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MLM Leads: 101 Ways to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

July 28, 2022

Ok, so you’ve blown up social media, texted everyone in your phone, and are starting to wonder why all you’re getting is crickets right? Don’t sweat it, you’ve just stumbled across a piping hot slice of the best (and biggest) list of methods to generate MLM leads!

You’ve probably tried a few of these methods below. That’s OK. We’re gonna talk to you about how you can use them even better and we GUARANTEE you’re gonna see some tactics and strategies you haven’t thought of before. 

Many of these ideas will work if you're more into affiliate marketing, too. Read this breakdown of affiliate marketing vs mlm for an explanation.

Lets get into it and start with our first category of MLM lead generation, but first let me give you the quick 411 on my story. 

A lil bit about me... My name is Ippei...

Hi, my name is Ippei.

Fed up with my 9-5 grind-making money for someone else, I took this course in 2014-quit my job and am now a self-employed entrepreneur living in a sick apartment in SF.

This business model gave me the tools I needed to work from home building & ranking websites that generate leads for small businesses.

That tree service site above has been making me $2000 per month since 2015.

IMO this biz model is one of the best opportunities on the internet, and I'm going to show you why.

Social Media

1. Start a Business Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page as an “official” channel of communication for your MLM business.

Stop and think just how advantageous this option is to your business.

With over 2.5 billion users monthly, Facebook is slated to hit 235.15 million users by 2025.

In addition to looking more professional, you will easily know the supporters and possible leads from your connections on Facebook by the people who accept your invites to like the page (you can invite them all at once).

Use this page to post from regularly and make sure you have the Facebook Page Manager App downloaded so you don’t miss any inbound messages a prospect may send to you.

If you need a little help getting this set up just right, Hubspot has a pretty thorough step by step guide you can check out for free right HERE!

2. Cultivate a Facebook Group for prospects

The importance of Facebook groups as an entrepreneur are only growing.

Create a group on Facebook to add MLM prospects.

Resist the urge to pitch to the individuals you add to the group.

Focus on bringing valuable content to the group and convey the benefits your lifestyle and family have received by being in your MLM business.

The idea here is to build intrigue and curiosity so the prospects to want to learn more about you/your business.

3. Run a paid ad on Facebook

Once you’ve set up a business page, you’ll be able to utilize the Facebook
Ads Manager platform to run actual paid ads.

This is an effective way to target specific demographics and show your message to them directly.

Consider the kind of message you want to show to a “cold” audience and build some intrigue.

You may want to consider putting in a call to action sending them to a lead capture page.

Collect name, number, and email address and put them into a follow up sequence to become a customer or team member.

If you are struggling or need assistance with the process, check out this article.

It breaks down the technique step by step and offers key tips on how to succeed with paid ads on Facebook.

If you're going to spend the money may as well see decent ROIs.

4. If you are selling an MLM product, do a giveaway on Facebook

This method works best when your MLM company sells a physical product.

If the company does not provide you with additional resources to run giveaway promotions, buy some extra product with your monthly shipment with the purpose of using them for giveaways.

This method can be used to build your business page following by requiring participants to like your page, comment on the giveaway, and share it to be entered.

Go Facebook Live from your page when you select a winner and take a moment to speak to your live audience about how they can also get the product for themselves.

Make sure you follow up with anyone who commented or shared your giveaway as well, since they may have a level of interest in your company too.

5. Promote testimonials on social media (savings, health benefits, etc)

Whether your company product/service claims to save people money or improve their health, make it a priority to get a case study from a customer as soon as you can.

If you helped someone save money, get them to record a 1 minute testimonial about how you made their lives easier.

If your company sells a product that helps people improve their health, have your customer take before and after pictures.

Use these photos or videos to promote 3rd party validation of why someone should either become a customer or a team member with your company. 

6. Utilize a personalized company landing page in social media posts

A lot of MLM companies provide their IBO’s with digital resources to promote their business.

If your company has provided you with your own personal URL, make sure you’re using it!

These landing pages are designed to help automate your lead process and some even let your leads sign up right from the page.

The goal of your landing page is to generate better conversions rates geared to marketing and business growth.

Decide what it is you want to accomplish-bigger email reach-promo-discounts-etc.

Be sure to include the following for maximum benefit:

Tips To Creating A Killer Landing Page

A memorable headline

Compelling subheads


Hone in on a pain point & offer a pleasure aspect

Contact information

A call to action

For a detailed list on how to create a high converting landing page check out this article.

Also, when posting on your social media platforms don't forget to include your URL in the post for optimal conversion opportunities.

7. If you don’t have a company provided landing page, create a simple one yourself

If your company didn’t provide you a landing page, no problem.

These are very easy to create yourself. Use a service like Instapage and create a simple 1 page drag and drop lead form where a visitor can learn more about your opportunity if they submit their info.

Don’t overcomplicate this method, just create a clean page and use the link to share on social media posts.

For an even more custom presentation, buy a domain custom to you and your opportunity and link that to the page you created. This is an easy technique called a domain redirect. For a little more info on how to set it up with your purchased domain check this article out HERE.

8. Promote on Twitter

Twitter can be another MLM lead source when used properly.

If you haven’t used the platform before, you’ll want to set up a profile and begin building up a following.

Whether you have a company provided landing page or you built your own, be sure to pin it in a tweet at the top of your profile as this will be the first thing that profile visitors see.

Engage with your following and reply to comments.

The idea is to build a personal connection with your followers that could lead to discussions where they become a paying customer.

9. Up your Instagram Game

Instagram is a visually driven platform and a great one to build a following via strategic hashtag usage.

Search highly posted hashtags related to the MLM industry or even specific to the products you offer and save them for regular post use.

Put a focus on the quality of the photos and videos you post.

Using the hashtags are a great way to grow your following who will be introduced to the content you’ve been consistently posting. 

Don’t skip out on posting content to your story on a regular basis as the Instagram story options include things such as asking your followers to vote in a poll or give their opinion on things.

These are great ways to get engagement moving that can transition into a conversation about business. 

10. LinkedIn - You’re a network marketer….network!

Odds are you’ve probably either tried (unsuccessfully) to use LinkedIn as a lead source for your MLM business, or it seems like too big of a mountain to climb and you’ve left it alone.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. The biggest thing you’re going to want to utilize is the filtered search functionality.

This allows you to specifically search out network marketing professionals as well as profiles that have interest in that category.

Connect with individuals who are in this category as you’ll find twice the value.

You’ll be able to begin connecting and cultivating an organic relationship with those that are interested in the industry.

You’ll also see existing professionals doing what you want to do and you can observe their activity on the platform and use it as inspiration for your own strategy for LinkedIn leads.

If you want to have a more thorough step by step plan on what do on LinkedIn (especially if you've never used it before) check out this article on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for MLM lead generation.

11. Snapchat

We all know that Snapchat has the reputation of skewing towards the younger demographic, but that does not mean there is no lead value on the platform.

If you aren’t already, begin posting snapchat stories regularly with the intent to pique viewers of what you do.

Make sure your profile is public so anyone can view it. Monitor your viewing numbers and add new friends and connections daily.

Pose questions to your audience that encourage DM’s to you. Use these new chats to determine if they are a potential lead.

Keep the seriousness down as Snapchat is not a place you want to post boring content!

12. Pinterest

Thought this was just for recipes or DIY projects?

Pinterest is a still largely-untapped opportunity to connect with individuals and produce leads from.

The best thing to consider here is the visuals your posts provide.

You’ll either generate leads from sharing a blog post or URL that leads readers to a page with an eventual call to action on it that allows them to become a lead.

This method, however only reaches the following you have. Given that sometimes this reach is a bit small, you’ll want to take care to create something that your followers would actually want to share or re-pin.

