Ben Alistor’s Money Mindset Review | Is It Worth Your Time & Money?

August 2, 2023

Ben Alistor’s Money Mindset aims to help you create a substantial net worth and generate passive income. The course has 135 videos and is categorized into 15 sections, where Ben shares valuable insights and concrete examples that will help you nurture a positive money mindset and manage your finances accordingly. It offers mentorship and online learning programs geared toward your financial success. 

Some of the key elements highlighted in this course include the importance of money management, familiarizing and applying the laws of banking to manage your finances more efficiently, solidifying your negotiation skills and creating a results-driven investment strategy. Let’s find out if this course can really help build your long-term wealth and achieve financial independence.

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Pros & Cons of Money Mindset 


The course creator, Ben Alistor, has a proven track record in online entrepreneurship and personal finance.

It’s not boring! Ben is actually an excellent speaker, making the lecture more fun and easier to understand.

The course is available on demand. That means you can start or finish the course at your own pace.

Ben is a straightforward financial advisor and mentor. He gives you brutally honest insights about money-making ideas and other financial decisions. 

Ben shares his firsthand experience, including the tools and strategies you need to implement to establish income stability and achieve financial freedom.

So far, Ben has an excellent digital footprint. He has been invited to several podcasts and earned positive feedback from other successful entrepreneurs and netizens.

Unlimited lifetime access (135 videos). Ben is also honest about his revenue streams, making the course more credible for his students.


It’s not a personalized or tailored fit program. So some tools or strategies may not apply to your financial situation. 

No direct interaction with the course creator.

It’s not downloadable. You need to login to their portal to access the videos. 


$299 (unlimited lifetime access)

Refund Policy:



It’s hard to find reviews or feedback from other students about the course. But, there are a few online entrepreneurs who vouched for this program.

Course Objectives:

To help people manage their finances efficiently and build long-term wealth. 

What You Will Learn from the Money Mindset Course 

  • Passive Income: Learn different ways to generate passive income. 
  • Money Management 101: Find out the more effective way to manage your money to avoid financial obstacles and achieve your long-term goals. 
  • “Stupid” Money Choices: The course provides you with valuable tips on how to correct and avoid poor financial decisions you made in the past.  
  • Credit: Find out how to pay off debts and use credit to your advantage.
  • Laws of Banking: Learn how to apply the laws of banking to your financial life.
  • Investing: The course also provides you with insightful tips on how to invest your money wisely and grow your wealth over time. 
  • Part 1: Introduction (3 videos) 
  • Part 2: Getting Started with Psychology (14 videos)
  • Part 3: Stupid Money Choices (13 videos)
  • Part 4: Money Vs. No Money (11 videos)
  • Part 5: Productivity (8 videos)
  • Part 6: No More Paycheck to Paycheck (7 videos)
  • Part 7: Investing Beliefs (8 videos)
  • Part 8: Negotiating a Raise (8 videos)
  • Part 9: Laws of Banking (15 videos)
  • Part 10: Practical Ways to Make You Money (9 videos)
  • Part 11: Credit (15 videos)
  • Part 12: Money Hacks (7 videos)
  • Part 13: Happiness & Efficiency Hacks (8 videos)
  • Part 14: Progressing (10 videos)
  •  Part 15: Passive income (13 videos)

Who is Ben Alistor? 

Ben Alistor is a 7-figure Amazon FBA seller and now taking TikTok and the YouTube platform by storm, through his motivational tips and online business tutorials. E-commerce is one of his suits–and through the years, he has established himself as one of the industry leaders in the world of online entrepreneurship and personal finance. His recent success has led him to offer mentorship programs to aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who seeks financial abundance. 


YT Subscribers: 18.1k subscribers | TikTok: 682.5k followers & 17.1m likes


E-commerce, Amazon FBA and motivational speaking

Other Services:

Amazon account management, full financial mentorship programs


Most people find Ben’s tutorials and online learning materials helpful, especially on e-commerce and Amazon FBA. 

How Ben Alistor Got Started

Ben started his journey in entrepreneurship in 2018 using Amazon FBA. His business flourished just before the pandemic outbreak, which gave him more opportunities to share his stories on YouTube and TikTok. 

After buying his first house and the rising costs of daily expenses, he took charge and decided that the next 40 years of a 9 to 5 job were over. He also shared these breakthroughs and principles in his Money Mindset course. The goal is to help his students break free from their 8-hour job, retire early and take full control of their financial life. Read this article to find out how much do Amazon sellers make on average

What is Money Mindset? 

