Bryan Bottarelli’s Monument Traders Alliance Review: 73% Win-Rate With War Room?

March 27, 2024

Monument Traders Alliance is an options trading community that provides trade recommendations and education. They help you make money trading options by offering tools, training, reports, alerts, and actionable advice. The team claims that you can win up to 73% of the daily trades you make based on their recommendations. Founded by Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, Monument Traders Alliance is Part of the Agora Companies, a consortium of publishing companies that provides financial, health, and lifestyle newsletters.

In this Monument Traders Alliance review, you will learn what the War Room is and how it works, what the other services offered are, who are the experts behind Monument Traders Alliance, if their claim is legit, and if their program really works. We will also analyze if options trading is worth it and what my recommended alternative is.

Options trading is a high-risk investment with over 90% of traders failing, according to an article published by Forbes. While you can trade with a few hundred dollars, it is ideal to start trading with $5,000 to $10,000 to meet option margins and to prepare for losses. As you might lose your investment, you should only trade with money that you can afford to lose.

Bryan Bottarelli's Monument Traders Alliance Review: Pros and Cons


Monument Traders Alliance was founded and is headed by professional option trading experts.

Beginners can start trading while still learning by following the trade recommendations in the War Room.

Great refund policies although there are reports of customers having difficulty getting a refund.

Customer support is responsive when it comes to review sites like BBB.


Not everyone gets in the recommended trades as prices can jump within a few minutes.

Many of the information in the paid training can be found online.

Many complaints about refunds and cancellation of subscriptions.

Not the best learning program for beginners.

Constant upsells to join the War Room.


Monument Trader Alliance's War Room costs the regular price of $7,500 a year. Currently, you can subscribe for $2,600 for 1 year or $3,600 for 2 years. They also offer $500 off for your first subscription.

Refund Policy

If you don't make at least 90 winning trades in 90 days with Monument Trader Alliance's War Room, you get a full refund for the subscription.




Mixed reviews.

monument traders alliance review

What Is the Monument Traders Alliance War Room?

Monument Traders Alliance War Room is an alert service where you can get high-winning trade recommendations from Bryan and Karim. The War Room is the main offer of Monument Traders Alliance. Bryan Bottarelli and the War Room offer easy high-profit trade recommendations that have a high win rate. The trade recommendations you get are the same trades that Bryan and the Monument Traders Alliance experts take.

monument traders alliance

The Monument Traders Alliance War Room is all about receiving trade recommendations from Bryan and Karim and deciding if you want to take their actionable advice. You can see the trade recommendations in the Trades section and set up your notifications in the assigned section. There is also a members' chat room where you can strategize or network with other like minded traders. You can also access the training materials in the Headquarters section and talk to the moderators, which are your contacts with Bryan and Karim, in the relevant section.

What Is the Monument Traders Alliance War Room Login?

The Monument Traders Alliance War Room login can be accessed from the official main site. You will need to sign in using the email you used to purchase your subscription. Once signed in, you will have access to everything the War Room offers on their dashboard.

monument traders alliance

Who Is Monument Traders Alliance Best For?

  1. Beginners who want to learn the basics of trading options. You can also profit by following Bryan and Karim’s trade recommendations while you are going through the lessons.
  2. Experienced traders who are looking to increase their win ratio and profits. The newsletter and trade recommendations identify profitable trading opportunities.
  3. Veteran traders who want to expand their portfolio fast. You can learn new option trading strategies from the Monument Traders Alliance experts.

What Are the Services of Monument Traders Alliance?

Monument Traders Alliance's main offer is the War Room trading subscription. Other services include the Daily Profits Live, Profit Surge Trader, ProfitSight, Trade of the Day Plus.

monument traders alliance

Daily Profits Live

Daily Profits Live is a yearly subscription where you get to watch one of Monument Traders Alliance expert Nathan Bear trade live. Lean how Nathan's “Trend, Pattern, Squeeze” (TPS) system works in the daily over-the-shoulder live trading, recorded training videos, and live training. You also get several training video bonuses on various topics.

The Daily Profits Live subscription costs $5,000 a year. You get a 3-way guarantee that if you don't make 252 winning trades, make 52X profits, and make 12 10X profitable trades in a year, you will get a free subscription for the next year.

monument traders alliance

Profit Surge Trader

Profit Surge Trader is a yearly subscription where you get to watch trading prodigy Nathan Bear trade live every Monday using his signature "One Ticket Payouts" strategy. You will receive training, special reports, weekly trade alerts for recommendations, and updates for the chosen stock of the month. The Profit Surge Trader subscription costs $997 a year. This comes with a 365-day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee for your first subscription.

monument traders alliance


ProfitSight is a proprietary trading software by Monument Traders Alliance. It is an automatic and customizable tool that monitors over 5,000 stocks and identifies “W” and “M” setups every second. ProfitSight sends instant alerts and is designed to work with the War Room.

monument traders alliance

ProfitSight yearly subscriptions costs $3,000 for Level One: Basic Access, $4,000 for Level Two: Warrior Access, and $5,000 for Level Three: Pro Trader Access. You get a 30-day refund guarantee minus a $200 processing fee. Select the package based on your expected needs.

monument traders alliance review

Trade of the Day Plus

Trade of the Day Plus is a subscription where the Monument Traders Alliance experts share their weekly top play. Every Wednesday, you get the exact details of the recommendations, including the ticker symbol and action to take. You also get investor reports, training and strategy videos, trading manual, "The Big Book of Missing Money" e-book, and other bonuses.