The secondary way your leads will come in is when your followers share your content and it shows up to their following.

This is how you can access the “cold” market on Pinterest that otherwise wouldn’t see your content.

Make sure your call to action on the page you are sharing to Pinterest lets an interested reader easily drop their name and email/number on it.

Other tips to consider to fully capitalize Pinterest for the purpose of growing your biz and your brand are:

Successfully Grow Your Business With Pinterest
  • Create vibrant Pinterest boards

  • Include a 'follow' button everywhere

  • Tell a story that inspires

  • Write compelling copy to include with your images

  • Consider using paid ads

This article provides additional information on how to use Pinterest for business and make sales which you may find helpful.

13. Use Influencers

Influencers are like a supercharged way to get your product or opportunity in front of a lot of people at once.

An influencer is someone with a very large social media following often into the millions.

They will post a product or item for a fee which in turn exposes that item to tons and tons of people all at once.

Find an influencer (usually on Instagram) and reach out to them. Before you do this, though, “shop around” influencers for someone that you feel has an audience or following that closely represents your desired demographic.

If you are selling candles, you likely will want to look for an influencer in home decor for example instead of a fitness influencer.

This is a bit like a paid ad that gets you in front of a lot of people, so be prepared for DM’s with questions or comments once an influencer posts about your business.

Feeling like you're still not quite sure where to start yet on this? No problem, check out this article showing you how to reach out to influencers. It also gives some killer stats on ROI using influencers as a lead generation or sales source.

14. Facebook Messenger Bots

Messenger Bots on Facebook are a great way to automate lead interaction.

If you have a business page set up on Facebook, you can integrate a service like ManyChat to guide a conversation in your inbox right into a lead!

For instance, if someone messages you about pricing, your chat bot can engage with them on your behalf and start answering questions.

The goal can be set with the bot to ultimately get the person messaging to give their contact info either in chat or by being directed to a landing page where they can receive more info.

This automates the response process and determines if they are a lead so you can stay focused on other areas of your business!

15. Reddit

The Reddit platform is a bit of an enigma in the social media lead generation category.

The last thing you want to do is get on a thread and start promoting your business. You’re gonna crash and burn really fast doing that.

Reddit is a bit of a “give and then take” situation where you’ll want to find ways to provide value to other users.

Engage sincerely in threads relevant to what you do or offer and help people this way.

When you do this, it creates an environment where organic conversation can begin to happen.

The Reddit method for producing leads will take some time to cultivate, but is worth keeping in your bag of tricks.

16. Use high profile IBO’s in your company as “social proof”

Almost every MLM company has a handful of celebrity or high profile individuals as either an endorser or actual active member.

Find articles, photos, or videos of them endorsing or being active in the company and use them as a bit of a third party verification of the company you promote.

While he has since distanced himself from the business, MLM company ACN spent several years receiving endorsement from now President Donald Trump. He even appeared in their promotional video.

You will likely be informed by your up line or leadership of any prominent names in your company, so don't be afraid to shout them out on social media or in any meetings.

This is a great way to pique interest of individuals who may be just watching your activity but not reaching out to you to finally want to know more about what you do.

Taprooting Lead Generation Techniques

17. Work With Your Existing Team

Taprooting tactics are fundamentally the same process, just working in a different situation.

The overall concept is to keep digging through the “dirt” to get to the “gold”. Sometimes we find our team members don’t always have the same level of creativity or willingness to leverage their networks for business growth.

When this is the case, it’s a great idea to personally work with them on implementing ways to bring their warm market to the business opportunity.

If your team is local, in person hands on training (helping them on phone calls or in person meetings) works great.

If they are team members in other regions of the country, use a service like Zoom to have web meetings collectively.

This helps reinforce team unity and is a way to encourage team members to keep working hard.

This may seem like a passive way to produce leads, but it is in all reality a great way to duplicate your efforts to improve the likelihood of your team producing more leads you can help them close.

18. Ask friends & family for who may be interested

This is a method you have possibly already done, but let’s cover all the bases.

You likely already know what friends and family members are interested in your business, but consider the people they may know who would be a good fit for your opportunity.

Simply ask them to get you in touch with a co-worker or friend who they know that is either looking to start a business or make some extra money on the side.

This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to meet some new leads!

19. Work through every social media connection you have

Go a step further than just making regular posts about your business.

Comb through your entire list of friends. No, like literally, the ENTIRE list. Make note of old high school or college friends that you lost contact with.

DO NOT pitch them in a DM. Rekindle a connection with them and when the time is right, they will likely ask you what you have been up to or where you work.

Use this opportunity to build some intrigue and explain an overview of your business.

The goal is to get them to want to continue asking you questions, so develop a balance of information and intrigue. 

20. Make sure you ask every “NO” for who could be a "YES"

In your MLM business you’re likely already familiar with the words no, not interested, no thanks, etc.

Don’t hang it up here, though! Thank them for being honest and upfront with their intentions.

Take this moment where your business is at the heart of the conversation and ask them if they know any individuals who would be a good fit for what you do.

You never know who they may introduce you to.

21. PBR’s

PBR’s or private business receptions are a common growth strategy used by almost every MLM company.

The goal is to invite your prospects to a meeting place and introduce them as a group to what your business does.

Some may sign up, some may say no, and others will be undecided. Quickly find out who is a yes and who is a no so you can establish that and focus on the maybes.

These will be your leads you can work over the next few days and weeks to join your business.

PRRs are an excellent way to generate wealth with MLM.

You are talking to a group of people simultaneously-not only multiplying your time but people enjoy it primarily because:

Why Do PRBs To Grow Your MLM Network
  • It provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for your guests.

  • Convenient.

  • Offers a ‘familiar’ environment for your attendees.

  • Social aspect. 

22. Ask your up line for some “momentum”

The ethics of placement from your up-line is largely dependent on the compensation plan and business model of your company, so use this method only when applicable.

Obviously, your up-line benefits from the growth you have in your own business, so they are invested in seeing that happen too.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of a boost by having your up-line position their new recruits into your downline, or simply turn over lead they have accumulated and are working themselves. 

You benefit with a little bit of momentum in your business growth, and your up-line still receives similar value for helping you out. 

Additional Online-Based Methods

23. Run a Contest For Your Team

It might seem like a no brainer, but building up enthusiasm and camaraderie amongst the individuals on your team is a great way to produce leads.

If your company functions off a revolving 30 day “volume” metric of sales or revenue, you may sometimes find yourself close to a promotion or bonus towards the end of the month.

If you’re looking to achieve this, have your team help push you there! Don’t ask and not give back, however.

Run a contest such as the most new sign ups or sales get a prize from you. Cash is a great way to incentivize, but look for a more creative method such as an iPad or other physical item.

Create a contest based on what your business and budget allows for and help push your team to success.

This post is a little dated, but it offers some solid tips on how to run a successful contest to motivate and drive success from your team that is well worth the read.

24. Buy a Personalized Domain to Promote With

Sometimes you just can’t beat a little effort into personalization.

If you either have a company provided landing page or even one you built for yourself, add a little flair by buying a personalized domain that directs to it.

If your name is Adam and you sell healthy bars and snacks, you can buy something like

Check out this article breaking it down step by step on the fastest and easiest way to buying a personal domain name.

This makes sharing your landing page very easy to remember for yourself and prospects and gives a nice personalized touch when sharing links on social media and a fantastic way to grow your network marketing business.

25. Run Adwords campaigns

The viability of running paid ads on Google for your MLM business will vary based on what you offer.

One thing is for sure, it is definitely a way to get in front of people who are searching very specific things.

For instance, if you are selling weight loss products, you could target keywords such as “how to lose weight for my wedding”. This is a less expensive keyword than one like “ways to lose weight”.

