Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom Review: A Legit Course or a ‘Well-Organized’ Scam? (Top 3 Red Flags to Know Before Buying)

March 19, 2024

The Ministry of Freedom is the flagship coaching course by affiliate marketer Jono Armstrong. The Ministry of Freedom is an all-in-one online course that teaches affiliate marketing, launch jacking, email marketing, YouTube Ads, setting up websites, software development, paid advertising, and creating and selling products on online platforms like JVZoo and Warrior Plus. It has every trick that Jono Armstrong learned from his 19 years of experience as an affiliate and email marketer. The goal of the Ministry of Freedom is to help members earn $5K in 22 days and $10K within the first 60 days. 

According to the Influencer Marketing Hub Affiliate Marketing Benchmark Report, the affiliate marketing industry will grow to an estimated $14.3 Billion in 2023 globally and $15.7 Billion by 2024. In addition, affiliate marketing companies raised over $1.5 Billion in all-time funding across 232 rounds by 2023. This figure marked a 15.38% increase compared to 2022.

The Ministry of Freedom focuses on launch jacking, an affiliate marketing strategy where you focus on finding new products yet to be released. Launch jacking involves creating a review before a product’s launch through a blog post or a YouTube video. You can earn commissions when the buyer gets the product after reading your review and purchases through your affiliate link. 

However, there are many bad reviews and low ratings for Jono Armstrong and his products online. This Ministry of Freedom review will help you answer your question: Is the Ministry of Freedom legit? I will present the benefits and drawbacks of the course, the top 3 Ministry of Freedom red flags you have to note, and a comparison between the Ministry of Freedom and the new Ministry of Freedom 2.0. I included the most recent customer reviews and cheaper alternatives to the Ministry of Freedom.

Ministry of Freedom Review: Pros and Cons


Comprehensive course. The Ministry of Freedom course covers many topics, including affiliate marketing, email marketing, paid traffic, and product creation and selling.  

Rotator system. Once you join the Ministry of Freedom, you will be placed in a rotator group.

Supportive community. 

Guaranteed review access. Products give out review access, and Ministry of Freedom Facebook group members get to access them.

Advanced tools and shortcuts. Ministry of Freedom includes various tools and strategies to earn money online.


A high amount of competition and market saturation. Because many people know launch jacking, you have more competitors. You should always be on the lookout for new products, and choose an excellent offer to provide your audience with quality products.

Poor ratings. The Ministry of Freedom is rated 2.1 stars on Trustpilot, while Jono Armstrong only got 1.3 stars on Trustpilot.

Problematic refund policy. There are many complaints about the Ministry of Freedom’s 60-day refund policy.

Outdated and recycled student testimonials on the Facebook page. The Ministry of Freedom Facebook page uses the same student testimonials from almost three years ago. 




Ministry of Freedom has both positive reviews and negative reviews. However, it has only 2.3 stars on Trustpilot and 3.4 stars on Facebook. Jono Armstrong also got poor ratings, with only 1.3 stars in Trustpilot.


Ministry of Freedom has 3.1K followers on Facebook, while the Ministry of Freedom private group has 5.2K members. Jono Armstrong has 72.9K subscribers on YouTube and 10.9K followers on Instagram.

How Much Does the Ministry of Freedom Cost?

The Ministry of Freedom costs $1,497 or 3 payments of $797. 

What Is the Ministry of Freedom Refund Policy?

The Ministry of Freedom refund policy offers a 60-Day Money-Back guarantee.

The refund policy states that when students do not earn profits “within 60 days,” they get a “full and complete refund… Plus an extra $5,000 on top.”

However, these are conditions that a student must fulfill to get a refund:

  • Go through the first 8 modules

  • Attend at least three live Q&A sessions (or watch the replays)

  • Ask at least 4 questions in the Facebook group

  • Launch a product on warrior plus with the help of the Ministry of Freedom team 

Notice how they worded the refund policy header with “60 Day 100% Money-Back Success Guarantee.” At the bottom, they added that when students comply with all the conditions before getting a refund, they are “going to be making money and won’t even need this guarantee.” Then, they ended with, “But you’re covered either way!”

Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom Review: Top 3 Red Flags

  1. 1
    Misleading. I found a Ministry of Freedom review video from Tim Verdouw, one of the beta testers of the Ministry of Freedom. Tim shared his honest opinion and narrated two instances of apparently misleading claims. First, Jono invited him to become one of the beta testers via email without mentioning the need to pay a $1,000 entrance fee. Tim said many people were mad because they thought the spots were for free. Second, Tim said Jono used the results to promote the Ministry of Freedom course but showed that Tim made $40K monthly when he never said so. 
  1. 2
    Inactive social media accounts - Jono Armstrong’s LinkedIn account has zero posts and contains no profile picture. His last post on his YouTube channel was seven months ago, about an equally controversial product called the Infinity System.  
  2. 3
    Recycled Ministry of Freedom student testimonies on Facebook - I noted several recycled reviews on their page. The Ministry of Freedom reused the student reviews in 2020 in their recent posts without clarifying in the caption the date when the members earned money. Here are two of them:

Who Is the Ministry of Freedom For?

  • Beginners who want to learn affiliate marketing and make money online.
  • Those who are tired of 9-5 jobs.
  • Marketers who wish to earn extra income.

Who Is the Ministry of Freedom Not For?

  • Those who are meticulous with the products they are promoting.
  • Those not interested in affiliate marketing, email marketing, and creating and selling their products.
  • Those who have no time or are unwilling to spend their time learning the modules. 

What Can You Learn From the Ministry of Freedom?

You can learn affiliate marketing, launch jacking, maximizing YouTube ads, and creating and selling products on JVZoo and Warrior Plus from the Ministry of Freedom course.

Ministry of Freedom also teaches:

  • Building email list using paid traffic 
  • Creating a buyer's list
  • Setting up your launch on Warrior Plus Network
  • Maximizing different tools and applications 
  • How to make money for every sale of the Ministry of Freedom Course 

How Does the Ministry of Freedom Work?

Ministry of Freedom works similarly to other online courses, where you watch training videos at your own pace and book weekly coaching. When you enroll, you will get access to the Ministry of Freedom 9-week training, and you will create your accounts on various channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Skype. 

There is also a private Ministry of Freedom Facebook group where you can share your ideas, ask fellow entrepreneurs, and get review access, among others. One of the features of the Ministry of Freedom is its Rotator System, where members earn free traffic. 

How Does the Ministry of Freedom Help You Make Money?

  • Teaches you about affiliate marketing, particularly launch jacking
  • Trains you how to upload and make YouTube videos to drive traffic 
  • Helps you build your email list and buyer’s list
  • Gives training on creating and launching products via JVZoo and Warrior Plus
  • Pays commissions from selling Ministry of Freedom course
  • Implements a rotator system
  • Guaranteed review access 
  • Gives free bonuses for your promos 
  • Guides members through coaching, support, and networking

Ministry of Freedom Course Module: What’s Inside the Ministry of Freedom?

  • Facebook Group
  • Live Webinar Schedule
  • Course Introduction

WEEK 1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success

The first week discusses the importance of having the right mindset to do this business. It also includes an assessment at the end before you can proceed to the other courses.

The Organic Module

This module includes the introduction video to the Ministry of Freedom Course, an orientation, and all you need to set your motivation on the roll.

WEEK 2: Tools & Application

  • Introduction and overview 
  • Computer/Webcam/Microphone
  • OBS Studio
  • YouTube Account
  • Warrior Plus
  • JVZoo
  • [IMPORTANT] Affiliate Link Approval
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Gorilla
  • Auto Responder
  • Facebook & Skype
  • Muncheye
  • Google Calendar 
  • Domain & Hosting (Not Essential) 
  • Done for You website (Optional) 

WEEK 3 & 4: Launch Jacking

  • Introduction 
  • Overview
  • Finding a Good Offer
  • Calendar and Getting Organized
  • Link Application and Review Access 
  • Bonuses and Bonus Pages - Pt.I
  • Bonuses and Bonus Pages - Pt.II
  • Making the Review Video
  • Streaming Hack (Huge Time Saver)
  • Uploading, Description, and Thumbnail
  • Video Ranking
  • Custom Bonuses
  • Reverse Kanga Sales (added in a later version) 
  • Conclusion 

WEEK 5: Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies 

  • Introduction to AdWords and Setup
  • In-stream Ad Setup Pt. 1
  • “Find URL” / Bonus Page Hack
  • In-stream Ad Setup Pt. 2
  • Discovery Ad Setup
  • Display Ad Setup (Retargeting)
  • Tracking Your Sales

WEEK 6: Soft Launching 

  • Introduction
  • Creating Your First Product
  • Warrior Plus Basic Funnel Creation
  • Powerful List Building Hack

