and aggressive promotions, these affiliate links are useless.

In this review, we will look at how Michael Cheney’s internet marketing could differ from hundreds of affiliate courses. Get to know how he teaches students about affiliate marketing secrets, like selecting top niches and advanced data analytics training. This reviews also breaks down the main goal of the Millionaire Apprentice Program and his other courses including 7-Figure Franchise, Fan Page Money Method, Commissionology, Partner & Profit, List Building Black Ops, Email Black Ops, The Commission Machine, Commission Black Ops, Commission Cartel, and Child’s Play Profits.

Michael Cheney Review: Pros and Cons


Courses provide students with traffic and prebuilt templates

Plenty of testimonials to vouch for Michael Cheney’s legitimacy

Michael Cheney is a humble and approachable coach who speaks to his students like family


Affiliate marketing is an oversaturated business model

Every course is almost identical and offer no distinct selling points

Millionaire's Apprentice Program has no refunds because he guarantees you will get rich from his courses even though it is not truly guaranteed


Michael Cheney's Millionaire's Apprentice Program has 3 plans: the 12-month subscription plan costs $197 per month, the 2-pay split plan costs $1,100 every 6 months, and the full payment plan costs $1,997.


Michael Cheney's training modules are self-paced but are recommended to do daily


Michael Cheney puts you in his email list and Facebook group once you purchase any course.

Refund Policy

Michael Cheney offers both no refunds and 30-day refunds. Millionaire's Apprentice Program does not have a refund, while the rest of his courses do.


Michael Cheney established himself as a successful online entrepreneur in 2000. His self-titled company focuses on providing affiliate marketing courses for people who want to leave the corporate life.


Michael Cheney was featured in the United States including CNBC, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, and Reader’s Digest, thanks to his success story and early adoption on digital marketing.

How Can You Make Money With Michael Cheney’s Millionaire’s Apprentice Program?

You can make money with Michael Cheney’s Millionaire Apprentice Program by:

  • Using the program's affiliate promotion: you can earn passive income using his pre-built affiliate marketing tools, including landing pages and sales pitches on any platform like YouTube and Facebook. He claims that his promotional tools are worth $6.9 million that you can use for free when you pay for the plan.
  • Selling his digital products with "free" 1000 visitors: Unlike other affiliate marketing courses, Michael Cheney is more generous regarding free traffic and product finding. He sells his self-made products through JVZoo that you can promote in your page.
  • Earning $1000 per commission via PayPal: For every product bought, you earn a $1000 commission with 0 fees directly to your PayPal.

Millionaire’s Apprentice Program is Michael Cheney's "ultimate business model" that includes everything you need for your affiliate marketing: a landing page, digital products, and free traffic. It is one of Michael's many courses and is the most expensive one on his list. However, he claims it as the most effective one for his students to make money from affiliate marketing in the shortest time. It also includes general modules like how to pick the right niche and advanced data analytics training, which teaches the basics of real-time campaign optimization and A/B testing.

He claims that all you have to do is “copy and paste” his style to earn as much money as him, including traffic strategies, autoresponders, leads, and marketing efforts.

Who is Michael Cheney?

Michael Cheney is a well-known entrepreneur in the affiliate marketing industry, recognized for his innovative approaches and extensive experience. Over the years, Cheney has created and marketed various products and systems aimed at helping others achieve success in affiliate marketing. His offerings often center on providing comprehensive tools and strategies that leverage his two decades of experience in the field. Notable among his offerings is the "Millionaire's Apprentice Program," which helps individuals escape traditional job constraints and achieve financial independence through structured online business opportunities.

Initially working in a corporate setting after graduating from university, Cheney quickly transitioned to entrepreneurship, disenchanted by the corporate world. Born and raised in the United Kingdom, he began his entrepreneurial journey around the year 2000 and has since focused on building a substantial online business through affiliate marketing and digital products.

What Do People Say About Michael Cheney?

People say positive things about Michael Cheney because of his transparency and intelligence in affiliate marketing. He emphasizes the importance of money in people's lives and has always shown various ways on how to earn money in the shortest time possible. With over 24 years of experience, Michael Cheney has proven that anybody can become financially secure without working in a 9-to-5 job.

Michael Cheney is a legit entrepreneur who has been featured in the United States including CNBC, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, and Reader’s Digest thanks to his rags-to-riches story, effective marketing, and generous personality.

Are Michael Cheney’s Students Getting Results?

Michael Cheney’s students are getting results using his copy-paste method of using his funnels, promoting his digital products and earning $1000 per commission. Richard Legg, a 7-Figure Franchise member, earned $1000 within the first 12 hours after joining and earned another commission two days later.