You will want to make sure you are sending the people clicking on your ad to a place where they can learn more information about how you can help them as well as a way to provide you with their info to follow up with.

Given that these leads will cost you money, make sure that you are following up with them quickly.

Need a little help getting some ads started? Google has a great introduction to get started that you can check out RIGHT HERE.

26. Use a Press Release

A press release is a unique approach for your MLM business to not only boost some credibility via third party sources, but also improve the chances of someone coming across your business information online.

A press release will use dozens and even hundreds of news outlets online to publish an article you write about your company and what you do.

Write up a little bit about your business and put the URL to your landing page so anyone reading it can click it to learn more.

If you are looking to launch a press release, check out this walkthrough….

27. Find Industry-Relevant Forums

There are forums for just about every industry and idea under the sun online.

Find ones that are related to your MLM business and join them such as fitness, finances, specific product types, etc. Look for threads and posts that you can chime in on and offer advice or info.

Look to establish new connections that you can continue dialog with. When discussing business, learn a little bit about what they do.

They’ll likely return the question which gives you an opportunity to determine if they have a level of interest in it that could make them a viable lead for you.

Looking for a place to start finding forums? Check out for MLM specific forum info!

28. Start a Blog

Launching a blog is a great way to get return readers that could become prospects for your business.

Focus on delivering content that balances what your business helps individuals with and real life topics that truly interest people.

If your company helps lower people’s cell phone bills, write about topics related to tech and the wireless industry.

There are benefits and shortcomings to creating a blog such as:

To Blog Or Not To Blog?
  • Blogs help people find you, thereby driving additional traffic to your website or landing page. 

  • Improves your SEO through new and engaging content-which Google loves.

  • Promotes a relationship with potential and current clients.

  • Endorses your business and portrays you as a leader in your industry.

  • Brand recognition 

  • Time-consuming. 

  • Need to excel at captivating content and copywriting techniques.

  • The process of ranking and maintaining can be monotonous.

Like anything in business if you are willing to put in the work you will reap the rewards.

Additionally how you present yourself and your business will go a long way in generating success with your blog.

Like including a little info about different ways people can save money by being educated on all the minor fees that can come up.

Be sure to include yourself in the list of ways they can save money. Add a link or a form that someone can fill out if they are looking to know more about what you can offer them.

29. Build an Email List

Regardless of where or how you get email addresses for your leads, be sure to utilize a program like Mailchimp.

This kind of email marketing service lets you build custom emails with photos and content that can direct the readers to a landing page for more information.

You should work up a weekly email in advance that is not always focused on pitching them your business.

Write about content that truly matters for your reader. If you are in the fitness industry, offer them tips and tricks or even a few recipes.

Be sure to pull the email addresses of leads who join your business out of this list so they aren’t received the same email as all of your prospects.

30. Use An Email Signature

Communicating with leads via email will eventually happen.

Communicating with people who aren’t leads are just as important too!

Sometimes the first and possibly only way you can introduce someone to your business is by your email signature.

Be sure to have social media icons they can click to visit your profile as well as a URL they can click to learn more about both you and your business opportunity. 

If you need a little help setting up an email signature, here is a platform with free templates you can check out to get one set up.

31. Craigslist

On Craigslist you can post either in the Jobs or the Gigs section to find individuals looking for an opportunity or ways to make money.

The Job category, however, will likely not produce as high of a quality of lead as the gig section will.

Given that you’ll have to pay to post in these sections, posting in the gig category with an intriguing but not “bait and switch” kind of title is your best bet.

You’ll want to get some creative juices flowing to type up an opportunity a lead genuinely wants to learn more about.

Be sure to offer convenient ways for them to follow up with you beyond a URL or email.

A lot of Craigslist surfers are accustomed to texting so consider dropping your number in the post to connect right away with any incoming leads.

32. Join

This website was designed with local networking in mind. 

You can search your local area and find events that are happening, groups of people interested in similar things, and more.

Look for opportunities to meet new people through the various groups listed on the site.

You’ll find like-minded individuals that you can begin to know and connect with.

These connections over time are a great organic way to find local individuals in your area who could be interested in your business opportunity.

33. YouTube (organic)

Video content is a no brainer for using when going after leads.

Launch a Youtube channel and start covering topics that educate your viewers and relate to your business.

In your video info you can insert URLs and direct viewers to click these links to learn more information.

Once you have done this you can repurpose this content for social media posts to get even more views and traction.

Give attention to the titles you give your videos as they may show up in search results on Youtube for people who don’t even know you.

This is a great additional way to leverage Youtube as a lead source.

34. YouTube (paid ads)

Running paid ads on YouTube is a bit of a different approach than your standard youtube channel.

These videos need to be targeted in their message to pique the viewer. Given that these ads will primarily run in the middle of another YouTube video being watched, work on grabbing their eyes and attention quickly.

Direct them to your channel or a URL that they can learn more about you and what you do. Monitor the KPI’s of your ad so you know how well it’s performing and how many clicks you are getting.

Adjust these ads based on performance and keep a close eye on them. Paid ads are a great way to get fast leads as well as a great way to spend a lot of money fast.

Let’s focus on making sure the former is happening with this MLM lead method.

If you need a little assistance getting started with setting up a video ad on YouTube, check out these instructions HERE.

35. Resume Mining

Resume mining is an easy way to find people who already are familiar with or even have been in a network marketing company before.

To use this method, head to a resume mining site such as JobSpider and create an account for free. After you do that, run a search with the filters of MLM in it.

Be sure to run this search with varying keywords such as “multi-level marketing” and “network marketing” so you don’t leave out any results that didn’t use your exact spelling on their resume.

When you come across any resumes that look like they could be a great lead, reach out to them using the website’s contact form and keep an eye out for a response.

The individuals who reach back out will likely be very high quality leads.

36. Be a Guest Blogger

Being a guest blogger is a great way to introduce yourself and your business to an audience different from your existing one.

If you want to be a guest blogger, write up your content in advance and approach a blogger who has an audience you’d like to be introduced to.

Perhaps you are in an MLM that sells bags and storage items. If you are wanting to get in front of a high quality audience, find a blog that skews toward a mom-demographic and ask if you could guest blog for them.

This is a great way to introduce your products to potential customers and then use those customers as leads to introduce your business to.

37. Start a Podcast

Get mic’d up, cause launching a Podcast is next on the list.

Now obviously you can’t just talk about your business opportunity every week, but what you can do is talk about the ins and outs that revolve around your industry.

If you are in an MLM that offers financial products such as insurance, you could discuss financial principles and objective ways that your products can impact things such as retirement.

The idea is to work an angle that allows for unbiased conversation regularly but still revolves around your service or product.

Be sure to put in the notes of each podcast clickable URL’s that listeners can check out for more information on your business.

Want some more info on how to get your Podcast started? Check out this beginners guide HERE.

38. Advanced Retargeting Campaigns

Don’t let the words “advanced retargeting” scare you away.

This is just a differentiating kind of paid ad versus a typical ad on Facebook.

What are doing here is utilizing the Facebook pixel on  our landing pages to “follow” people who clicked to see your landing page, but did not sign up for more information on your contact form.

This code installed on your landing page will show a different ad on Facebook to the people who visited but did not fill out the form.

This method is designed to show a different message to the people who we know for sure came to your page but didn’t opt in to your form.

The extra effort will not only show potential leads how in tune you are to your business, but will also display a level of savvy most other people in your business may not be doing. 

HERE is everything you need to learn how to set up the Facebook pixel on your landing pages.

39. Create a Webinar

You’ll want to make sure you have an existing website or funnel you can integrate this into, but scheduling a webinar is a great way to introduce anyone anywhere to your business.

Either live or recorded, a webinar is video walkthrough and presentation of you and your business.