WEEK 7: Email Marketing

  • Introduction
  • The Winning Formula | Email 1 Warmer Video
  • Email 2: The Big Review and Bonus Reveal
  • Email 3 & 4: D Day
  • Email 5: The Scarcity Follow Ups
  • The Promo Timeline

List Building With Paid Traffic Module

  • Introduction
  • Squeeze Page
  • Pixels
  • Follow Up Series
  • Ads Creation - YouTube
  • YouTube Ads Campaign Setup
  • Bing Ads

WEEK 8: Product Launching 

  • Introduction
  • JV Partners
  • Creating the Perfect Product
  • Funnel Structure and Pricing
  • Sales Page Copy
  • Members Area - Clickfunnels
  • VSLs
  • OTO VSLs
  • Warrior Plus Set Up
  • Support & Refunds
  • JV Contracts
  • Auto Responder Integration
  • JV Page
  • Recruiting and Networking Page
  • Prizes & Contests 
  • Outsourcing
  • Wrap Up
  • Moving Forward

Software Research and Outsourcing 

  • Introduction & Software Research Hacks
  • Product Research
  • Product Development Platform
  • Upwork

WEEK 9: Paid Traffic 

  • Simple Funnel Ads
  • The Simple Funnel and Adwords Pixel
  • Simple Ads
  • Simple Retargeting
  • Video Ad Ads
  • Advanced Funnel and Ads
  • Introduction
  • Optin Page Customization
  • Alternative to Link Funnel
  • Custom Thank You Page
  • Advanced Ever Webinar Setup & Emails
  • Simple Ads
  • Keyword Ads
  • Keywords & Intent Audiences 
  • Simple Retargeting 
  • Scaling Your Ads 
  • Introduction to Paid Traffic 
  • Adwords Set Up
  • Warrior Plus Set Up & Link Approval

Is the Ministry of Freedom Updated?

Yes, the Ministry of Freedom is updated. They already have the Ministry of Freedom 2.0. In addition, the Ministry of Freedom Facebook page continues to post reviews of their students. The latest post on Facebook was on August 2, 2023. However, the posts use old student testimonials almost 3 years old.

Ministry of Freedom vs Ministry of Freedom 2.0 Course: What’s the Difference?

Ministry of Freedom 2.0 is an upgrade of the Ministry of Freedom. Here’s a summary of the differences between the two versions:

Ministry of Freedom

Has a Live Webinar Scheduled on the dashboard

No Quickstart Guide

No The Big Choice module

Week 2 Module had no "OBS Studio Issues and Other Options"

Weeks 3 & 4 focus on "Launch Jacking"

Week 5 is "Advanced Launch Jacking Strategies"

Week 6 is "Soft Launching" and Week 7 is "Email Marketing"

Week 8 is "Product Launching"

Ministry of Freedom 2.0


Has Quickstart Guide

Has The Big Choice module, which is about making a choice between doing paid traffic or organic traffic

Week 2 Module has "OBS Studio Issues & Other Options"

Week 3 is "Launch Jacking" and Week 4 is "Branding and Soft Launching"

Week 5 is "Email Marketing"

Weeks 6 & 7 focus on "Product Launching"

Week 8 is "Software, Research, and Outsourcing"

Ministry of Freedom 2.0 Modules

Course Introduction

  • Introduction [New] 
  • Welcome [New] 
  • How the Program Works 
  • The “60 Days to $10K” Formula 
  • Tips for Getting Started 

Quickstart Guide

  • Introduction
  • Demo Videos
  • Warrior Plus
  • JVZoo
  • Rotators
  • Required Tools
  • What To Say in Your Intro
  • CBS
  • Mac Screen Record
  • Openshot 
  • Faceless Reviews 
  • Commission Gorilla 
  • Review 
  • Thumbnail 
  • Full Review
  • Review
  • Conclusion

WEEK 1: Mindset, Commitment, and Success 

  • Intro
  • Live Q&A Call [Mindset Monday]
  • Mindset and Commitment
  • Self Optimization
  • Planning & Organization
  • Assessment

WEEK 2: Tools and Applications

  • Intro  
  • Introduction & Overview
  • Computer/Webcam/Microphone
  • OBS Studio
  • OBS Studio Issues and Other Options
  • YouTube Account
  • Warrior Plus
  • JVZoo
  • [Important] Affiliate Link Approval
  • Commission Gorilla
  •  Auto Responder
  • Facebook & Skype
  • Muncheye
  • Google Calendar
  • Tips
  • Assessment