This is all thanks to Michael’s benefits for the franchisees including pre-made email promotions, a flat rate of $1000 per commission (even if the product is only $10 to $20), free 1000 visitors, and personal assistance from him.

Other testimonials noted the structured blueprint that guides them through various stages of online business operations, including creating high-converting sales systems and promoting high-ticket products for large commissions. It also focuses on passive income generation, where products can be sold repeatedly without ongoing efforts, which is a significant draw for the franchisees.

Michael Cheney’s Other Courses and Online Offers

7-Figure Franchise

  • Comprehensive business package designed for online income.

  • Provides Cheney's entire $1.1 million per year business model.

  • Includes strategies, promotional materials, and guidance.

  • Franchisees receive ready-to-use affiliate promotions.

  • Offers step-by-step business blueprints and high commission payouts.

  • Emphasizes a turnkey solution for fast-tracking significant earnings.

  • Aimed at providing substantial support and resources for franchisees.

  • Costs $1,997.

Fan Page Money Method

  • Offers strategies to monetize Facebook fan pages without paid advertising.

  • Provides a copy-and-paste code for quick setup within 7 minutes.

  • Includes advanced targeting techniques for wealthy Facebook users.

  • Reveals methods for increasing Facebook engagement and sales significantly.

  • Teaches how to maximize Facebook's organic reach without additional costs.

  • Shares free software and tools used by professionals to boost Facebook marketing effectiveness.

  • Promises quick results, claiming you can start seeing sales within 24 hours.

  • Costs $97.


  • Provides a method to make money online using pre-written affiliate promotions.

  • Designed as a "copy and paste" solution, requiring no previous experience or additional resources.

  • Promises quick financial results with minimal effort, including free traffic methods.

  • Offers access to a vast back catalog of successful affiliate promos.

  • Includes a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure satisfaction with the course.

  • Markets itself as suitable for anyone, regardless of their technical skills or online marketing experience.

  • Costs $77.

Partner & Profit

  • Partner directly with a successful business owner.

  • No need to create products, handle customer service, or run ads.

  • Immediate financial gains with minimal setup.

  • Includes a digital download of the program and additional bonuses.

  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Costs $47.

List Building Black Ops

  • Rapidly building an email list of highly profitable buyers.

  • Techniques to boost opt-in rates and engagement.

  • Strategies for attracting serious buyers without spending on ads.

  • A comprehensive video training that promises quick results, even for beginners.

  • Emphasizes practical methods over theory, aimed at immediate application.

  • Costs $47.

Email Black Ops

  • Methods to turn simple emails into significant revenue, even with a small subscriber list.

  • Unique techniques to increase email opens, clicks, and sales.

  • Training on creating impactful email content quickly and efficiently.

  • Insights into email marketing strategies that differ from conventional methods to stand out and increase profitability.

  • Includes a detailed breakdown of a successful email campaign that generated over $41,000.

  • Costs $27.

The Commission Machine

  • Aimed at helping users generate significant affiliate commissions using a simple method.

  • Offers a step-by-step video training program.

  • Emphasizes quick setup without requiring an existing email list or ad budget.

  • Includes access to live training events for deeper learning and faster income generation.

  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Costs $19.95.

Commission Black Ops

  • Exclusive and secretive marketing methods not commonly taught.

  • Simple, step-by-step instructions suitable for beginners without requiring a list or ad budget.

  • A comprehensive package including a manual, video modules, and MP3 audios.

  • A promise of significant returns with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Access is restricted to individuals who meet specific qualifications.

  • Costs $19.95

Commission Cartel

  • Techniques to make $500 within 30 days using affiliate marketing.

  • Strategies that require no website, list, or traffic to start.

  • Step-by-step guidance on becoming a credible authority in affiliate marketing.

  • Insights on doubling or tripling sales through simple tricks.

  • Methods to attract buyers and increase commission rates.

  • Costs $9.95

Child’s Play Profits

  • Strategies that are simple enough for beginners to understand and implement.

  • Promises fast results with minimal initial setup.

  • Focuses on earning significant profits through undisclosed exclusive methods.

  • Suitable for users looking for straightforward and quick ways to start making money online.

  • Costs $7.

Michael Cheney’s Claims

Michael Cheney claims that you can make money fast as early as 12 hours after purchasing any of his courses, especially the 7-Figure Franchise course. He says that you can generate $1000 as a flat rate commission even if the product is $10 to $20. As soon as you start using his pre-built tools, he automatically redirects a thousand “free” visitors in his email list to your site that may buy anything interesting based on your affiliate links.

