Mike Martin Rank and Rent Masterclass Review: 5 Steps of Rank and Rent

April 10, 2024

Rank and Rent Masterclass is Mike Martin’s rank and rent course for beginners focusing on client acquisition and automation using Mike’s software, Lead Simplify and Magic Page Plugin. The course includes niche research, website building and scaling. Ryan Dalton has a similar approach with his Rank and Rent Engine using Airtable and Twilio. Rank-and-rent is creating a website to rank and then renting it to local businesses.

There are no reviews or testimonials on Rank and Rent Masterclass. But there are reviews on Mike Martin’s other products and services. This already puts Mike Martin's credibility as a mentor for the rank and rent business model into question. The rank and rent business model aims to help small businesses gain leads by occupying the top 3 spots of search results. And according to Nerd Wallet, there are 3.3 million SMEs in the US alone. It's a huge market you can tap into. Hence, rank and rent websites can generate you $500 to $3000 per month.

In this Rank and Rent Masterclass review, you'll learn the 5 steps of rank and rent, its pros and cons and its course creator. We' also featured what you will get when you sign up and check out if the course's students are getting any results. You’ll also learn a better rank and rent course backed with decades of experience and experts.

Mike Martin Rank and Rent Masterclass Pros and Cons


Magic Page Plugin: It is a mass page builder by Mike Martin.

Rank and Rent Business Model: The business model is a low-stress and easily scalable business for passive income.

Reputable Reputation: Mike has generated leads for over 10 years in the UK, working with over 800 subcontractors and earning a 7-figure income on autopilot. 


Software Reliant: Rank and Rent Masterclass focuses on using Mike’s software which are accessible via monthly subscription.

No Reviews: There are no student reviews about the course. 

Prone To Spam and Plagiarism: AI written content is prone to spam and plagiarism hits which affect the website’s rank.

No Longer Active in Rank and Rent: Mike Martin said he's more focused on selling leads rather than renting websites.


Rank and Rent Masterclass costs $670.


Mike Martin has a private Facebook group, Magic Page.

Refund Policy

Rank and Rent Masterclass has a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Mike Martin has a positive reputation online. He also has a great reputation in the rank and rent space, specifically in the UK.

What Are the 5 Steps of Rank and Rent?

  • Choose a Niche - Mike Martin emphasized choosing a rank and rent niche so you can give it your full attention. According to him, specialization allows people to charge more. Moreover, according to Niche Pursuits, 7 out of 10 customers trust a niche website more.
  • Build a Website -  To build a website, relevant content, user experience and content optimization are taken into account. The website should also be appealing for local business owners in the industry to rent out. According to Mike Martin, it should "appear professional." Website loading is also a huge factor. Think with Google's findings showed 32% of people will leave if the website loads longer than 3 seconds.
  • Rank  - To rank on search results, Mike Martin teaches on and off-page SEO strategies. This includes keyword research, link building, optimized images, headers, and meta descriptions. SEO in marketing is the optimization of your website to rank higher on search engines. Good local SEO practice results in higher visibility in organic search results for higher traffic. In fact, the top 3 results in Google get 54.4% of clicks as per Backlinko.
  • Rent - Once your website is ranking, Mike urges his students to give out leads for free for the first 30 days. After that, he suggests the 80/20 Principle. It means to charge 20% of the business’s average income per lead.
  • Scale Up - Scaling up is possible through creating more websites on the same or similar niche and exploring automation and SEO tools. Mike uses his software Magic Page Plugin to generate pages and Page Rewriter to generate content. Both softwares are available for subscription.

What Do You Get With Rank and Rent Masterclass?

  • Magic Page Plugin - Magic Page Plugin is a geo-location mass page builder. The software comes with Rank and Rent Masterclass and is available at monthly fee of $99.99.
  • 10 Local Business Templates every month - The templates can be used to generate more location-specific pages with Magic Page Plugin.
  • 100 Website Hosting - Rank and Rent Masterclass comes with hosting services. Mike Martin will host up to 100 of your websites. 
  • The Mike Martin Bootcamp Videos - The Mike Martin bootcamps cover website creation, off page and on page SEO strategies. Mike also goes over paid ads for lead generation and client acquisition.
  • The Evergreen Website Step by Step PDF - This is a guide into creating an evergreen website using Spintax and Magic Page Plugin.
  • Weekly Live Trainings - Students can join the weekly live training and access to support from Mike and his team.

