Jullien Gordon’s Multifamily Masterplan Review: 12 Things To Consider Before Buying a Multifamily Home

March 17, 2024

The Multifamily Masterplan course is a 12-week program plus two years of coaching created by Mr Jullien Gordon, an entrepreneur with an MBA and Master's in Education from Stanford University. More than just a course, Multifamily Masterplan gives you access to a community that teaches how to finance and close multifamily deals. Members get lifetime access to learning resources in this self-paced online course, including live call video recordings.

In this Multifamily Masterplan Review, you'll learn the pros and cons of Jullien Gordon's Multifamily Masterplan, course inclusions, a breakdown of the 12-week program, and how it works. I will also discuss who Jullien Gordon is and what students say about him online, success stories, and positive and negative reviews. Last, you'll get the recent statistics on multifamily real estate and the things you should consider before investing in this business model.

Jullien Gordon’s Multifamily Masterplan Review: Pros and Cons


Lifetime access. Enrolling in Multifamily Master Plan gives you lifetime access to learning resources, including live call recordings featuring hot seats, success stories, and weekly updates. 

Coach until you close policy. Jullien Gordon’s program guarantees continuous coaching and guidance for two years until you close a deal in multifamily real estate investing. 

Accountability and structure. The course includes 1-on-1 coaching sessions that are recorded and accessible to other students. It also contains challenges you need to do yourself in the field. 

Access to the community. By enrolling in the course, you also get access to a supportive community to get market updates and insights from fellow investors in the Multifamily Movement. 


No refund.

Not a get-rich-quick scheme. Putting in much work is necessary for the Multifamily Masterplan course and real estate investment‌. If you are not ready to commit to the plan and work hard, this program may not be for you.

The volume of resources can be overwhelming and repetitive. The resources are quite overwhelming. Some materials can be found online for free.


The Multifamily Masterplan course is $9,085, but you can buy it at a discounted price of $2,497 or 10 payments of $349.


No refund.


2019 (Multifamily Movement)


Jullien Gordon has 40.5K subscribers on his YouTube channel, 134K followers on Facebook, and 280K on Instagram.

What Do the Multifamily Masterplan Courses Include?

The Multifamily Masterplan real estate course includes weekly modules for courses and practical challenges to help you finance and complete your first multifamily deal. It also comes with a lifetime membership in the Multifamily Movement and access to recorded live calls and video lectures. It has 50 weekly deal room calls per year, and you can book a call with Jullien Gordon for one-on-one coaching. This call will be recorded, and other students can watch it to learn best practices from one another.  

You will also get: 

  • Free Virtual 2024 Generational Wealth Conference Ticket ($899)

  • The Credit Etiquette Course ($299)

  • 30 Deals in Purchase or Pass Online App ($299)

  • Bonus closing gifts ($2,999)

In addition, during his July 2022 Multifamily Master Plan webinar, Jullien Gordon mentioned that students will be paired with national mortgage brokers. He also guaranteed they will not deal with predatory lenders. So, one perk of the Multifamily Masterplan is the network that can support new investors.

Multifamily Masterplan Course Overview

Here's a breakdown of what the course includes: 

Two-Week Pre-course Challenges

These two-week pre-course challenges include how-to guides and tasks to get your financial concerns in order, including calculating your net worth and monthly cash flows and setting up your bank accounts.

Week 1: Understanding the Multifamily Mindset and Financing Folder Challenge

This includes 12 videos running from 3 minutes and 51 seconds up to 19 and 44 seconds. It also has a file titled: "The Above Ground Railroad: Identifying Your Unique Path To Rent & Mortgage Freedom."

Week 2: FHA & NACA Debunked: The Good & the Bad and a Lender Shopping Challenge 

This includes videos on the different down payment programs of FHA & NACA and a video on Discovering Potential Lender. Aside from the lectures, the goal for this week is to increase the student's quality loan terms.

Week 3: Approval & Affordability and a Pre-approval Challenge

This week, you'll watch ‌9 videos teaching you how to connect with a national lending partner, know how much you could afford, and how to compare offers by lenders, among others. For this set of modules and challenges, the goal is to lower your interest rate.

Week 4: Finding a Market and an Agent and the Real Estate Agent Challenge

Here, you will learn how to find real estate agents and a great investment market. They also have videos showing how agent interviews are conducted. For the challenge, the goal is to increase the quality of the deals you find. 

Week 5: How to Find Deals in Your Own Backyard and Neighborhood Knowledge Challenge

Sometimes, the things we need are just around us. This week is all about discovering hidden gems in your neighborhood. It has a video on the Scarcity vs. Abundance Mindset and a worksheet that will help you increase the quantity and quality of your deals to boost your general plan.

