Dan Koe’s Modern Mastery Review: Earn 50K Through 5 Focus Areas

August 30, 2023

Dan Koe’s Modern Mastery is an online paid course and community. MMHQ prepares their members to make a name for themselves and monetize their skills. Members can grow their social media presence, share their knowledge, or offer services for their one-person businesses. For $27, members have access to the MMHQ resource library, step-by-step roadmaps, 7-day sprints, and real-time personalized help.

Entrepreneurship aside, MMHQ is geared to help their members to become better versions of themselves. Dan Koe believes in self-development, and supporting your goals with a philosophy. Members are motivated and supported by experts who earn  6-7 figures. They're free to ask questions and exchange ideas for deeper understanding of the program. 

In this Modern Mastery HQ review, we unravel how Dan Koe’s online paid course and community can help you make $50k in a year, the cost, inclusion, bonuses, and course structure. We’ll also talk about Dan, his career, claims, and reputation. This review will breakdown the course timeline, its contents, and ultimately, if it’s the best platform for online entrepreneurs. 

Modern Mastery HQ Pros and Cons


Active and helpful community

Wide range of resource materials

Updated content

Prioritizes your well-being and self-development


Recurring monthly expense

Refund process is locked behind the $50k guarantee

Page navigation can be difficult

Access to content is restricted by tiers


The average price for MMHQ is $27/month or $324/year (Master Tier).

Refund Policy

There are no refunds in MMHQ, only cancellations.


Modern Mastery HQ was founded in 2021.


Modern Mastery HQ has a good reputation. Students seem to get what they want out of the program. The most popular occurrence might be for those who aim for social media growth and freelancing.

How Much Does Modern Mastery HQ Cost?

Modern mastery costs $150 to start, then $27/month.

  • Discount Price
  • For discount, you may join through The 2 Hour Writer Program to avail MMHQ for $5 in your first month.
  • Trial Price
  • There is no trial price for Modern Mastery HQ.
  • Apprentice Tier
  • The monthly price for the Apprentice Tier of MMHQ is $9, or $108/year.
  • Master Tier
  • The monthly price for the Master Tier of MMHQ is $27 or $324/year.
  • Actualizer Tier
  • The price for the Actualizer Tier of MMHQ is $297/year.

What is the Modern Mastery Program?

Modern Mastery HQ is an online paid course and community. Dan Koe created MMHQ to help individuals who want to earn money without sacrificing too much of their time working. Modern Mastery can help you turn your skills and interests into a profitable one-person business. Members have access to an updated content library, sprints, and active community. Dan believes his program can help you make at least $50k in a year through 5 Focus Areas.

How MMHQ Can Help You Make $50k in a Year

Modern Mastery HQ can help you make $50k in a year through their 5 key focus areas. 

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Free Distribution
  • Mental Performance
  • Lifestyle Design

These focus areas are categorized to help you in self-development and launching your one-person business. Upon reviewing the success stories, most members get results by leveraging the course materials to grow their social media presence, then offering freelance services or coaching. 

MMHQ can help you earn $50k by challenging you through their sprints, holding you accountable, and making sure you’re applying strategies they suggest. Dan believes that a business will only flourish if the person behind it is committed to self-betterment. Which includes fitness, training, communication, and overall fulfillment. Learners who adopt these strategies go from employees to business owners, and have better control of their time. 

How Does Modern Mastery Help You Make Money?

Modern Mastery HQ helps you make money by turning your skills and interest into a profitable one-person business. The program teaches you how to sell your skills as a freelancer or how you can teach other people about topics that you’re knowledgeable about. Dan thinks that you can create a market for your practical skills and even become an instructor. For the introduction of MMHQ, he emphasizes on learning outside of the school, and taking insight from mistakes you make during practical application with employers instead of being scared and waiting until you think your portfolio is ready.

What is Modern Mastery HQ’s $50k Guarantee?

MMHQ guarantees that members can make $50k in a year. If not, Dan Koe will refund every cent spent on the membership (only). To qualify for the guarantee, the member must be an active participant in the Discord discussions, ask questions, and must apply MMHQ’s strategies.

Who is Modern Mastery for?

Modern Mastery is for people who want to start their one-person business. Financial freedom and flexibility are also a selling point for MMHQ. Dan believes that less working hours can yield better results given that your life is balanced. Members join to learn how to profit off of their skills, have more free time, take care of their bodies, and still provide the best services.