The Trade of the Day Plus costs $99 for the first year of the Premium Subscription and $79 every year after. The Basic Subscription costs $49 for the first year and $79 every year after and does not include any of the bonuses. You get a 1-year money-back guarantee.

Who Are the Experts at Monument Traders Alliance?

Bryan Bottarelli, Karim Rahemtulla, and Nathan Bear are the experts at Monument Traders Alliance. They have about 70 of years of trading experience between them. Their job is to use their expertise to improve the way you speculate about the market by providing tools, market intelligence, and recommendations.

Who Is Karim Rahemtulla?

monument traders alliance review

Karim Rahemtulla is a professional options trader and co-founder and head fundamental tactician of Monument Traders Alliance from Orlando, Florida. With 30 years of experience in options trading and international markets, his strategy focuses on “smart” trading using volatility and proprietary probability modeling. He started trading stocks and options in the late 1980s and became the CFO of a brokerage and trading firm.

Born in Kenya to Indian parents, Karim attended boarding school in England, lived in Canada as a teen, and finished high school in Florida. He has a degree in economics and languages from Rollins College. Karim was also the options strategist for the international community of investors, The Oxford Club, and the Editor of the newsletter service, Automatic Trading Millionaire. He is the author of the best-selling book, “Where in the World Should I Invest?.”

Who Is Nathan Bear?

monument traders alliance review

Nathan Bear is an options trader and lead technical technician of Monument Traders Alliance from Smyrna, Georgia. His strategy is that of his unique “one ticker payout” method, in which you only target one ticker symbol a week. He is the creator of Daily Profits Live and Profit Surge Trader.

In 2005, Nathan got his degree in building construction from Georgia Tech. After working a 9-5 for 2 years, he started his own business, United States Permit. He started trading part-time in 2008 with just $1,000. Nathan started trading full-time in 2016 and within a couple of years, his 

Who Is Bryan Bottarelli?

monument traders alliance review

Bryan Bottarelli is a professional options trader and co-founder and head trade tactician of Monument Traders Alliance from Naperville, Illinois. His strategy uses the same hedging techniques taught by professional floor traders. He traded on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) during the dot-com boom in the late 1990s to the early 2000s.

Bryan has a business degree from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business. He started trading stocks in his college dorm room and worked as a stock options trader after graduation. In 2006, Bryan left the CBOE and started Bottarelli Research, where he taught a small group how to trade. Bryan co-founded Monument Traders in 2019.

monument traders alliance review

What Is Bryan Bottarelli's Claim?

Bryan Bottarelli’s claim is that members of the War Room can take Bryan and Karim’s trade recommendations, which will earn big profits with up to 73% win rate. He claims that beginners can earn on the same level as other traders by going with the recommendations, all while still learning all about trading. But just how practical is this claim? Can you really profit with a 73% win rate just by following their trade recommendations?

You Cannot Guarantee a Win Rate in a Volatile Market

Options trading is a high-risks investment as you cannot guarantee a win rate in a volatile market. The most experienced traders have a win rate of 40%-50%. The key to success is having a good strategy and great risk management. What is more important than win rate is your risk/reward ratio. Risking low to target high rewards will often lead to low win rates because of probability and volatility. Risking high to target low rewards can increase your win rate, but won’t give you much profit. The most probable outcome is you have either a few big wins or many small wins. Even with a high win rate but low profits, you may not even cover the cost of the subscriptions.

Monument Trading Alliance War Room Member Reviews

There is no doubt that you can make some money following Monument Trading Alliance trade recommendations. Many subscribers have confirmed that you can make money this way but have complained about the low win rate and that the losses are greater than the gains. Below are some customer subreviews from Google reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

On the other hand, customers who have reported success with the War Room also mention that they already have trading experience before joining the War Room. The following review from Trustpilot says what you need to find success with Monument Trading Alliance.

monument traders alliance review

Conclusion: Is Monument Traders Alliance Worth It?

Subscribing to Monument Traders Alliance is worth it if you are an experienced trader. By learning the experts’ trading strategies, you’ll be able to adapt them to your methods. However, beginners who join hoping to earn easy money will lose their investment. It is very unlikely you will be making money with the high win rate that they advertise. You can lose money just by following all the trade recommendations. You need to have the knowledge and skills to determine which ones to jump into.

Is Options Trading Worth It in 2024?

Options trading is worth it in 2024 if you have the skills to make a smart speculation of the market and good risks management. There is no strategy or method that will ensure your success. Succeeding with options trading all comes down to your skills and experience, discipline, risk management skills, and luck. You can make an average of 10%-50% of the money you invest or lose it all. If you decide to start trading stock options, be prepared to lose the money you invest.

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