Have webinar attendees register with their name and email so you have those on hand to follow up with.

In addition to producing leads for yourself, this is a great tool your team can use to plug their own prospects into if they don’t have the means to do a webinar themselves.

Never set up a webinar before? Check this info out to get one started.

40. Quora is a huge Q&A database that is used by millions.

Keep an eye on the questions and threads that exist on there related to your business.

If you are consistent and offering up great advice and information, it is not hard to carry a back and forth exchange that would open up an opportunity to discuss your business.

This method does require some effort and time, but it still makes our list as a creative way to generate MLM leads for yourself at no cost but time.

41. Write an E-Book

Time to become an author! Writing an E-book has multiple ways you can produce leads with it.

To start off, write your book on a topic that will be engaging to your core demographic.

It is important that you leverage this E-book to get people’s information.

A widely practiced method is making it available to anyone at no charge with only requiring a name and email address to get access.

Just like that you have leads you can follow up with!

There are a couple of tricks to marketing and selling your E-book that you should take note of including:

Tips To Selling Your E-Book

step 1

Establish your target market-who is your ideal lead?

step 2

Set your price point with the goal of generating leads at the forefront of your strategy.

step 3

Make sure your landing page is aesthetically pleasing.

step 4

Determine your exact steps for executing an online marketing campaign-remember word of mouth still holds a lot of clout with potential customers.

step 5

Consider starting a blog to coincide with the launch of your book.

step 6

Leverage Google and social media platforms to rank at the top of the search engines.

42. Engage in Entrepreneur Forums

Entrepreneur focused forums are prime grounds to find someone who “gets it” when it comes to running a successful business.

You will be among individuals who already have the right mindset which is half the battle when looking to expand your MLM business.

A great forum to check out is You’ll find tons of threads on all kinds of topics.

Establish yourself as an authority in topics related to your business and you’ll find this credibility will create opportunities for deeper discussion with other forum users.

Use these conversations to work in your business opportunity and how they could benefit from it.

43. Use a Contact Finding Software

A contact software like is a great way to fast forward your search for individuals who could be great team members for your MLM business.

These kinds of software help you get access to contact info for individuals in your industry that you would like to prospect, or even those who are already active in the MLM industry.

Filter through your results and begin establishing a connection with them.

Seamless software is a great partner to pair with your LinkedIn prospecting and is a huge time saver and a great way to grow your nework marketing business.

44. Develop Personalized Branding & Website

Nothing says you are all in and committed to the business you are building like personalized branding with your own website. 

Taking the time to build out a website branded to you is the ultimate digital business card. 

You'll be able to present your approach to your business in your own words and style, creating a prime way to use attraction marketing for leads. 

On this kind of lead method, the details matter. Take the time to write great content on your web pages and really think through the things your prospects will be reading when they hit your site.

Always be sure to leave them wanting more information. And how do they get that information? They have to opt in of course!

Have them put their name and email in for you to follow up with them and introduce your opportunity. 

45. Add A Pop Up To Your Branded Site

If you took our advice on method #44, this is a great way to be a bit more aggressive on getting your website visitors to become leads.

A quick pop up on your website will not be missed by your visitors and really is ultimately designed to get them to make a snap decision on showing if they are interested or not.

The interested visitors will fill out the pop up form.

It's your job to make sure the form gets to the point quickly and displays an eye catching graphic that will pique their interest. 

46. Utilize a Live Chat Plug In On Your Site

Live Chat plugins are a stellar way to keep a close watch on visitors to your site.

Using a chat plug in gives any visitor the opportunity to reach out via live chat on your site and ask a question or make a comment.

Using these kind of plugins give you instant alerts to the messages and allow you to begin communicating with this very warm lead.

Answer their questions and offer the option to set up a time to talk either in person or on the phone as this will likely be the next step in the progression of working with this lead.

The sooner you can talk to them, the better.

HERE is a list of the top 8 WordPress chat plugins reviewed for 2020!

47. Add a Meeting Scheduler To Your Website

Use a service like Calendly to easily integrate a meeting scheduler on your website. Take appointments set on this calendar very seriously.

Setting up an account is easy and the free version will likely work just fine for you.

Drag and drop the embed code on your web page and boom! Now when visitors hit your website and decide they would like to talk to you, they have way that feels much more professional and committed than a simple contact form fill out.

Automated email and text reminders can even be set up on Calendly to contribute to as high of a meeting attendance rate for your leads as possible.

48. Utilize SEO for Your Website

Search Engine Optimization creates a unique opportunity depending on how it is used. The most likely method you'll want to leverage SEO in creating leads for yourself is to focus on a local level depending on your market size.

You'll want to take a little time to do some market research for keywords that make sense for you to put some time into.

Think of keywords like "work from home business in Denver, CO" if you live or are near that market. Then you'll want to focus on using these keywords in the content on your website. 

The focus would be to make your website visible when someone searches these keywords so they see you on page 1.

The most visitors you can get to the site the better, as you'll be able to leverage several additional lead methods we've listed to this point to improve the chance to make them a lead.

49. Use a Sticky CTA Bar on Your Website

A Sticky CTA (call to action) on your website makes sure that your visitors are constantly given an opportunity to opt in to your form to receive more info about your business.

This method is a bit different from a contact page or even a pop up, as a website visitor can't just click out of it.

Here is a great article explaining how to create and trigger sticky bars worth reviewing if this idea aligns with your vision for your MLM network marketing business.

Consider the message and info you put on this bar as they will be seeing it for as long as they're on your site.

Make the ability to opt in and receive something like a free PDF of "why your business can impact their lives" simple by requiring only name and email.

50. Buy Leads Via

This lead method is quick and the point. Buymlmleads offers the ability to purchase leads right away. 

They offer various different targeted leads including demographics of male/female, nationwide, religious interests, and others.

Use their filter to find the kind of leads best suited for your business and start working them! Lead costs can be as low as around $1/lead depending on the volume you purchase.

If you have any questions about how their business model works, just check out their FAQ section HERE.

51. Text Messaging Marketing -

Leveraging a text messaging service like Text Marks enables you to communicate quickly with a lot of people.

Not only does this work for team communication, but you can also set up ways to produce leads. This platform allows for custom outbound messages to the cell phone contacts you have.

A great way to help in your MLM lead generation is to create messages focused around finding who is interested in hearing more.

Send them a survey such as "Would you like to make an extra $1000 during the holiday season? Click here to learn how".

Have the link in the text message go to a landing page where they can opt in or even have them simply reply to the text with a yes.

Follow up with them quickly and explain how they can begin generating revenue for themselves in your MLM business.

What and how you compose your text messages will go a long way in securing new leads and potential customers for your MLM.

A few points to consider when writing compelling business texts are as follows:


  • Short & sweet-get to the point.

  • Send targeted messages to relevant recipients.

  • Every text you send is a call to action, not a conversation about the weather.

  • Don't be smarmy and don't send more than 2-4 messages a month.

  • Be personal-use names when you have them.

  • Timing is key.

52. Use the Nextdoor App

If you're not already familiar with the Nextdoor App, it is basically a private mini social network designed for you to connect with your surrounding neighborhood.

The fact that is focuses primarily on the neighborhood directly around you is a great way to introduce yourself to people you didn't already know.

In addition to typical things that neighbors may be looking for such as babysitters and more, the ability to expand your network should always be your focus as an MLM'er.

If you really want to work these lead opportunities, go out of your way to introduce yourself to your neighbors and if they're new to the neighborhood drop off a welcome gift.

Establish a friendship and opportunities to discuss your business will follow.

53. Be a Guest On a Podcast

If you aren't already familiar, half of running a podcast show is about trying to find new content to give to your audiences.