How is Modern Mastery Structured?

There are four aspects to the structure of Modern Mastery HQ. These are designed to help their members achieve their goal and develop a profitable one-person business. 

1. Resource Library

The resource library is divided into two parts, One-Person Business and Lifestyle Design. The library contains valuable information that will help members identify their skills, strengths, and other relevant content. They also update the library multiple times a week to maintain relevance and effectiveness. 

2. Step-by-step Roadmaps

Step-by-step roadmaps are free legacy courses provided to the members. This is very helpful for those who want to improve their business approach or get acquainted with the actions they might need to take.

3. 7-day Sprints

The 7-day sprints are MMHQ’s way to motivate and engage their members. In Discord, members are encouraged to take part in these habit sprints which are simple to implement. I like that Modern Mastery tracks their members’ progress and holds them accountable. This sense of community and support is one of the reasons why students are getting positive results. 

4. Real-time Personalized Help

MMHQ offers real-time personalized help through their Discord server. Members can reach out to other members and industry experts for any concern. Active communities for programs help a lot. They provide support, guidance, and better understanding.

Bonus Content Worth $247

Power Planner ($9)

Eliminate the overwhelm of your to-do list and laser in on your priorities.

High Ticket Essentials ($97)

Beginner friendly, comprehensive guide on turning your skills and interest into a $3k-$5k service, selling it, and increasing your prices.

Twitter Followers & Dollars ($47)

How to grow 10k followers and improve your social media presence.

Websites That Work ($47)

Learn how to build websites, sales funnels, and landing pages for your business.

Habits Made Simple ($47)

Comprehensive guide to seamlessly breaking energy-sucking habits that are holding you back + tracking worksheets..

What is in the Modern Mastery HQ Program?

Modern Mastery HQ is full of valuable resources. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

The Mastery Hub

Real-time discussion for personalized answers that courses and free information don't provide.

‍30 Day Mastery Challenges

Dedicate yourself to a 30 day "sprint" on one of the 5 Key Focus Areas to jump miles ahead of your competition.

‍Monthly Live Trainings

Get expert insights on one lever-moving subject in a live call format.

Action Articles

Steal Dan Koe's processes and systems for running a 6 figure client and digital product business.

Monthly Goal & Growth Tracking

‍ Write out your vision and reverse engineer it into daily actionable tasks.

The One Percent Club

MMHQ has one main message - to Join The New 1%. How do we do that? By getting 1% better every day in mind, body, spirit, and business.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the MMHQ?

It will take 1 year to complete MMHQ. That is in literal sense, if you want to see if their $50k guarantee is true. However, since Modern Mastery HQ is a resource platform that constantly updates, there’s no actual completion timeline.

Is Modern Mastery Good?

Modern Mastery is a good program. You will have access to 154+ marketing, social media, client acquisition, content, & performance systems from Dan Koe. These will help you monetize your skills and interests. The community is also active which allows you to have a support system that understands your goals and can guide you when you have concerns.

The program also includes legacy courses, worksheets, and sprints. These are all beneficial even for members who don’t have prior experience in making money online. However, access to such content depends on the tier that you purchase.

Will MMHQ Make You a Great Internet Marketer?

Modern Mastery HQ can make you a great internet marketer. The program offers valuable information, active community, and actionable insights. The premise of being a one-person business gives you the authority over your decisions. This also means that you’re accountable for your results. The materials provided are a great start. The difference will be on the amount of effort that you’re willing to exert.

Should You Join Modern Mastery?

Yes, join Modern Mastery. The resources are great, and the community makes it even better. If you’re looking for a program that suits beginners, MMHQ is a good option. I personally believe that the community itself is a good value for the price you’re paying. Having constant support, actionable knowledge, challenges, and being held accountable is a good trade for your bucks. 

Does Modern Mastery HQ Have a Good Reputation?

Modern Mastery HQ has a good reputation. Students seem to get what they want out of the program. The most popular occurrence might be for those who aim for social media growth and freelancing. Dan Koe’s rapport also helped build this positive feedback for MMHQ. Because of his success, people are more inclined to believe in him and his programs.

Are Modern Mastery Students Getting Results?

MMHQ students are getting positive results. The platform is full of resources and is constantly updated. I wouldn’t be surprised if students actually scale their one-person businesses through Modern Mastery HQ. Many students joined to increase their social media following as well, and fortunately get the results that they want. 