Who Is Rank and Rent Masterclass For?

Rank and Rent Masterclass is for:

  • SEO experts looking for a side hustle and want to automate the process. 
  • Online business owners who wants to expand and venture into a low-stress business.
  • Aspiring online entrepreneurs unsure of what business model to try.
  • People looking for passive income with their 9-5 jobs.

Are Students of Rank and Rent Successful?

It seems there are little to no reviews and testimonials about Rank and Rent Masterclass. So if you’re looking for results or value external reviews, Rank and Rent Masterclass may not be for you.

However, there are testimonials about Mike’s bootcamp showed in his webinar. According to Patricia Frazer from Canada, Mike’s bootcamps are educational, fun and entertaining.

His software, Lead Simplify, also has a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 with 26 reviews. Jason Feemster from the US praised the software’s seamless integration into Zapier and its credit system.

Dewey from US said the Magic Page software is an “excellent product” but puts emphasis on Mike’s customer support.

Overall, Mike Martin seems to deliver on his softwares, bootcamps and customer service. But he’s not the guy to go for a rank and rent business venture since there's no success stories or testimonials from his students. 

Is Rank and Rent Masterclass Worth It?

Rank and Rent Masterclass is worth it if you’re already in the rank and rent business and are looking to automate the tasks. The key takeaways from the Rank and Rent Masterclass are to be a niche expert, automate the process to scale and use the 80/20 principle to rent the website.

The Rank and Rent Masterclass can help improve your SEO skills since Mike Martin is an SEO expert. He’s an owner of an SEO agency, More Leads Local. However, the focus of the Rank and Rent Masterclass is creating a niche website and using software to automate scaling and lead gathering. 

The potential drawbacks of the rank and rent masterclass are software dependency and no skill acquisition. The Rank and Rent Masterclass comes with the Magic Page plugin which generates the web pages for you. According to Mike, the webpages it creates are unique and geolocation specific. So, to make more websites, you’ll need to pay for the software’s monthly subscription. Google's latest 

According to psychologist John Dewey, people remember 75% of what they learn when they practice it. Since the masterclass relies heavily on software, even if they teach you SEO techniques, you wouldn’t absorb even half of it. The Rank and Rent Masterclass provide just the basic knowledge compared to other similar programs.

Additionally, in an interview with SEO Video Show last July 2023, Mike said he's not doing much of rank and rent anymore. He explained that he's focusing on "selling leads" to companies rather than "renting websites."

I might be biased here but I personally believe it's more worth it to join Dan Klein's program because Dan's been in the business for 25+ years. And he's still doing it. So, the strategies for SEO, website framework and tools you'll have access to are up to date. Not to mention the robust community of 7000+ successful students who can help you in your rank and rent journey. 

Who Is Mike Martin?

Mike Martin is a locksmith turned SEO expert, software company owner, author, speaker and webinar writer. He started to work on SEO and lead generation for his locksmith business, targeting the Manchester, England area. Mike Martin lives in Manchester, United Kingdom with his wife and 2 children.

Mike’s other courses are Hybrid Lead Generation and Master Local SEO. Master Local SEO focuses on advanced SEO techniques like on and off page SEO, link building, technical audit and local marketing strategies.

He owns 3 profitable softwares. Two of those have generated over 6-figures in revenue for him. One of those softwares is Lead Simplify. After growing his local lead generation business to over multiple 7-figures, he gave the business to his brother and sister.

Today, he focuses on selling leads to companies instead of renting websites. The Mike Martin YouTube channel has over 5.2K subscribers. 

What Is Hybrid Lead Generation?

Hybrid Lead Generation is Mike Martin's free local lead generation course on YouTube launched in 2018. It covers the same rank and rent business model with paid ads on Facebook and Google. Hybrid Lead Generation teaches intuitive website framework, SEO practices, and PPC advertising strategy. Mike Martin suggests building your website on WordPress and optimizing map listing in Google My Business, now called Google Business Profile.

What Are Mike Martin's Books?