A lot of podcasters are very receptive to the idea of guests on their show. If you don't already know someone with a podcast you could guest speak on, spend some time looking for a podcast show with an audience you think would be great to introduce yourself to.

If your MLM business involves vitamins and is health-oriented, find a podcast in the health and wellness category and reach out to the show producer. Introduce yourself with a bio and perhaps a blog or article you have written in the past to provide an example of what you have talked about before.

Offer to be interviewed or speak as a guest on the show with their final approval. Ask if it is ok if you include your website and contact information in the show.

Once this is approved you'll have a great chance to meet a new audience, get a few new leads in the process and is an excellent way to grow your network marketing business.

54. Put Social Sharing Plugins On Your Website

The last thing you want to do is put a lot of hard work in to your blog or website and not give visitors a chance to share it!

Use a simple plugin that lets you or anyone else share your content directly to their desired social media platform.

This is a great way to get your content in front of a new audience on media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It's important that any page you have that can be shared have a call to action on them.

When viewers click this shared content you now have the ability to convert them into a lead. 

HERE is a list of high quality social sharing plug-ins you can use for your site.

55. Set Up a Local GMB Profile

This is a method that likely very few MLM'ers in your area have considered, but is a great way to be hyper visible locally.

Setting up a Google My Business profile is a free and great way to establish yourself as a business online. It's worth putting some time into your listing name and the industry that you are in before submitting this profile.

If you are in the health and wellness space, consider a business listing name that is relevant such as "Becky's Fitness Challenge Denver".

This keeps your city in the title and lets viewers know that you are in the health industry. When you're ready to set up your profile you'll need to request a verification postcard from Google that will be sent to your home.

Once your profile is verified, it will be an active listing. Make sure you put your website and contact info on the profile as well as some photos showing viewers various things such as before and after photos or perhaps photos of you with your team.

Local searchers who see this profile will now have an easy way to contact you and learn more about what you do!

Need help getting yours set up? HERE is a great place to start.

56. Create A Business/Entrepreneur Course

Part of building your MLM business is showing others the way to do it.

Take some time and organize your journey into a mini course and create it on a platform like Kajabi. This is a course you could promote to help other individuals begin walking a path of entrepreneurship.

Set up the course to explain the benefits and challenges of becoming a business owner. Entice people to go through the course to perhaps learn a few inside tips and tricks you will show them in the course.

When you set up the modules don't focus solely on just your business model. As you wrap up the course, offer them the ability to receive 1 on 1 mentoring from you directly.

Request them to fill out a form and that you only have a select few spots available for this.

When someone fills this out, explain to them how your company is a great way for them to begin their entrepreneurship path.

Local/Offline Methods

57. Business Cards on Local Corkboards

Take an afternoon and visit all the local coffee shops and public areas of town including your post office.

Several of these locations will have boards that allow for flyers or business cards to be posted on.

Print up some business cards and pin them to these boards. Take some time to make sure they're not as boring as everyone else's.

Put an eye catching graphic or title on it that makes someone want to read it.

This is a passive lead generation method for your MLM and a great way to grow your network marketing business.

Even a few leads come out of it over time it was worth the afternoon spent!

58. Connect With Your Warm Market

Let’s talk local focus here. Have you talked to your barber or hair stylist about your business? What about your barista you see in the mornings?

Think warm market being the people who see your face throughout the week or month but don’t know what you do.

Approach them with what you do and offer a very laid back explanation of your business.

The last thing you want to do is make things weird when you get your hair cut, so be mindful of the relationship involved and respect the decisions they make. 

59. Bring Guests to Local Events

If you are leading a local team in your MLM business, you likely have weekend training events that double as business opportunity presentations for guests to come to as well.

If you haven’t already, invite some guests to see this presentation firsthand.

Not only will they get introduced to what you do, but they will also see all the local team members and get a larger sense of the culture your business has.

These things can impact a lead to want to join your business just as much as the compensation opportunities it provides.

60. Start a Local Event

If you don’t have a local weekend training event/business presentation in your area, just start one.

This is a key opportunity to define you as a leader for your team and for your business.

For your event to be the epitome of success, you need to promote the gala before it occurs.

Think things like:

How To Promote Your Local MLM Event

Market the locale-use pictures, blog posts, descriptive language to generate a buzz before the big day.

Offer post-event activities like an open forum or food/wine tasting.

Advertise on your website and leverage all social media platforms.

Consider involving your local media-newspaper, radio, etc.

Invite some VIPs or influential people in your community to build credibility to your brand and event.

Offer discounted rates, early-bird specials, etc.

Promote 'scarcity'-make people feel like they can not afford to miss out by not attending.

Taking the reigns on your local market and running a local weekly event will empower your local team members to know they can lean on you for support and help with their own prospects.

One of the best things you could do for your team is create an environment they can depend on being there to plug their own prospects into.

61. Volunteer Locally

This method involves some charitable efforts with your time locally.

Reach out to local food banks or charities and offer to volunteer your time. Use this opportunity to not only help those less fortunate, but to get to know others with a big heart who are serving as well.

Genuine people who help like this are the kind of high caliber individuals you want to see eventually be on your team.

As your volunteer and help, get to know them and their goals. If you come across an individual with goals or desires your business model could help them accomplish, take the time and explain that to them.

If they show interest, offer to meet them for a coffee or lunch and break down the business model to them.

62. Promote in Realtor Magazines

Realtor magazines are an easy place to put your information and drum up local interest.

Since these magazines are sometimes mailed out to the list the realtor has, you can find your way into homes of individuals you otherwise would have never met or known.

While this magazine is primarily designed to help realtors get leads, they need ad revenue generated to keep it going.

Your ad space is a small fee to be in the hands of tons of local individuals who may reach out based on the message you put in your ad.

63. Apparel

Be a walking billboard! Print up some custom apparel that is more appealing than just a website address or phone number.

Think of a catchy phrase or graphic you can put on the back like “Got Residual Income?”.

Since most MLM models offer some variation of residual income, you’ll be able to lead with one of the most popular piquing methods available to you.

Wear your apparel everywhere and be prepared to strike up a conversation with strangers anywhere from the gas station to the local thrift store to the line at Chipotle.

Polish your elevator pitch and be ready to set up an opportunity to discuss things in detail. 

64. Car Decals or Magnets

Don’t forget about using your vehicle as a lead magnet. Speaking of magnets, have a car magnet made or even a vehicle wrap/decal that shows your business info on it.

Keep your car clean and rep your company everywhere you go.

Include your website URL on the graphic and maybe even mention that they can text you for convenience if they want more info.

The goal should be to show a clean presentation of the company and an easy way for prospects to reach out to you.

65. Attend Charity Events

Local charity events are another great way to not only network, but to show the community that you are a business owner that should be taken seriously.

Often charity events involve sponsorship opportunities or even donated items to be auctioned off. If you have physical products in your MLM business such as candles, offer to donate some goods to the event.

If there are sponsorship opportunities, make sure you put your name on that list as well.

At the event you’ll want to treat this networking opportunity very seriously as you’ll be able to rub shoulders with generous and successful local individuals making it the ideal space to grow your network marketing business.

It will not be difficult to get into business conversations here, so use the opportunity to intrigue individuals to want to know more about what you do.

66. Sponsor Local Sporting Events

Local sporting events are easy to be a sponsor at. If you reach out to local high schools you’ll find that you can advertise in their handouts or even on banners around the field/court.

The legitimacy of your business by advertising here is great for the perception of what you do.

You want people to see it and identify it as every bit of a legitimate business as anyone else locally.

Put your URL and contact info on it and consistently sponsor so the local community knows you are here to stay and secure a fantastic opportunity to grow your network marketing business.

