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Mike Sancho Review – Automated Trucking A Serious Business To Consider In 2024?

March 20, 2024

Mike Sancho is a professional trader, serial entrepreneur, and public speaker in four different continents. He’s been featured on MSNBC, ABC, USA Today, Fox News, Market Watch, and Benzinga. Plus, he’s acquired 14 companies, employs 350+ employees, and owns 4 DFY full-service businesses.

However, one of those DFY businesses is automated trucking. It’s a unique approach compared to other popular DFY niches, which usually center around digital businesses, such as Amazon FBA. The question is - is it worth investing in? Should you spend your money on an uncommon business model? Or should you avoid the trucking industry altogether? Because in comparison to something like Local Lead Generation, which mostly relies on making simple websites to grow a profitable business, a trucking company seems more difficult since there’s a large, expensive truck involved. But is that really the case? 

In this Mike Sancho review, we’ll be going over all that - as well as:

  • Who is Mike Sancho?
  • What are People Saying About Mike Sancho Online?
  • Is Mike Sancho a Scam or Legit?
  • What is Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation?
  • How Do You Make Money With Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation?
  • Who is Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation For?
  • Do Students of Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation Actually Make Money?
  • What Does the Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation Program Come With?
  • Risks Involved With the Trucking Industry?
  • Is Trucking Still Relevant in 2024?
Mike Sancho against blue background

Pros & Cons of Mike Sancho and Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation


2 Year breakeven guarantee is perfect for this high-investment, “get rich slow” type business model. Basically, if you don't at least break even by the 2 year mark, Mike will pay you the difference based on how much you invested.

Completely hands-off business model which is close to true “passive income.” Once you complete the set up work, you basically only need to review your monthly P&Ls and perhaps speak on the phone sometimes.

No special training or knowledge required. You literally pay Mike’s team to do all the work. Nothing else is expected of you.


Lack of testimonials and hard numbers makes it hard to invest in. Spending roughly six figures to join a program that doesn’t have any hard proof supporting it is both scary and unwise.

No discussion about Mike Sancho on Reddit or anywhere else. It’d be nice if we could understand Mike’s business practices from unbiased sources like Reddit. But at the very least, people aren’t speaking negatively about Mike, either.

Lack of control over business decisions. You’ll never be the "true" owner of this business. So if you’re the hands-on type and like to lead the way, this simply won’t work for you.

Is Trucking a Serious Business to Consider in 2024?

Yes, if you’re interested in a trucking business then it’s worth pursuing. If you look at the graph below, you’ll see that truck drivers are in a shortage. And it’s projected to get worse every year:

Truck driver shortage stats

Truck driver shortage in the United States from 2011 to 2030 (in 1,000s) - Statista

So there’s definitely a gap you could fill without worrying about over-saturation negatively affecting your trucking business. On top of needing more truck drivers, the operating revenue (i.e. revenue generated from a company’s primary business activities - cargo transportation in this case) for the trucking industry has grown steadily as well. If you look below, you’ll see the operating revenue for the trucking industry jumped from 325 billion dollars to about 375 billion dollars during 2020-2021 (see last two bars):

Trucking  industry operating revenues

Operating revenue of the U.S. trucking industry from 2009 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars) - Statista

Basically, there’s both need and profitability in the trucking industry. However, according to Alexander Dovgal, an expert in the transportation industry, roughly 85%-90% of new trucking businesses fail their first year. Why? The major issue is how difficult it is to deal with all the red tape and assorted expenses. First, there’s DOT (Department of Transportation) registrations that need to be handled. You also need to inspect and maintain your truck so it performs well. Plus, you need to deal with variable expenses like toll fees, gasoline, tire repair, and more. It’s got all the problems of running a small-business plus truck and driver management as well. Essentially, lack of experience is a big problem when starting a business in the trucking industry. 

So in this sense, a program like Mike Sancho’s Wealth Accelerator Trucking Automation is a smart way to get in. He’s got the resources and experience so business-killing factors don’t affect you. But that’s only if his program is legit or not. Let’s see if his program is worth the expenses.

Who is Mike Sancho?


Mike Sancho

Net Worth

Estimated $3+ Million


Orlando, Florida


Florida Southern College for Business Finance. South Windsor High School.