WEEK 3: Launch Jacking

  • Intro
  • Uploading Demo Videos
  • Introduction 
  • Finding a Good Offer
  • Calendar and Getting Organized
  • Link Application and Review Access
  •  Bonuses and Bonus Pages - Pt.I
  • Bonuses and Bonus Pages - Pt.II
  • Outsourcing Your Bonus Page
  • Making the Review Video
  • Streaming Hack (Huge Time Saver)
  • Uploading, Description, and Thumbnail
  • Video Ranking
  • Custom Bonuses
  • Tips

WEEK 4 - Branding and Soft Launching

  • Intro
  • Get A Done For You Website [Optional]
  • Creating Your First Product 
  • Warrior Plus Basic Funnel Creation
  • Powerful List Building Hack
  • Assessment

WEEK 5 - Email Marketing

  • Introduction
  • The Winning Formula | Email 1 Warmer Video
  • Email 2: The Big Review and Bonus Reveal
  • Email 3 & 4: D Day
  • Email 5: The Scarcity Follow Ups
  • The Promo Timeline
  • Tips

WEEK 6 & 7 - Product Launching

  • Intro
  • JV Partners
  • VSLs
  • OTO VSLs
  • Warrior Plus Set Up
  • Support & Refunds
  • JV Contracts
  • Auto Responder Integration
  • JV Page
  • Recruiting and Networking
  • Prizes & Contests
  • Outsourcing
  • Wrap Up
  • Moving Forward
  • Tips

WEEK 8 - Software, Research, Outsourcing

This Module is about creating and outsourcing your own software products that are in demand on Warrior Plus and JVZoo.

WEEK 9 - Paid Traffic

  • Introduction to Paid Traffic
  • Overview
  • Required Tools
  • Adwords Manager Account
  • Hosting
  • EverWebinar
  • Warrior Plus Setup and Link Approval
  • Hosting and Optin Page
  • Optin Page, SSL, and Google Ads Voucher
  • Custom ThankYou Page od
  • Advanced Conversion Pixel and EverWebinar Setup
  • Advanced EverWebinar Setup and Emails
  • Sample Ads
  • Keyword Ads
  • Sample Retargeting
  • Keywords & Interest Audiences
  • Scaling Your Ads
  • Advanced Sales Tracking and Scaling

What Else Is Included in Ministry of Freedom 2.0?

  • [Newly Updated] Ministry Of Freedom 2.0 Blueprinted Profit Process
  • 4 Live Coaching Calls Per Week With Jono Armstrong & His Team Of Experts
  • 1 FULL YEAR Of Mentorship and Coaching
  • 24/7 Support And Networking / VIP Community Access
  • “Me Sending YOU Sales”
  • Done For You Super Funnel (Make $1200 / Sale)
  • $100 Promo Campaign Credit
  • DONE FOR YOU Program Setup
  • 2-For-1 Program Access
  •  The Ultimate Launch Booster
  • Joint Venture Profit Accelerator

What Makes the Ministry of Freedom Different From Any Other Program?

The Ministry of Freedom is different from any other program because it focuses on launch jacking and features a “rotator” system to give extra income to members.

The Ministry of Freedom team promotes launches every day and places members’ affiliate links every week on their rotators. Hence, you earn a commission when a customer buys a product using your affiliate link for that week. 

According to a commenter on Reddit: “Many of the members have got their full money back from (these) rotators,” the student added. Here’s the screenshot of that Ministry of Freedom member review:

According to the commenter, the condition is that you must create your own review video for that product and upload it on YouTube Channel. The video is a way for the Ministry of Freedom to ensure that you are an action-taker and apply what you have learned from the Ministry of Freedom course.

As the number of members grows, the frequency of adding your links to the rotation is minimized. 

Demetris Papadopoulos, an affiliate marketer who joined the Ministry of Freedom, explained how often the rotator system happens.

Does the Ministry of Freedom Have a Good Reputation?

No, the Ministry of Freedom has a bad reputation if you check its ratings on Reddit, Trustpilot, YouTube, and Quora. There are many negative reviews related to Jono Armstrong and the controversial Ministry of Freedom refund policy. 

However, as far as its members are concerned, the Ministry of Freedom has helped them set up websites and earn money through affiliate marketing. 

Is the Ministry of Freedom the Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

No, the Ministry of Freedom is not the Best Affiliate Marketing Course if we base it on Reddit, Trustpilot, and Quora reviews. Besides the mixed reviews, the course might be too expensive for those who are still beginners in affiliate marketing. 