67. Buy Ad Space in High School Yearbooks

Ad space in local high school yearbooks is a great method to get into the homes of local community families.

Communities appreciate and want to support their local businesses and if you are supporting their kids local schools, they will try to support you back.

If you have the ability to run promotional offers on your products you sell, include a “local HS Exclusive” promotion in it. You may get additional customers this way as well!

68. Sponsor a Vehicle in a Local Parade

Reach out to your local chamber of commerce or whatever board manages the organization of your town’s local parade.

Enter a vehicle in the parade and take some time to be creative in decorating it to promote your company.

Recruit some friends and family to walk beside the vehicle and pass out pre packaged candy bags to kids and families with your business cards attached.

69. Rent a Booth at a Business Networking Event

Find out when the next business expo in your area is going to be and rent a booth at it.

These events are largely made up of professionals who are trying to network and grow. You’ll find individuals walking by more willing to chat.

Take interest in what they do and why they are there and they will reciprocate that with giving you an opportunity to talk about your business.

Be prepared with business cards and any other collateral that will help you give lots of elevator pitches. Follow up with anyone you swap cards with and work those leads!

There are a few pros and cons to keep in mind with this suggestion like:

  • Establishes face-to-face relationships.

  • Builds confidence in your sales ability and gets you out of your comfort zone.

  • Gleans attention from social media platforms.

  • Community involvement and anticipation.

  • Results aren't instantaneous.

  • It can be pricey.

  • Low attendance can euchre your conversion rates.

70. Join a BNI Group

Join your local BNI chapter and use it as a weekly networking source.

You’ll be given chances to present your business to everyone in your chapter, so work on your pitch and how your business is an opportunity they should consider.

Keep in mind that this is a presentation to people who already own businesses, so you’ll want to incorporate into your speech how your business can be integrated into their already busy lives.

At these weekly meetings there will be plenty of time to mix and mingle, so think about different tap rooting methods you can utilize here.

Maybe the individual you’re talking to doesn’t have an interest in your business model, but they may know someone in the MLM space who is looking for a great opportunity.

Don’t be afraid to ask them who they may know as well who’d possibly be interested.

For info on how to find your local BNI chapter, go to

71. Partner With Another MLM’er to Refer Unqualified Leads to

This method works best when you have a connection with another MLM’er in a space completely different from yours.

For instance, if you are in the health and wellness space and have an MLM associate or friend who is in the currency trading space, you could send a prospect who has an interest in forex but doesn’t have a high motivation for health and wellness goals.

They may come across individuals who don’t have any desire to learn about trading foreign currency, but need to lose some weight.

They could send these leads your way. It's a great reciprocal relationship with no need to worry about direct competition.

72. Attend Local Sports

The power of community support is irreplaceable. You forge relationships and unique bonds due to the fact you are tied to people who go through the same local events that you do.

When you support local teams and culture, it opens opportunities to meet new people and create new friendships.

Local sports is a great way to support local families and get to know the families that are pillars in your community.

Create friendships here that allow for you to learn more about them.

When you have a relationship with people in your community like this, it allows you opportunities to speak more openly about your business AND have a receptive audience to what you are saying.

These leads take time and require sincerity in your approach, but they create some powerful relationships along the way and are a wonderful way to grow your network marketing business.

73. Local Coffee Shops

Local coffee shops are a staple to the network marketer. It’s your personal office, your team meeting location, and lead hunting grounds all in one.

If you haven’t gone on a blitz for local leads at the coffee shop, it’s time to start. Keep an eye out for the laptop working individuals who appear to be a remote employee or even possibly self employed.

Use some decorum as you “spy” on them to evaluate if you could approach them and introduce yourself.

If you really want to start the conversation off on a smooth note, offer to buy them a coffee for a few minutes of their time.

Keep your elevator pitch sharp and you may just find your next team member sitting across from you at Starbucks.

74. Start a Local Entrepreneur Meet Up

Create a local group for entrepreneurs to connect with. Think of it as a more laid back BNI.

Create an environment that lets local business owners get to know each other and build community.

You could rent out a local venue and do a holiday themed party or bash and promote it to all local business owners.

Schedule these like once a month or maybe every other month and build a group of business owners who want to get together and hang out.

As the leader and organizer you’ll be able to set up an occasional business spotlight where you let someone talk about what they do.

You can always wrap up the meet up by mentioning your company that sponsored it and give an elevator pitch on what you do.

Some business owners may be surprised at your ability to organize an event like this as a company and will give you an opportunity to talk to them one on one about what your business model is. 

75. Run a Weekend Hotel Training Meeting

Weekend hotel training events are the lifeblood for a lot of mlm teams. If you don’t have one in your area, set one up.

Most hotels will let you rent a room for an affordable rate and let you set up a training/meeting that guests can be brought to.

This is a great way to build team synergy as well, as your team can bring their guests and the number of attendees can grow quickly.

A lot of teams run these events on Saturday mornings for schedule convenience. Encourage your team to show up every week without fail and to get into the habit of always bringing one new guest every week.

If you can stick to these consistencies your team will blow up!

76. 3-Way Phone Calls

The 3-way phone call is the go to method for working with non local prospects.

If you have a team member looking for help in working with a new lead, have them 3-way call you into a phone call with them.

They can introduce you as a mentor and allow you to run the phone call with their lead.

This process builds you up as an authority on the phone call and lets the lead know that your team has a strong support system. 

There are some significant benefits to adopting this practice to grow your network marketing business-specifically MLMs such as:

Benefits of 3-Way Calling
  • Offers third-party validation via social proof and others success stories.

  • Improves your invitation skillset and gets you comfortable at selling your products over the phone.

  • New distributors can leverage the expertise of their sponsor or upline.

  • Teaches how to overcome objections. 

  • Provides alternate perspectives. 

  • Enhances validation of the business opportunity.

Here is a great article outlining the how and why 3-way calling is not only effective but an excellent opportunity to grow your network marketing business.

77. Cold Calls

Looking for a new challenge? Start picking up the phone book and cold calling people in your area.

We all know this isn’t necessarily the most productive method for new leads…HOWEVER….this will sharpen your phone skills and your speed with how you interact with cold prospects.

If you can get a few leads off of this method, the sky is the limit. A great tip is to ask them right away for 20 seconds of their time when they answer.

Then give your most enthusiastic pitch and go from there.

78. Write and Print a Book

Production for a booklet is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be.

Print up physical copies of your book and keep them handy to give to prospects.

Having a book you’ve written shows your level of commitment to your business and is a great professional touch.

Write it on a topic relevant to your business and be sure to include your contact info in the book for readers to be able to reach out to you. 

79. Go to a Local Mall

We've all walked past those kiosk workers trying to interrupt your path for a quick pitch on what they sell. Stop seeing them as annoyances and start looking at them as opportunities!

These workers spend their entire day hearing 99.9% "No's" in the hopes they can strike up a conversation with an interested passerby. 

Most of these workers will gladly welcome a friendly conversation. Take some time to learn about their compensation they get (it will likely be commission heavy). 

Ask them if they'd like to use all of that experience to earn a residual income that they can control and build.

You'll find these workers usually interested in at least hearing you out. 

80. Run a local TV Spot

Grab a spot on your local tv station and shoot a commercial for your business.

Think about what a viewer will see and consider presenting your company as “expanding into the region” and looking for some self starters who want to make some residual income.

Drop your URL and contact info on the page so they can reach out to you.

81. Run a Local Radio Pitch

Run a radio ad in your local market and put a spin on producing leads by promoting the fact that your business is growing and you need new team members to help with your local growth.

Let them know they will receive one on one training and mentoring with an income opportunity of (insert what is realistic for your mlm company here).

Running ads like these may not produce a large volume of leads, but hey we’re not leaving a single stone unturned on this list.