Founder & CEO of Wealth Accelerators. CEO of LegacyFX Robotix LLC. Top earner at Auvoria Prime. CEO of Defi Sports LLC - Nobility Token.  Founder of Orlando Tradehouse. Executive Director of Charleston Real Estate Investors Association. Owner of High Tide Property Group LLC

Mike Sanchos' face

Mike Sancho first became interested in entrepreneurship at 8 years old. He used to watch infomercials and was inspired to create his own products because of them. In fact, as a child he asked his mom to get him patent products for his ideas. He started selling marijuana in high school as one of his first businesses. Unfortunately, this led to him getting expelled from high school. Eventually, he made his way to college as well. But once again, he sold marijuana and was also expelled from college, too. Things got worse from there and he was arrested. He was looking at spending some time in prison. So as he sat inside a jail cell, Mike decided to make a change in his life. He promised himself that he’d work hard and do whatever it took to become successful but in a legal way.

Once he got out of jail, he moved back home with his parents in Charleston, South Carolina. He was in debt over $100,000 from student loans, car loans, and lawyer fees, all at the age of 21. So he went to King street and applied at every shop and restaurant he could. He landed two jobs. The first job was at Subway for $7.50 an hour. The second job was a dishwasher at a restaurant called 82 Queen. Mike stayed true to his promise to work hard. He would show up to his Subway job 30 minutes early and handle tasks such as cleaning the bathroom and wiping underneath the oven. And he would also stay late to clean up even after clocking out. 6 weeks later, he was promoted to store manager at age 21. Two months later, he was promoted again to general manager of 5 Subway locations. 

Eventually, Mike Sancho would grow sick of Subway so he went back into entrepreneurship with a renewed work ethic. He knew there were options other than selling marijuana since he did network marketing when he was 19 years old. So he got into real estate and started flipping houses. Unfortunately, he went broke doing that from lack of resources. So he was forced to rejoin the work forces. Mike would redo this process of leaving traditional work for entrepreneurship 4 times in total before he could finally make it work. 

During which, he worked at Lowes, an Italian restaurant, and even an arcade. He did have some success with entrepreneurship but there were always problems. One network marketing company he worked with led to him earning over $25,000 per month in residual income. But the owners fought and disbanded 6 months after Mike joined them. He joined another network marketing which he gained 6 figures doing. But again, the owners fought and disbanded the company a year after Mike joined them. It wasn’t till he joined another company that he was able to regain his six-figure income. And although he’s still working with this company today, the unreliable nature of the businesses Mike worked with led to his great interest in diversification. 

Mike has since invested time in learning about real estate, e-commerce, Forex trading, and more as well. Today, Mike Sancho runs four different automation-style businesses, including Amazon FBA, Youtube, Trucking, and Facebook stores. And with his 14 acquired businesses and 350+ employees, he has 50 million dollars in sales to his name. 

Lessons Mike Sancho Wants Every Entrepreneur to Learn

  • Work Ethic: Mike emphasized the importance of hard work and dedication. He discussed how years of working long hours contributed to his eventual success in business. According to him, success often comes from persistent effort over time. 
  • Developing Skills: He emphasized the need for entrepreneurs to constantly acquire new skills. Mike specifically mentioned the importance of public speaking and sales skills when starting a business. 
  • Embrace ChallengesMike said entrepreneurs should be comfortable in exploring new things because it helps them grow personally and professionally. 
  • Knowledge and Humility: He also emphasized the important of knowing what you don't know. According to him, acknowledging your limitations is vital to growing as an entrepreneur.
  • Building NetworksMike emphasized the importance of building a network. He said “your network is your net worth,” because business relationships lead to various opportunities and successes.

What are People Saying About Mike Sancho Online?

There’s not much talk about Mike Sancho online. If you go on his Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see plenty of generic motivational comments but nothing about actually generating money or being scammed (which are the two things we’re concerned with the most). On top of which, there’s nothing on Reddit either, save for a random post about an esports company Mike’s working with - Nobility. 

However, I managed to find a single review on the Better Business Bureau that wasn’t good:
Review about Mike Sancho on Better Business Bureau

Considering this is practically the only review I could find about Mike Sancho outside his platforms, it doesn’t help his perception much. 

Is Mike Sancho a Scam or Legit?

Mike Sancho is likely not a scam. If he was out scamming people, there should at least be some reviews of people complaining about being ripped off or not not having their deal upheld somehow. Instead, there’s only a single complaint about bad service on the Better Business Bureau website. One bad review isn’t much to go off of.