What Are the Opinions of Actual Users of the Ministry of Freedom?

Actual users say they earned from the Ministry of Freedom course. 

Karan Wagmhare, an Affiliate Marketing Specialist from Pune, Maharashtra, India, shared he did not know about affiliate marketing until he discovered the Ministry of Freedom in September 2021. Karan said he earns $500-$1,000. 

Midi Smith loved the support from the Ministry of Freedom Facebook group. Midi said she made money from her first product review. She said it “wasn’t much,” but added she made “some money” during her 3 weeks into the course. 

Tim Verdouw, from Flagstaff, Arizona, was already an online marketer when he joined the Ministry of Freedom. Jono Armstrong invited Tim to become one of the beta testers. Tim paid $1,000 upfront. Tim said his biggest month as of March 2021 was $50,000.

Guy Potok made $106,332.26 in affiliate commission after spending 9 months with Jono Armstrongs course.

What Is Ministry of Freedom Review on Reddit?

Ministry of Freedom reviews on Reddit are mixed but mostly negative. One commenter on Reddit said he signed up with the Ministry of Freedom but was disappointed with the extra charges for coaching of $300 per hour and the need to pay for paid ads. This commenter also called it a “well organized scam.”

A Reddit user who started a thread three years ago said the Ministry of Freedom “promotes people to sell useless softwares and courses.” The Reddit user bought the course and said the Ministry of Freedom refused to give a refund.

What Is Ministry of Freedom Review on Trustpilot?

The Ministry of Freedom Review got a 2.1 rating on Trustpilot from 11 reviews. The company profile is also claimed but unverified.

Top Ministry of Freedom reviews on Trustpilot are complaints about spammy advertisements.

However, there are also complaints about the Ministry of Freedom refund policy. One commenter said the refund policy is complex. Another commenter said the 60-day money-back guarantee is “a lie.” The Ministry of Freedom team responded to this comment and said that the commenter lacked the right mindset to make the business work. 

Who Is Jono Armstrong?

Jono Armstrong is an affiliate marketer with at least 14 years of experience and the creator of the Ministry of Freedom. In a 2017 YouTube video on his channel, Jono Armstrong shared how he started with affiliate marketing, running AdSense, Google Adwords, and Clickbank products. Still, he did not mention the exact year. However, he said it was only in 2009 that he got into email marketing and affiliate marketing “in a big way.”

Jono Armstrong is from the UK and has lived in Indonesia since 2000. After getting his degree in the UK, Jono Armstrong shared that he owed $ 50,000 in education debt. Jono Armstrong worked as an English teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia, and received $1,100, working 40 hours weekly. Jono Armstrong also worked as an actor and a professional musician to supplement his income. The band even won a band competition in the UK and played at a London music festival with legendary rock stars like Rod Stewart and Bon Jovi.

He shared that he got hooked on prescription drugs mixed with alcohol due to stress. He got into rehab and realized he needed to find a better way to pay off his educational debt. He tried various internet marketing strategies like dropshipping, Shopify, Amazon, MLM, and Bitcoin, until he discovered launch jacking.

Since then, he has been creating and selling products and courses online. Jono Armstrong describes himself as a 7-figure entrepreneur and a freedom creator. Jono Armstrongs Ministry of Freedom is a product of his hard work and investment. Jono is a person who would invest in learning. He spent $70,000 for a course with one of the experts in paid traffic in Washington, DC, United States. 

But, Jono Armstrong is a controversial online marketer, and based on the reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, and Quora, some people are questioning some of his online products, including the Ministry of Freedom and its refund policy. 

Jono also admits he is not a financial advisor and does not tell people where to invest. Jono reminds the audience to do their research. His recommendations are practical and doable. Getting a day job, upgrading skills, investing money, living within your means, and compounding your savings in the long term - these are good tips and not get-rich-quick advice.

In 2021,  a Jono Armstrong Forbes article by Neal Taparia featured Jono Armstrong and his wife, Cice Armstrong. In that article, the Armstrongs shared 8 strategies for creating a successful affiliate marketing business. 

Who Is Cice Armstrong?

Cice Armstrong is Jono Armstrong’s wife. Cice also appeared in Jono Armstrong’s free webinar about the Ministry of Freedom. The Forbes article mentioned that she co-founded the Jono Armstrongs Ministry of Freedom. While there is minimal information about her participation as a co-founder, an article in America Daily Post written by Lauren Black noted that Cice shot videos and managed sales and the database of Jono Armstrong’s product reviews and online business. 

