Rick Melero’s Microbanking Method Review: How Does Microbanking Work?

July 11, 2024

Microbanking Method course is a learning program that teaches Rick Melero’s unique real estate financing and investment strategy. It involves offering loans to real estate buyers or investors. The “microbanker” will then flip the loan contract to institutional lenders, taking a smaller portion of the interest rate. This method allows the lender to continuously recycle the same capital without it being tied to a long-term loan duration.

While it may seem logical, this method is a lot harder to pull off for startups with limited capital. According to Rick, “microbankers” will naturally attract buyers/investors who are not able to secure funding from banks. This is because traditional funding is harder to get.

In reality, it only passes the burden of the need for funding to the so-called microbankers. Rick does say that he will help fund his students' deals (or refer them to someone he knows). How reliable this promise is adds to the questions.

Microbanking Method reviews are almost non-existent. Rick Melero has a good reputation as a real estate investor. However, this reputation doesn’t extend to his teachings in microbanking. Microbanking Method also has no external review from popular sites, like Trustpilot.

In this Microbanking Method review, we will cover how this business model works, who it is for, and how realistic Rick Melero’s claims are. In the end, you will learn about digital real estate as an alternative asset to invest and why it is better than microbanking for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Microbanking Method Pros and Cons


Offers a unique approach to real estate investing.

The primary coach is a proven successful investor himself.


Nonexistent testimonials.

Requires enormous capital to start.

Not recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Microbanking Method costs a one-time $97. You can pay an additional $37 for a Microbanking Virtual Assistant (MVA).

Refund Policy

Microbanking Method has a “no questions asked” refund policy within 30 days.


The year Microbanking Method started is unknown.


There are currently no online reviews of Microbanking Method.

July 13, 2024

This organization funded several projects for my clients and even helped answer questions because I honestly did not have the experience to properly explain some of diligence requirements. Their help really made the funding process possible. I did not even have the technology product yet because I did not have the resources to purchase the CRM with AI and all the other tools. But now that I see these deals closing, I am putting aside 50% of what I earn to get the software. Especially now that I know what it takes to do thigs the manual way and it works!!!

July 10, 2024

The course is affordable. It’s just that finding a fund-able deal is unexpectedly difficult since I don’t have the funds myself. I’ll just make a review again when I successfully funded a loan deal through Rick.


4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

How Does Microbanking Work?

Microbanking works by giving private loans to real estate buyers/investors, then selling the loan contract to institutional lenders. Here’s an example of how this process works:

  • Microbanker lends $100K to an investor/buyer. The terms include a 10% interest with a year to pay.
  • In this transaction, the microbanker earns $10K in interest. Since they are acting as a bank, they can also charge additional fees. Let’s say these fees are around $5K. The microbanker earns a total of $15K in this single transaction. This is where traditional private lending ends.
  • Rick’s microbanking model doesn’t stop in the previous step. Instead of waiting for a full year to receive the whole profit, the microbanker sells the loan contract to an institutional lender. For instance, they can sell the contract for 3% interest. This way, the microbanker gets their original capital of $100K plus $3K (3%). They can also keep the $5K transaction fees that they charged to the borrower. The institutional lender keeps the loan and earns the remaining 7% or $7K.
  • In this case, the total earnings of the microbanker is $8K. Since they got their capital back, they can loan it again to another borrower. Just repeat the same process over and over.

According to Rick Melero, it may look like the microbanker earned less after selling the loan to an institutional lender. But the point here is to recycle the capital quickly and do as many transactions as possible. He said that it is not uncommon to close 6-10 transactions per year in microbanking. Based on the previous example, the total profits can be around $48K to $80 in a year.

Key Differences Between Microbanking Method and Traditional Lending

The differences between microbanking method and traditional lending are:

  • Traditional lending waits for the full duration of the loan to get the total profits from the interest.
  • Microbanking Method flips the private loan to an institutional lender.
  • Microbanking quickly recycles its capital to give another loan.
  • With quicker turnarounds, microbanking has a higher profit margin than traditional lending.

What Do You Get With Microbanking Method?

With Microbanking Method, you will get a 6-module course and some bonuses. Here’s what included in the course modules:

Module 1 - Introduction to Microbanking

Fundamentals of microbanking; key differences between traditional private lending/institutional lending and microbanking.

Module 2 - Who is a Good Fit for Microbanking

The ideal borrower profile; how to attract ideal borrowers; red flags to watch out for and when to back away from deals; Rick’s unique underwriting process to minimize risks.

Module 3 - Types of Deals that Need Microbanking

10 types of real estate deals that microbankers fund and how to approach each of them; interest deals vs equity deals and which one to focus on as a startup.


Module 4 - How Microbankers Make Money

Rick’s playbook for structuring interest deals that benefits the microbanker and the borrower; how to structure equity deals; the art and science of selling microbanking loans to other investors; how to white label other people’s money.

Module 5 - Risks in Microbanking and How to Avoid Them

Common problems every microbanker faces and some sneaky ones to watch out for; 3 tested ways to turn bad deals around; 3 nightmare care studies on how Rick salvaged deals.

Module 6 - Scaling Your Microbanking Business

How to grow your brand as a microbanker fast by leveraging social media and other advanced marketing strategies; all you need to know about expanding your offerings, entering new markets, and building a team; how to build and maintain trust between your investors and borrowers; how to allow other microbankers to whitelabel your money.