Plus, you can find some decent reviews on his Wealth Accerators FBA website of people sharing their positive experience with Mike's DFY businesses (none for the Trucking Automation unfortunately). It'd be nice if some of these people were found outside his own platforms (e.g. Reddit). But this at least suggests he's helping his clients earn money.

What is Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation?

Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation logo

The Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation program is a full-service DFY program. Mike Sancho will set you up with your own truck, driver, repair crew, and will even handle admin, customer service, and logistics as well. He will run every aspect of a trucking business and then split the profits with you 50/50. You're only required to make an upfront investment to join the program.


Wealth Accelerators Automated Trucking


Full-Service Done-For-You trucking business


Estimated $100,000

Refund Policy

None mentioned




The program is new so there's no good or bad reputation so far. Considering the long-term nature of the program, there might not be any news about the program till at least 2023.

Wealth Accelerators Lawsuit

Diamond Strike LLC, Nicolas Mahone (an individual), Juts Trucking LLC, Elegions LLC, and a few others filed a formal complaint against Wealth Accelerators Global LLC on March 15, 2023, at the US District Court for the District of Nevada. The main cause of the lawsuit is breach of contract. 

As of the most-recent update available, the court ordered both parties to attend arbitration to resolve disputes on trucking agreements. Wealth Accelerators Global LLC's motion to dismiss was denied as moot. District Judge Anne R. Traum signed the electronic case file (ECF) on May 4, 2023. 

Aside from this, I also found an older lawsuit filed on October 15,2022 by Kinetic Direct Funding LLC, an equipment financing and lending service company based in Mesa, Arizona. The case was filed against Wealth Accelerators Global LLC at the Nassau County Court, Supreme Court, in Greene, New York, with Judge Denise Sher overseeing. 

It is still a pending case, with latest available update dated October 25, 2022 which contained summons and verified complaints against the defendants. 

How Do You Make Money With Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation?

There are four main steps to making money with Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation. Once you’ve completed these initial four steps, you’ll then receive monthly payments for your business. Below are the steps you’ll go through prior to your payments:

  • Step 1 - Mike Sancho will find, secure, and staff your first professional truck.
  • Step 2 - All DOT (Department of Transportation) registration steps will be handled to make your truck legally compliant. And all inspections will be done to get your truck ready to be deployed.
  • Step 3 - Your truck is officially deployed, all freight is arranged and handled by Mike’s team, and you receive 50% of all profits your automated truck business receives.
  • Step 4 - You’re assigned a “Success Manager” who will handle all updates, questions, comments, or concerns regarding your automated trucking business

Who is Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation For?

  • People with extra capital who want to save time and energy. Like all full-service businesses, you need 50k-100k to afford the expenses. So if you have the capital and also value time and effort more than money, this could work for you.
  • People interested in something other than digital marketing. If you’re interested in a business model that’s not saturated by thousands of digital marketers (e.g. affiliate marketing), then trucking automation might be a fit for you. It’s definitely a unique idea you won’t see many other businesses offering.

Do Students of Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation Actually Make Money?

The entire process of trucking automation (and DFY automation businesses in general) takes a long time to set up - let alone profit from. In fact, Mike Sancho has a two year breakeven guarantee in place, which suggests it’ll take at least 1-2 years to make a profit. And since the Trucking Automation program only began around the beginning of 2022, it’s not likely any clients have seen much return yet. So at this point, it’s too early to tell if Mike Sancho's automated trucking service is profitable for clients. 

However, despite a lack of testimonials, there’s at least a little data showing the results you can get. Below are Profit & Losses documents for a few trucks Mike owns. He doesn’t state if they belong to clients or not. But the documents share what monthly expenses and profits could look like for you once the program becomes profitable. A1, A2, & A3 each represent a different truck. If you look at the portion where it says “Gross Profit,” that’s the portion you’d split 50/50 with Mike Sancho each month. You’d get 50% as the financier of the trucking automation business. And Mike would get 50% as the operations and logistics handler.

Mike Sancho's first trucking results

If these were your trucks, you'd get roughly $6,133, $5,095, and $7,451 monthly.

Mike Sancho's second trucking results

And If these were your trucks, you'd get around $9,700, $9,870 and $6,958.