How Much Is Jono Armstrong Net Worth?

The net worth of Jono Armstrong's channel on Facebook through 15 Aug 2023 is $25,764, according to Besides his Facebook channel, Jono earns money as an affiliate marketer. Jono Armstrong claimed that he has been making over $250,000 monthly. In a 2021 video, he showed how much he has earned from Warrior Plus, JVZoo and the total amount of money he withdrew from Warrior Plus:

Jono Armstrong Review on Quora: Can You Trust Jono Armstrong?

Yes, you can trust Jono Armstrong, according to some commenters in a Quora question: “Is Jono Armstrong trustworthy?” However, some customers think otherwise.

‘Jono Armstrong Is Trustworthy’

Will Weatherly described Jono Armstrong as a “top online marketer.” Will said success comes with criticism and Jono has had his fair share of it.

Aaron Vadim, Account Manager at Binary Options, added that Jono Armstrong “paid traffic to increase his earnings.” He said Jono tried to improve his skills until he earned a million dollars in 2019 and created the Ministry of Freedom to “disclose his secrets.”

A Ministry of Freedom member also said the course is quite expensive, but the support they get is fantastic.

‘Jono Armstrong Is Untrustworthy’

A commenter says he purchased 2 Octane products from Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace. The commenter named Nghi Tran said the product is “gone now,” and there are no responses from Jono and Brendan.

What Is Launch Jacking?

Launch Jacking is a strategy of doing a product review ahead of the product launch or soon after its release. According to Jono Armstrong, launch jacking is one of the cheapest ways to make money online and earn passive income. Some affiliate marketers also call it “launch hi-jacking.”

Is Launch Jacking Still Profitable This 2023?

Yes, launch jacking is still a profitable strategy for affiliate marketers this 2023. However, you need to choose a reasonable offer, work to rank your content and outrank the competition. It’s not even a guarantee that you can make sales once you rank your content. It’s just one way to get noticed by the target market. You still need purchases from buyers who would use your affiliate links to earn an affiliate commission.

Are There Any Alternatives to Ministry of Freedom?

Yes, there are many alternatives to the Ministry of Freedom. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, these cheaper courses made it to my list of Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 2023:

  • Affiliate Marketing Boss by Chad Bartlett teaches how to scale business with minimal capital
  • Rapid LevelUp by Kenneth Fong is a website that helps new affiliate marketers get started.
  • Invincible Marketer by Aaron Chen is a step-by-step guide to help you build your authority in a niche to become a profitable affiliate marketer.

Final Verdict: Is Ministry of Freedom a ‘Well-Organized’ Scam?

No. Ministry of Freedom is not a "well-organized scam." Jono Armstrong's Ministry of Freedom is a legitimate course, albeit poorly rated online. It has a learning platform where users learn strategies and tools to make money online through various techniques like affiliate marketing, launch jacking, YouTube ads, and creating and selling products. Several students, even established affiliate marketers, tried the program as beta testers or members, and they earned money from the Ministry of Freedom. 

However, Jono Armstrong, the creator of the Ministry of Freedom, is a controversial online marketer based on reviews, and his inactivity on his social media channels can send a negative impression to his followers and prospective clients.

In addition, the Ministry of Freedom's old version home page disclaims that earnings and income representations made by the Ministry of Freedom are merely "aspirational statements" of a member's earning potential. They clarified that results vary and do not guarantee that members will get similar results. You can find the same disclaimer on the Ministry of Freedom 2.0 website.

Lead Generation is Better Than Launch Jacking

But lead generation is the better way to earn money online this 2023 compared to launch jacking and affiliate marketing. Lead generation runs on autopilot, bringing a passive income stream once you have generated consistent traffic and connected with the business owners willing to pay for your website. 

Like affiliate marketing and launch jacking, lead generation requires research to pick your niche and create valuable content. But unlike launch jacking and affiliate marketing, where the traffic usually slows down after the product is launched, lead generation gives consistent traffic so long as your niche offers value to the local community. 

Plus, you are not entirely in control of the products in affiliate marketing. It can either be a good product or a low-quality product. If you are careless in choosing digital products or any product to review and it disappears from the market, your image could be affected too. I have built over 80 sites which I have complete control of. One of these websites I barely visit brings in $2,000 monthly, so the local lead gen biz is my #1 recommendation for beginners. 

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