82. Hand Out Flyers Downtown

Print up some business opportunity flyers and head to a busy downtown area.

Put on a smile and hand out flyers to people passing by. You may have a few people read the flyer and begin asking you questions.

Be ready to focus on them and have your pitch ready so they can be piqued to want to know more.

Printing and distributing flyers is not only cost-effective but a great way to market your MLM business.

Consider places like:

Ideal Locations To Hang Flyers


Coffee shops-bistros or restaurants


Banks & grocery stores or pharmacy's


Schools & daycares


Community bulletin boards


Doctor & dental clinics


Churches & library's

Don’t be afraid to try different areas of town if one area isn’t producing much interest.

This article offers additional spots to consider when handing out flyers to grow your networking business.

83. Revisit Past Prospects Who Said "NO" Before

We all have a long list of “NO’s” from past prospects. Keep a record of them all! A no really only means “not right now”.

Everyone has their own pace of how they live their life, and sometimes we just have to catch them at a better time than perhaps we did before.

Go back to some of your first NO’s you received when you first started your mlm business. If you’ve experienced some growth and success since then, talk to them about the path you’ve taken since first talking to them.

Offer to give them advice on how to get to where you’ve gotten faster. Talking to them about your journey in an honest manner is a great way to show them what they could do as well.

Your position of credibility will be much higher than when you first talk to them, so don’t spin your wheels trying to sell them on your business opportunity. Instead, offer to hold their hand on the journey of getting their business started.

84. Get Referrals From Customers

It’s not uncommon in MLM to have a database of connections that are only customers and not team members.

These people are regular purchasers of your product, but not sellers or distributors as part of the company.

Since you obviously know who already your customers are, take a moment and reach out to them.

Tell them that you’re looking to expand your business in the area and you’d like to check with your customers to see if they know anybody who is looking at additional ways to make money.

Since you already have a relationship with them as a customer, it’s a pretty easy question to ask them.

Allow them to connect you with whoever they know in a manner they are comfortable with and work with those leads accordingly.

85. Offer a Local Non-company Specific MLM Training

This method will require some savvy navigating. Promote on social media and through your team a local non-company specific MLM training.

The goal is to bring all network marketers from any industry to a training that you would set up locally.

You’ll want to promote that there is no cross recruiting and that this is purely educational and designed to help everybody in their own niche.

Since you’ve set up the expectation that there is no cross promoting, you’re probably wondering how we get leads this way.

Since you’ll be the one running the training in speaking in a broad manner as it pertains to network marketing growth, you’ll want to put a lot of effort in preparation into your training.

What’s going to happen overtime is attendees will notice your consistency and quality of knowledge in the industry. Since leader ship in MLM can be sketchy from team to team, team members will be attracted to your consistency.

You’re going to inevitably get people reaching out to you either at the training or during the week that won’t help and want to bounce ideas off you.

You’re going to find individuals who want to work with you specifically because of the knowledge and skill you bring to the table and when those conversations happen that is the right time to view them as a lead that you can begin talking to about being part of your team.

86. Drop Flyers on Windshields

While we can’t speak to the laws in your specific area on passing out flyers on windshields, we do know that mall and movie theater parking lots tend to be very full of cars.

A bright flyer can’t be missed and is a great sort of a shotgun approach to spreading your message to a lot of people at once.

Sure not everyone will take the time to read it, but if you spend an hour dropping flyers and one person reaches out interested as a customer or to become a team member that’s time we’ll spent working cold leads!

87. Become WAY Friendlier!

If this message sounds too simple, and you’re actually pretty right. A huge part of attracting new business partners to your MLM is creating an atmosphere and a presentation that attracts them.

Attraction marketing in your MLM business should always be your ultimate focus. Your demeanor presentation and way you carry yourself are all factors in the Amount of leads you’ll be able to get.

If you analyze the top earners in your MLM company, you’ll likely notice a consistent pattern of friendly and outgoing behavior.

They have learned that the presentation you gave is a corner stone in attraction marketing.

People love to be around people that make them feel good. This goes for your team and any prospects you come across. 

88. Attend Company Conventions

Most MLM companies put together a yearly if not quarterly companywide convention.

These conventions are typically designed to reinforce the commitment of team members to the goal of building their companies as well as providing training and relevant company updates.

These conventions are also a huge opportunity to take prospects to so they can see the scale of what you are trying to build.

In addition to this, attending these conventions provide a great source of social media material from going live on Facebook or Instagram to posting content when you run into top performing executives from your company.

It gives you an opportunity to shout out big names in your company and show your audience how committed you are to grow in your business. it’s not uncommon for these conventions to be hyped up in action packed.

With the energy this high around your business on the weekends these conventions are, it’s a great opportunity to turn up the level of excitement you convey about your own business.

The idea is to use this enthusiasm to attract people who are watching you to want to know more about what you do.

89. Post Part Time Opportunities At a Local Campus

Head out to the nearest college campus to you and find the community buildings. A lot of times there are boards with the job postings on them and other income earning opportunities for students on a part-time basis as they attend classes.

Work up a flyer or graphic about your business opportunity with a message that would be enticing to a college-aged demographic. be careful to not use a bait and switch approach to your messaging, but convey to them the flexibility that your business model affords.

 Let them know that they can build income part time around their class schedule and that they will receive one on one mentoring from you to help grow their income.

Building a team of business partners on a college campus is a huge asset as they have a large warm network available to them on campus.

90. Join Chamber of Commerce

Joining the Chamber of Commerce in your city is a great way to establish yourself as a reputable local business owner.

Being part of the chamber also allows you to be listed in the local businesses on the chamber website and include your information in public communication from the chamber.

Well this won’t necessarily generate a large quantity of leads for you, it does help establish your credibility and it is an additional opportunity to make you visible for anyone new to the cities and may be looking on the chambers directory for different kinds of businesses.

The Chamber of Commerce offers networking benefits like:

Networking events.

Peer2Peer training groups & advertising or sponsorship opportunities

Additional referrals from recognized business professionals.

91. Church Events

It’s pretty common for local churches to run events for the community or that at least encourage the community to attend.

If you aren’t already a member at a local church, consider making an effort to attend some of the events. Not only is it a great way to network with individuals of the church by also other people attending from the community.

These events tend to attract the same people so if you do put an effort into attending them you’ll Begin to establish relationships with them overtime. Learn a bit about what they do you or where they work.

When they ask about your line of work explain to them your business opportunity and consider taking the angle that you help people earn a part-time income around their existing jobs.

This line is a great and nonaggressive way to position your business as a viable option for them before they would even object to the idea of working any business on top of their current job.

In advanced tip to these events is to consider offering sponsorship of the event at the church put on.

Sometimes churches struggle with phones and sponsorship to pull off their events and if you take the initiative to offer financial support, there’s a good chance that they would be willing to give you a big shout out in front of the entire audience.

92. Set Up A Giveaway At a Local Store

This lead generation generation method may be difficult to do at large chain stores, but if you have locally owned stores discuss with the owners about setting up a small table for the day with a giveaway offer on it.

If you sell physical products in your MLM business, work up a graphic with a giveaway promotion on it that anyone can enter.

Make a simple entry paper that requires them to put their name number and email on and have them drop it into a bowl on the table. Pull a name out of the ball at the end of the day and contact the winner with their prize.

Be sure to take a picture giving the winner their prize and use it as social media content.

You also have multiple additional papers that people put in the bowl that you can follow up with and offer them something additional even if they didn’t win.

Perhaps you want to take the angle of introducing them to your product or business as a customer and if you’re able to by company policy, offer them a great deal or discount on the first purchase.

93. Leave Samples in a Local Business

Take some time to prepare some samples of your product and attach a business card to them.