Also, since he is very proud of his Millionaire's Apprentice Program, he does not provide refunds the moment you pay $1,997. He guarantees that once you join, you will earn money. If you do not plan to use his methods, he will "force" you to make money so you can get rich in no time.

Another claim is that you do not need to have a list or website to start earning money as long as you have a Facebook or Youtube page.

Michael Cheney’s Claims DEBUNKED

There may be plenty of testimonials saying Michael Cheney’s program pulled them out of financial turmoil, although reviews outside his website tell a different tale. For example, G Pall from Quora purchased numerous courses from Michael Cheney and found out that the tools were either broken or difficult to use. He gave a general score of 1.6 out of 5 for how much Michael’s system does not work.

Another reviewer gave Michael's Commission Cartel course a C grade because it offers generic affiliate advice and the suspicious claim of not needing a website or traffic to generate income. After all, how can you make money when nobody goes to your shop? Even if you have a YouTube channel or Facebook page to promote his site, what are the chances that people would prefer him over other more successful entrepreneurs like Alex Hormozi or Alex Becker?

Is Affiliate Marketing a Stable Source of Income in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is not a stable source of income in 2024 because of its saturated and competitive environment. The main challenge in affiliate marketing is the intense competition. Success requires continuous optimization and keeping up with marketing trends. Strategies like SEO and social media are essential for engaging audiences, but even with the right plan, earning money consistently through affiliate marketing is hard to achieve. New entrants compete against established marketers who have been successful for over 15 years.

Success often requires innovating beyond traditional tactics and finding less saturated niches. The most successful affiliate marketers use detailed strategies that engage customers at all stages, from initial discovery to the final purchase. They often focus on high-commission niches, such as SaaS products that can offer commissions up to 70%.

If you are looking for the right affiliate marketing course, most courses offer similar content, focusing on the host's digital products that students are encouraged to promote. These courses often recycle "effective tips" that have been widely discussed in various other programs. However, affiliate marketing is still growing. Annual spending in the US has reached $8.2 billion, showing a 10.8% increase.

Despite its challenges, affiliate marketing can still be profitable for those who are able to adapt effectively to the industry's demands and implement the right marketing strategies, especially with the latest technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 marketing.

Top 7 Challenges of Affiliate Marketing

  1. Traffic Generation and Visibility: Getting enough visibility and traffic can be hard, especially for new affiliates. Both organic and paid traffic strategies are important. But, each has its challenges, like high costs and intense competition.
  2. Choosing the Right Affiliate Program: An affiliate's success depends on picking a program that fits its audience.
  3. Maintaining Brand Consistency: Ensuring that affiliates follow brand standards can be challenging. Affiliates need clear guidelines. They must use them to keep the brand valuable on all channels.
  4. Compliance and Fraud Monitoring: Affiliate marketing is growing. But, it faces a higher risk of fraud. This fraud can hurt the credibility and finances of affiliate programs.
  5. Tracking and Attribution: Tracking and crediting sales to the right affiliates is crucial. But, it's hard due to shifts like the move away from cookies for tracking.
  6. Competitive and Saturated Markets: In many niches, the affiliate market is highly competitive. This makes it hard for new entrants to stand out. Affiliates must offer unique ways and solutions to attract attention.
  7. Building and Sustaining Affiliate Relationships: Create long-term relationships with affiliates. It requires continuous engagement and effective communication.

Create Financial Security and Income Stability With Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation offers a more stable and controllable approach to online income. This is in contrast to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing struggles with high competition and variable earnings. Affiliate marketing requires constant traffic generation. It faces a highly saturated market, leading to unpredictable monthly incomes. In contrast, local lead generation targets small areas. This reduces direct competition and offers predictable revenue.

The courses teach strategies to target and convert local markets. They provide a steady source of leads once digital assets are ranked. This method is less hurt by global competition. It allows for easier scaling and maintaining rankings. And this is done with little ongoing effort. This stability makes local lead generation appealing. It is a way to achieve financial freedom with passive income.

It works by making websites or digital assets. They target specific areas or niches. This makes it ideal for those seeking a sustainable online business. Once these sites rank highly in search results, they keep their positions with less effort. This is compared to global search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. This scalability and low market saturation allow for a realistic path to financial freedom. It comes through stable, passive monthly income. For example, a well-ranked site in a local niche can consistently generate leads. It does this with no ongoing ad spend or content updates.

If you aim to build a lasting online business, consider the benefits of local lead generation. Focus on underserved local niches. You can avoid fierce affiliate marketing competition and make a steady, passive income. Explore local lead generation courses. Discover how you can gain financial independence. Do this with strategic digital asset placement in local markets.

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