What Does the Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation Program Come With?

  • A personal truck and truck driver provided by Mike Sancho
  • Complete truck registration with DOT (Department of Transportation)
  • Expert truck repair and maintenance
  • Personal success manager to keep you updated on business details
  • Monthly P&L (Profit & Loss) statements and payments

How Much Does Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation Cost?

It’s not clearly stated on Mike Sancho’s website or sales page how much the Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation program costs. But I also did research on a similar program for Chris Zissis. He’s offering the same done-for-you business model but for Youtube channel creation. The cost is at least $60,000 to get started. However, Mike Sancho's program also includes a truck, a truck driver, driving regulation fees, variable costs your driver will deal with (e.g. gas, tolls, food, etc.), and truck maintenance as well. Naturally, it’ll cost far more compared to Chris Zissis’ program. 

Most likely, you can expect to spend roughly $100,000 to join the Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation program. However, keep in mind Mike offers a 2-year breakeven guarantee. So you can expect to (at least) get back your investment at the two year mark. Of course, if things go well, then you’ll even earn a profit at the 2 year mark instead.

Risks Involved With the Trucking Industry?

A major challenge trucking businesses face are driver related costs. Many trucking businesses simply aren’t prepared for the registration fees, truck maintenance costs, and on-the-road costs as well. So their expenses outpace their profits and run them out of business. Naturally, this means it’s important to approach the trucking industry with as much research and guidance as you can. But if you can manage this risk, you are FAR more likely to succeed in the trucking industry.

Is Trucking Still Relevant in 2024?

Yes, trucking is still relevant and it will continue to be that way for a long time. Without trucking and the transportation industry in general, we’d all be limited to the foods, clothes, and other supplies we could drive to. In fact, the trucking industry consistently grows in revenue by the billions every year:

Transport industry growth

”The land transport industry (which trucking is included in) grows by roughly 8 billion dollars every year - Statista


Because of lack of proof of success and huge investment costs, I can’t recommend Mike Sancho's Wealth Accelerators Trucking Automation program (yet). Even with his 2 year breakeven guarantee, that’s still 1-2 years where you lose approximately 6 figures while “hoping” it becomes profitable. It’d be more practical to choose a program that’s proven to work instead. At the very least, wait till some of his current clients share their results so there's some proof that Mike's got a decent system in place.

By the way, if you're curious about other DFY programs, you can check out these two I reviewed as well:

Why Local Lead Generation Is Quicker & Easier Than Automated Trucking

The idea of a done-for-you automated trucking business is definitely interesting. But at the end of the day, it’s expensive, unproven, and will leave you stuck if Mike Sancho suddenly backs out for any reason. Even if Mike transferred complete ownership (truck and all) to you, what would you be able to do? All the knowledge and experience is in Mike’s hands. The business would go bankrupt before you could figure it all out. It’s quite risky without much reason to believe it’ll work in the first place. 

Instead, you’d be much better off building something you own and understand - piece by piece. It’s why I’m such a big fan of Local Lead Generation. It requires more work upfront (building basic websites mostly) but you’re not down tens of thousands of dollars and don’t necessarily need to wait 1-2 years to break even. In fact, if you can find just one business owner to benefit from the simple websites you create, you’ll instantly have $500 - $1,500 in your bank account every month. Learn more about how Local Lead Generation works today.

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  1. Mike is a scammer. He told all of us that we would be getting our trucks on the road within 90 days, then it turned in 6 months, now a year, and still nothing! a former employee told me they sold over 450+ trucking automation packages, and only 25 have been fulfilled on. hes a ponzi scheme paying off old investors from 2/3 years ago with new investor money. I've lost over $200k investing into their fake business models!

    1. I lost 100K Just rcvd a termination letter after a year and half of waiting for services to start. More reviews can be found on reddit. r/Wealthaccerlerators

      Ive lost so much money on interest loans to start this investment w/ them and now this. Im not sure Ill ever see my money again. This has put my family into a serious financial hardshaip.

      The main reason you wont see negative remarks as of yet, is because they put in there contract that anybody who speaks neg about them they will go after and a 25K in damages will apply. Since the cmpy is still scaling not too many clients are terminated or done w/ there contract. However since termination letters have been sent out im sure you will start seeing reviews on BBB

      Try and get ahold of them is impossible!!!

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