3 big money case studies, how to get more money to scale your business; free digital copy of Rick’s best-selling book “Investing with a Purpose”; 100% free strategic call with a dedicated advisor from Rick’s team.

Microbanking Method costs a one-time $97. You can pay an additional $37 for a Microbanking Virtual Assistant (MVA). An MVA is like your ChatGPT in microbanking, trained exclusively with Rick Melero’s method and knowledge. You can ask them anything about microbanking and get quick answers.

Rick Melero promises a "no questions asked" refund policy within 30 days. He also promises to pay you $500 after you make your first deal using his preferred funding sources.

Who Is Microbanking Method For?

Microbanking Method is for:

  • Aspiring Investors: If you’re new to real estate and want a unique approach, Microbanking offers an alternative to traditional property transactions. It is especially appealing if you prefer short-term, high-fee transactions over long-term property ownership.
  • Private Lenders: Microbanking relies on connecting private lenders with institutional investors. If you’re interested in lending capital and earning fees, this method suits you.
  • Entrepreneurs: Microbanking can be a lucrative side business or full-time venture. Entrepreneurs who enjoy networking and facilitating deals can thrive in this space.

Who Is Rick Melero?

Rick Melero Microbanking Method Review-cropped

Rick Melero is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and the Principal and Co-Founder of HIS Capital. He created Microbanking Method as a way to share his knowledge of an alternative real estate strategy that doesn’t involve property management, holding, wholesaling, or flipping. With over 20 years in the industry, Rick’s portfolio comprises the acquisition of over $600 million in assets globally.

He believes in investing with a purpose. Rick wrote a book called “Investing With A Purpose,” which delves into purpose-driven investment philosophy. The book covers practical strategies for building a real estate business while tapping into the power of purpose. Aside from real estate, Rick Melero is also deeply involved in various charitable efforts. This includes his long-term partnership and contributions with Feeding Children Everywhere.

Rick Melero studied Theology in the Faith Theological Seminary and Christian College. He is currently based in Orlando, Florida, United States.

What Is Rick Melero's Claim?

Rick Melero’s claim is that Microbanking allows for substantial profits. The actual earnings may depend on the agreed interest rates, but he also mentioned that closing 6 deals per year is a real possibility. It can even go as high as 10 to 30 deals per year. Rick also said that a $57K deal is on the low-side of this business. Pessimistically, or if you do it lazily, you can earn around $20K for closing only two deals in a year. Just double it to four deals and you earn around $40K annually. 

Rick Melero claim
Rick Melero claim 2

Debunking Rick's Microbanking Method Claims

With Rick Melero’s experience and portfolio, we can say that all of his claims are achievable. But since he opened his course for everyone to consume, we must analyze its feasibility for the common people without sufficient capital to lend. Not to mention people without real estate or entrepreneurial experience.

Rick Melero is aware that not everyone has $100K to $250K to spare for lending. So, he promises to teach where to get these funds. Rick’s real estate investment company, HIS Capital, accepts and manages funding from “passive investors.” This is his primary business. He’s probably going to use his company to fund the deals of his students. Unfortunately, there is no available online testimonial of these deals actually happening.

Even so, a loan funded by someone else is far less profitable. This is because Rick’s company and their “passive investors” are going to take cuts from the interests. A deal will also go through a careful due diligence before approval. After all, the money of HIS Capital’s passive investors is on the line. Thus, the context of Rick Melero’s claims is limited to doing microbanking with your own capital.

Is Microbanking Method Worth It?

No, Microbanking Method is not worth it. There are a lot of questions about its business model. This may work for someone with capital to loan. However, repeatedly selling loan contracts isn’t going to positively contribute to your brand as a private lender. On the contrary, this may even damage the trust between you and the borrower/s. Experienced investors with a solid portfolio are also less likely to enter into these kinds of deals. And those rejected by institutional lenders were not accepted for a reason.

What Is Digital Real Estate?

Digital real estate is a property in the online space that you own. They are not tangible, unlike physical real estate. Digital real estate creates value by giving reasons for people to use or visit them. Examples of digital property are websites, social media accounts, online software applications, and the Web 3.0 assets like crypto, metaverse lands, and NFTs.

For instance, social media accounts are valuable with the number of followers that they have. Online applications produce value by providing services, as with SaaS products. Websites may provide services or information. They also create value by ranking at the top of search engine results for certain keywords. Local lead generation is a business model that leverages search engine rankings to attract leads.

How To Make Money in Digital Real Estate

You can make money in digital real estate by creating local lead generation landing pages or websites, buying and flipping domains, promoting affiliate products, and investing in e-commerce. Stacking and selling NFTs along with crypto-trading is also another money-making option. Some are even taking advantage of content monetization programs from social media platforms to make money online.

My Number 1 Digital Real Estate Business

Local lead generation is my number 1 digital real estate business. Unlike microbanking, it doesn't require enormous funding to start. You can literally create a website with just $500 and use organic SEO techniques to rank it for local keywords. You may spend 2-6 months to rank it up. But once it ranks, it can stay at the top of search results for a long time. A ranked website attracts organic traffic, so it doesn’t need constant spending for marketing.

local lead generation

Most people search for the services they need using search engines. Your locally ranked website will naturally attract these leads. Local businesses need these leads, so you can rent your site out to them for a consistent monthly fee. You can earn $500-$3K for a single ranked website. Once you get the hang of how the business works, you can scale by producing more websites.

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