Money mindset refers to the underlying beliefs, attitudes and values an individual holds about money and wealth. It can be positive or negative and it often influences how people make financial decisions and manage their finances.  

A positive mindset involves having a healthy relationship with money, believing in the abundance of opportunities, feeling confident in one’s ability to make and manage money and feeling comfortable with wealth and financial success. This mindset can lead to responsible money habits, pursuit of financial goals and a sense of security and freedom. 

A negative money mindset involves fear, scarcity thinking and limiting beliefs about money. People with a negative money mindset may struggle with financial decisions, feel anxious or stressed about money and struggle to achieve financial goals. 

It’s essential to recognize and shift negative money mindsets to promote financial well-being and success. This can be done through education, self-reflection or working with a financial advisor or coach.

10 Steps to Develop a Positive Money Mindset 

  • Recognize Your Beliefs & Attitudes About Money: The first step in developing a positive money mindset is to recognize beliefs or attitudes about money. This includes money beliefs like “money is the root of all evil or “I will never be one of those millionaires.” Once you have figured out these negative thoughts, it’s time to challenge them and replace them with positive beliefs.
  • Learn & Move Away from Your “Stupid” Money Choices: We all made poor financial decisions in our lives. Whether you missed a credit card payment or bought expensive things you don’t really need, it’s time to acknowledge these mistakes and focus on moving forward. Forgive yourself for all the wrong decisions you’ve made in the past. Ben cited several strong points about this in part 3 of the course. He also gave concrete examples, such as homeownership emotions, watches and jewelry traps and other tricky money problems. 
  • Set Financial Goals: After moving away from poor financial decisions, the next step towards a positive money mindset is to set your money goals. Financial goal setting is all about knowing your priorities. Find out what matters to you the most. You can also apply the SMART goal strategy (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely) to make sure you’re always on track with your financial objectives. Having clear goals will drift you away from a negative money mindset. 
  • Optimize Your Money Habits For Happiness: Having a positive mindset towards money is not an easy feat. One way to make it easier is to optimize your budget for happiness. For example, if you like a gym membership or traveling makes you happy, then plan your budget accordingly to include these things. If you’re not deprived, then creating a solid budget plan will feel less like a chore. There are several money hacks you will learn in the course that will help calibrate your budget for happiness. This includes scaling your personal finance, paying off debts, racking up your savings account and much more!
  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others: Comparing yourself to others can greatly affect your mindset in your everyday life, including your money beliefs. This often leads to negativity. Always remember that comparisons are never accurate. Your financial situation will always be different from other others. Making comparisons will only lead you to a losing end. As a result, you will feel discouraged and you will your goals unreachable. You focus on the negativity instead of your progress. These things will set you back and may cause you to make poor financial decisions along the way. Ben also shared insightful learning materials about this in his course. He discussed different complexities and worst-case scenarios you may encounter. He also gave some valuable tips on what you can do to start over and stay focused on your goals.
  • Steer Away From Scarcity Mindset: Focus on abundance rather than scarcity. A positive mindset comes from the belief that there is plenty of money that will come as you go on your financial journey. Focus on abundance rather than scarcity, and you will find more opportunities and be more likely to take risks.
  • Practice Gratitude: This is one of the most powerful tools for developing the right money mindset. Take the time each day to pat yourself on the back and express gratitude for the wealth you have and all the opportunities ahead. This practice can shift your focus to your progress.
  • Invest in Yourself: Investing in yourself is the best investment you will make. Whether it’s through education, training or personal development, all these things will pay off in the long run. By investing in yourself, you’re not only improving your skills and knowledge, but you’re also making a statement to yourself that you’re worth investing in.
  • Surround Yourself with Positive Influences. Stay away from toxic people who only instill negativity in your life. Choose the right people around you. Surround yourself with winners. Read books or find mentorship programs that offer support and guidance when you need it.
  • Focus on Solutions Rather Than Problems. When you encounter financial challenges, focus on what you can do to overcome them rather than dwelling on the problem itself. This can help you stay motivated and proactive in achieving your financial goals.

Is Money Mindset Worth Your Time & Money? 

Yes, the Money Mindset course is worth your time and money. Ben did a terrific job to make the learning materials a lot easier to understand, which makes it ideal for any person who is struggling with their financial situation. This course will help you start over and make better decisions in your financial future. 

As emphasized in this course, always look for opportunities for financial growth. Amazon FBA is one of Ben Alistor’s strongest suits. Clearly, this platform presents many opportunities to grow your income. But, if you’re looking for another low-risk-high-return investment, local lead generation is a proven online business model that can help you earn a passive income!
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