Ciaran Houlihan @theciaranmarket

@thedankoe You've put together a masterclass of lessons and resources in that community Dan. They helped me land my first client, hit my first $5k+ month, and soon to be scaling way past $10k/m🙏

via Twitter

Dakota Robertson @WrongsToWrite

@thedankoe MMHQ and the lessons taught in it were instrumental for me going from 4K to 65K followers in 9 months Absolutely changed my life Grateful for y’all

via Twitter

Tom Lawrence

Since joining MM I have: - the most social engagement I’ve ever had - created an online fitness community - created 4 separate, low maintenance fitness programs - met more likeminded people than I could ever imagine - have made more money in a month online than ever before MM is the ultimate enabler. It is accountability. It is community. It is direction. It doesn’t hold your hand - but it does put the correct tools at your finger tips. MM has given me direction, a clear path to online success and the accountability (there’s that word again) to get it done. My favourite part of this community is just that - the community. It is empowering.

What if You Are Not Satisfied With MMHQ?

There are no refunds if you’re not satisfied with the Modern Mastery HQ, but you may cancel. Dan Koe is confident in his program’s effectiveness and the results it would bring. If you stick with the program for a year, MMHQ has a $50k guarantee. 

What Kind of Support is Available for Members of MMHQ?

Support from fellow students, solo-entrepreneurs and experts are available for members of MMHQ. The Discord server offers a “peer” feeling for the members, allowing them to ask questions freely and share ideas. On top of that, the community allows you to expand your network and build your online business.

Who is Dan Koe?

Is Dan Koe for Real?

Dan Koe is the real deal when it comes to monetizing his skills. His online presence and success help build trust in the community. For updates about his works and more, you may subscribe to his newsletter, Koe Letter.

What Does Dan Koe Do?

Dan Koe is a podcaster, YouTuber, and brand adviser. He initially gained popularity on YouTube, where he would post his podcast episodes. More recently, he’s focused on the courses that he offers, such as Modern Mastery HQ.

Dan Koe’s Claims

  • Better Every day in Mind, Body, Spirit, and Business 
  • Guaranteed $50k in a Year 
  • Successful One-person Business

Dan Koe believes that his programs can help you create a balanced life where you earn by only working 4 hours a day. His MMHQ course is geared towards helping individuals create their one-person business by monetizing their skills or interests. The $50k guarantee is the only way to get refunds for the membership cost because Dan is confident that his program is effective. 

$50k Guarantee Debunked

The $50k MMHQ guarantee seems straightforward. As long as you follow the strategies, participate, and ask questions, you should be successful. This is what Dan Koe believes and preaches. While the idea is accurate, there are 73.3 million freelancers in the United States alone, in 2023. This is expected to grow up to 76.4 million in 2024.

MMHQ never claimed that it’s going to be an easy ride, and the statistics can confirm that. Only 36% of US-based freelancers are successful — that is, 36% of full-time freelancers who make over $75,000 a year. So if you’re only working 4 hours a day, and aiming for that $50k in a year by selling your skill or teaching others about your interests, it could be challenging. Building your one-person business is going to take time and effort. Probably why Dan locked the refund behind his $50k guarantee, which will force you to stay for an entire year, participate actively, and develop yourself.

Alternative Freelancing Courses

  • Freelancer Freedom Blueprint 2.0: Freelancer Freedom Blueprint is a coaching program by Laura. Laura teaches beginners how to monetize their skills, attract clients, and become successful freelancers on their own terms. 
  • Freelance Marketing Secrets: Freelance Marketing Secrets, also known as Freelance Secrets Download or Freelance Digital Secrets, is a free PDF offered on Kaela Kanae’s ads.
  • Write Your Way to FreedomWrite Your Way to Freedom offers a course that covers everything you need to know to start freelance copywriting. Sarah Turner provides strategies to create appealing content to make money as a freelance writer.

MMHQ's $50k a Year Vs. My $52k Per Month

Everybody dreams of financial freedom. Having your own business and banking on your own skills and interests sounds like a dream. Being a freelancer or a coach can be a profitable and fulfilling career. Their popularity wouldn't be in this state if it wasn't.

Modern Mastery HQ is a good platform for beginners who wish to find the balance of self-development and entrepreneurship. Having a community that supports you and holds you accountable will definitely help you stay on track. But, the 4-hour a day and $50k in a year grind might not be for everyone. 

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