Week 6: How to Analyze a Deal in 10 Minutes or Less Using the Purchase or Pass Deal Analyzer and Deal a Day Challenge #1

Learning about property taxes is essential in real estate. Here, you will learn more on that topic, including investment and loan terms and deal analysis. Plus, you will learn how to use the Purchase or Pass Deal Analyzer, which can increase the speed and quality of offers.

Week 7: How to Find and Manage Your Team and Real Estate Team Building Challenge

You'll learn how to find contractors and build and manage your team. The end goal is to speed up property inspection and move-in readiness.

Week 8: How to Find Deals in New Neighborhoods in Your City and Neighborhood Knowledge #2

In this new neighborhood challenge, you will re-watch the 30+ Signs of Gentrification and How Not To Miss Them video and complete another worksheet.

Week 9: How to Buy Right & Make a Strong & Speedy Winning Offer and Make an Offer Challenge

This set contains templates you could use to write to FHA and NACA along with your offer and 8 videos to train you how to make offers and ensure they get accepted.

Week 10: How & Where To Find The One and Deal A Day Challenge #2

This module has 5 documents or courses on deal analysis, the Top 15 Websites to Find More Deals and a video on evaluating deals. 

Week 11: How To Find A Market From A Distance and Neighborhood Knowledge Challenge #3

By the second to the last set of tasks and modules, you will learn how to find a market from a distance and finish the third Neighborhood Challenge Worksheet.

Week 12: Developing The Courage To Make Offers Without Fear and Deal a Day Challenge #3

The last set of courses will help you overcome your fear of making offers. It also includes a video on what to prepare and what to know before making the offer. 

Besides these video lectures and weekly tasks, the Multifamily Master Plan includes Market Meetups, a copy of the Multifamily Movement Workbook, and customer support.

Who Is the Multifamily Masterplan For?

The Multifamily Masterplan course is for those interested in real estate investing, particularly in multifamily real estate. In addition, the masterclass targets those who want to have a community of like-minded individuals - the Multifamily Movement. They have regular meetups for updates online and offline to give market updates and share their experience on the real estate investment journey. One unique thing about the community is that they cultivate the value of helping others, including renters, on their property. Jullien Gordon is a business coach who teaches how to change your mindset and how you view wealth, debt, investing, money, and real estate.

How Does the Multifamily Masterplan Course Work?

The Multifamily Master Plan course is self-paced. Once you sign up, you can also take part in the Multifamily Movement community to learn and get support from other students. They hold Market Meet-Ups to discuss market updates on specific areas. Jullien Gordon adds that they have a "coach until you close" policy. He will guide the student and take full responsibility for their success if they complete the course modules, analyze deals, meet people, make offers, and check the properties.

Multifamily Master Plan Review: What Are Multifamily Masterplan Students Saying Online?

Multifamily Masterplan students say mostly positive things about the course. They claim it was a critical factor in closing their first deals and helped them earn passive income from multifamily real estate. 

April Parker Testimonial  - Research scientist April Parker joined the Multifamily Movement in 2019. Her plan to invest in single family homes changed after she came across a post from Jullien Gordon. April bought her first multifamily home, which was a quadruplex. She said the rent she received sustained her during the pandemic. 

Chris' Kazi' Rolle Testimonial - Match-maker and relationship coach Chris "Kazi" Rolle thought he could not afford a property. His income stream from his businesses was not consistent, but Jullien Gordon's Multifamily Master Plan helped entrepreneurs like him to get support from lenders. Chris shared that they went through bad times, including bad deals. However, the coaching program helped him assess a good value and how to get the deals he wanted.

Patryce Campbell Testimonial - Patryce Campbell has already quit her corporate job, and now she and her husband work as full-time real estate investors. Patryce said she and her husband transformed their mindsets after 60 days of working with Jullien Gordon. She added that Jullien made them realize that they already had the resources.

You can find more testimonials from Jullien Gordon’s students in Multifamily Masterplan course below:

Positive Multifamily Masterplan Review

I also gathered some online reviews from Jullien Gordon's YouTube channel. One commenter was a student of Jullien Gordon, and she shared that the Multifamily Masterplan course helped her close on two duplexes a month apart.

Negative Multifamily Masterplan Review

I found a negative review from a netizen who attended his Multifamily Master Plan webinar. This commenter says Jullien Gordon is a "salesman" and "that is all." He says he participated in the Multifamily Master Plan webinar but did not receive the promised free book. He also described the webinar as something that "felt like an infomercial after the second hour."

Another commenter says, "It seems black-centered." He added that he likes everything Jullien Gordon is saying. However, he does not "feel like I'd be wanted there."

What is Multifamily Masterplan Review on Reddit?