  • The #1 Sentence Marketing Course - The #1 Sentence Marketing Course is a 10-page book for marketers of any industry. The book promotes the big picture approach of omitting filling content and delivering your message to your market in just one sentence.
  • In A World Full of Sheep, F**k You I’m An Entrepreneur - This motivational book goes over Mike Martin's entrepreneur journey starting at 14 years old. It has business tips and guide for any new and upstart business owner.
  • How To Create a Perfect Sales Webinar - How To Create a Perfect Sales Webinar is a book targeted for seasoned and aspiring salespeople. Mike Martin claims the book will teach them how to present any product to their clients.
  • Get Rich With Digital Real Estate - Mike talks about how to make money with the rank and rent business model and compares digital real estate with physical real estate.

What Are Mike Martin's Software?

  • Lead Simplify - Lead Simplify is an automation tool for calls, form creation, field staff management and email and SMS marketing. The software will scan the area for a business providing the service needed, then forward the lead to the business. Its price range is $44.99 to $129.99.
  • Magic Page Plugin - It is a mass page builder with geolocation details. It features dynamic backlink building, customizable templates and database management. Magic Page Plugin costs $99.99 to $149.99 per month.
  • Page Rewriter - Page Rewriter is a content creation tool. It operates based on credits with a price range of $19.99 to $999. People must buy more credits if they want to generate more content.

Mike Martin Net Worth

Mike Martin has an estimated net worth between $2 million and $10 million when you consider that he's grown to software to over 7-figures in revenue and his rank and rent properties are generating tens of thousands of leads for his clients which pay him every month. 

Is a Rank and Rent Business Worth It?

Yes, the rank and rent business is worth it because it requires less effort, is easily scalable and you are your own boss. The rank and rent business model leverages websites as digital real estate you rent out to local service providers. It’s like real estate, without the high capital requirement.

With rank and rent business, you’re also not competing with global sales and marketing teams, so you can rank with just 15-30 pages. And once the websites rank, the income becomes passive. The average income of a lead generation website is $300 to $3000 per month. 

According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of workers suffer work-related stress. You become the business owner of a digital asset in rank and rent business model. You make the decisions and choose who to work with. So, it’s a low stress business venture.

The rank and rent business model also requires an SEO skillset. You have to understand the core web vitals, the website’s bounce rate and click-through rate so you can optimize for user experience and the search engine. Thus, it won’t be easily saturated.

What Rank and Rent Niches Are Profitable?

Rank and rent niches that are profitable includes window tinting, appliance repair, plumbing, cleaning services and more. We listed 28 rank and rent niches and 5 niches to stay away from. When finding a profitable niche, you must consider the competition, demand and location. According to Search Engine Watch, 50% of searches is to find a service nearby. And based on Semrush's report, there 8.5 billion search queries every day.

Best Rank and Rent Course

Local lead generation is the best rank and rent course because it will equip you with SEO knowledge and skills. SEO is what puts your website on top of search results to gain higher visibility. According to First Page, the top search result has a 40% CTR. And Google reported there’s 1.7 billion people using Google search daily. SEO knowledge will let you tap into this huge market when scaling your local lead gen business.

Local lead gen also promotes outsourcing your content, rather than using content writing software like Mike Martin’s Page Rewriter. According to Google’s latest algorithm update, they’re strengthening policies against automation and unoriginal content. It can result in low ranking or low domain authority and complete omission of the website in search results.

Moreover, Mike Martin mentioned he's no longer active in the rank and rent business. It's much better to learn from a mentor with years of experience and is still doing the business.

Dan Klein is a pioneer in the rank and rent business. He's been teaching local lead generation since 2014. Dan has been doing live trainings twice a week since then. And has over 25 years of experience owning and renting digital real estates. I joined his local lead generation program and have been self-employed since 2015. I started working with Dan 3 years ago, and our program has helped 7,400+ students to build a life of financial freedom.

grand rapids tree service website

With local lead generation, you'll be learning from the pros. Each coach is an expert in the field. For example, I'm an expert at SEO and ranking websites. The tree care site I set up in 2015 is still at the top of Google search results and is earning me $2k per month. And we have experts at sales, prospecting and research. Experts who will support you within our tight knit community. So local lead gen is the better rank and rent course for your low stress and low capital business venture.

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