Go into a locally owned business and ask for permission to leave free samples on the table or near the register.

This method works well when your company has the means to provide you sample packets or if you are selling a product as individual sealed servings.

You may want to consider making custom business cards that you attach to the samples that include information such as how to re-order or how to contact you if they want to know more about the product.

94. Teach or Host a Local Free Event

Depending on the product or service that your MLM business provides, offer a free community event or workshop.

If you are in the health and wellness space put together a group work out that is applicable to a wide age range and include refreshments and samples of your products.

If your MLM business deals with service-based offerings, put together an educational class that helps people learn how to be more fiscally responsible.

Either way you will have an opportunity to speak to a large group of people who may be interested in either being a customer or knowing more about your business model.

Follow up with potential customers and leads accordingly and grow your network marketing business one customer at a time.

95. Run an Ad in the Local Newspaper

Take out an ad in your local newspaper and promote your business is looking for reps to help and local company expansion.

Make sure that you highlight the key bullet points that will be attractive to readers who have not heard of your business before such as flexibility and income potential.

Include information on how they can easily get ahold of you such as a number they can text or a website they can go to. That URL should direct them to your landing page where they can sign up to request more information

96. Set Up 1on1 Meetings

Very little gives you the focused opportunity to work with a lead or prospect like a one on one meeting.

This meeting is between you and somebody who has agreed to speak with you about your business.

Meet at a location that is comfortable for the prospect and focus on determining if they are a yes or a no or a maybe. If they are a yes sign them up in your business.

 If they are a no thank them for their time and ask if they know anybody who would be interested.

If they are a "maybe", write down a note to yourself to circle back to them and continue to work with them as you do other leads who are still on the fence about whether they want to join your business or not.

97. Display Unprecedented Consistency

Speaking from experience, one of the best things you can do to improve the opportunities to work with new leads is to display unprecedented consistency in your business.

Often times the nose we get from people are really just them doubting our ability to stay consistent in our business.

Sometimes in the MLM ministry people have a tendency to be flaky when things don’t go their way. Your objective should be to display consistent effort and energy in growing your company.

You never know who is watching you and waiting to see if it’s something you are truly going to lead your team in.

Setting this example to those that may be watching either personally or on social media is one of the best ways to attract individuals to you.

This lead generation method is more about cultivating the proper mindset and approach which ultimately spills over into how you handle every type of lead generation effort for your MLM business.

98. Leverage Available 3rd Party Company Validation

Most MLM companies will have magazines or publish articles from well-known sources as a means of third-party validation.

Use these resources to convey the credibility of your company, perhaps even putting it on flyers or your website such as “Featured in (insert publication)”.

This 3rd party information helps create an objective analysis for your potential leads and prospects.

99. Attend the GoPro Convention

Most people in the MLM world are familiar with the name Eric Worre. His training and business building philosophies are legendary to network marketers and his annual go pro convention is a bit of a Who’s Who in the network marketing world.

This convention is not for a specific company but rather for the network marketing industry as a whole to stay sharp on their training and recruiting methods.

Big industry earners train on certain topics and it is a weekend of community in an otherwise aggressive space.

Aside from receiving great training in value, these non-company-based conventions provide a great opportunity to expose your social media following and others just how serious you take your business.

Make posts that will create curiosity as to what it is you’re doing while at the convention.

Whenever someone shows interest or ask questions about what you’re doing explain to them that you’re improving how efficiently you’re growing your business in learning more about how to teach others to do the exact same thing.

This is a great opening way to dive deeper into your business model with these individuals or set up a time to speak with him one on one once you get back from the convention.

If you want to learn more about the Go Pro network marketing convention, visit

100. Reach Out To Businesses Who Post on Local Bulletin Boards

Anytime you’re out and about either at a coffee shop or Post Office or any local business that has a public bulletin board, take a photo with your phone of all the business cards that have been placed on it.

These business owners have had the same idea as you to try to put their information in front of people who would see it locally, but you’ll take it one step further.

You’re going to reach out to them and let them know you saw the card while you were posting your information on the same board.

Tell them that you’ll keep their business in mind if you come across somebody who needs their services and let them know that you love if they will keep you in mind for the exact same thing.

Most of them probably receive very little feedback off of these public boards, so the fact that you’re calling at all should be an encouraging thing to them.

Most business owners won’t mind a reciprocal referral arrangement and you never know what leads may come out of it.

101. Hit the Gym

It's no secret that determination and consistency are qualities found in committed gym-goers. 

It's that exact mentality you want on your team. If you already are a gym member, take some time to get to know the local members. If you aren't a gym member, time to get started.

There is an unspoken respect among committed gym goers. When you are in that circle, it's easy to strike up conversation with other members. Take some time to get to know them.

Cultivate a relationship and when the time is right, open up about your business opportunity. 

Lead Generation: IMO The Best Alternative To MLM's

So here we are at the end of the world's most comprehensive list of how to generate leads for your MLM and grow your network marketing business.

Perhaps you've made some decent change in network marketing. Maybe you haven't made any. I'm going to share a little bonus secret just to reward you for checking out this entire list.

In this list we talked about how effective it is to have your own website for branding and lead generating opportunities. We touched on how you could leverage a skillset like SEO to make your MLM website become visible in your local market.

Think about this for a moment...

What if in addition to using this skill to try to generate leads for your network marketing business, we could introduce you to a way to multitask with that skillset and have local business owners climbing over top of each other to get leads for their business?

Lead generation is not only the best way to secure a semi-passive income stream, but it is the best way to create financial freedom without needing to rely on family or friends to purchase your products.

No more selling, no more 'house parties', no more depending on sales from your team to generate an income every month.

With lead generation, you are in the driver's seat.

You are in control of your financial situation.

Here's why:

  • Local lead generation doesn't base its success on finding the right trending product week after week, month after month.
  • You don't have to consistently make adjustments to your advertising methods or budgets. In fact, you don't have to run Facebook, Instagram or Google ads at ALL...
  • There's no buying and selling of products. You don't have to worry about profit margins. Or shipping. Or returns. Or any of the other problems associated with selling physical products. EVER!
  • You get FREE organic traffic from Google.
  • If you set it up properly from the start, you can leave your lead gen site for months without having to tweak it.
  • It provides you with a passive income. THAT'S the golden ticket!

Complete honesty, this is not MLM. This concept uses your ability to rank your website in a city and just translates that into making money every month from local businesses.

Oh, you don't know how to rank a website like that? We know, and thats ok. That's a big part of this coaching program that has taught me how to tap into any market and produce leads for businesses. Not just the one I live in, but ANY market.

For instance, let's say you used this ability to rank a website for people looking for tree trimming and removal in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Like we did. And got 12 leads per day:

Do you think a local business owner who has never had an internet lead in his life would be interested in taking these phone calls of hot leads off your hands? Think he'd be willing to pay a decent amount for that?

See, this coaching teaches you exactly how to rank content on Google just like this:

And all the daily calls that these web pages get, get us PAID. 

Now take this process, and do it in another city. Then another. Then, maybe you do the same thing with local carpet cleaners, or plumbers. There are literally endless industries you can do this in. 

This is simply a different way to look at residual income. Building a team that can help generate residual income is great. But, unfortunately we all know that they don't always stick with it.

These digital properties that produce leads for you will never quit. They'll never go away. They'll never stop paying their autoship. They'll NEVER stop being income producing assets.

Bringing in money month after month.

If you want to learn how I did exactly this process, I'd highly recommend checking out the coaching program that taught me every single thing I needed to know.

Interested in learning more?

Click the link below to schedule a call and get started with lead gen today.

If you are involved with MLM and have a suggestion on how to grow your empire that did not make our list, please feel free to drop it in the comments section.

Best of luck to you as you grow your network marketing business.

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