The Multifamily Master Plan Review on Reddit has both positive and negative comments. A Reddit thread discussing the Multifamily Masterplan course started three years ago by saltyschnauzer27—the thread starter considered buying his program. However, one of his replies to another commenter who asked if he ended up "finding anything better than the program" revealed that he "wouldn't pay for his program" and that Bigger Pockets and local Facebook groups are better.

Here are the exchanges in their thread conversation: 

The most recent Multifamily Master Plan reviews on Reddit are 5 months to a year old. One commenter, mileaarc, said he is not convinced to pay "to learn the secrets." 

The latest comment on the thread was from Aspiring_Vegan13, who said he or she left the seminar and decided not to purchase the program. The commenter added that he or she will still use the free information from Jullien Gordon, most of which are found in his YouTube channel. 

Who Is Jullien Gordon? 

Jullien Gordon, popularly known as "Mr Multifamily," is a Brooklyn-based business coach and author who founded the Multifamily Movement. He is the only child of two doctors who earned his BA from the University of California (UCLA) in three years. Mr Multifamily got two master's degrees from Stanford University. One is his MBA, and the other is his Master's in Education.

Jullien Gordon is not a real estate agent, but he firmly believes that people don't need to be one to invest in real estate. He bought his first multifamily in Brooklyn, New York, in May 2013. He kept investing in different areas, including New Orleans and Oakland, until he grew his portfolio. In his July 2022 Multifamily Master Plan webinar, Jullien said his portfolio has 38 apartments that generate $37,000 monthly in rent. 

Jullien Gordon is the founder of TheFreedomSchool.com. The Freedom School is an online university where authors, life coaches, and consultants learn how to build businesses guided by their skills and intelligence.

Jullien Gordon's goal is to help people to buy their first multifamily home. Inspired by American social activist Harriet Tubman, who rescued people from slavery, Jullien wanted to do the same and help people achieve rent freedom.

He guarantees a "coach until you close" policy to help students achieve financial freedom. According to Jullien, multifamily real estate is a proven business model globally. He says by making the right purchase, multifamily real estate investing can lead to:

  1. Positive cashflow

  2. Principal pay down

  3. Savings on taxes

  4. Potential appreciation

In addition, Jullien Gordon has many followers on his social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. He gave speeches on various occasions, including TEDx Talks in 2012 and 2017. In 2018, he gave a speech before California Lutheran students in an event hosted by the Student Life and the Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government.

Is Jullien Gordon Scam?

No, Jullien Gordon is not a scam. The growing community he has built over the years attests to this. Jullien Gordon is a purpose-driven real-estate educator, book author, business coach, and entrepreneur. 

Books by Jullien Gordon

Jullien Gordon is the author of several books, including:

  • The Beginner's Guide To Multifamily Real Estate Investing Paperback (Independently published February 1, 2022)
  • RICHUALS: The Rich And Righteous Inner Workbook To Reprogram Your Mind For Wealth (Independently published on March 21, 2021)
  • Rich & Righteous: Spiritual Secrets To Mastering Money, Manifestation, & Your Mind (Independently published on March 15, 2021)
  • 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate Paperback (Co-authored with Patricia Hudak and published on March 28, 2011)
  • The 8 Cylinders of Success: How To Align Your Personal & Professional Purpose Paperback  (Published on December 1, 2009)

How Much is Jullien Gordon Net Worth?

According to Person Worth, Jullien Gordon's net worth is $13 million. But this could be more. Jullien is a successful entrepreneur with at least 38 apartments and 750+ students in Multifamily Masterplan. He is also a book author, giving him many income streams.

What is the Multifamily Movement?

The Multifamily Movement is a community founded by Jullien Gordon in July 2019. The initial goal set by Jullien Gordon was to help 300 people achieve rent freedom through multifamily real estate. Today, Jullien has helped over 750 investors. Since the movement continues to grow, the vision of the Multifamily Movement is to reach out to 3,000 owners with a $1 billion value in real estate. The community claims they have acquired over 600 properties, with 900 units valued at $81 million in real estate.

What is Multifamily Real Estate?

Multifamily real estate is a housing classification with multiple separate housing units for residential inhabitants within one building or several buildings within one complex, according to the Library of Congress Real Estate Industry: A Resource Guide. Multifamily real estate includes apartments and condominiums.

Is Multifamily Real Estate Profitable? 

Yes, multifamily real estate can be profitable. On August 23, 2022, Statista's Research Department published the data which says that the multifamily market is on the rise and lending for multifamily housing almost doubled between 2015 and 2021 in the United States. In addition, data shows that new mortgage lending for multifamily housing reached $487.3 billion in 2021. 

This growing market is what the Multifamily Movement is eyeing. However, despite the promising figures for multifamily investment, it still involves real properties which are taxed and require time for maintenance.

Why Multifamily Real Estate Is Risky: 12 Things to Consider Before Buying a Multifamily Home

  1. 1
    Time commitment. Are you willing to commit your time to managing multifamily real estate? That is the first question new investors must answer before investing in this business model. Real estate investors need to take on active roles, from finding deals to monitoring their units and analyzing the market.
  2. 2
    More difficult to manage than other business models. While it is easier to manage than single family homes, multifamily real estate involves maintaining several units, which could be overwhelming for starters.
  3. 3
    Dependent on location. Investing in real estate depends on the site. Investors need to study the market and consider whether the area is profitable. Remember that each region has its taxes, regulations, and market.
  4. 4
    Market saturation. Black's Law Dictionary defines a saturated market as a "market with little or no chance of further sales as all prospective customers have the product or a substitute that will do the same job." In real estate, market saturation exists where unit inventories are so high that owners stop attracting renters or buyers. This is one reason investors constantly need to analyze the market or location.
  5. 5
    The real estate industry is not recession-proof. Real estate properties are not immune to the recession. Navigating economic uncertainty is one concern that multifamily real estate investors should learn.
  6. 6
    Difficulty in keeping tenants. Keeping tenants requires excellent customer service and regular repairs on the property. Investors must be accommodating and flexible to satisfy renters. Managing multifamily units is not an exception.
  7. 7
    Rent control regulations. A 2018 study on the economic evidence of rent control by Rebecca Diamond found that landlords find various ways to recoup their losses, including redeveloping their buildings to exempt them from rent control or eliminating maintenance upkeep. Keeping tenants requires excellent customer service and regular repairs on the property. Investors must be accommodating and flexible to satisfy renters.
  8. 8
    Reliance on appreciation. Paul Esajian wrote an article on Fortune Builders on how real estate investors should not rely on appreciation. Real investors need to be aware of the temptation to assume that values will continue to rise. Esajian shares that the proper way to view appreciation is to treat it as a "bonus if it actually happens."
  9. 9
    Declining rents. The price of rents also drops, according to the June Rental Report of Realtor.com. For instance, the rents in the West and South markets were lower than a year ago, with -3.8% year-over-year and -1.3%, respectively. In addition, renters look for affordability, so you must consider how to offer the best price for your tenants.
  10. 10
    Depreciation value. Physical assets deteriorate. While real estate investors enjoy a tax deduction from depreciation, you still need to spend money for fixes and maintenance to keep your property safe and attractive to renters. 
  11. 11
    Liquidity risk. When you need money immediately, selling your property may take time.
  12. 12
    Need for quality credit score. A credit score shows an investor's creditworthiness. Real estate investors must keep a quality credit score to negotiate loans with banks and other lenders.  

Similar Course Reviews on Multifamily Masterplan 

  • Tyler Deveraux and Ryan Woolley’s Multifamily Mindset: Tyler and Ryan are veterans in multifamily real estate. They also hold live events. However, their course is more expensive.
  • Thach Nguyen, Stephanie Owens, and Marc Erickson’s Springboard to Wealth: This holistic coaching and training program is a product of 75 years of experience in real estate investing. Similar to Multifamily Masterplan, it has regular meetups. They offer a $2,000 credit to acquire your LLC and guarantee a shorter learning curve.
  • Matt Theriault’s Epic Real Estate: This course is more affordable than Multifamily Masterplan, with only $997 and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It also has a private community, and the course includes step-by-step training. 

Verdict: Is the Multifamily Masterplan Worth Your Money?

Yes, the Multifamily Masterplan can be worth your money. If you are a new investor and would spend that amount of cash and time on this business model, you can benefit from the Multifamily Master Plan. It holds much potential to earn passive income. The course contains a very comprehensive plan that you can follow. Plus, they have a "coach until you close policy."

However, if you have no extra cash to spend on the multifamily course, you can also take advantage of Jullien Gordon's free Multifamily Master Plan webinars on his YouTube channel. He also has free ebooks and other resources on the same topics. Overall, the Multifamily Master Plan boasts complete access to coaching services, various materials, and communities to help you achieve development as an investor and feel confident in multifamily real estate.

What Is My Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2023?

My top recommendation for making money online this 2023 is still local lead generation. Local lead generation is a business model that essentially involves digital real estate. Unlike traditional real estate investing, digital real estate does not deal with tangible assets like land, worrying about permit applications, public utilities, and residents. In short, digital real estate does not require time-consuming maintenance work.

It would help if you hustled, but it gives you more control over the business. Local lead generation is not labor intensive and easier to manage than other business models. Once you set up and rank the website, you can spend a few to zero hours checking it, and it will still drop your cash monthly. I earn $2,000 monthly on one website for six years, without having to hire a property manager. 

Local lead generation also has minimal saturation because it uses a learned skill set. You can scale your business as much as you like. That's the best passive income stream you would not want to miss out on.

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